Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Pulse of Passion

Written by: la'non

We have talked across the computer, shared our fantasies, our thoughts, and what we are looking for in a partner.
We have also talked across the telephone; and after having decided to meet one another, you come to meet me at my house.

Hearing a knock, I walk down the steps and open the door.
We smile at one another, and I invite you in.
Reaching the top of the stairs, we head into the living room.
I go to walk past you to go into the kitchen to fix you something to drink; but before I can walk out of the room, you grab me by the arms and say, "The only thing I want to drink is you."

You hold my face within your hands and lift my chin to kiss you.
At first, your kisses are nice and wet, soft and slow.
Then, you entwine my hair within your fingers, pulling me harder against you.
Your lips come crushing down on mine, kissing me so deeply, that you nearly steal my breath away.

Your kisses become passionate and brutal with their forcefulness as you thrust your tongue into my mouth, and I kiss you back with all the passion and desire that I can muster.

After minutes of kissing, your hands push down upon my shoulders, pushing me down to my knees upon the floor in front of you.
"I want you to suck my cock," you say, as you begin to unzip your pants.
At first, I am hesitant, not sure what to do.
"Do it now!" you say in a very dominant way.

I sit up on my knees and reach towards you, pulling your pants down to your knees.
Looking at you, you looking at me, I then pull your underwear down also.
I wrap my fingers around your hard cock, its heat and warmth like a hot poker within my hands.
Leaning towards you, I slowly dance my tongue around the tip, tasting the first drops of your salty cum upon my tongue.
You thrust yourself towards me as I lick the underside of your shaft.
With my fingers wrapped around the base of your cock, I slowly take you into my mouth.

Back and forth, I inch you in and out of my mouth, as my tongue encircles your hard cock.
With one hand I continue to wrap my fingers around the base of your cock, moving my hand up and down; and with the other hand, I cup your balls within my fingers.

All of a sudden you take both of your hands and grabbing my hair within your fingers, you push my face towards you, slamming your cock within me until it hits the back of my throat.
I struggle against you, gagging against the thrust of your cock within my throat, but you hold me there, slamming into my mouth over and over again.
Having never been deep-throated before, being shocked by the intrusion, and struggling against you, I cannot breathe.
Just when I think I can't take any more, you release your grip on me and pull me by my arms to my feet.

You look into my blue eyes, and say, "That was real sweet, baby."
You pull me towards you, wrap your arms tightly about me, and smother me with kisses.
You kiss my eyes, my nose, my cheeks, my lips, and then you kiss my neck. Being very sensitive in that area, I try to struggle away from you, which only makes you hold me closer.
You nibble upon my neck, your tongue tasting my flesh, circling around in fervent figure-eights, until I am faint with ecstasy.
You kiss my lips once again, crashing down upon me, kissing me so deeply that I cannot even comprehend what is happening between us any longer.

Pulling your underwear and pants back up, you grab me by the hand and lead me into the bedroom.
You tell me to lie down sideways, upon my back, in the middle of the bed.
You pull me by the shoulders until my head hangs over the side of the bed.
When I try to struggle to get up, you tell me "not to move."
Taking my left hand within yours, you tie me by the wrist to the headboard; and taking my right hand, you tie it to the footboard of the bed.

I lie there, tied to the bed, almost as if I were being crucified; and I can only watch as you proceed to remove your clothes.
In silent wonder, I swallow as you tell me to open my mouth; and holding your cock within your hands, you rub it over my face, putting it to my lips and pushing it inside.
At first, you thrust in and out very slowly, almost as if you are preparing me for the shock of my life.
Then, leaning forward, you thrust your hips full-force, your cock fucking my face in long, deep, steady strokes. In and out, in and out, you fuck my mouth, hitting the back of my throat over and over again.
I can only take you in as you continue your in-and-out motions, inch after inch becoming one with my body, until I don't know where you end and I begin.

All of a sudden, your body tenses, your hard cock twitching, becoming even bigger within my mouth.
Then, you explode, your cum forcing its way down my throat in spurts of splendor.
"Oh, yeah! Baby! I'm cumming!"
I drink all of you in deeply, savoring the taste of you, as you lean into my face, the whole weight of your body pressing against my face.
Breathing deeply and sighing in pleasure, you pull out of my mouth.

