Friday, October 20, 2006

All my love for James

by Anonymous

I heard him enter the room.
I stood with my back to him, every part of me on fire, longing to be taken.
To be touched.
To be tasted. To be devoured.
He calls my name, his smooth voice overcomes me, and I close my eyes as I feel my body respond.
He has not touched me, but my nipples are hard and I feel the heat begin to build between my legs.

I turn to face him and I am assaulted by my feelings, all at once.
I know I should not be here.
It's wrong, because I am married and he is not my husband.
He is married and I am not his wife.
But my love for him, my passion for him, pushes all the negative feelings away.
And I know that there is nowhere I would rather be than with him. His smile is warm and seductive, just as I remembered.
His eyes, dark and smokey with such desire, burn into mine.
Into my very soul.
His hand reaches out and caresses my face, and I know that for the first time in 10 years, I am not dreaming.

I run my hands across his strong chest, feeling his heart pounding, feeling the heat coming off of his body.
I am ready for him.
As I look up at him, his mouth lowers onto mine and a soft moan escapes me.
My body presses against him as his tongue parts my lips and I taste him.
I feel his hardness against me and I reach for it, needing to possess him, wanting to devour him.

He leads me to the bed, leaving a burning trail of kisses on my neck.
Slowly we begin to undress each other.
His mouth finds my nipples and he teases me with his teeth and tongue.
His hands work my panties off. He has now discovered how wet he has made me.
And although I want to just collapse on the bed and let myself enjoy all the pleasure he brings to me, I need to feel his hardness in my mouth.

When he is undressed, he pulls me down on top of him, kissing me and making me burn for him.
Slowly I begin to explore him, just as I did so long ago.
I kiss him...slowly licking his nipples, enjoying the feel of them as they respond against my tongue.
I work my way down, yearning to taste him.

I kiss the head of his cock, my tongue eagerly licking the wetness at the tip.
Slowly I take him into my hot, wet mouth and he moans with pleasure.
I move his hard shaft in and out, licking and sucking as I reach to take his balls in my hand and begin to rub them. His hands are in my hair, urging me to move faster.
But I can't get enough of tasting him. I slow my pace, trying to prolong his pleasure.
I gently but firmly rub his hard cock with my hand as I take the head in my mouth and lick and suck.
I want him to watch me. I look up at him as I suck on him slowly.
I know I am pleasing him.
Quickly I take every inch of him in my mouth, wanting to make him cum, wanting to take every drop he has to offer.
He is close to cumming.
I can tell. I use my hands and mouth to please him.
To bring him over the edge. His hands in my hair make me wet with excitement.
Suddenly he calls out my name, and I feel and taste him explode in my mouth.
I stay with him...still sucking and licking and stroking, until the throbbing of his cock subsides, and his hands loosen their hold on me.

The night has only begun, and I am grateful for that.
I slowly make my way back up his body, his flesh seems to be on fire beneath my lips.
I rest my head on his chest as his arms envelop me in a fierce embrace and I am lulled by the sheer strength of his maleness and the beating of his heart in my ear.

He moves me onto my back, and every cell in me awaits the pleasure he will bring to me.
I realize that I have been holding my breath. As he begins to work his magic on me with his mouth and hands, I let out a deep sigh of delight and close my eyes, concentrating on what he is doing to me.
His movements are slow and deliberate.
He knows that he is driving me to the edge and I want to scream his name and beg him to make me cum.
But I am for the most part silent.
For now.
I cannot believe how my body aches for his touch.
My breasts feel fuller than usual, my nipples erect, waiting for his mouth, his touch.
I can no longer stand it as I arch myself to grind against him, feeling the waves of pleasure run through me as I rub against his body.
I place my hands on his shoulders and urge him to bring his mouth taste me.
Suddenly he has me in his mouth and I do all that I can not to scream from the pure pleasure he is giving to me.
His tongue moves over my clit, making it throb, teasing me.
He lifts me closer to his mouth, sucking, licking, nibbling and the first waves of my orgasm take over me.
My body shudders and my pussy throbs as he slows down.
But he is not done, as he once again takes me over the edge.
I am overcome with pleasure and I moan his name, begging him to fuck me.
To put his cock deep inside me.

He moves up to lay beside me, and once again claims my lips with his. I taste myself as he moves his tongue to part my lips and enter my mouth.
I reach for him and feel his hardness.
I move on top of him, slowly moving down on him until he is deep inside me.

Our eyes meet as I begin to move up and down on him, loving the way he feels inside me.
I close my eyes and move faster, the heat of my orgasm building up inside me.
As I slow my pace and rock myself gently against his body while he is still deep inside me, I lose myself to another wave of pleasure.
My pussy throbs around his cock and surrounds it with the hot wetness of my orgasm.

Unaware of how I came to be this way, I am now lying on the bed and he is on top of me.
My legs wrap themselves around him as I cry out for him to fuck me, to let me feel the heat of his cum.
I ache to have him throbbing deep within me. But he has other plans, it seems.
He slows down, forcing me to open my eyes and look at him. Before he speaks, I know what it is he wants.
And I know that I will not deny him a thing.
In a voice that makes my insides melt, he tells me to turn over.
I hesitate, but I comply, wanting to please him like he has pleased me.

I feel very self conscious with my ass exposed to him in such a way, but I am also very excited.
He enters my pussy from behind, moving in and out, getting his cock wet with my juices.
And then I feel his cock on a place where it should not be.
A place where I want him to be.
And I am surprised by this.
With my face on my pillow, I gather the cool sheets into my clench fists and wait for him to enter me.
A wave of pain overcomes me, and then is gone.
He is being gentle as he slowly pulls out and enters me again.
The sensation is a different one, but not as unpleasant as I thought. As he works his hot cock in and out of me, my hand makes its way to my clit.
I want to cum with him.
He is close, I can tell.
I call out for more. I don't want it to end.
Just as I explode, I feel the heat of his cum on my ass, on my back, and I ask him to rub it into me.

We collapse into each others arms, both in need of a shower, both too spent to move.
Like all good things, our adventure comes to an end..or can this be just the beginning?
Just remember, I love you for always...I will always be here for you...and my heart will always belong to no one else but you.


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