Friday, October 06, 2006

The Assignment

by Dick Throb

I sure hate putting those two together on an assignment.
Brenda hates Dan, and he just doesn't give a shit about anything. Brenda is so prim and proper, always one to do what's right.
Dan on the other hand, just gets the job done no matter how it happens or who he steps on. I don't know how many times we've had civil action against us because of Dan's investigative techniques.
That darn woman works too hard at trying to follow all the rules and policies.
She doesn't know when to go around something to find the answer she needs.
Dan is almost a loose cannon running around doing what ever he wants, but he gets the job done.

Maybe Brenda can teach Dan some organization while Dan teaches her to be more unrestrained and follow her thoughts instead of always, 'by the book.' Of course that's assuming they don't kill each other first.

Using the intercom I called Brenda and Dan into my office. Dan arrived first dressed as usual. Pressed jeans, white shirt, no tie and a jacket thrown over his shoulder.
I don't think this guy owns a suit. In fifteen years I've never seen him in anything except jeans and a sport coat.

'Good morning Dan, have a seat. Brenda will be here shortly.' 'What's Ms Perfectionist and I have to do with each other?' 'Just wait and I'll tell you both.'

In a few minutes Brenda came into the office and sat down, she didn't have to be told. She looked over at Dan and glared. She was dressed in a very proper business like dark suit with a white blouse and a small gold necklace and matching earrings.

'Good morning Sam, what's this all about? You know I have a dead line due in a few minutes.' 'Don't worry Brenda you'll have plenty of time for your dead line. This won't take long.'

'I'm sending the two of you to Arizona to get a story on the alleged water scam going on there. 'The two of us? We can't work together.
I can't stand this man. He never wares a decent set of closes, always jeans. He always needs a hair cut, the only shoes he has are cowboy boots and his after shave stinks.'

'Well Brenda I don't care if his after shave stinks or not.
Your combined talents are what's needed on this assignment.'
'Sam I can't go anyplace with him. If you make me do this, I'll have to quit.'
Just like Brenda to give me an ultimatum.
'OK Brenda, pack your things and I'll send Mary with Dan.'
'Mary, why she can't even find the water cooler in the office. Sam you can't be serious, it's that important?'
'Yes it is Brenda. You two will get along and work together until this assignment is completed or your both fired, is that clear?'
'Hey Sam, I didn't say anything. I can work with.... her, no problem.'
'I know Dan, but from now on you guys are a team whether you like it or not.'
'OK , I get the picture. It might be nice to see how Brenda looks first thing in the morning.'
'You son of a bitch. If I had my way you'd see me looking up from your grave watching me piss on your head.'
'Oh Brenda, I'd love to see that.'

Sam jumped up and stopped Brenda from hitting Dan.
'You two better knock it off before I fire you now and send someone else.
Now go over to purchasing and get your travel papers. They have everything you'll need.'

Dan and Brenda left the office and got all their papers and other things they would need from their office.
Dan thought this computer stuff is really handy.
He can write and forward his reports long before he returns to the office.
'Brenda, I've got my lap top. You don't have to take yours.'
'Thanks but I'll take mine also. Yours is probably full of porno sites and pictures.'
'Why Brenda, have you been getting into my computer?'
She couldn't believe the arrogance of this man. She walked away without saying a word.

The flight was uneventful except for the fact the plane didn't have a problem and they got to Phoenix on time.
The temperature was around 110 degrees.
Dan and Brenda didn't say much on the flight or when they arrived at their motel.
The desk clerk gave them two rooms saying, 'These two rooms have a connecting door.
It was requested by Mr. Billings from your office.'
Dan looked at Brenda and smiled, she returned the look and scowled.

Once in their rooms they both unpacked and got the files out for reference.
Dan checked the computer to make sure it was working and signed on.
Mean while, Brenda was looking out the window at the pool.
It sure looked good.
She kind of got off in dream land when she heard a knock at the connecting door.
She walked over and unlocked the door.
Dan was in a bathing suit with a towel thrown over his shoulder.
He's still a slob she thought, but damn he's got a body.
He wasn't wearing one of the tight suits that show off every bulge and line.
She thought he would do that just be obnoxious. This was a very conservative suit. But she did notice a thickness along one leg of the suit.

'Hi, I thought since it's so late in the day we can't really get started on anything, we might as well take advantage of the pool and nice weather.'
She thought of Sam's words. You two will get along or I'll fire you both.
'OK, let me change and we can go down for awhile before dinner.'
With that she closed the door in his face.

