Sunday, February 11, 2007

Summertime Pleasures - Part Two

(Oct 99)

"A New Twist."

In the morning, Christie knelt beside Justin's bed and kissed him as he lay sleeping. Justin stirred a bit and opened his eyes; Christie was wearing a white robe and smiling at him.
Justin reached out with his arms and pulled her and she got up and laid on the bed next to him.
She stroked his cheek with her hand and said, "Let's take a shower and go do something fun today."
"What time is it?" he asked sleepily.
"Eight-thirty," Christie replied.
"Is everybody else still asleep?" Justin asked.
"Yeah. So let's take a shower together and get going before they wake up."

Justin stretched his arms and yawned as Christie got up and pulled his arm.
Justin sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed and yawned again.
Standing, he reached in his bag and grabbed his toothpaste and toothbrush as Christie waited for him.
When they reached the bathroom, Justin asked Christie to wait outside while he pissed.
Christie just smiled and said, "Quit being so shy! I've seen guys piss before! Don't you think that I know that rod between your legs has a dual purpose? What do you think I use my clit for?"
They both went into the bathroom and shut the door and Christie dropped her bathrobe and sat nude on the seat and pissed while Justin started the shower and brushed his teeth, glancing over at her occasionally with a smile.
He had a hard on and knew he'd spray the bathroom if he tried to piss standing up and so when Christie finished and got up to brush her teeth, Justin sat on the toilet and held his cock down as he relieved himself.
Christie was enjoying watching Justin's dilemma and tried to keep from laughing as she watched him. She climbed into the shower and Justin flushed the toilet and climbed in himself and playfully pushed her aside as he stood under the running water.
They washed each others hair and then each others back and as Christie was reaching for his cock, they heard the door open. They both froze still under the running water.
Justin looked out of the curtain and saw Karen nude sitting on the toilet, pissing.
She smiled sleepily up at him as he looked at her dark- haired pussy and her luscious breasts in front of him.
"What are you two doing up?" she asked as Christie's head popped out the curtain.
"We're going exploring. Do you and David want to go with us?" Christie asked. Karen yawned and said, "No. We'll be down at the beach."
Karen got up and flushed the toilet and walked out closing the door behind her as Christie returned to soaping Justin's cock.
Her deft strokes soon had him shooting streams of jism out of the end of his grateful rod as the creamy fluid dripped off Christie's stomach and down the drain.

When she had milked the last spurt from him, she kissed him on the shoulder and smiled as she asked, "Will that hold you for awhile?"
"God yes, Christie! You're too good for me." Justin replied as he leaned over and kissed her.
Christie laughed and jokingly said, "I know!" After they dried off and went downstairs, they went into the kitchen.
Christie grabbed a grocery bag and got six warm beers out of the six or seven cases that were packed away in the cupboard under the counter and put them in the bag and folded it.
Handing the bag to Justin, she took a set of keys from her back pocket and said, "Here, take my keys and put these in the back of my van. We'll put them on ice later. You should go do it now before anyone else gets up."
Justin walked out of the cabin to the van that was parked off to the side of the cabin. The morning air was still crisp, but the sun had just cleared the eastern mountains and Justin could tell it was going to be a warm day.
Opening the sliding door on the van, he was amazed. Inside there was a propane stove with two burners and an oven, a booth tucked in between the stove and a then a closet and a cushioned bench around a table, a small refrigerator and sink, and lots of closets.
Except for the absence of a bathroom and shower, one could live in this vehicle.
Justin closed the door again and sat outside on the deck and smoked a cigarette.
When he was done, he walked back inside to find Christie cooking sausages on the stove while David's Aunt Mary was making coffee.
Mary turned and smiled. "Justin, if you like coffee, I'll have a pot in a few seconds. What do you kids have planned today?"
Justin shrugged and Christie said, "Justin and I are going fishing on the Little Truckee over off Henness Pass Road."
"Were you both able to get a shower this morning?" Mary asked with a mischievous smile on her face.
Justin blanched slightly as Christie nodded and replied, "Yes." Mary smiled with a knowing smile and said, "Good."
