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Summertime Pleasures - Part One

Dawn (Oct 99)

"While The Cat's Away. . ."

It was late August and Justin looked out the window of the plane as he flew over the Rocky Mountains and took in the view from thirty-five thousand feet.
Sitting next to him was his friend, David, and in the seats in front of them were David's parents.
The four of them were flying from Nebraska to San Francisco and both Justin and David were excited about their first trip to California.
Actually, it was Justin's first trip anywhere out of Nebraska and his first time on an airplane.
Both David and Justin were seventeen and had grown up in a small town that never changed from year to year and they yearned to get out.
Now they were going to California for a week and Justin and David seriously considered disappearing while they were there so that they wouldn't have to go back.
The plans for the vacation were to go to San Francisco and spend an evening in the city, as well as the next day, and then drive to the Sierra Nevada mountains.
Once there, they would spend the rest of the week at Lake Tahoe in a cabin with David's uncle and aunt and cousin, a sixteen year old girl that was bringing a friend with her.

When they landed in San Francisco, the four of them took a taxi and checked into a hotel and spent the evening and the next day doing everything you would expect a tourist to do in a city like San Francisco. The day after that, the four of them loaded up their luggage in a rental car and drove to the mountains.
It took a few hours and David and Justin were mesmerized by the whole experience as they drove from one side of California to the other.
They were staying at David's uncle and aunt's cabin, which was located back off the highway and about a quarter of a mile from the lake.
When they pulled up to the clearing where the cabin was located back in the pines, they saw that David's uncle and aunt were sitting out on a deck that ran around and down the sides of the the two story cabin. As the four Nebraskans got out of the car, they got up and greeted everyone and helped carry the luggage as everyone went inside. The cabin was fairly big and rustic, with real pine paneling on the walls, a fireplace and even a dead fish attached to a plaque and lacquered over on the wall.
Downstairs there was a kitchen and a dining area, a front room with the aforementioned fireplace and then two bedrooms, each with their own bathrooms.
Upstairs was a dormer arrangement.
At the top of the stairs were two beds across from each other and against either wall and then a dresser with a TV set and a couch across from it, a bathroom with another bed opposite it, and finally two more beds opposite each other against the walls at the other end.
All three sections where there were beds could be separated by pulling curtains across for privacy.

When they all first walked in, the David's cousin and her friend were sitting on one of the couches watching the downstairs television, but when they saw the two boys from the Midwest, their eyes twinkled and they got up to come over and greet everybody.
As Justin and David saw them get up off the couch, their own eyes twinkled.
Karen and Christie were a couple of beauties.
Karen, who was David's cousin, was a shapely brunette, and Christie, was a slender blonde with a nice ass of her own.
Karen definitely had the bigger bust, but Christie was just as shapely and attractive even if she was smaller, breast-wise. Karen's mom showed David's parents to their room down on the first floor and David's uncle showed the boys to the two beds at the head of the stairs.
"This is where you're sleeping, guys. The girls have the two beds at the other end and you for have to work out your own arrangements for the TV and the bathroom. I'll tell you this: they take a long time in the morning, so I would suggest getting up earlier than them if you want a shower!"

David's uncle left and Justin sat down on his bed and looked over at David, who was unpacking his bag. "Am I hallucinating or are they really going to let us sleep up here with Karen and Christie?"

David looked up and smiled, "Yeah, pretty incredible! Did you see those tits on Karen? i haven't seen her since she was nine, but man, she's grown!"
Justin cocked his head and said, "Dave, she's your cousin!"
David looked up again. "Not really, she's adopted. So she's not like a blood relative."
Justin frowned. "You didn't tell me that before!"
David shrugged.
"No big deal, and besides to them we're just a couple of hicks from Nebraska. I bet they barely talk to us while we're here."