Brenda was a typical woman.
They would be on this assignment for 6 or 7 days. Therefore she brought 5 different bathing suites.
As she undressed she was trying to decide which one to wear.
She rubbed her breasts when her bra hit the floor.
They were sore from that new bra. Her breasts were full and firm.
Her nipples protruded about 1/4' and always seemed semi hard.
Even the touch of her own fingers make them spring up like diamonds.
She loved rubbing them and feeling the fullness in her hands.
All natural meat here, no plastic.

Brenda let her hands drift down her flat stomach to her smooth shaven pussy.
She spent a lot of time keeping her pussy clean shaven and soft.
It's been months since she'd been with a man but she liked the feel of the clean smooth skin.
The only wrinkles she had were the lips of her pussy leading to her tunnel of hot wet love.
God she needed a hard cock soon.
Well she can take care of that problem tonight with her vibrator.
Not as good as a mans cock, but better then nothing.
She let her fingers drift to the soft opening and inserted two inside pumping slowly.
The thought made her pussy start to get wet and drip fluid.
Well, that makes the decision on which suit to wear, the black one.
That won't show her wet spot.
Once her pussy started dripping, it'll be wet for some time.
I better knock this shit off or I'll be here for hours.

Brenda changed and knocked on the connecting door.
Dan was ready and they both went down to the pool.
They found two lounges near the bar, laid down and ordered a drink. The conversation was somewhat guarded.

Dan was thinking of the knock out body Brenda had.
She never wore clothes that showed off her body as he was seeing her now. Man she had some nice tits.
Full, round and didn't seem to sag a bit.
Her ass was something he could lick and suck on all night long.
Thinking of her laying there naked made his cock start to grow a little. He could feel the blood filling the veins and the hot throb slightly moving along his leg. God I hope Brenda doesn't see this.
She'd probably beat me with a chair.

Brenda sat in silence sipping her drink.
Her mind was on the man next to her.
She didn't like the way he worked and the things he did, but damn he did have a body. He was nice enough, good looking and muscular.
He always treated her nice except when she'd blow up at him.
His after shave really didn't stink.
She liked it and smelling it made her horny.
That's why she didn't like being around him first thing in the morning when it was fresh and strong.
She'd be wet all day long.

Brenda glanced over to look at Dan.
He was looking at the women in the poll and didn't seem to be paying any attention to her.
Her eyes drifted to his crotch. She could see the bulge in his suit had grown some.
Was he thinking of someone in the pool? She looked around and couldn't see another woman as good looking as she was.
Well, he's probably thinking of jerking off on the diving board in front of everyone.
She had a funny vision of Dan standing on the diving board blowing his load into the pool as all the women swam around trying to catch it in their mouths.
Bitch you're sick.
He never gave the impression he was like that. You're just horny and wishing you had his cock in your mouth.

Brenda and Dan talked for a long time.
She learned a lot about him in the next few hours. He learned a few things about her too.

They sat there talking until dark. The waiter came over and asked them if they would like dinner.
There was an outside dinning area where they would be welcome in their suits. It was till very warm so they decided to eat there instead of changing and going out.
They had dinner and a lot more drinks.

It was around 11: PM when they both thought of bed.
Walking to the room they didn't say much.
Dan was thinking of licking her pussy and she was thinking of sucking his great piece of meat.
Brenda said her good nights and went into her room. Dan went to his.

The first thing Dan did was jump in the shower. He couldn't get the thoughts of Brenda's ass and tits out of his mind.
As he washed, his cock grew to it's full 8' length.
It's head was thick and round, full of blood and his balls were full too.
I've got to get rid of all this cum so I can sleep. He never could sleep when he was in this state of mind.
He slowly stroked his cock and rubbed his balls.

Thinking of Brenda's mouth in front of him made him cum real fast.
Feeling relieved made him relax. He finished washing and went to bed.

Brenda was in the shower also.
She was thinking of nothing except getting to bed and fucking her mind blank with her vibrator.
She washed off the sweat and days dirt.
Washing her pussy and asshole a little faster then necessary, she came twice.
God I need something in there to fill me up.
She hurried drying off and jumped into bed.
Brenda didn't need any lubrication for the vibrator, her pussy was as wet as it could get.