I lie upon the bed, tied down, unable to move, as I watch you walk around the bed to the other side.
Climbing onto the bed, without untying my hands, you proceed to remove the clothes from my body.

After removing everything but my shirt, you open my legs, your hands pushing them as far apart as they will go, as you position yourself between my thighs.
"Now, I'm going to drink you."
My legs quiver as you begin to lick at my clit, your fingers opening my pussy lips until I am completely exposed to you.
"Mmmmm ... you have a nice little pussy," you say, as you begin to lick at me, up and down my sweet slit, as I moan in ecstasy.

I scream as you bite down upon my clit, your finger slowly pushing its way deep inside my wet pussy.
I arch my hips upwards to meet you as you begin to fuck me with your finger, your hot tongue continuously flicking against my clit, making me wetter than I ever dreamed I could be.

My heartbeat quickens, my breath shallow, as the fine line between pleasure and pain is pushed, as you insert a second finger, stretching me wide as you finger-fuck me hard.
You smile this wicked smile as you ask me, "Do you like that baby? Do you like me fucking you with my fingers?"

"Yes," I whisper between clenched teeth, as I fuck back against your fingers.
With your fingers wet with my juices, you begin to stimulate my anus by rubbing your fingers against it with the slightest of pressure that sends me over the edge.
"Oh my God!" I exclaim, as you push a finger inside of my ass and slowly start to fuck my ass with your finger, while at the same time, having your other fingers buried deep within my pussy.

I am so wet, so lost within the feeling, that I no longer try to fight against the ties that hold me down.
I simply relax, my head flung over the side of the bed, as you disassemble the woman that I am and re-assemble me within your hands as a woman that I have never known.
I am lost within the moment and hardly notice as you remove your fingers and position yourself between my thighs.

You stretch forward, releasing my hands from their bonds, and pull me down towards you.
You place the tip of your cock against my wet pussy; and just as you thrust into me, your lips come crashing down upon mine, sucking my scream into your mouth.

I can taste my juices in your mouth; and though I try to pull away, you grab me by the hair and force me to stay beneath your kisses.
Your tongue thrusts in and out of my mouth at the same pace your hard cock is thrusting in and out of my pussy.
As your tempo increases, you release my mouth, moaning into the air as you slam in and out of my body, over and over again.
I pull you harder against me, my thrusts matching your own, my body impaled to the bed as I become an extension of you, sliding back and forth with each thrust in and out.

You whisper, "turn over," as you pull out.
I turn around onto my knees, your legs behind my legs, as you push down on the center of my back with your hand.
You take your fingers and rub my juices against my asshole.
With your cock already wet with my juices, you slide it between the cheeks of my ass, up and down, stimulating me until I beg you to fuck me.

"Where do you want it?" you ask.
"Wherever you want," I say between shallow breaths, my heart beating so fast within me.
"Tell me. Where do you want me to fuck you?" You ask.
"In my ass," I beg, "Fuck me in my ass."

I moan as you start to push your hard, pulsating cock against my tight asshole.
I scream as it forces its way into my tight orifice, stretching me wide.
A burning sensation shoots up through the center of my body, as you slowly start to inch your way deep inside of me.
With one arm wrapped around me to stimulate my clit, you pull upon my hair with the other, pulling me back towards you, as you fuck me in my ass.

I can feel every inch of you.
I am glued to you as you slam into me.
Pulling me by the hair until my body is arched back against you, you bite down upon my neck as you start to cum in my ass.
You thrust deep into me over and over again, releasing every drop of your cum inside of me.
I fall down breathless upon the bed, the whole weight of your body against my back, as your twitching cock continues to throb within me.

Bending your one leg at the knee and wrapping it around my thigh, you pull me back towards you and cradle me against your body.
"That was good, baby, real good," you say as you brush my hair back away from my neck and softly kiss me.
I hold your arm in mine and we fall asleep.

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