It was only one o'clock when they got there and David and Justin decided to go exploring.
They were on the west side of the lake near a town named Homewood and decided to do some climbing. Working their way up the mountainside, they came to a bluff and stood up upon it and looked down on the lake.
Across the way, they could see the casinos at South Shore and stood wishing that they could go over there where the action was.
They hiked back down to the cabin and found the four adults sitting on the deck drinking cocktails.
When they walked up onto the deck, David's uncle said, "We're having dinner in an hour and a half, about five-thirty. You boys can go join the girls down at the beach, because they went swimming, or you can take the fishing poles and try your luck, there's a pier down there and there's a container of nightcrawlers in the refrigerator.
David and Justin each got a coke out of the refrigerator and headed off to the lake. Walking out on the pier, they stood and saw Karen and Christie on a wooden float that was anchored in the water about forty yards from shore.
Karen was lying on her stomach and Christie was sitting up. When she saw the two boys, she waved and they waved back.
"Too bad we don't have our bathing suits on," David said.
"See Karen? She undid the string on her top. I'd like to roll her over and see those tits of hers!"
Justin shook his head and said, "Slow down, Dave. I don't think that would go over very big with your parents or your uncle and aunt!"
David frowned. "I know. But a guy can fantasize, can't he?"

After awhile, the two boys headed back to the cabin and went upstairs to watch a baseball game.
As they were sitting and watching the game, Karen and Christie came upstairs wrapped in beach towels. Karen smiled and looked at David and said, "You should have come swimming.
The water was nice and cold!" Christie dropped down on the couch and turned to Justin and put her hand on his cheek.
"You Nebraska boys seem shy. You should have joined us."
Justin blushed for a second and then brought his hand up to touch hers and replied, "Just a bit. It gets pretty lonely out there amongst the corn, ma'am!"
She smiled and then he winked at her and Christie rubbed his cheek.
"Poor fella" she said as she grinned and got off the couch and headed back to her "room."

They pulled the curtain and David's mom called from downstairs that dinner was ready. Karen peaked from behind the curtain and smiled at David and Justin, as both of them caught a glimpse of one of her breasts.
"Tell them we'll be down in a minute. We're changing."

David and Justin went down and joined the adults and started eating dinner as they heard hair dryers running upstairs.
David's uncle sighed, "I swear, those girls spend more time doing their hair than anything else!" As everyone else was finishing dinner, the two girls showed up and apologized.
David's uncle spoke again, "Kid's, we're going out tonight. And when I say we, I don't mean you four. There are two TV sets and games to play so don't destroy the place while we're gone."

Karen looked up casually as she ate and asked, Where you goin'?"
Her dad sipped his coffee and then replied, "We'll be over on the South Shore at the casinos. We might go see a show."
Karen nodded. "Okay. We'll play monopoly or something, maybe scrabble." She looked across at Justin and David and casually asked, "Okay with you guys?
Justin and David looked at each other and then turned back just as casually and said, "Sure."
Justin and David got up and went back upstairs after they were done eating and watched the rest of the baseball game as they heard the adults leave.
They heard the car reach the end of the gravel driveway and Karen shouted out from downstairs, "Okay boys. You can come down now. It's party time!"

Justin and David smiled and put their hands up in a high five and headed down the stairs. It was eight o'clock and the sun had dropped below the mountain ridge and dusk was beginning.
When David and Justin reached the kitchen, the two girls were already into the booze, taking turns swigging a bottle of Tequila. Karen put the cap on the bottle and put it back on the shelf and said, "No more of that. We have to switch now. David, do you and Justin like brandy?"