She slowly played the large head around her pussy lips just touching her already hard clit.
She knew not to turn it on at this point.
The head was all wet and slippery.
She let it drift to her asshole.
Here she pushed in slightly and turned it on. The vibrations went through her asshole like lightning.
She pumped a little pushing the large end in about two inches.
Holding it there, she could feel her asshole being stretched a little, but that gave her the best feeling of the vibrations.
Her other hand went to her pussy.
Already wet, there was no hesitation sticking two finger deep inside.
Here she lay, slamming her pussy with her fingers and fucking her ass with the vibrator.
The combination was wonderful. She could feel the vibration reaching her pussy and making it drip more of her hot juicy fluid.
Brenda kept up this rhythm of hand and vibrator until she couldn't stand it any more. She felt her stomach tighten and her legs kicked up in the air.
She bent over looking at her pussy as the vibrator became buried in her asshole.
Her mind was a cloud of mist and visions as the orgasm surged through her body.
She wined and screamed. It felt so good. She kept cumming and cumming.
Her hand was soaked with hot pussy juice poring out of her love cannel. It ran all over the vibrator making it even more slippery.
She pushed it harder into ass as the scent of her juice reached her nose.
The aroma made her cum again.
This time she pushed the vibrator in as far as it would go.
Her mind was in another world as she let out a scream that would wake the dead.

Dan laid in his bed thinking of nothing except Brenda. He wasn't holding onto his cock, but the thought made it grown again to full erection.
He was almost asleep when he heard a scream from Brenda's room.
Was he dreaming or did he really hear her scream. As he listened she screamed again.
No woman sounds like that unless they're in trouble. Without thinking Dan jumped out of bed and ran across the room the connecting door. He crashed into the door breaking the lock and ran in.

What he saw made him stop in his tracks.
There was Brenda spread all over the bed naked.
Hair was all messed up and covered in sweat.
Her body glistened in the low lighting.
She was breathing like she'd just run 10 miles.
Then Dan saw the vibrator buried in her asshole and just as suddenly sensed the aroma of pure hot sex in the air.
He didn't realize it, but his cock was sticking out like a flag pole. Hard as granite and dripping with precum.

At the same time Brenda heard the crash of the door.
Her eyes were closed and her mind still in never never land.
It took a moment for her to figure out what was going on.
When her mind cleared the first thing she saw was Dan standing there naked with the most beautiful gargantuan cock she had ever seen, dripping with precum.

Then her mind reached reality and she screamed at him.
'What the hell are you doing in here?'
She quickly pulled the vibrator from her asshole and tried to hide it under the sheets, failing to turn it off.
Too late she knew, he had seen it.
'Get the hell out a here you fucking pervert. I'll have you arrested you son of a bitch.'
With that she reached over a grabbed a lamp and threw it at Dan.

'Sorry...... I........ thought you needed help. I heard you scream,'
'Get the fuck out of my room.'
Dan turned around and walked back to his room closing the door and totally confused.
Goddamn fucking women.
You try to help and all they can do is get mad at you. Fuck that bitch, I'm going to bed.
As Dan laid down he realized that he had a very hard dripping cock standing in front of him.
Fuck that bitch he thought and rolled on his side and fell asleep.

The morning brought new sunshine and hot air to the whole area.
Dan was at pool side having breakfast when Brenda came out.
She looked at him from across the pool and he could see the hate in her eyes.
What did I expect from the bitch anyway, he thought.
She walked to his table and sat down. Immediately the waiter was there.
She ordered coffee and something to eat. When the waiter left, Dan said, 'Listen, I heard a loud scream and thought you were in trouble. I thought......'
'I'd rather not talk about it. It happened, I'm embarrassed and you saw something you weren't supposed to know.'
'OK, I'll not say another word.'

The whole day was guarded conversation and business like.
They conducted their interviews and gathered information for their report.
Dan as usually kept his notes in his coat pocket, intending to go through them later.
Brenda kept all of her notes on the lap top.

As the day rolled on the air became hotter and hotter.
By lunch time the temperature was over 100.
They had a quick lunch, not talking much. Sometime in the afternoon Brenda removed her jacket, it was just too hot.
She had on a sleeve less blouse that displayed her full breasts.
She had decided in the morning not to ware that damn bra again, but didn't think she would take her jacket off. Well, if anyone wanted to drool over her tits, let them.
She couldn't stand having that jacket on any longer.

Dan noticed right away she didn't have on a bra. That mere thought started making him hard.
He worked along side her all day and not a word about what happened last night. But his mind was full of visions of licking her asshole and sucking those great tits.

When the days interviews were over Dan and Brenda returned to the motel.
They had dinner again at the outside cafe.
They talked of business and the interviews while they had a few drinks.
Brenda said she wanted to get to bed early that night, so they departed and returned to their respective rooms.

