Monday, October 23, 2006


by Alison

Sitting quietly on a sofa, Monica watched the scene around her.
She was realising that actually watching people playing sex games with each other was proving to be infinitely more arousing than seeing the same acts on video.
Naked, as they all were, she fiddled with a small pendant that hung between her breasts and soaked up the atmosphere of the party.
Although she knew everybody there, she had come on her own, and as a result, she did not yet have a partner to play with.

The living-room door opened and a man entered the room unobtrusively.
Monica was the only one to see him - the others being otherwise occupied.
Suddenly shy, she smiled a welcome, as he picked his way across the room to her.
She knew him well.
His name was Peter and she had fancied him for quite a while.
Sitting beside her, he said, "Hi, Monica. Are you all alone? No boyfriend?"
He paused, then when she did not answer, continued, "Is this the first party like this you've been to?"
She nodded, unwilling to take her eyes off his magnificent torso to look up at his face or down to his lap.
"Don't worry, just relax. I'll look after you."

He put his arm across her shoulders and they sat there for a time, watching the activity.
Monica shyly leant against him, feeling his arm drop forward to lightly touch her breast.
Her hand moved uncertainly towards his knees.
Peter leant forward and kissed her ear; she turned her head, and he kissed her lingeringly on the mouth.
Breathless, they parted and sat there, looking at each other.
He kissed her repeatedly.
Monica's arms came up to hold him to her, enjoying the feel of his skin against her.

"Come on, let's find somewhere a bit more quiet." Peter went to pull her to her feet, but she forestalled him, saying, "I can't walk, Peter, remember.
You'll have to lift me - or get my chair.
Its somewhere over there." She pointed vaguely in the direction of the kitchen.
"I've always wanted to really carry a lady off to a bedroom; now's my chance to actually do it!"
Stooping, he picked her up and they went off in search of a quieter place to pursue their encounter.

They wound up in a small bedroom almost completely filled by a king-sized bed.
Puffing, Peter put Monica down on the edge of the bed.
"Ooff! You aren't as light as you look, are you?"
"No, I'm not," she smiled back at him.
"Come down here, I want to kiss you and I can't reach you up there."
He sat on the bed and, wrapping his arms around her, kissed her comprehensively.
They stayed like that for a while, then, gently pushing her back onto the bed; Peter started to caress her shoulders and breasts.
She said quietly, "That's nice! I could just lie here and let you fondle me like this for ages."
"Good. That is just what I intend to do," he replied as he continued to caress her.
"Hang on, I've got an idea! Stay there a moment."
He got up and left the room for a while.
Just as Monica began to worry, he returned, holding a small bottle.
"Massage oil, I've usually got it in my bags," he explained as he tried to undo the bottle.
"Doesn't it leak into your bag?" she asked curiously.
"Sometimes, not that often though," he replied.
With that, he poured some oil into his cupped hand and began to caress her shoulders.
The oil was initially cold to her skin, though it quickly warmed up.
Monica felt his hands roaming over her breasts and shoulders, slowly at first but more insistently as she began to respond.

He gently but expertly roused her breasts so that her nipples were soon standing proud and eager.
"I chose peppermint so that it was more enjoyable to suck off," he murmured as he bent to take one nipple between his lips.
Never having had anyone suckle her, she was unsure about this at first, but soon discovered that she enjoyed it.
Her previous sexual encounters had almost ignored her breasts, preferring a quick tumble instead and she found this attention to her breasts a positive pleasure.

Switching his oral attentions to her other breast, his hand closed round the one being abandoned.
Soon he had her pushing her breasts up with her hands, into his mouth, eager for more stimulation.
Peter continued to massage one breast while tonguing the other nipple for quite a while, alternating his attentions between breasts at regular intervals.
He was enjoying her body just as she was enjoying being enjoyed.
Gradually, he began to caress her stomach, shifting his posture to continue to play with her breasts.

Monica tried to part her legs in invitation, but he held her legs still.
"In a while, my sweet girl, in a while.
Can you kneel?" She nodded.
After a little fumbling and shuffling about, she was on her haunches.
He knelt behind her, his warm body touching hers; she felt his warmth enfold her as he held her and kissed her.
Running his hands down her body, he let her lean forward so that her bottom lifted up to his chest, exposing the fleshy skin between her legs.

Slipping a hand between her legs, he began fingering her.
She was damp already, though not enough to take him in easily.
Slowly exploring the wonderful warmth of her, his fingers found her clitoris and played with it.
Feeling it grow, and the warmth of her increase, he slowly guided her to orgasm. Before she came to orgasm, though, a couple looking for some quiet place interrupted them.
"Sorry! Oh, its Monica isn't it?" the woman queried.
"You've certainly hit the jack-pot with Peter, here," she chuckled, "every woman here would give her eye-teeth to be in the position you are in now."
She giggled.
"Come on Sue, let's go and look somewhere else," the other man said, getting increasingly impatient.
"No, wait," Peter said, "Monica, do you mind having company?"
As he saw her shake her head, he continued, "Mike, Sue, come in and shut that door.
We can have our own mini-party in here."

