Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Little Miss Cuntypants


Little Miss Cuntypants is my toy.
She is made just for me and she does exactly what I tell her to - whether she likes it or not.
She is pure sex.
Her body is sweet & supple, her curves full and sensuous and her look is that of untarnished innocence just waiting to be corrupted.
Her ass is so fine - so round and firm it sits atop a pair of lovely long legs and it juts out such that when viewed in profile it begs for a good hard spanking.
Her tits are petit but they stand on high, pointy little titties with pencil eraser nipples that can be coaxed into hard bullet-like erections.
Those pouty pink lips, so sweet, are made for saying nasty words like "FUCK"or "PRICK".
One dirty word uttered from that pink mouth and I am instantly aroused.
Golden ringlets cascade from her forehead, framing her small heart shaped face.
A fistful of those curls, her long neck arched back and her ass raised high all hot and angry red from the palm of my hand.... that is how I like to see my Cuntypants.
Her clit is pinker than her mouth lips and I know how to make it big and hard.
It gets buried in the folds of her swelling cunt lips so I take great pleasure in trussing her up - pulling those naked bare shaven, fleshy lips wide apart and exposing that tender pink clit.
I belt her slender waist and use a black satin sash to bind her lips open.
I feed it through the belt above her backside, then pull the double thickness down the crack of her ass, through her slit and up to the front of the belt to be tied separately.
I slide each tied end outwards, making them pull tight, up and apart, opening her to me like a flower with it's pistil sticking out proudly.
I love to watch her walk the room, my cuntypants in her pretty belt.
I get to watch her swollen clit, exposed and protruding between her lovely legs.
It is especially exiting to make her fetch me a glass of water after I have stroked and pinched that fine clit near to orgasm.

I make her walk and squeeze her own tits, tugging and twisting her nipples as she paces in front of me.
I want to see her fuck the air with her exposed clit as she pinches her own nipples until they are red and flaming.
I know she needs to cum but she can't - I want her cunt to twitch and burn under the slap of my open hand.
I want her wetness to soak my palm, to hear her wimper for a good rodding up the ass.
When I think she is ready she knows to crawl onto the bed and position herself so I have unhindered access to her sex holes.
I make her stick her beautiful ass up into the air and press her pretty face into the bed.
I want her legs apart so her slit and crack are wide open.
I like to watch as I sink my favourite slim vibrator into her slickened asshole.
Her clit twitches when I turn it on after it is pushed deep in her ass.
That poor engorged clit - exposed, contracting with nothing to touch it - except the short sharp contact of my slapping hand.

She flinches - then pushes her ass up higher, wanting to feel the stinging slap again!
My hand comes in contact with her spread cunt lips and open clit.
She wimpers a small muffled sound.
Her cumming is not far off.
I push three fingers roughly up her cunt hole and pump her hard - her ass still full of vibrating plastic cock.
Her hips grind up to meet my thrusts - pumping into her wet, wet cunt, I never touch that poor open clit.
She is moaning now - she wants it - I tell her to tell me what she wants.
Her cunt walls contract around my three deeply sunken fingers.
I hear her sweet voice begging me for a fuck - pleading for another spanking.
I pull my fingers from her hole - making her cry as I leave her pulsing hot cunt with nothing to rub against.

I tell her to move her ass like she was getting fucked.
I watch her huge clit glistening and twitching - I smack it smartly, then again, making solid contact with that hot pink clit.
Her moans are louder and she cries out "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me" over and over again.
I slap her ass cheek hard, I pause, then continue to spank her buttocks without mercy, watching her writhe under me as she pushes up her open slit, wanting my hand to come down on her throbbing cunt.
When her ass is hot and angry red I grasp the base of the vibrator and pump it into her ass ruthlessly.

Fucking her asshole - her cunt is practically dripping.
I reach down her back for a fistful of hair and pull her head back.
She arches and I whack her slit again and again with my open palm.
I spank her hot cunt to orgasm as she writhes and bucks and moans.
My little miss cuntypants is cumming so hard that she squirts hot jets of liquid and sprays the bed with her juicy ejaculate.
I love to make her come like this - I know how good it feels.
I know because I am miss cuntypants.... I am also her lover and because we are one.... we know exactly what each other needs.

A mind fuck is a wonderful thing to waste!


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