Justin looked at Christie with a reddening face and she winked at him. When the coffee was done, Justin got a cup and went back out on the deck and smoked another cigarette as he sat listening to the birds singing and the needles in the trees rustling from a soft southern breeze that wafted through the lake basin.
The sun was inching it's way up the eastern sky and shooting random rays through the trees when Christie came out with a platter of scrambled eggs, sausages, toast and two forks.
When she sat down she handed him a fork and sat next to him as they ate off of the platter.
"Christie, she knows, " Justin said as he stabbed a sausage with the fork. Christie laughed.
"I know. I told her." Justin looked at her with alarm.
"You did what? Why did you tell her?" Christie reached over and put her hand on his arm.
"Justin, calm down. This isn't Nebraska. This is California. She knows that you and I slept together. Don't worry about it, she's cool. There's no problem. When I told her that you might come out here and go to college with me, she thought that was great. She thinks you're perfect for me.
Oh, she also thought it was good we conserved water and energy!"
She laughed as Justin smiled and shook his head.
Justin put his fork down and stared off into the trees as his mind raced over everything. In less than twenty-four hours he was in a mountain paradise. He had met such a wonderful, beautiful girl that was a great lover, and thing was that she wanted him to go to college with her, and most importantly there was a way out of Nebraska! With Christie and the possibilities, it was a new life.
No more hick existence in the middle of nothing. It was real and it could happen. Twenty-four hours and he had a beautiful girlfriend and the possibility of a new life. Christie shook him and asked, "Are you alright?" Justin smiled, as his eyes twinkled. He kissed her cheek softly and said, "Fine. Let's get going."
After they took the dishes and silverware back inside and washed them, they climbed into the van and headed up Highway 89 to Tahoe City and stopped and bought a bag of ice and some nightcrawlers.
Putting them in the van's refrigerator with the beer and a couple of sandwiches that Christie made for them, the two continued through the canyon along the Truckee River headed for Interstate 80.
Justin was staring out the window staring at the Truckee River as both the river and road ran side by side through the canyon.
"Why don't we stop here and fish. It looks beautiful," he asked. Christie smiled at him and said, "This is all fished out by now. I know a place where we'll be alone and it's just as beautiful and there are plenty of fish."
They continued on and Justin looked all around him with excitement. It was as if he was in a dream. Going past Squaw Valley, he saw the sign and said, "There's another reason I want to come out here.
I want to learn to ski." Christie smiled again.
"You've never skied before?" she asked.
"There aren't any mountains in Nebraska, Christie. There's only flat land and tons of corn!" Justin said with a frown.
She smiled broadly and then her look changed somber and she asked, "Are you leaving tomorrow?"
Justin was surprised at the change and said, "No! Why do you ask that?" Christie smiled again slightly and replied, "Because Karen's mom said that David's parents and she and Bill were leaving tomorrow. I thought you and David would be going with them."
Justin shook his head. "No, not at all. David's parents are going back to Nebraska Thursday, but David and I are staying until Sunday.
From what I understand, Karen's brother and his girlfriend and his aunt are coming up this afternoon and we can stay until Sunday because the aunt will be here after the parents leave. I don't really care what everybody else is doing, I bought my own plane ticket and as long as I have a place to sleep and a way to get to the airport on Sunday, I'm staying in California as long as I can. None of those adults are my parents, so I don't have to answer to them!"
Christie's face glowed and her eyes sparkled. She was initially afraid to say what she said next, but she said it any way. "I like you a lot, Justin. I've never met a boy like you.
I'll give you a place to sleep and get you to the airport if you need it."
Christie was afraid when she said the words, but she didn't want the previous evening to be a one night stand.
Still she was afraid of scaring Justin if she revealed her feelings too quickly. Justin's heart beat rapidly, hearing her words. He too was afraid of scaring her if he revealed too much, but he sensed they were on the same wavelength now. He undid his seatbelt and leaned over and kissed her cheek.

"Christie, you don't know how much I like you! I've never met a girl like you. When I first got in this van, I wanted to get you so that you and I could just drive off and explore the world in this little rolling home. I want to spend the rest of the week and a lot more time with you."