The newcomers moved round to the other side of the bed and began to fondle each other.
Lying as she was, Monica could see Sue kneel down and take Mike's penis in her mouth.
Mike threw his hips forward slightly and held Sue's head onto him.
Then Monica's attention returned to her body, as Peter resumed his fingering.
She climaxed within seconds, and rolled sideways, to hold Peter in her arms.

They could hear the other two enjoying themselves, and then quiet.
Feeling the mattress give, Monica knew that they had flopped onto the bed, and she became aware of a face looking at her.
Turning, she saw Mike looking at her; she smiled at him as he reached forwards to finger her hair.
"Lovely hair, wish Sue's was as long as yours."
He wriggled nearer and continued, "Lovely tits too. I knew you were good-looking, but didn't know what I was missing."
To Peter, "Any objections if I flirt with this lovely woman?"
"Only if she doesn't mind - and if I can flirt with Sue too." Peter retorted, arm protectively around Monica.
"I don't mind, Peter - truly." Monica said, "In fact, I think it would be rather fun, being a foursome."
As she said this, she reached for Mike's hand, and, pulling it to her cheek, laid it on her face.

They re-arranged themselves on the bed, and the four of them lay together, touching each other experimentally.
Mike then suggested getting some drink from the living-room, an idea welcomed by the two girls and they packed the men off to get them.
While they were alone, Monica asked "Did you mean it when you said I'd hit the jack-pot with Peter? I mean, I like him a lot, but I just didn't think others fancied him too."
"Of course I did. Peter is the sexiest thing here - and you've landed him! Lucky wretch."
Just as Sue had finished talking, the men returned, each carrying two glasses of sparkling wine.
"There was some food, too, but we couldn't find a tray." Peter explained as he gave Monica her wine.
"Doesn't matter - I've got all I want right here," and Monica reached up to pull him down onto the bed.
"Come here. I want to play."
With that, she started tentatively kissing him.
He responded by putting his glass down on the floor and then started to tickle her.
Screaming with laughter, she soon begged him to stop, "What do you want me to do instead, then?" he demanded, laughing with her.
"Make love to me, Peter, make love to me all night."

Quieter now, he scooped her up into his arms and sat, cuddling her while she regained her breath.
Mike and Sue were petting very heavily beside them, and Monica became aware of Sue kneeling across her man, fondling his penis.
Mike was moaning in ecstasy.
"Do that to me, love," she murmured, "I want you to take me."

Peter nodded his understanding, and ran his hands over her perfectly shaped body.
She quivered in anticipation of the storm she wanted to experience with this man, and reached for his head, guiding it to her breasts.
He took one of her nipples into his mouth and began to nibble it, while his right hand slid down to her legs.
Lightly tickling her bushy hair there, he got her to part her thighs slightly and he began to finger her fleshy lips.

He lifted his head from her breast and said, "You need a little bit of lubrication, I think."
With that, Peter reached for his glass of now flat wine and dribbled some over her bush.
Monica jumped, the wine was cold on her tender skin.
He went down onto his knees and pushed his head between her legs and began to lick it off her.

Very soon she felt herself being drawn into the most amazing vortex of sensations, as his tongue licked and probed her, to be replaced by a questing finger.
It was slowly sliding into her, searching for her sensitive spot, while his thumb caressed her clitoris.
As she felt herself climax, Peter inserted a second finger into her vagina, stretching it.
"I want you, Peter, I want you in me," she moaned.
"All right, love," and with that she felt his hand leave her.
There was a bit of rustling, then her legs being pushed apart and she felt his penis against her vagina's opening.
The next moment he was entering her, careful not to hurt her.
He felt so big, even bigger than his two fingers.

Moving in and out of her, Peter watched her skin change hue as she became more aroused.
He also saw Sue mount Mike and ride him to a frantic climax for both of them.
They flopped down in a heap, and lay, watching the other couple.
He could have done the same with Monica but he wanted to enjoy the newness of her, wanted to spin it out for as long as he could.
He enjoyed feeling her climax around him over and over again.
"Fuck me Peter - fuck me, please," Monica implored as he slowed down to regain control of himself.
"I will, but I want to take you higher than you've gone before first."
As he spoke, Peter leant forward and fondled her breasts, while keeping himself inside her.

