Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Roadside encounter

Anon (Oct 99)

Every morning I leave my house at the same time, take the same route, fight the same traffic.
I actually love my a.m. commute. It's still dark at 6:45, and the air is crisp and cool.
I immediately roll the dark tinted windows of my 1999 bright yellow Mustang down, letting the morning air blow through my still damp long blond hair.

I have always been a flirt, but since getting my new car I have been uncontrollable.
I love to play with the truckers especially...they are high enough to catch glimpses of my shapely legs hardly covered by my short suit skirts.
Coupled with the wild hair blowing, they strain to keep up with me, always startling me with those loud horns of theirs. I just laugh. I love the attention, God knows I get so little of it at home.

For the past few weeks, I have come upon the same truck every morning as I get on the Crosstown Expressway.
It struck me as weird at first, what are the odds that we would merge at the same location day after day?
I made mental notes about the truck, dark blue dump truck, like those found doing road construction. The driver started to wave at me when he saw me, instead of scaring me with the horn.
I couldn't make out his features, being that it was still so dark, but he had shoulder length hair that also blew in the wind. I began looking forward to seeing him, riding my car next to his truck, allowing my skirt to ride a little higher everyday.
I became more and more daring in my show, turning on my travel light to spotlight my legs for his enjoyment, then going so far as to rest my hand on my upper thigh, stroking ever so slowly.
I know this would eventually lead to an accident though, so I never intended our game to go any further.

Well, one morning I got on the expressway and didn't see him.
Oh well, maybe tomorrow. I hadn't gone more than a mile when my car suddenly swerved to the right and began bounce.
I had a flat tire. "Just great" I thought, "this is all I need".
Thankfully, there was little traffic this time of day and I was able to pull over to the right shoulder without incident.
I've never changed a tire myself, but being that I was in a pretty rural area, I knew I had no choice but to try. I've watched people do this, I should be able to change this, no problem, I assured myself. I climbed out of my car and proceeded to open the trunk.
Suddenly, I had this powerful spotlight shining on my back, reflecting off of my rear window nearly blinding me.
I heard the roar of a very large vehicle behind me, and I froze, thinking I was about to be crushed by some out of control driver.
The engine quieted, and the lights dimmed down to the parking lights.
I turned around only to find that same blue truck that I have been playing with for all these weeks.
The door opened, and out jumped the most gorgeous man I have laid eyes on in quite a while.
He had long thick wavy brown hair, a thin mustache and about 3 days worth of facial hair.
His body was perfect, around 6'1", 175-185 pounds, muscular arms and legs, that showed prominently through his tight jeans and white t-shirt.
He smiled at me as he approached, perfect teeth to go with his beautiful blue eyes.
My knees became weak, I had to steady myself on my bumper.
He extended his hand to me, saying, "Looks like you could use a hand.
I thought I was going to miss you this morning, and I knew my day wouldn't be right if I didn't see you. What luck eh?"
I laughed, "what luck indeed" I mumbled.
This was going to be his lucky day alright, if I had anything to say about it.
He was quite the gentleman, he led me to the passenger side of his truck so I could sit out of harms way while he fixed my tire problem.
He opened the door and put his hands around my waist, effortlessly lifting me up to the cab.
Electricity seemed to generate from his fingertips right through my dress and hit every nerve ending in my body. Here was my modern day knight in shining armor, coming to rescue the damsel in distress.
I watched him easily take the tire out of the trunk, and proceed to change the tire.
Oh how I enjoyed him bending over in the spotlight of his headlights, perfectly formed ass...how I wanted him right then, right there.
It didn't take him long at all to finish, and he came around to help me out.

He again grabbed me around the waist and began to ease me down to the ground.
My skirt became caught on the lever that moves the seat back, and I found myself with my skirt around my hips, black lace thong panties in full view.
He smiled, sensing my embarrassment, and he just lifted me higher to allow me to free my skirt.
Once on the ground, he reluctantly began removing his hands from me, but I wouldn't allow that.
I took my own hands and place them over his guiding him back to my waist.
He smiled again, and without a word bent over to kiss me. He was very gentle, brushing his lips against mine for only a moment.
He then stopped and looked at me, as if for some reassurance.
I took my hand and touched his face, leading his lips back to mine.
I kissed him deeply, letting my tongue show him how hungry I was, sucking his tongue into my mouth, wrapping it with my lips, demonstrating what I would love to be doing to his cock.
He responded with such passion, such urgency, his tongue swirling with my own, exploring, probing, my mind wandering, imagining this wonderful tongue between my legs, exploring, probing...

I was getting so wet, my excitement building and I pulled him toward me, pressing me against the truck.
I could feel how excited he was too, his hard dick rubbing on my bellybutton.
He pulled away to look at me, running his hands through my hair, "You have no idea how much I have fantasized about you." he whispered.
He brushed my hair off my shoulder, exposing my neck, and began kissing me up an down my neck and behind my ears. I could hear him breathing, deep, labored.
"Let's get in your truck", I said. I needed to have this man...