Dan tore off his sweaty clothes and jumped in the shower.
He thought of Brenda's tits softly moving around in her silk blouse.
He didn't know if she knew her nipples were hard all day long.
Thinking of this he started rubbing his cock and feeling it grow.

Brenda sat on the bed feeling like a sack of shit.
She kind of wanted to hold and suck that big cock Dan had, but he had seen her pounding her asshole with a dildo.
He had to think she was some kind of weirdo.
She removed her clothes and put on a robe.
She was still thinking of Dan's cock when she remembered the notes of the last interview.
The battery in the lap top had gone down and the only copy was in Dan's coat.
Brenda walked to the connecting door and knocked. She listened and heard the shower running.

Slowly Brenda pushed the door open and entered Dan's room.
There on the table were all his crumpled notes.
She started looking for the last interview, finding it just as Dan walked out of the bathroom.
Not hearing the shower turn off she was surprised to see him walk into the room.
He was completely naked and sported a very hard erection.
He looked at her and said, 'You know, men have to masturbate too.'
The sight of Dan's hard cock bouncing in front of him and the thought of him jerking off made her pussy almost gush with hot juice.
Now she was embarrassed again.
'I......I was looking for the last interview......sorry.'
She turned and ran back to her room. In her haste she forgot to close the door behind her.

God she thought, I have to fuck my pussy into oblivion.
She could feel the hot juices running down her legs.
The fragrance of her juices filled the air making her even hotter. It didn't take long in the shower before Brenda was squirming around on the floor.
She slammed her pussy and fingered her asshole.
She came and came thinking about Dan's cock. None of this really satisfied her, she needed to be filled up with something hard and solid.

Drying off quickly, Brenda ran to the bed. Her pussy was still wet and slick.
She grabbed the vibrator and turned it on pounding and pushing it into her pussy.
There was no fore play this time, as she pushed it in as far as it would go turning it on high speed.

Dan sat in his room and went over some of the interviews.
He didn't bother to get dressed or even put on his robe.
Brenda was in the shower and would most certainly go right to bed.
As Dan sat reading the interviews, he heard a noise from Brenda's room.
He recognized the sound, she was using that vibrator again.
Looking at the connecting door, he noticed it was open.
As he walked to the doorway the sound very clear.
Dan looked inside. Brenda's room was almost completely dark, but he could make out the figure on the bed.
He watch for a few minutes as she moved around and moaned quietly. Dan's cock was now hard as a brick.

Slowly and quietly Dan walked into Brenda's room.
Standing next to her bed he could smell her sex in the air, it was so sweet.
One of her hands was squeezing and rubbing her breast while the other held the vibrator deep inside her pussy.
He wanted to touch her but was afraid after her reaction last night.
Dan just watched and listened.
Soon he could make out some of her words.
She was calling his name each time she slammed the vibrator deep inside her pussy.

Dan gently reached down and rubbed one breast, she moaned a soft long sigh.
Bending down he licked the nipple of her breast.
Again she moaned and moved her chest up to him.
He began licking and sucking her whole breast as the inhibitions melted and drifted away. Carefully he took her hand and guided it to his rock hard meat.
Brenda squeezed his cock making the precum squirt from the end.
She pulled and stroked his cock all the while licking her lips.
Dan moved closer and put the tip against her lips.
Brenda open her mouth and tongued the dripping hole in the enlarged cock head.
She licked the precum and closed her lips around the head and sucked his cock hard and wet.

Dan slid around on top of Brenda and gave her full access to his dripping cock.
They was now in a 69 position.
All the while she kept the vibrator going in and out.
Dan put his hand over hers and kept up the rhythm she had set.
Slowly he removed her hand and took over the pumping on his own.
The aroma of her pussy juice almost made Dan cum right there. He had to taste her pussy and swallow the fragrant juices.
Slowly he licked the lips around the vibrator. This is when he noticed she was shaved.

Her pussy was slick and glistened with the wet juice, the skin was soft and sweet.
This was a tremendous turn on for Dan, he had never seen a shaved pussy before.
He licked the juice and savored the aroma.
This made his cock get thicker and harder.
He was about to cum, his balls were hurting with the pressure as his cock started to pulsate.
She had to know he was about to blow his load, but she buried his cock deeper into her mouth.
Well honey, I'm cumming and you know it, so here it is.
With a grunt and slight push Dan shot his boiling hot load of fresh cum right into Brenda's mouth.
She swallowed and swallowed.
Some of Dan's cum drizzled out around her lips.
She kept sucking and pulling on his cock wanting to milk it dry. His balls were empty but his cock was still hard.

