Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Nanny & Me


I was just 14 and curiosity about my sexuality and that of opposite sex was at highest peak.
It was my second year into boarding school in India and I had spent a lot of my free time the year before in the library looking 4 pages of a book called 'The Human BODY'.
I had looked at these pages endlessly every single opportunity I got. 2 pages showing dissection of a man and a woman showing differences in anatomy and other 2 pages showing the drawing of a vagina in detail while the other showed drawing of penis in detail.
I looked at other pages too and I could not help but notice the stages of girls growth by comparing the pictures with my class mates.

Being in a co-ed. boarding, boys slept in different dormitories and gals in different ones.
Even then boys of certain age and class were separated from the others. A nanny was appointed to each room with children below the age of 12. In our building we had 2 nannies.
The older one who I don't remember her name is one I will call Nanny, she was responsible for waking up early and making hot water for our bath when we woke up in the morning.
She also made us the morning coffee which we so much appreciated in such a cold hilly area.
Nanny was definitely more than 26 years older than me. Which then would have been 40 while I was 14.

I do remember I was working hard to prove a girl wrong in my class.
She said that no one can beat her score and that she will always hold the number 1 position and rank in the class.
So I woke up earlier than early every single day and I woke up Nanny so that I could sit in the kitchen near the fire and study as she boiled the water for the boys.
One day I went up to her bed, all the little boys in her room were sleeping as usual. I called out to her 'sister', 'sister'.
We were taught to be polite in school by addressing any of our elders sister or brother if they were other than teachers and they worked for us.
'Sister'.. 'sister'.. she was snoring.. but she looked so beautiful in sleep like a baby.. so I moved my trembling hand and touched her breast covered with her clothes as she was sleeping.. women in India usually sleep with full dress code as they would wear in the day time, they are very very conservative of sexual privacy but curiosity was getting the better of me.
Oh my, it was such a wonderful feeling, her breast felt so soft.. she turned over and I moved my hand away, my throat got dry.. but she just settled and snored again..

I reached for her breast and felt them again and this time she woke up.
This became my normal way of waking her up every morning.
I made sure I woke up much earlier than her so I could touch her more and more every time.
I have no idea whether she knew it or not. I have no idea how we got to this next episode but soon enough I was alone in the kitchen with her.
She was making fire and boiling water as usual.
I have seen this exercise every single day for more than 2 months.
When the fire was ready, I got close to the fire besides her and ever so often our bodies would touch as we sat on the wooden logs in front of the fire.
Some times she would fall asleep even in the 'fire room' as we called it when she sat besides me making hot water.
Soon I found a way to lift her skirts very slowly and gently and sliding my hand in until I touched her panties.

Now that I think about it I know that she knew what I was getting at. 'coz I can remember many times that I touched her panties, they were wet.
Soon my finger was finding its way into her hairy pussy.

One day I pinned her to the ground and lifted her skirt, she made no real effort to get rid of me and I begged to have a look at her pussy.
I pulled down her panties and looked at her red lips peeping through mass black hair.
I put my finger in it and smelled it and licked it.
I have no idea where I got the idea of eating pussy, must have been from looking at erotic magazines that I chanced to glance when I was about 9 years old.

As I licked her pussy, the distinct taste I felt made me feel so high and my penis was so hard that it ached.
I heard her moaning, I knew I was not hurting her, coz she was stronger than me and if she wanted she would have thrown me off.
As I kept licking and sucking her she let out soft words in Tamil along with moans 'ayaaaahh' 'oohhh', 'ammaaaa' (mother), 'ayaaaaahhh mone' (oh yeah son)

I reached for the log that was about 1 and half feet high besides the door and pushed it so that it blocked the door from being opened.
I told her I wanted to feel her pussy.
She was reluctant at first, but I knew from her conserved nature that it was normal.
I got up to her and hugged her and unfastened her blouse from behind, took it off her and pulled the shoulder straps of her bras and exposed her breast which were so well shaped for a woman of her age.
I looked at them with so much adoration.
Then I looked at her face, she was blushing, I could see it even through her dark skin.
She lowered her gaze and I started to suck on them like a baby.
I had no idea what I was supposed to do with them but to suck them.

Then before I knew it she sat me down on that log besides the door and she squatted in front of me and eased my penis into her wet and warm vulva.
The feeling I had is inexplicable.
She sat on me facing me for what seemed to be a long moment and she hugged me.
My penis was hurting even more as it grew within her warm and soft vulva.
She lifted up slowly and her pussy seemed to suck me up with her.
Then she let her self down on me slowly again, and her pussy was so tight.
Now that I think of it she must have been in need of a man for long time, coz she was tight as a virgin.
But she also was really experienced in controlling her muscles, something most young women lack.
Every time she got up her pussy sucked my penis and every time she got down her pussy felt tight again.
Her tummy was withdrawn and I felt like screaming with joy, the feelings I was experiencing were so unique. Up and down, up and down.. as far apart as we were from the fire in that cold fire room, we were both perspiring heavily.
I grabbed one of her breasts and sucked on it as she was going up and down.
She let out gentle moans as she came.
Then she went right on. We were in that position for about 10 minutes and soon we were both done.
She smiled at me and I almost cried with joy.

All boys talked about making love with girls, but I knew they were tellin lies.
For things were very different and much better in reality.

This became our little secret, Nanny and me and we did it over and over, every time it got better and better until she was transferred to girls dormitory about 4 months after our first fuck.

Even at the age of 29 I still remember Nanny and she will stay the best teacher in my life. THE END

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this is so pure and innocent and beautifully written .... natural erotica.