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Anon (Oct 99)

I had a dream last night and wanted to share it with you.
The details were so vivid I thought, even after I was fully awake, surely it wasn't merely a dream.
It must have really happened.
I recall each scene, each detail and will write it down for you.
Remember it well. When you get back home it may no longer be a dream. Realities are often the byproducts of our dreams.

We were living in a small country house.
Close by a stream could be heard as it cut through the forest.
Late spring in the woods is a favorite time of the year for me.
It was warm outside but not really hot. The trees surrounding the place had kept the sun from heating the house to where it would be uncomfortable.
A lively spring breeze whispered through open windows bringing with it a fresh clean smell of new flowers and soft sounds of trees stretching their limbs to the welcome coolness of evening.

The house was clean and supper was in the oven.
I had gone to the store earlier and brought home stuff for making a grand salad, two nice sirloin steaks, potatoes for baking, those special bread sticks, a messy chocolate thing for dessert, and a fairly expensive bottle of wine to begin and end our evening.
All the meal preparations were completed. Delicious smells filled the entire house.

Now, I was giving myself the pleasure of a lazy, late afternoon bath.
I had already filled the tub with hot water and bath oil.
Tiny wisps of stream swirled off the surface filling the room with a sweet smell.
I wrestled a towel around my just washed hair.
It is so short it only took a few seconds to get most of the water off.
Slowly I pulled my soiled shirt from my tight jeans and began to loosen the buttons.
One button got stuck at the waist band of my jeans.
I undid the buttons of my pants and let them fall around my ankles. Now I could get my shirt off. Shrugging out of the shirt, I let it fly toward the open clothes hamper.
It missed and fell to the floor against the wall. Stepping out of my jeans I gave them a kick and they joined the crumpled shirt.
Standing on the toe of each sock, in turn, I pulled my feet free and toed each white tube in an arch to land on the clothes heap.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror.
Softly my dark nipples were showing through the delicate white lace of my half bra.
One nipple was nearly over the top of it's tight confines.
Looking down my body I spotted that irritating little tuft of clothes lint that always appears to be hiding in my navel.
Lower, my bikini panties accentuated the narrowness of my waist and curve of my hips.
Turning I looked over my shoulder and admired how patterns in the panty showed the best of my bottom.
The lace edges trailed down my two rounded cheeks and vanished between them as if pointing the way to something very special.
Reaching back I adjusted the little bit of lace to ride down between my rounded backsides exposing my butt except for the very center crack.

Tugging on my panties had put just enough pressure on my crotch that I began to feel those familiar urgings that needed to be satisfied.

Turning back full face to the mirror I saw that while adjusting my panties that eager nipple had popped right out of my bra and was getting hard.
I slipped my fingers in the outside edge of each cup and gently lowered them, allowing each tit to spill over the top.
I wet thumb and forefinger of each hand and with gentle tugs and pinches urged my nipples to become harder.
Rolling and pulling on each one, between wet fingers, they soon became hard and very sensitive.
I unclasp the tiny hook between my breasts and they stood free and proud on my chest.
Loosened from the braÕs uncomfortable tightness they appeared to become larger as I watched.
My bra brushed my ankle as it hit the floor.
I slipped a toe into one cup and sailed it flopping through the air to join my other clothes by the wall.

Softly I rubbed my hands along that line beneath each tit where that wire always seems to cut off just enough circulation to numb a small area.
The rubbing soon took effect as I felt my nipples get harder.
I looked at my reflection. Turning to see my tits in profile.
Bending forward. Leaning back a little.
Raising to my toes and dropping to my heels to bounce them on my chest. Not bad to look at.
They stood out from my ribs with pride and called attention to themselves.
Maybe they needed to be a bit bigger?
No, not really, each one was more than a large handful as I cupped them in my hands.
Squeezing and thumbing the nipples, I was getting so hot. I liked what I saw.
I liked what I was feeling.

Looking down past my built in lint catcher I saw the smooth curve of my tummy where it met the dark bristles down lower.
Those bikini panties hid almost nothing.
The dark triangle showed clearly through the thin fabric.
Tiny sprigs of hair curled around the panty edges.
Here and there dark tufts poked their way through the material where the lacy pattern gave way.
Clearly visible was a much darker area, a black line in the center of my sex that tightly covered my clit.
The contrast of black on white was nice to see.