David shrugged and replied, "I've never had it before."
Karen held the bottle out and David swallowed deeply twice and handed it to Justin.
He drank a big swallow and rolled his eyes as the hot liquor flowed into him and he felt the warmth in his torso.
Karen smiled and said, "We've guzzled as much of that as we can get away with. You guys want beer or wine?"
Christie smiled and said, "I'll have wine."
Justin and David both asked for beer.
Karen filled up a glass of wine from a gallon box that was in the refrigerator and handed it to Christie. Then she filled a glass for herself and put it on the counter.
Taking two beers from the refrigerator, she handed them to David and he gave one to Justin. Them she opened one of the lower cabinets and took out two warm beers and put them in the back of the refrigerator behind the others.
She looked at them and said, "My dad has no idea how much beer he has so it's not a problem. If you get one from the refrigerator, replace it with one from the back out of this cupboard.
If everybody's all set, let's go out on the deck." Outside, they all stood around and Karen asked, "Anyone want a cigarette?"

She handed out the cigarettes and Justin walked off and stood by a railing as he smoked his cigarette and drank his beer and looked up at the darkening mountains. A few seconds later as he was standing there looking at the emerging stars, he felt an arm around his waist.
He looked down and it was Christie. "It's nice, huh?"

Justin put his arm lightly around her shoulder and said, "Yeah. I love the scent of the trees and the quiet. God, I wish I lived here. I am so tired of Nebraska. It's all flat and filled with corn and smelly animals. That's not my life. At least, not the way I want to live it."
Christie smiled, "It's a big country. You can go anywhere you want."
She finished up her wine and Justin finished his beer and Christie asked if he wanted another.
They both went back in the house and Justin grabbed a beer and Christie filled her glass up again from the wine box. "Christie, do you think it would be okay if I took another shot of that brandy?"
She smiled, "Yeah, let me take a shot too."
He handed her the bottle and she tossed it back and closed her eyes as she swallowed, holding the bottle out to Justin. He swigged and then took a deep breath as the hot liquor settled in his stomach and sent a warm sensation throughout his body. "Man, that does kick, doesn't it?"
Before they went back outside, Justin ran upstairs and got a pack of cigarettes out of bag and slipped them in his pocket. When he got back downstairs, Christie was waiting for him. "Justin, want to take a walk down to the lake?"
"Okay, do you want to ask Karen and David if they want to go?"
Christie shook her head and said, "No, let's go by ourselves."
When they went back out on the deck, David and Karen were sitting side by side on a chaise lounge. David was regaling her with stories of his feats on the high school football team and Karen was smiling and rubbing his thigh with her hand.
When Justin and Christie walked up to them Christie said, "We're going for a walk, we'll be back later."
They both nodded and went back to what they were doing and Justin and Christie walked down the driveway and out onto the road. "Do you play football, Justin?" Christie asked.
Justin stopped and asked, "Can I hold your hand, Christie?"
She smiled and held out her free hand, as the other held her glass of wine, and Justin took it in his.
"I played football one year and then quit, I hated going to practice. I enjoy playing baseball. I'm on my high school team."
"What about baseball practice, don't you hate that?" Christie asked.
Justin shook his head. "Not at all. I love playing baseball.
I love shagging fly balls and batting practice.
When I was a kid, I used to take my glove and a tennis ball and bounce it over and over against a wall at school so that I could practice my fielding."
Christie smiled and squeezed his hand. She enjoyed the look that was in his eyes as he talked.
He had a lot of enthusiasm. "Are you very good?" she asked.
"At this level, I'm pretty good, but I'll never be a pro. But, I've been offered scholarships to Nebraska and Oklahoma State. I don't want to go to either of those schools. I want to get out of the Midwest. I want to come out here."
"How about Sacramento State? They have a baseball team and scholarships, can't you apply there?
It's not a big school like Nebraska, but it's California and if those other two schools would give you a scholarship, I bet Sac State would. That's where I'm going to school next year."
Justin was confused. "I thought you were only sixteen."
Christie looked at him and said, "No. I turned seventeen last month. I have one semester of high school left and then I go to college next January."
Justin smiled and said, "Really? I'm finishing high school in January too and hopefully going to college. Seems we have a lot in common."
The had reached the lake and a full moon was just starting to rise over the mountains on the eastern edge of the lake.
In the distance, across the lake, they could see the lights of the casinos and Christie put her arms around his neck and kissed him.
Justin took her in his arms and responded by pulling her tightly against his body. He put his hands on her waist and looked into her eyes.
"Christie, it's funny. I feel like I've known you for a long time. I feel so comfortable being with you. Usually, I'm nervous and shy around girls, but I don't feel that way with you."
Christie reached up and stroked his cheek.
"I was thinking the same thing myself, earlier. That's why I knew I could walk over to you on the deck and put my arm around you."
"I'm glad you did."
As Christie and Justin sat on a rock on the lake shore watching the moon rise, Justin put his arm around her and held her next to him, feeling the warmth from her body.
"I wonder what the two cousins are doing?" he said out loud.
Christie chuckled. "About right now, they're upstairs humping each other's brains out, if I know Karen." "But they're cousins!" Justin exclaimed. Christie laughed. "Not technically. She's adopted. When she saw him this afternoon, she said she was going to fuck him if she got a chance and he didn't object.
When we left, he didn't seem to mind that she was working her way up his thigh. I guess he wasn't objecting because he was letting her do it.
So they're probably humping away right now."
Justin laughed now. "They may not be cousins technically, but I bet their parents would be pissed if they knew."
Christie shrugged. "Well, I'm not going to tell."
Justin was still chuckling.
"Funny, he was talking about her breasts all afternoon. He wanted so badly to fondle and suck them. I guess he got his wish."
"Did you?" Christie asked.
Justin turned and looked at her. "When I first saw her this afternoon, I noticed them. She's big for a sixteen year old girl.
But then I saw you and didn't think about them anymore."
"You're sweet, but my tits aren't nearly as big."

