Friday, October 13, 2006

Jason's Stories: Part 2...Babysitting


Jodi hated waiting for them to get home.
Here she is, 22 years old, and babysitting.
But the Andresons were family friends and she knew she couldn't say no.
Their 8 month old daughter was asleep in the baby's room, and Stephen Anderson, the 15 year old troublemaker of the family was at a friend's house.
It was just after 11pm, and she wasn't expecting the Andersons home until at least 3am.
They really were partiers. Dressed in her grey sweat pants an her Notre Dame sweater, she flopped herself down on the couch in the family room in front of the 33inch tv screen.
As she flipped through the channels, her attention was drawn to the movie network. Oh... it was one of their cheap b-rated porns.
She laughed at the plot, and the bad acting, but she couldn't turn away.
It made her feel somewhat naughty watching this movie in someone else's house.
It wasn't a sick porn or anything... you never see his penis...unless it's soft, she thought.

After a quick check on the baby, she returned to the family room.
Switching back to the movie channel, she saw that the guy on the screen was working out.
He was gorgeous and built. He did exercises in his house while a woman watched from the bushes outside.
"Yeah, right!" she thought.
"This kind of shit never really happens."
Wearing only a pair of black spandex bottoms, he completed his bench presses with the camera paying close attention to his muscular arms and tight stomach..
He rose from the bench and proceeded to the bedroom where there was also another open window for the woman outside to spy through.
These events reminded her of the experience with her neighbor, Trevor, just a few weeks ago.
The screen's male character stood infront of his mirror and admired his body.
The camera acted as if they were his eyes...coming in close on many of his body parts.
The enormous bulge in his pants sent a rush though her.
The camera then dissolved to a shot of the woman outside sliding her hands into her pants, and she began to caress herself as she peered into the window.

Jodi began to moisten with desire as this scene got hotter and hotter.
The man then stopped flexing and the camera cut to a full body shot of him from behind.
Casually, he slipped off his spandex bottoms and stood there.
The sight of his tight buttocks sent goose bumps through Jodi and she felt her nipples harden under her sweater.
Just then the camera dissolved to a shot of his feet and began to climb up the length of the front of his body...past his knees, over his muscular, tanned thighs... " Oh Jesus!" Jodi whispered under her breath as his soft penis entered the shot.
It was very large, neatly trimmed and circumsized.
It hung below his testicles about two inches..
The camera stopped, and Jodi giggled to herself as she thought about what the Andersons would think seeing her in their family room watching a giant penis on tv.
At that moment the man's right hand entered the frame and slowly took his soft penis, and grasped it tightly.
Jodi began to grind her fist into her crotch from the outside of her sweats. She was soaked through her white panties, but she didn't care.
The movie cut to a shot from behind of this gorgeous bodybuilder masturbating. Jodi was a bit bummed that they didn't show his erect cock, but she used her imagination as she slowly let her right hand slip into her sweats and panties.
The movie cut from a shot of him, to a shot of the woman outside the window.
They were both masturbating, and so was Jodi.
Just as she readjusted herself on the couch so she could get better access to her clitoris, she heard the back door rattle.
Quickly she pulled her hand out of her pants and changed the channel.

Fuck! She thought... Stephen was home.
He came into the room and said hello.
Jodi replied with a blush and a smile.
"What would he think?" she thought.
HE excused himself, saying that he would be in his room.
Jodi gazed at the tv screen, now on CNN and thought about how embarassed he would be if he would have caught her.
Still wet and horny, Jodi desperately wanted to go home and finish what she started.
She figured that Stephen could handle the rest of the night alone... he was 15 and all. Jodi walked to his room and opened his door.

As she peered in, Stephen jumped up and nervously shouted "what!"
"Nothing... I just wanted to tell you that I'm leaving." Jodi said.
She looked at him, he was shirtless and covered to the stomach with his sheets.
A surge of unexpected sexual energy washed though her.
She could see the outline of his erection through his blanket.
Stephen, following her line of sight got imediately embarassed and raised his knees...hoping she wouldn't notice.
It must have been the night for masturbating Jodi thought.