I slowly ran my hand down between me and my panties to ease all the tangled fuzz out of the lace.
I jumped a little as a finger slipped across my clit.
I spread my legs a little as I reached further into my panties.
I was getting wetter each time I touched myself.
I withdrew my hand and tucked a thumb inside the waistband.
Using the front of my panties I tried to dry myself.
I jumped again.
Slipping a finger in each lacy side I gathered them in the center.
Spreading my legs again I reached down toward the place where the adjustments I had made in the rear met the front. Holding the gathered lace between two fingers I softly opened the lips of my pussy and tucked the cloth in place.
Holding the front of my panties with one hand, I took hold of the back with the other and ever so slowly, to start with, I eased them back and forth.
My pussy got wetter, my clit got harder, and the panties went deeper, and faster, and faster.
I couldn't seem to get my breath. Sweat began to tickle down my ribs and between my breasts.
My knees weakened as I began to succumbed to the feelings.
Not wanting to cum I forced myself to stop.

I collapsed on the edge of the tub and sat there trying to catch my breath, gulping in great lungs full of warm moist air as it rose from the tub.
I was dizzy and put my hands on my knees to help keep balanced on the narrow rim.
The white porcelain of the tub was cold and worked quickly to cool my throbbing crotch.
At last I was able to stand.

The mirror showed a pink glow all over my body.
My nipples stood out hard and pointing.
Tiny droplets of sweat caught on the very ends, hung on, shimmering as I breathed, before dripping to the floor. Sweat had plastered my panties to me like wall paper.
I rolled the waist band down my hips. Reaching, I opened my pussy lips, pulled my panties down, and let them hit the floor.
I picked them up and like a large rubber band stretched the waist out and shot that soggy pair across the room. Droplets of moisture sprayed through the air when they smacked the wall then slid down to rest on my other clothes.
Time seemed to be slowing down. I turned and stepped into the tub.

Warmth engulfed me as I slipped under the water.
Almost too hot to stand but at the same time it felt so good.
Muscle tensions of the day melted. My neck, laying back on the rim of the tub, welcomed the contrast of coolness to the water's heat. I closed my eyes and just relaxed completely.
A tiny drip from the faucet kept time with the ticking hall clock and I drifted off to sleep.
Thoughts of you drifted through my half sleep.
Your smile, your hands, your body, your voice.
You spoke and it was like birds calling to me. Calling from the trees outside the bathroom window. I woke up and the birds were still calling.
I slowly came to my senses.
It was them all along. I had nodded off for just a few minutes without realizing.
Time was moving faster now and I still had much to do.
I reached the lever for the drain with my foot and shoved it down.
Water gurgled into hidden pipes as the level began to slip down my sides.
I felt weak as I eased myself out of the tub.
The heat and little nap had it's effect on my muscles.
My legs would barely support my weight.
I stood looking at my glistening reflection as water ran down my naked body. My nipples, still hard, ached for your touch.

I began toweling myself dry.
Arms, legs, back, neck, tits, pussy. I was doing fine until I got to my tits.
The roughness of the towel against my nipples edged my need for you up again.
In the mirror I saw each nipple harden and stand out from the smoothness of my breasts.
Putting one foot on the tub rim I watched my pussy open as I moved my legs further apart.

I reached to touch that tiny pleasure button and found a great deal of moisture that was not from the bath.
As I rubbed my fingers over myself the wetness again increased.
Slowly I eased a long finger inside my pussy. First, only far enough to get more slippery stuff to spread around.
Further and further I watched my finger go inside slowly at first then quicker.
In and out. In and out.
As I grew hotter, and the need became greater, two fingers disappeared within, only to be withdrawn, covered with glistening wetness.

I was almost to the point of cumming when I was able to back off and gather my composure.
I went to the sink for a cold washcloth.
I cooled my face and laid the cold cloth across my breasts to help take their heat away.
The moisture between my legs I left alone.
I was certain it would come in handy later.
I quickly slipped the lacy white Teddie you gave me over my head.
I looked down to see my hardened nipples holding the front of it out away from the under curves of my breasts and naked body.
I started to slip the matching panties on but decided it would be a waste of time and energy.
They wouldn't stay on long enough to bother with.

While I had been bathing, among other things, darkness had softly settled in around our house.
Crickets and tiny frogs had taken up the singing where the birds had left off.
I finished tidying up the mess in the bathroom.
In the bedroom candles were lit and the new sheets on the bed turned down.
I heard your key in the door.
That supper was going to wait until later. Much later.

Well, I don't have time to tell you about the whole dream now, but it was wonderful.
Maybe, I will be able to manage some time tomorrow and finish telling you the whole thing.
Then, when you get home, we can make a dream come true for ourselves.

Hurry home to me, my love.

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