Justin took her by the waist and kissed her again and slid his hands up her sides under her loose blouse until he reached her breasts.
She wasn't wearing a bra and he caressed them and ran his thumbs back and forth over her erect nipples as Christie moaned softly.
He kissed her neck and whispered, "Your breasts are perfect. Don't worry about how big they are! I love them, especially when you don't wear a bra. I find that sexy."
Christie smiled at him and kissed him on the cheek. "I didn't wear a bra because I hoped you would do that."
Justin smiled coyly. "Are you trying to seduce me, young lady?"

Christie took him by the hand as she stood and then smiled and winked at him. "Maybe," she said. "Besides, I don't really like wearing bras."
On the way back to the cabin, Christie and Justin talked about books that they had each read and found out that they had more in common than each had previously thought.
When they got back to the cabin, David and Karen were gone from the deck.
Just as they were about to go inside, Christie took Justin by the arm and put her index finger to her lips. Pointing up to the open loft window above then, she whispered, "Listen."
Justin cocked his head and listened.
He could hear Karen moaning and then heard her cry out, "Oh yeah, Cousin! Fuck me! Fuck me deeper! I want your cum in me!!!"

Justin was trying hard not to laugh and Christie was trying to do the same as she took his hand and pulled him back down the steps and out into the forest.
When they stopped, Justin bent over trying not to laugh out loud.
"My god! What's going on up there? They're really getting into that cousin thing!"
Christie was bent over also, with her hand clasped across her mouth as tears ran down her eyes. She was trying hard not to let her laughter roar through the forest and it was difficult.
When she finally calmed down she was still grinning and wiping the tears away and said, "Justin, those are two kinky friends of ours, aren't they! And the thing is Karen told me that if she got David up there she wanted us to join them.
I think she wanted to fuck both of you.!"

"What did you tell her?" Justin asked.
"I told her no! Why? Do you want to go up and fuck her?" Christie asked.

Justin saw that Christie thought the idea was in Justin's head and immediately said, "Christie, there's no way. I don't particularly like her. She's an airhead and a nymphomaniac and she's perfect for David. He likes girls like that. But she's a turn-off to me. I can't exactly figure out why you two are friends because you're nothing like her."