Her horniness threw her inhibitions out the window.
"What were you doing?" she asked slyly.
"Nothing....uuh...okay?" Stephan replied covering himself more.
"You're 15 right?" Jodi asked.
"I know what 15 year old boys do all the time, what, do you think that 22 year old girls don't?"
"What are you talking about?" Stephen asked.
"You were masturbating, weren't you?" She couldn't believe she was asking this.
" Well....fuck you what!"
He was trying to be tough about getting caught.
"There's nothing wrong with it... why did you stop?" she was really hot now.
"Why don't you keep going and show me what you know"
"Why don't you show ME what YOU know" Stephen asked forcefully.
"You show me, and I'll show you... just do what you do all the time."
Stephen was really horny... he would have done anything she said.
He slipped his hands under the comvers and started to stroke himself...looking away from her.
"I want to see it." Jodi whispered.
"No!" he replied.
"I'll show you my breasts" Jodi said... and she removed her sweatshirt and her bra.
Stephen's jaw almost dropped to the floor.
He focused intensely on her beautiful breasts as he pulled the sheet away.
His erect cock sprung into the air, and it pulsated with his heartbeat.
"Very nice" Jodi said as she examined it.
It was straight and thin, about 7 inches long.
It pointed towards his face and his testicles were pulled tightly against his body.
His hand played with his pubic hair... keep going she thought as he began to stroke again.
He used fast short strokes that made his balls bounce slightly.

"Stop!" she exclaimed.
Almost out of breath, Stephen stopped and looked up from her breasts to her face.
"I will be right back" she said. Jodi hastily made it to the bathroom, and took the baby lotion out of the vanity, then paused, looked at herself in the mirror, topless.
She could feel her juices trickle down her crotch as she cupped her pussy and gave it one, tight squeeze.
She re entered Stephen's room and walked over to the side of his bed.
As she gaised at him, she fought with herself. Oh how she wanted to jump on top of him and give him a blowjob that would make him pass out. But she wasn't ready for that yet.
"Have you ever tried lotion?"
"No" he replied.
She removed the cap, and hovered the bottle right above the tip of his penis.
As she poured the oil on to the end and the shaft it driped into is pubic hair and trickled onto his testicles.
As she bent over, he began to caress one of her breasts, and his thumb rolled over one of her nipples.
Jodi shivered and smiled at him.
"Okay" she said "stroke it slow."
He began to follow her instructions.
His right hand made a synthetic pussy around his penis, and he began to moan in pleasure.
She bent over him again and allowed him to put one of her nipples his mouth, only for a second, then she pulled away.
Kneeling on the edge of his bed, she admired how he looked, his hard penis glistened with oil, the sound of his slick strokes drove her wild.
He caresed her breasts with his left hand, making both nipples stand at attention.
As she watched this young stud stroke his cock for her, he removed his left hand from her breasts and cupped his balls.
"I'm going to come!" he exclaimed.
"Come for me!" Jody shouted under her breath.
He began to stroke faster and faster with his right hand, his left cupped his balls, and his back arched.
He threw his head back into his pillow and Jodi gasped as the first spurt of cum shop out of his cock on onto his chest.
He cried out as three more shot across his chest and stomach.
He lay there panting for a moment, and he pulled a towel out of the bed and began to clean himself up.
AS he did this, she removed her sweats and stood before him wearing only her panties.

"Let me see you" he panted.
She sat on the bed opposite him, legs apart, and began to remove her panties.
He began to touch himself again, and his cock was still hard.
She sat with her legs spread apart. He gaized intensly at her wet pussy.
"Can you see ow wet it is?" she asked in an erotic voice.
All Stephen could do is shake his head yes.
Jodi lowered her right hand to her clitoris, and began to make quick, tiny circles with her fingers.
'I like to make circles....uh....around...mmm."
She could barely make out the sentence.
She was already on the brink of her climax.
Stephen began to buck his hips with every stroke of his penis.
She used her left hand to stablalize herself on he bed. Jodi moaned and breathed faster.
" made me so horny....hhh....I want you to come with me....okay?"
Hearing her say this made Stephen speed up his rhythmic strokes.
There they were, a fifteen year old teenager and his 22 year old babysitter sharing one of the most intimate experiences with one another.
The breathing was fast and sparatic, the sounds of their sexes, her wet pussy and his oil-glistening penis were enough to make anyone come.
Then, it began to hit her.
"Oh now! Come now!"
She screamed as her orgasm slashed though her.
She jerked violently on the bed as he ejaculated again onto his oil and sweat covered body.
Just as he finished his last spasm they heard a car pull into the driveway.

His parents were home.....

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