They had driven through Truckee and were on the other side of I-80 on the northern side of Highway 89 and Christie pulled over to the side of the road in a turnout.
She was absolutely beaming now. "Come here and kiss me," she demanded witha grin.
Both of them sat on the edge of their seats and leaned forward as their lips met in an incredibly passionate kiss.
Finally parting, Christie said, "I want to make love to you again. Let's get to the place where we're going so that we'll be alone."
Christie started the van up again and they drove off. When they reached a junction, Christie turned off of Highway 89 onto a two lane road named Henness Pass Road and drove on for awhile.
Then Christie asked another question out of the blue, "I'm not your first, am I?" Justin laughed.
"No. And I'm not your first either, am I?" Christie smiled at how Justin had turned the table on her. "I'll tell you about mine if you tell me about yours." Now Justin smiled.
"Okay. You first. Spill the beans." "The first guy was a dork, I was fifteen. I had to get him drunk and do everything. As soon as he got his cock in me he was coming. He popped my cherry and that was it. He came so fast, I was wondering what was so great about sex. The second guy was Greg. He was on the track team and in love with himself. At first, all we did is fuck and I started having small orgasms, but when it came to giving me head, he didn't have a clue. And then he fell in love with my blow jobs and he would cum and we'd never fuck, so I dumped him. That was six months ago."
She paused and said, "So now you owe me, spit it out."

Justin sighed. "My first was when I was fifteen too. Mary Joe Parker. God, she was a stiff! No matter what we did, she was like a corpse. She never opened her eyes, she never moaned, she just laid there.
And when she tried to give me head, she kept raking my cock with her teeth! I just couldn't take it anymore and I stopped seeing her. It was terrible!" Christie looked over at him with a smile and said, "You didn't learn what we did last night from her. There was another, wasn't there?" Justin blushed and nodded. "Tell me about her," Christie said. Smiling, Justin began his reply, "I have a nineteen year old sister that goes to school at the University of Colorado. Last year, when she came home over
Thanksgiving, she brought her roommate with her, a girl named Nancy. One night my parents were gone and staying with my grandparents and my sister went out with an old boyfriend of hers and I stayed home with Nancy. We got into the brandy and I told her about Mary Joe and she decided to teach me about sex. And she taught me! You can thank Nancy for last night."
Christie smiled and fasciously said, "Remind me to send her a thank you note."
"You're not jealous, are you?" Justin asked with concern. "Was she better than me?' Christie asked negatively.
"Christie! Stop it! You're just as good and a hundred times better. Even if we weren't sleeping together, I would rather be with you than any other girl." Christie sincerely apologized. "I'm not like that, Justin. I'm just afraid I'll fall in love with you and you'll leave.
I'm really sorry. I guess I'm insecure." Then Justin let the words fall from his lips, "Christie, I'm already in love with you. I'm hoping you won't break my heart." Tears came to her eyes as she tried to smile and she pulled off the paved road onto a dirt road that ran through a meadow down to the river.
Christie said nothing as Justin grew fearful about her silence.
At the end of the road, in a clearing at the river's edge, Christie stopped the van under a tall pine tree and turned the engine off. Climbing out of her seat and past the stick shift, she put her arms and kissed him passionately.
The kiss lasted longer than any kiss they'd had before and when it ended, Christie looked at him with moist, smiling eyes.
"You make me so happy, Justin. I'm falling in love with you too! She murmured.
"Nobody's ever made me feel like I do when I'm with you." Outside the van, Justin stared in wonder as he held Christie's hand, and gazed upon the valley they were standing in.
Dark green pine trees grew to the tops of both ridges and the golden grasses of the meadow bowed in the gentle, late morning breeze as the crystal clear stream wandered over worn boulders, creating areas of rapids and others of seeming calm.
"God, this is beautiful!" Justin exclaimed.
"Let's just stay here and never go back. We'll live in the van and fish and just be happy!" Christie squeezed Justin around the waist and laughed. "In four months, we'll be under six feet of snow and trying to survive like the Donner Party!" Justin smiled and winked at her.
"I kinda forgot about that." After they ate lunch, the two of them stood out on the riverbank and fished, with Christie showing Justin the best spots to find fish. Justin drank three of the beers and by two-thirty he was feeling tired from the combination of the beer and the sun.