Christie smiled and said, "I'm sorry, I didn't need to imply anything.
Let's sit out in the gazebo until they're done and then we'll go inside. I'll go in and get you another beer and a glass of wine for me and I'll meet you over there in a few seconds. Okay?"

She put her arms around his neck and kissed him and the both reluctantly parted as she headed for the cabin and Justin walked over to the gazebo. taking a seat, he lit up a cigarette.
A few minutes later, she walked out again with her hands full and he got up and walked over to help her. She had another glass of wine, a beer, and two drinking glasses , each with a shot of brandy in them.
He took one of the glasses and the beer and as they walked back to the gazebo, Christie said, "I think they're done. i heard them talking and laughing up stairs.
Oh by the way, Karen set out the scrabble board on the table. According to the score sheet, she won."

Justin laughed. "I guess she had it all figured out. Maybe we should play for real tomorrow night and see how she does!"
They both tilted back their brandy and swallowed it and Christie put her arm around Justin and pulled him to her.
"Aren't you going to drink your beer?" she asked.
"I've had enough. I'll put it back when we go in."
Christie poured the rest of her wine over the side and said, "Me too. Let's go inside."
When they walked through the door they found David sitting on the couch watching the television.
Christie took the glasses and the unopened beer and went into the kitchen. David turned and gave Justin a thumbs up and Justin smiled weakly.
When Christie came back out she asked, "Where's Karen, David?"
He turned and looked vacantly at them and replied, "She's upstairs taking a shower." He turned back and stared at the television again as Christie took Justin and led him up the stairs. When they got to the top of the stairs, they both saw that David's bed was scene of his tryst with Karen and Christie said, "Let's go down to my bed."
They stopped at the bathroom and Christie opened the door as Justin stood behind her. "Karen?"

Karen didn't bother peaking around the curtain.
She opened the curtain and stood in the tub facing them completely exposing herself. Justin smiled and then walked away down towards Christie's bed.
Christie walked into the bathroom and closed the door.
Justin laid down on her bed and closed his eyes.
A couple of minutes later, Christie crawled in next to him. "What was that all about?" he asked.

"That was about her giving you an eyeful and me telling her we weren't interested and to leave us alone for awhile."
Justin laughed. "Christie, you are amazing!" he said through a grin.
"Well, she's got David to play with for a week! She doesn't need to be going after you too!"
Justin smiled at Christie's agitation. "Sweetheart. Calm down. She showed me her wares and I walked away. Doesn't that tell you anything?"
Christie bit her lower lip and then smiled.
"Yeah, that tells me a lot. I'm sorry I didn't realize it. Thank you."
Christie sat up and pulled her top over her head and dropped it to the floor.
She then undid her shorts and pushed them down off the bed until she was wearing nothing but a pair of black panties.
Justin watched her and then sat up and pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it aside and then undid his shorts and pushed them off and tossed them on top of his shirt.
They kissed and Justin felt Christie's hand slide into his boxers.
He reached down and pushed them off so that he was now wearing nothing, as their tongues caressed each other and she stroked him with her soft, slender fingers.
Justin ran his fingers and hands over her bare back and brought one hand to her breast and slowly rubbed it as he kissed her neck over and over trying to pleasure her.
Christie had a sensitive neck and she leaned her head back as she cradled his head with her other hand.
Justin stopped and reached down and took her hand from his rigid cock and kissed her. "Was I hurting you?" she asked.

Justin smiled, "No, you were doing too good of a job."
Christie laughed. "Well, then I'm glad you stopped me. I want you to cum in me," she whispered.
Justin bent to her breasts and took one in his mouth as he caressed the other.
Christie moaned softly as she pushed her breast deeply into his mouth enjoying the touch of his warm tongue on her erect nipple. Her body tingled and she could feel her juices flowing and soaking her panties.
Justin reached down, running his fingers over her side and then down to her thighs. He rubbed her wet panties feeling the moisture and heat and pulled them down as she lifted and let him remove them.
His kisses had now moved to her firm, flat stomach and he pushed her legs open as his hand found her moist pussy lips.