Now Dan was eating and licking her pussy like it was his last meal.
He slurped and sucked her juices as Brenda bucked and kicked her legs mashing her pussy into Dan's face.
She screamed as loud as she could with her mouth full of cock.
He could feel her screams reverberating through his cock as she began her orgasm.

Brenda's pussy exploded with a flood of hot steaming juice.
She came so hard Dan couldn't hold the vibrator inside. It shot from his slippery hand across the bed. He pushed his face deeper into her crotch and drank from her gushing fountain.
He drank and swallowed, he had never seen a pussy flow so much has hers.

Finally she took his cock out of her mouth and stroked it slowly.
It was still hard, ready and willing. 'Fuck me, fuck me hard Dan.' She said in a deep throaty voice.

He moved around so his cock would slide in her hot wet dripping pussy.
Brenda turned on her side and lifted her leg.
'No, I want that hard cock in my ass. Fill it up with your granite meat. You don't mind do you?'

'Hell no, I'd love to fuck your succulent ass.'

She pulled her leg up high giving him a full view of her asshole.
God I have to lick and tongue that majestic asshole first.
Getting between her legs, Dan started licking her asshole savoring the fragrance of her natural perfume.
It was all wet and smelled of juices that poured from her pussy, so sweet and warm.
His tongue made small circle motions around the rim.
This excited her even more and had the same effect on him. He couldn't control himself any longer and didn't want to.
Plunging his tongue right into her asshole, Brenda screamed again with delight and pleasure.
The tight muscle of her asshole grabbed his tongue and held it while he pumped it deeper.
Brenda's body convulsed with another great orgasm.
Her whole body shook and trembled as the hot fluids shot out onto Dan's face.

He couldn't take any more, his cock was pounding, he had to bury his meat now.
Climbing up behind her Dan rubbed his cock against her wet pussy spreading her juice and his precum all over the head.
Slowly he pushed the head of his cock into her ass.
The ring of muscle opened up and swallowed his cock.
Shoving in about 4' made Brenda yell with a passion of magnificent splendor.
She kept on moaning and moaning while Dan's cock went deeper and further into her asshole.

Soon his full 8' of meat was buried deep in Brenda's ass.
She moved and wriggled around with her ass pushed against Dan's stomach.
Slowly he pulled out some cock and pushed back in. He never fucked a womans ass before and didn't know what to expect.
Brenda bucked and grabbed his ass pulling him into her.

Dan began with renewed energy and knowledge that she wanted to be fucked hard. He pulled out some and slammed her asshole again.
Each time she would scream with rapture and delight.
Grabbing her hips for leverage Dan began a forceful in and out steady fucking motion. He pumped and fucked, banging and pushing.
His balls once again boiled with hot cum as she squeezed his cock with her muscles.
She could feel his cock pulsating with pressure as he was about to cum.
'Shove it in hard and hold it.
I want to feel your cum shoot in my ass.' She said.
I did as ordered.
I pushed so hard I moved her on the bed.
Then I felt my load cumming from my toes.
It traveled up my legs to my balls and exploded through my cock.
The hot burning fluid came gushing out the end to fill her ass with all I could give her.
My juices squirted back against my stomach, she was filled to over flowing.
My cock kept on squirting and pumping cum. I had never cum that much before.
It felt like my brains were draining out through my cock. I felt dizzy and faint.
If I had been standing I would have fallen down.
She squeezed my cock with ass muscles trying to keep it inside as I pushed with all my strength.

Soon my pumping squirting cock stopped.
Empty of hot cum, it just stayed deep in her asshole.
Brenda began to relax and release the death grip on my cock.
It softened and soon fell out.
Her ass was covered with cum and pussy juice.
The smell of her sex was wonderful and majestic.

I climbed up and kissed her face.
Some of my cum was still on her lips but that didn't bother me at all.
We kissed for a very long time while our bodies calmed down. Brenda looked at him and said, 'We better get cleaned up.'
We showered and cleaned each other, washing some parts faster and more often then necessary.
Returning to the bed we laid down and I held her tight.
Brenda looked at me and said, 'Remember, this never happened. I still think you do a shitty job in your work. But I'll go on assignment with you anytime.'

'OK I said' and squeezed her tight.

She squeezed me back and we slept all night.


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Camilla, I truely enjoyed your story. It's very vivid reading, I had to jerk off before I could finish it (blushing now...)

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Great story
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I came back and came again..

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i quite enjoyed the buildup of this story and the way it all got set up. it was hard to make the context switch into first person at the end though...

thank you for saving the archives of that place, i plan to read most of them eventually...