The two of them reeled in their lines and went back to the van with the five trout they had caught. Christie put them in the refrigerator, while Justin took off his shoes and went and laid on the bed in the back. Christie kicked off her own shoes and asked, "Are you too tired to make love?" Justin opened his eyes and smiled.
"Christie, I'm never too tired to make love with you," he replied with a grin.
Christie reached over and opened the window next to the bed and a soft mountain breeze crept in.
She stood up and removed her shirt and shorts as Justin lay on the bed and did the same.
She crawled back next to him as their nude bodies touched and they kissed deeply, their tongues meeting and their passion reaching a high.
Christie stroked Justin's hard cock as they kissed until he gently pushed her onto her back and softly stroked her swollen, wet pussy lips.
Slipping a finger into her, he heard Christie moan as he kissed her neck and bent to take each of her nipples between his lips and into his warm mouth.
"I want you in me now, baby," she moaned. Justin slid his body between her legs and reached down and directed his cockhead to her waiting hole.
Going slowly, Justin stroked in and out of her as Christie's moans got louder and she clutched him tightly to her.
A loud moan came from deep within her and Justin felt her vaginal muscles tighten around him as she groaned in pleasure and begged him to fill her with cum.
Her pleas sped up his thrusts and he exploded, filling her with streams of his milky seed.
After a few more thrusts, the last of his cum dribbled out and he held her and kissed her as the sweat dropped off of his neck and joined hers on her breasts.
Laying next to her, Justin held Christie and they both dropped off into a wonderful slumber with the mountain breeze blowing through the window and cooling off their spent bodies.
It was five o'clock when Christie woke up. She sat up and kissed Justin on the cheek and then shook him gently to wake him up. "Come on, sleepyhead. We've got to get going." Justin rolled onto his back and smiled.
"I was having a dream about you and me," he said. Christie smiled and asked, "What was it about, sweetheart?"
"It was you and I hiking through those trees to the top of the mountain and sitting up there and looking down on all of this.
We held each other and it was warm and I just wanted to stay there with you, but then you woke me up." Christie giggled and then kissed him on the cheek again.
"Don't worry, baby. We have plenty of time to climb as many mountains as you want. We should be going, they'll wonder where we are."
When they pulled up to the cabin at six, they saw three people that Justin hadn't seen before.
There was another guy, with long brown hair and a slutty looking girl, with blonde hair and then a woman that looked to be in her late twenties. Justin thought she must be the other aunt.
She was an attractive, shapely woman, with bigger breasts than Karen and brown hair.
They were all standing around the deck drinking either beer or glasses of wine and Justin was wondering what was going on. "Who are those people?" he asked as Christie pulled the van into a clearing under a grove of trees next to the cabin.
"The guy is Karen's brother, Derek. The blonde girl is Derek's girlfriend, Jessie, and the older woman is Aunt Peggy." Justin was a bit confused. "Where's David's parents and Karen's parents?"
Christie shrugged and replied, "I don't know, let's go find out."
When they reached the deck, Christie introduced Justin to the three strangers and asked about the parents. "They left this afternoon.
We're having a barbecue. Get some drinks and dinner will be ready in a little while," Peggy said.
Peggy, Jessie, and Karen were sitting together at one of the tables and Christie joined them.
Derek and David were leaning on a rail and Justin could hear David talking football again and wandered off by himself and sat down with a beer and lit up a cigarette and stared off into the forest.
The girls were off chatting and giggling and David and Derek were laughing and Christie kept turning to look at Justin sitting alone, lost in his thoughts.
After a few minutes, she got up and walked over to him and sat down and put her arm around his waist.
"You look so sad," she said with concern in her voice. Justin smiled. "No! I'm not sad.
I was just thinking about what I have to do to see about going to school here. i was wondering whether I should just call the college up or have my coach call them."
Christie kissed him on the cheek and said, "How about if we go to Sacramento tomorrow and you can call the Athletic Director or baseball coach and make an appointment for Friday to go see them. We can stay at my house and come back up Friday night, if you want."
Justin looked at Christie with a huge smile. "Really?"
