Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Climb This Pole

by Dick Throb ( JULY 99)

Gail had second thoughts about this job.
The pay was great, the hours were good and the people were nice.
She'd always been a Tom Boy and was used to rough and tumble action.
It never bothered her to get hurt an little, but she had a great fear of heights.
When she applied for the job, it was office work. Not climbing tall poles and playing with phone lines. Standing on a ladder leaning against some wires on a windy day was not her idea of fun.
But when this offer came in, the first thing she thought of was the pay. It was almost twice what the office job offered.
This had overtime, holiday pay and shift premium. God what did I get myself into.

'All right ladies and gentleman, listen up.
All of you passed the wiring portion of this school.
You've learned what the color coding is about, why we use it and how to recognize problems. Now comes the easy part. Easy my ass.

We'll teach you to so the same thing while standing on a ladder that's leaning against a wire 40' off the ground.
Are there any questions?' Gail looked around.
No one raised their hand, damned if she was going to be the only one.

'OK, partner up and lets get going.'
Again Gail looked around for someone to guide and help her.
She felt a tap on her shoulder and turned.
When she turned around she almost fell over.
'Hi, I'm Dan. Would you like to work together?'
She was temporarily lost for words.
Dan Was a dream come true. He was around 6' 4' about 225. Blond hair, deep Blue eyes and built like an ox.
His short sleeve shirt was stretched to the limits with his abounding muscle.
Just looking at him made Gail's pussy throb in wetness.
She felt herself squirming under the steady gaze of this man.
'Ah.....ah sure, I....I.......would love to......Dan. My name is Gail.'
He stuck out his hand and Gail shook it.
God he was strong.
He didn't hurt her, but she felt the solid firmness of his grip.
Slightly embarrassed Gail looked down, but not at the ground.
She was looking at the thick bulge in Dan's pants.
It seemed as thick as her arm, that started her mouth watering.
She unconsciously licked her lips and said, 'Great we can get started now if you'd like.'
'Good, I'll tell the instructor that we'll be working together.'
Dan walked away and Gail just stared at his tight well shaped ass.

After a few minutes Dan returned with two line harnesses.
'Do you remember how to ware one of these?'
Gail looked at it and said, 'Yea I think so.'
'OK, you put it on and I'll check it. I used to be a lineman in the Army, but they still require everyone to attend this school.
I guess because of insurance'
Gail fumbled round putting the harness on while Dan watched her.
It fitted pretty good except around her thighs.
It was ridding up into her pussy, but she was afraid to say anything. Dan looked at her and smiled.

'If you fell with the harness like that your womanhood would be over.
The doctors would have to sew your love canal closed.
Gail had to smile at the reference to her pussy.
'Well, how would you do it?' She asked.
'Do what, protect your womanhood, or wear the harness?'
She laughed at him and said, 'Both.'
'First I'd adjust this harness so it won't rip your insides out if you fell. As for the second part of your question, I'd love that canal like it was made of gold. I know you've heard the expression, women are sitting on a gold mine.'
'Yes I've heard it before, and you know what? It's true.'
They both had a laugh over that. Gail knew they would get along fine.
Dan fixed her harness with gentle hands.
He brushed her all ready wet pussy a couple of time.
Maybe by accident or maybe on purpose.
She didn't know or care, it felt wonderful.

They worked all day up and down the poles.
Each time Dan was there to see she didn't fall.
But it was still very frightening to climb to the top.
Each time Gail came down she was shaking like a leaf.
Dan asked her if she was all right, she said she was and asked him to not tell the instructor.
Dan promised he wouldn't.

At the days end everyone headed toward their cars in the lot.
Dan stopped Gail and asked her if she'd like to stop for a drink and unwind.
'I'll tell you what Dan, I don't live far from here, why don't we go to my house and unwind?'
'That's a great idea. I'll follow you'
'OK, stay right on my ass.'
'No problem, I'd follow your ass anywhere.'

She hopped in her car and took off down the road with a big smile on her face.
God it's been almost three weeks since I'd been with a man.
If I judged that bulge in his pants right, tonight was going to be great.
Gail checked her mirror several times, not wanting to lose Dan.
Just like he said, he was right on her ass.