She had shaved her pussy, save for a patch of curly, blonde hair at the top and Justin stroked the lips with his middle finger and slowly inserted it into her waiting hole as her hips rose to meet it.
Justin had long fingers and he slowly worked his into her as deep as it would go as the palm of his hand massaged her mound and her clit and as his agile finger went slowly in and out of her hole.
As he stroked slowly and alternated sucking each breast, Christie's hips rose and humped his hand as her head rolled back and forth and she moaned and muttered incomprehensibly.
Justin knew she was going to cum and he quickened his strokes as she reached and pushed his head down on her breast and her legs came together in a spasm and she cried, "God! I'm coming. Oh, Justin, that feels so damn good!"

Justin felt her pussy contract around his finger and he kept stroking and felt it contract again as Christie cried out in pleasure.
Slowly he moved down her stomach and removed his finger as he licked her moist thighs with his tongue. He worked his way up to her bare, wet pussy lips and slowly licked them, tasting her juices.
Spreading them open with his thumbs, he licked the inner lips and then inserted his tongue as deeply into her hole as he could as Christie massaged her breasts and writhed with pleasure. Justin took his tongue and brought it to her erect clit and flicked it as Christie moaned loudly again.
Taking it between his lips and sucking it, he ran his tongue gingerly across the tip and slipped his finger into her again and began to slowly stroke. Christie grabbed his hair and pushed her pussy against his face and came again.
She came two more times and then pulled him up to her and reached for hard cock. Guiding it to her juicy hole, she let it go and put her hands on his shoulders as he slowly worked it into her tight, waiting pussy.
As he slowly stroked in and out of her, Christie's hips rose to take him deep, as their pelvises ground together at the end of each inward stroke.
Justin held her tightly as he held himself just above her on his elbows and knees. He had his hands under her head and cradled her closely and felt her breasts against his chest.
"Christie, this feels so good!"

"Fuck me deep, Justin!" she begged as she met every one of his thrusts with one of her own.
Justin closed his eyes and held her tightly as he felt his milky white seed rush from his balls and into her wanting womb. He moaned softly and murmured her name as Christie reacted to the warm cum filling her hole and came again, her vaginal contractions grasping his muscle and milking the cum out of him. Christie's fingers dug into Justin's back and he stroked over and over until he was spent.
When he was done, he laid gently on her as his cock started to soften. They were both breathing heavily and both were drenched in sweat and Justin smiled at her with a soft smile and twinkling eyes. He kissed her face over and over as she stroked his hair and then moved off of her and took her in his arms as he laid on his back.
"Christie, I've been lost for seventeen years. Lost in the cornfields of Nebraska. I've never met anybody that makes me feel like you do."

Christie hugged him and stroked his face with her soft fingers and then kissed him softly on the lips. She held herself slightly above him and looked into his eyes.
"Justin, you're not lost. It just took us a long time to find each other. Come out here and go to college with me."
Justin smiled and said, "You're reading my mind again. That was exactly what I was thinking."
As they lay talking for about half an hour and holding each other, they talked about college until they heard noise at the stairways.
Justin sat up in a panic and Christie grabbed him. "Don't worry. It's either Karen or David. You'll hear the parents as they drive up because it makes a lot of noise and the windows open," she whispered.
Justin laid back down and the both listened. it was both David and Karen whispering at the other end of the loft.
Christie put a hand on Justin's chest and whispered, "Let me see what they're doing."