Christie took his hand. "Yes! Really. Let me go call my Mom and tell her I'm bringing you home to stay with us."
"Oh, Christie! That would be great. I could sleep in the van or go and stay with Karen's parents. Tell your Mom I won't be any problem."
Christie laughed. "Don't you want to sleep with me? I have a queen-sized bed."
"Won't that be a problem with your Mom?" Christie smiled and said, "My Mom made sure to get me on the pill when I was fifteen.
She understands that I'm grown and make my own decisions about sex. Besides, her boyfriend sleeps over at least once a week."
"Okay. Your Mom sounds pretty cool." "She is and she's going to fall in love with you! By the way, we have our own room tonight."
Justin looked at her with a surprised look on his face.
"What do you mean?" Christie smiled smugly and said, "I mean that Peggy is in one of the downstairs rooms and we're in the other and the other four are staying in the dormer."
Justin had a look of surprise on his face.
"Peggy doesn't care?" he asked. Christie smiled.
"She suggested it!" she replied.
Justin shook his head in disbelief. "Christie, this too much. I never expected all this when I left Nebraska a few days ago!" Christie laughed again.
"I know. I love watching that look of confusion come over your face. But you've been good, you've just gone with the flow." Justin shrugged.
"Well, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. By the way, why did David's parents and his uncle and aunt leave today?"
"Oh. Because David's dad's partner got in an car accident and they had to leave early."
"Mr. Thompson? Is he okay?" Christie saw the look of concern in Justin's face and said, "Yeah, he'll be okay. He broke his leg and got some bruises, but I guess he got pretty banged up."
Peggy walked over with a glass of wine in her hand and sat down next to Justin on the bench.
Smiling, she asked, "How are two young lovers doing?"
Justin blushed while Christie smiled and held Justin's hand and said, "Everything's been perfect. Peggy? I'm going to call my Mom in a little while and we're going back to Sacramento tomorrow so that Justin can go out to Sac State and see about playing baseball next spring.
He'll be staying with us and I'll get him to the airport on Sunday. Is that okay?" Peggy shrugged and smiled. "I don't have any problem with it if no one else does."
"Good. I'll go call her right now," Christie said as she stood up. Justin sat there awkwardly with Peggy as Christie went into the cabin.
Peggy put her hand on Justin's knee and said, "Christie's a very special girl and you're a very lucky guy." Justin nodded and said, "I know. I've never met a girl like her before."
Peggy rubbed his knee. "Don't take her for granted. You'll regret it if you lose her. She is that special."
Justin looked up at her and said nothing, he knew that already.
Peggy patted his leg and stood up. "I'll go get dinner on the table now.
Just think about what I said." Justin smiled, nodded, and said, "I know, Peggy. You didn't need to convince me." Peggy and the girls started bringing the food out and setting it on the table while Derek and David were taking the steaks off of the grill and piling them on a platter.
Justin went in and looked around for Christie. He found her in the downstairs bedroom.
She was giggling and laughing on the phone and he went and sat down next to her and pushed the hair away from the side of her neck and began kissing it.
Christie reached and stroked his hair as she said into the telephone, "Okay. I've got to go now. Dinner's ready. We'll see you when you get home tomorrow. I love you. Bye." Christie smiled broadly and kissed him.
"Everything's set. She'll go down and talk to Karen's parents and you can stay with us. She's really excited to meet you!" Justin hugged her and said, "Great. Christie, sometimes I wonder if I'm dreaming.
First, there's you.
And then maybe a chance to go to school here... and everyone's been so good to me.
If it is a dream, I hope I never wake up because I love you." Christie's eyes glassed over and she hugged him tightly and he responded by doing the same as she murmured, "And I love you. I don't ever want to be away from you."
They went outside and Justin spoke to David for a few minutes about his plans and then he joined Christie for dinner at one of the patio tables while the other four kids sat at one of the picnic tables.
Peggy was the last one to get her food and went to sit with Justin and Christie.
"What did your Mom say, Christie?" Christie smiled.
"It's no problem. Justin's going to call his parents and let them know where he's going to be. So far so good." When he finished eating, Justin went in and called his parents as Christie and Peggy finished eating and sat talking as they smoked and sipped wine.