She reached down to her bush and began to masturbate herself, but then an unfamiliar arm pushed her hand away.
"Allow me," It was Sue.
"Let me do that. You just lie back and enjoy yourself. Another time you can return the favour."
Sue found Monica's clitoris and gently began to rub it.
Monica moaned with pleasure, never had she dreamt of having more than one person fondling her, and it was wonderful.
"If you want to call out, you can do, you know." Peter commented.
He saw the other man move towards them, and he said, "Mike wants to join us. Do you mind?"
Monica shook her head, it was all she could do by then.
Her climaxes were coming increasingly rapidly and her mouth felt parched.
Mike took over from Peter fondling her breasts, and as Peter began to thrust himself deep into her, Mike sucked hard on her nipples.

Feeling three people caressing her was mind-blowing.
Her brain had difficulty in keeping track of which part of her was sending which signal.
Mike's attentions were sending sharp darts down through her body to her vagina.
Sue kept her body spinning in a wonderful vortex of sensations, while Peter's thrusting penis felt as if it was going to pull her body apart.
She cried out, "More! I want more! Don't stop - any of you!"
All three of them redoubled their attentions and very quickly Monica was crying out in her pleasure.
At last Peter allowed himself to let go of the control he had been exercising and pounded swiftly and fiercely to his own climax.
Thrusting deep into her he touched the rim of her vagina as he exploded inside her.

Collapsing on top of her, Peter asked, "Did you enjoy that for I certainly did. You are one gorgeous sexy lady."
"Yes, I enjoyed it. Did you really have to ask?"
Lazily, Monica held him as they both recovered, listening to Mike and Sue fuck each other.
They had become aroused as a result of helping Monica to climb to the peaks of passion and now Sue was on her knees with Mike thrusting into her slowly but expertly.
As the exhausted pair watched, Mike withdrew himself and reached for a long bolster.
This he placed beneath Sue and put a couple of cushions on top of it before turning his partner over.
Positioning her so that her hips were at the highest point of the pile, he pushed her legs apart.
Looking for something to lightly tie her knees apart, he left the room, returning with some long curtain tie-backs.
Two of these he looped around Sue's legs and anchored them loosely around the legs of the bed.

With her legs secured like that and lying on the cushions and bolster, Sue looked very vulnerable.
Mike came back to stand between her legs, he was holding a third tie-back like a whip.
"I think you need a little punishing, don't you, Sue my darling? Punishment - then pleasuring, lots of that!"
She nodded, and seemed, to Monica, to lift her bottom higher.
Mike started to flick the tie-back at her thighs, close to her partly shaven mound.

He increased the rapidity of the flicks until the material was moving so fast that it seemed to be alive.
He then came to kneel beside her and trailed the material along her torso and down to her mound.
Dropping one end of the tieback down along her flesh, Mike grasped it under her leg and began pulling it up and down along her pubic lips.

Working it further in between her lips, Mike sawed the material down, then up again, roughly stimulating Sue's clitoris.
He did this time and again, until Sue moaned with pleasure, and then jerked as Mike yanked the fabric hard up against her.
When he had had enough of this, Mike discarded the tieback and began to finger Sue.
Pushing two fingers into her, he flexed them independently of each other and Sue was soon twitching in ecstasy.

Beginning to rub his penis, Mike continued to plunge his fingers into Sue.
Watching them, Monica began to feel turned on again, and reaching for Peter's penis, she found that it was coming back to life too.
Leaning back, she kissed his chin as she watched Mike go down to suck Sue.
Sue reached for Mike's penis and, motioning for him to straddle her, began to rub at his now very hard penis and sensitive scrotum.
As he became more aroused, Mike tongued her until Sue was clawing at his buttocks in her pleasure.

Mike then swivelled around, and, standing up again, pushed his over-eager member into Sue's hot slit.
Massaging her clitoris with a thumb, Mike hammered ferociously into her, intent now only in his gratification.
Sue climaxed time after time as he rode his passion to its conclusion.
Monica felt Peter's penis grow and harden and then his gentle fingers explore her tender flesh.
She was ready for him, and as he whispered, "Shall we race them?" felt him enter her.

"Fuck me Peter - now. I don't want to wait, I want to feel you come in me again."
She said this quietly as he began to rock in and out of her, coaxing her body to climax.
"Impatient little minx, aren't you? O.K., you've asked for it."
With that, he began to thrust deeply into her.
Her tender flesh moistened and she took pleasure in the tightness of her slit around his shaft.

As Peter increased his speed, Monica could hear Sue calling out "More, damn you. I want you to come, right now. Your lovely big cock is tormenting me, please let go. Come."
Mike replied, "I think I might just do that, but in my own time, sweetheart."

"Oh my God! Fuck me!" That was her voice, and Monica felt Peter respond and within a few moments, she climaxed and felt him jerk inside her immediately afterwards.
Seconds later, Mike ejaculated into Sue - who cried out as she felt him come at last.
Totally spent, both couples lay on the bed in the after-glow of their ecstasy and gradually dozed.


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