Christie slowly got up and peered out of the curtain as Justin lay on the bed watching her.
After a couple of minutes, she turned her head with a smile and motioned him to come look. It was Karen and David and both of them were nude.
Karen was standing with her back to David and then she leaned over and rested her head and shoulders on the bed while David fingered her pussy and asshole.
Karen was beginning to moan as she lay with her eyes closed. David reached and picked up a tube of lubricant and applied some to his cock and stroked it and then squeezed some on Karen's asshole and rubbed it in.
Taking her ass cheeks with both hands, he spread them and started working his cock into her.
As Justin and Christie watched, David worked his way deeper and deeper into her hole as Karen reached down and fingered her dripping pussy.
David took her by the hips and thrust even faster as both of them were moaned loudly.

Justin felt Christie's hand on his once again rigid cock as he watched David give Karen an anal fuck that she seemed to be enjoying.
Justin felt Christie's lips on his own hard cock that had risen again.
They were soft and moist and he laid back on the bed as she gently licked its entire length and it was moist with her saliva and his pre-cum.
She took it in her mouth and he could feel the warmth as her tongue went up and down.
If felt so good and his legs went weak as she slowly stroked her lips up and down his manhood as she caressed his balls with her fingers.
He felt his cum starting to rise and he started to sit to bring her up to the bed so that they could make love again.
Christie let go and reached up and put her hand on his stomach.
"Justin, lay back down. I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to make you feel good," she whispered as she smiled at him with joyful eyes.

Justin smiled and lay back down with his arms at his sides as Christie resumed what she was doing.
At the other end of the dormer, David was grunting as he pumped his jism into Karen's tight ass and Karen was moaning as she fingered herself to orgasm as his hot fluid filled her hole.
Justin closed his eyes tightly as his own creamy fluid gushed forth into Christie"s mouth and she swallowed and sucked until he was done.
He lay back breathing heavily again and Christie crawled up next to him.
They lay there for two minutes and then they heard the sound of a car coming up the driveway.
Justin and Christie scrambled up and Justin put his boxers on as Christie reached and grabbed a nightie and slipped it over her head.
Karen was running up and down the loft naked with a can of air freshener to rid it of any smell of sex and then ducked into the curtains and grabbed her own nightie and slipped it on as Justin kissed Christie and headed for his bed with the rest of his clothes.
It was almost two o'clock and when Justin got to his bed, David was squatting down looking out the window spying on the parents.
They were laughing as the car doors shut and David headed back to his bed and crawled in. Looking over at Justin, he said, "Pretend you're asleep. One of them is bound to come up here."

Both boys pulled their covers up and rolled over towards the walls and listened as the parents came in.
Justin listened and heard nothing from the other end of the loft. Apparently, the girls were doing the same thing.
Justin heard someone coming up the stairs and closed his eyes.
It was David's uncle.
He stood up at the top of the stairs and looked at the two boys and then walked down the loft and saw the two girls and walked back down again. Justin rolled over and opened his eyes sleepily.
David's uncle smiled and said, "It's just me, Justin. Go back to sleep.
I just wanted to check on you kids. We just got home."

Justin closed his eyes again and rolled over as the man walked down the stairs and turned off the light in the stairwell. Downstairs, he heard him tell the others, "The kids are sound asleep and I'm ready to join them." The adults all exchanged goodnights and headed off to their bedrooms and Justin lay awake until everything became quiet downstairs.
A half an hour later he heard whispering over at David's bed and he rolled over and saw Christie standing in the dark over David's body.
David got up and quietly wandered down the loft to Karen's bed and Christie crawled into Justin's bed.
He smiled and kissed her.
"I set the alarm for seven o'clock. there's no way they'll get up before then. I wanted to sleep with you," Christie said.

Justin stroked her cheek. "I was lying here wishing the same thing and thinking of sneaking to your bed. Is David sleeping in your bed?"
"No. Karen wanted to sleep with him. I sent him down there to keep her company. Now go to sleep. You and I have a busy week ahead of us!"
Justin smiled and pulled Christie close to him and they both held each other and drifted off into bliss.

To be continued...

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