We both got in through the passenger side.
Once again, he gently took his hand and guided my mouth to his, kissing me.
Oh, how I loved this tongue!
He slowly laid me back on the roomy seat, never breaking contact.
My hands explored his muscular body, slipping under his tshirt to feel his smooth back.
He slid me up away from him, my face close to the steering wheel, while he unbuttoned my blouse.
His lips didn't leave my body for a moment, only began to travel ever so slowly toward my heaving breasts.
He freed them from my bra and slowly licked each nipple, taking turns between them.
He sucked my already hard nipples between his lips, gently biting the tips.
His hands once again returned to my waist, lifting me slightly toward his advancing mouth. Kissing me and licking me, travelling further and further south, bringing me closer and closer to ecstasy.

His hands were now under my ass, his fingers searching for the top of my thong, and upon locating, slowing pulled them off.
I could feel his breath on my mound, the anticipation driving me crazy.

He didn't make me suffer long, his fingers gently parted my swollen lips, and his tongue found its mark.
Long, slow licks up and down the inside of my pussy lips, stopping after every stroke to suck on my clit.
I was dripping wet, my hips rising to meet his mouth, wanting more, needing more.
He was content to take his time, lapping up every drop of wetness he could.
As if he was thirsty from days lost in the desert, he hungrily sucked on my very center, slurping and moaning, finding that he just couldn't get enough. His hands under my thighs, he raised my legs in the air, spreading them even further in the process.
His tongue then dove deep into my canal, lapping at my juices, sucking the air from me in the process. He proceeded to fuck me with his tongue, faster and faster, only pausing long enough to show my clit the attention it needed.
I came with such fury, such reckless abandonment, my hands around his head pulling his mouth deeper into me.

He wasn't done with me yet. It was as if he hadn't eaten in days and a banquet was presented to him.
He didn't want to miss a single bit of my cum.
His hand grabbed my ankles, and holding them together he lifted me higher off the seat.
He traced a path from my cunt back to my anus, licking every trace of juice.
I had never experienced anything like this before.
He deliberately licked my forbidden hole, sending new intense sensations through my body. He made his tongue hard and began to enter me, where I've never been entered before, fucking me again with his tongue, causing me to squirm with both abandonment and absolute pleasure.
I was his, to do with what he pleased.
This was so different, so wild, I immediately came again, pulling his mouth back to my throbbing clit, wave after wave of orgasm hitting me like a truck.

I gently pulled him off me, he would have continued all day it seemed. It was my turn now.
I sat up, and it took me a moment to come back down to earth.
He again smiled at me, reaching for my pussy with his fingers.
I gently pushed him back, making him lean against the passenger door.
His erection was clearly defined in his jeans, and it was then my only purpose in life to release him, to give this man the pleasure he so unselfishly bestowed on me.
I slowly unzipped his jeans, careful of his huge cock looming so close to the metal.
A drop of precum was glistening in the now rising sun.
My tongue licked his head, allowing me the pleasure of sampling his flavor.
Mmmmmmm, he was perfect in every way, he tasted so good.

I wrapped my lips around his cock, allowing my saliva to lubricate my descent down his shaft. My tongue licked the head once again, teasing him, before I once again took him fully in my mouth.
My hand wrapped around his cock, acting as an extension of my mouth, following every move my lips made.
Up and down, faster and faster, I only slowed when he was at the edge, wanting to prolong this for as long as possible.
He began to moan, his hips rising from the seat to meet my mouth, his hand stroking my hair, gently guiding me up and down to meet his rhythm. My mouth continued to suck him in, my teeth grazing him from time to time, his head hitting my throat with every thrust.

He was so close now, and I pulled away for just a moment to whisper, "I want you to come in my mouth. Give it to me, all of it."
His grasp on my head tightened and I continued my quest for the gold.
My lips closed even tighter around his cock, my motions quickened.
My other hand cupped his balls in my palm, gently kneading them between my fingers. His breathing was faster, and I could feel his cock throb in my mouth.
I was also close to cumming again, without even the benefit of a touch on my also pulsating clit.
His body tensed, and I could taste his cum filling my mouth, so hot and salty.
I swallowed his first burst without hesitation, not wanting to miss any that was to follow.
I gently sucked, draining him of his juices, drawing the precious fluid onto my tongue.
His body was trembling, and I used my free hand to stroke his tight stomach, easing him back to reality.
My grip eased, but my mouth refused to let go, still able to lick him clean as each drop surfaced from the slit on the head of his cock.
I didn't miss a drop.

I looked up and saw he was smiling at me again.
The sun was now up, and I realized that we were in full view of every car that passed us now.
I reluctantly sat up and arranged my clothing, as did he.
Our eyes locked on one another, and uneasy silence in the air.

Then he smiled at me again, and I knew that this would not be the last time I would find myself "stranded" on the side of the road.

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ATL LG said...

Note to self: Be better prepared to stop and offer assstance to ladies on the roadside "in need of assistance"