After the phone call, Justin looked in the kitchen and saw the other four kids rinsing off the dishes and putting leftovers away and then looked out at Christie and Peggy.
They were talking animatedly and Justin could see that they had a close relationship. He knew that Christie was an only child and that Karen and Derek lived two doors down from her Mom and her, and he knew that Peggy lived two blocks away from them and that Christie thought of Peggy as a big sister.
From the conversation that he and Peggy had earlier, he knew that the two had a bond. He walked back to where they were sitting and sat next to Christie.
Christie looked questioningly at him and asked, "What did they say?" Justin sighed and replied, "I told them that they better get used to the fact that their little boy has grown up and is leaving home.
And then I told them that I love them very much and that I'll always be in their lives and that it's time to untie the apron strings.
Funny thing is that my father wanted to argue the point and my mother agreed with me. My dad wanted me to stay in Nebraska and now I think he sees that it's not going to happen.
I love my parents a lot and I'm not staying in Nebraska and I think they're now coming to grips with that. I told them about you, Christie, and my Mom can't wait to meet you. They know where I'll be for the next few days and wished me luck on getting into Sac State. So that's it in a nutshell."
Christie grinned and hugged him and then she kissed him.
Peggy was beaming too and said, "You two amaze me." They both looked at her and she continued with a smile on her face, "You two are just perfect for each other. You're both very level-headed and have plans and you're both very much in love.
I've never seen two more mature seventeen year old kids than you two. I wish I was your age again."
"How old are you?" Justin asked. "Twenty-nine," Peggy said softly.
Justin smiled and said, "Peggy, you look like you're in your early twenties, like twenty-one or even twenty. Any guy in the world would be lucky to date a girl as attractive and smart as you."
Peggy's smiled and then disappeared and she said, "That's nice of you to say, Justin, but not all guys are as smart as you. Excuse me for a couple of minutes, I've got to go use the bathroom."
Christie squeezed his leg and grimaced as Peggy walked back into the cabin. "Justin! Wrong thing to say, I mean, it was a nice thing to say, maybe just the wrong time."
Justin looked confused. "Why, what did I say wrong?" "She had this boyfriend for a long time and they were engaged and then he got this job offer in Chicago and left and they broke up and he found somebody else. She's been down about it for two months now.
I keep telling her that she'll find another guy and she should date again, but I don't know. I feel so sorry for her."
When Peggy returned again, she was smiling again. "I feel like getting drunk. Do you two want to join me?" Christie smiled and said, "Justin and I are going to walk down to the lake to watch the moon rise. Come with us." Peggy shook her head. "No, you two go along. I'll stay here."
Christie looked up at Justin and he smiled.
He knew she wanted him to encourage Peggy. He got up and grabbed a bottle of wine and another beer out of the ice chest that was setting on the deck and handed the wine to Christie as he reached and took Peggy's hand.
Christie stood and said, "You're going with us, Peggy. So no complaining!"
As they walked down the driveway, Justin had one arm around Christie's waist, clutching the neck of the beer bottle and his other around Peggy's waist.
Both girls leaned against his shoulders and Justin wondered why he should ever go back to Nebraska.
Down at the lake shore they gazed across at the neon lights of the casinos on the other shore and the dark mountains beyond them.
Christie and Peggy hadn't bothered to bring glasses with them and drank straight out of the wine bottle as Justin sipped his beer.
As the moon came up, Justin stood holding Christie around the waist as Peggy stood next to her.
A tear trickled down Peggy's cheek and Christie saw it and reached up and wiped it off, put an arm around her and hugged her.
As they walked back to the cabin, Justin held Peggy's hand in his left hand as she walked aside him, occasionally drinking from the bottle and Christie held his right hand and they talked of the next day as Peggy was pondering her own thoughts.
By the time they got back, Peggy was kind of drunk.
Not falling down drunk, but happy talkative drunk.
On the deck, the three of them could tell from the moans and groans coming from the upstairs window that the other four kids had found a game to play that was more interesting than monopoly!
"I guess kids will be kids, I wish I was their age again" Peggy said.
She handed the bottle to Christie and kissed her on the cheek and then kissed Justin on the cheek.
"Goodnight, you two. I want you both to have a wonderful life." She walked inside and went into her bedroom.
Christie was sullen as Justin lit two cigarettes and handed one to her.
He grabbed another beer as Christie drank from the nearly empty wine bottle and thought.
They had lingered around the lake for a long time and it was nearly ten now and Justin suggested that they go to bed. He finished his beer and Christie put the wine bottle in the garbage can and they went into the bedroom.
Justin took off his shirt and then removed his jeans and folded them and put them on a chair and laid down on the bed in just his boxer shorts as Christie undressed.
Crawling onto the bed with him now wearing just her panties, she put her head on his chest and said, "Justin, she's so sad and unhappy.

She's been so good to me, I want to make her happy again."
The moon was shining dimly through the window and Justin reached over and turned out the light.
Christie snuggled in close to him and spoke quietly, "I've never done this before, and we'll never do it again, but I want to make Peggy forget and think about moving on. Justin? Will you make love to Peggy tonight?"
Justin's head was a bit foggy from the beer but he heard what she said.
"You want me to go make love to Peggy? Honey, I want to make love with you."
"I know, and I want to make love with you, but I just want this one favor.
Sweetheart, you know I love you and I know you love me, but I feel so bad for her, will you please say yes?" Justin hugged her and kissed her on the cheek.
"For you, I'd do anything. But I'll be thinking it's you the entire time... and I want you to know it won't change anything about how I feel about you. You know that don't you?" Christie smiled and kissed him.
"Of course I know that. I wouldn't have asked anybody else. Stay here and wait for us and I'll bring her in here."
Christie was gone for awhile and Justin crawled under the covers and closed his eyes.
He was falling asleep when he heard the door open about twenty minutes later.
It was dark, but he could see the outlines of Christie and Peggy in the thin moonlight that shined through the window.
Christie was standing in just her panties and she quickly shed those too and unhooked Peggy's bra.
Peggy let the bra drop and then wiggled out of her own panties.
Lifting up the covers she crawled into the bed and laid next to Justin as Christie crawled in next to her.
"I shouldn't be doing this," she whispered to Christie.
Justin put his arm across Peggy's waist and rolled her towards him and kissed her on the lips.
She didn't resist and when he extended his tongue, she took it willingly and met it with her own.
He moved his lips to her neck and she moaned in delight as he moved his lips to her breasts.
Peggy's large breasts were spectacular and each was capped with a large erect nipple. As Justin sucked on one, Christie pulled Peggy until she was on her back and suckled the other as Peggy stroked both of the teen's hair and necks.
Justin threw the covers back and moved to the foot of the bed and gently pulled Peggy's legs.

She scooted down until her ass was almost to the end. Justin stood and parted her legs and knelt on the rug and began softly kissing her inner thighs as Christie now knelt beside her on the bed and resumed pleasuring Peggy's breasts.
As he worked up her thighs, Peggy spread her legs further apart as her hand reached for and began massaging Christie's breasts.
Justin was careful and deliberate as he brought his lips to Peggy's pussy.
She was moaning more now and he parted them with his fingers and gently stoked each one up and down with his tongue as her juices flowed onto it.
He could hear Christie murmur now as he looked up and saw that Peggy had inserted her finger into Christie's wet hole and was gently stroking her clit.
Justin's tongue worked deeper and deeper, occasionally flicking at Peggy's erect clit that had emerged.

As he extended his tongue into her canal, Peggy moaned loudly and he withdrew it and replaced it with two fingers and began stroking her.
He found her g-spot and stroked it over and over as the base of his fingers raised her clit from beneath it's hood and he took it between his lips and sucked it.
Quickly she began to squirm and moan even more loudly, as Justin stroked faster.
Justin felt Peggy's pussy walls contract tightly around his fingers as she moaned into a pillow.
"Oh god, I'm coming! Oh god this feels so good!!!"
After the contractions started to slow, Justin stood and pulled off his boxers and brought the head of his stiff rod to Peggy's hole and slowly slid it in stroke by stroke.
As he had done before with Christie, he went slowly, rising with each stroke to stimulate Peggy's clitoris.
Christie and Peggy were both moaning now and Peggy pulled Christie forward and motioned the young girl to bring her pussy to Peggy's mouth.
Christie willingly obliged and quickly Peggy began deftly licking Christie's dripping hole with her warm tongue as Christie was all on fours positioning her pussy over Peggy's mouth.
Peggy licked Christie's juices and found her clit and began stroking it with her tongue as Christie cried out with an orgasm of her own. Peggy's hole wasn't as tight as Christie's, but still, Justin felt himself about ready to cum.
Christie's orgasm subsided and she went back to suckling Peggy's breasts as Peggy cried out again that she was coming and Justin felt her tighten around his throbbing cock as he emptied his thick, warm cum in her.
When they were done, Justin crawled up between the two girls and pulled the covers up over their legs and lay on his back as all three tried to catch their breath.
Peggy reached over and put an ashtray on Justin's stomach as he jumped and complained that it was cold and all three lay smoking.
Peggy rolled over on her side and stroked Justin's cheek and said, "Justin, Christie, that was the best fuck I've ever had in my life! i shouldn't have done it and we'll never do it again, but thank you, both of you. I needed something like that to get past everything." She smiled.
"There's got to be other guys like Justin out there.
I've got to go find one." Christie smiled and stroked Justin's other cheek and said, "I know, but he's pretty special isn't he?" Justin just laid back feeling satisfied with himself.
Peggy crawled out of bed and retrieved her undergarments and smiled at the two of them and said, "Thank you both, I'll see both of you in the morning."

As the sun rose beyond the eastern mountains, Justin woke up and went into the bathroom and pissed.
Crawling back into bed, he pulled the covers up and put his arm around Christie and fell asleep again. Half an hour later she woke and whispered in his ear, "Time to get up. We have a big day ahead of us." Justin opened one eye and said, "Give me ten more minutes and then I'll get up."
Christie smiled and said, "Ten minutes and then I want you up!"
As Christie climbed out of the bed and headed for the bathroom, the bedroom door opened and Peggy came in wearing a robe.
Both Peggy and Christie went into the bathroom and Justin could hear them talking and giggling and closed his eyes again.
A minute later, Peggy emerged from the bathroom as Justin heard the shower start.
She dropped her robe and climbed into the bed next to Justin, totally nude. Kissing him softly on the cheek, she whispered, "I just wanted to thank you for last night." Justin smiled with closed eyes and felt himself growing hard with Peggy's nude, warm body next to him and murmured, "You're welcome. The pleasure was all mine." Justin felt Peggy's hand go to his hard cock and he started to sit up. Peggy smiled and pushed him back down.
"Relax, I told Christie I wanted to give you a proper thank you and she said it was okay."
As Justin laid back, Peggy pushed the covers down and gently massaged his balls and brought her lips to his cockhead and kissed it slowly as she took it in her mouth.
Her tongue went up and down his shaft as Justin moaned in pleasure.
Quickly, her lips and tongue were stroking him and he felt his cock getting as hard as it could get as she took him all the way to the back of her throat.
Peggy stroked up and down with her fingers and wet lips urging him to cum and he did so as he pumped his seed into her warm, moist mouth and she swallowed all that she could.
When he was done, Peggy sat up with a little cum dribbling out of her mouth.
She took her finger and licked it off and smiled at Justin.
"Thank you." Peggy said nothing more as she grinned and picked up her robe and walked out of the room as Justin watched her.
He crawled out of bed and went into the bathroom and saw Christie watching him from the shower stall.
"I see Peggy gave you a thank you gift," she said smiling as she reached down and caught a drop of cum on her finger from his now flaccid penis and brought it to her mouth.
Justin shrugged and stepped into the shower with her. Christie put her arms around him and said, "I know that was a weird night last night, but from now on it'll be fine if I can get my Mom to keep her hands off of you!" Justin cocked his head and stared at her.
"You are kidding, aren't you?' She laughed.
"Of course I'm kidding! From now on you're all mine because I love you."
"And I love you," Justin whispered in her ear as he took the bar of soap and lathered Christie's breasts.

To be continued...

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