It only took 10 minutes to arrive at Gail's house.
They parked their cars and headed inside the house, it was cool and comfortable.
Gail left the air conditioning on all day.
'Hey Dan, why don't we jump in the shower, then we can take a swim in the pool?'
'You have a pool?'
'Hell yes, I would ask if I didn't have one. Follow me I'll show you where the shower is.'

Dan followed her outside to a small but very nice brick building next to the pool.
He noticed the whole yard was surrounded by shrubs at least 6' high.
Dan could just see over the top.
Inside were three shower nozzles protruding from the one wall.
There were no partitions or curtains between them. Only one curtain along the whole shower area to keep water off the carpet on the floor.
The room was furnished with a small refrigerator, a large couch, a couple of big overstuffed chairs with end tables and lamps.
Behind a small partition was a toilet and sink.
There was a closet on one wall with shelves inside full of towels.
He was beginning to get the idea. He would have to change in front of Gail, no problem with that.

Gail looked at him and said. 'Well, what do you think?'
'This is great, it's really nice. I'll bet you could have a cozy little party in here.'
She looked at him with a big smile, 'We sure can.'
With that Gail stood on her toes and kisses him full and wet on the lips.
Dan opened his mouth to except her tongue.
They kissed for several minutes as their hand felt each others body.

Gail pulled away and said, 'Lets get into the shower and wash off this dirt and sweat.'
She began removing her clothes as Dan watched.
Her breasts popped out of her bra and stood out from her chest, just the right amount of sag.
Her nipples were pink and hard.
She started removing her pants while Dan took off his shirt.
She was right, he was built like an ox. Strong chest with big arms.
As Dan started to unbutton his pants Gail stopped.
She wanted the first view of that thick piece of meat hanging between Dan's legs.

When his pants hit the floor Gail just gasped. Her eyes got big and her mouth watered.
There was at least 8' of soft meat hanging in front of her. God how big will it grow?
Dan noticed the wide eyed opened mouth look on her face.
He smiled and said, 'Don't worry Gail. It only gets a little longer but it gets thicker and harder.'
That made her smile too.
She loved a cock that would fill every hole she had.

They finished undressing and got into the shower.
The water felt wonderful cascading down her breasts and thighs.
They each turned around a few times to get good and wet.

Gail grabbed the soap and started washing Dan's back.
She had to reach up for his shoulders, then soaped his strong arms. Gail washed every part of Dan‘s body.
She paid particular attention to his ass and cock.
She washed his balls and stroked his now hard cock with her soapy hands.
He was right, now it was about 9' long and very thick.
All the while, her pussy was wet and dripping.
God, that cock felt magnificent in her hands. She continued washing Dan's balls as he reached for the soap.
Now it was his turn.

Dan soaped up Gail's large tits and stomach.
He rubbed her tits slick with soap until her nipples were as hard as diamonds.
He then ran his soapy hands down her stomach to the patch of dark hair, it was already slick with her juices.
She moaned out loud as his hand pushed against her pussy.
Reaching between her legs, Dan fingered her asshole.
This caused a reaction he hadn't expected.
Gail pushed herself back and impaled her asshole with his finger as she let out a scream of delight.
This brought a smile to Dan's face. He loved an ass woman.

They kept up this washing and exploring until Dan couldn't take any more.
He rinsed off and grabbed Gail by the shoulders motioning her to her knees.
Gail didn't resist for a second.
She opened her mouth and allowed Dan to insert as much of his cock as she could take.
She surprised him by taking almost half of his granite cock.

As Gail stroked the hard meat filling her mouth, she reached back to Dan's asshole.
He spread his legs giving her all the room she needed.
With traces of soap still on Dan's ass, her finger slid in easily.
When she pushed her finger in his asshole Dan hunched forward slightly forcing his cock deeper in Gail's mouth.
She adjusted her head and let Dan push his cock in.

Now she was ready to do a job on him.
Gail sucked the head and tongued the underside of his glands.
It was difficult because of the size of Dan's cock, but Gail did her best.
She tongued it and sucked it while stroking his long shaft.
All the while she was pumping her finger deeper in Dan's asshole.

It didn't take long until she felt his cock thicken and pulsate. She knew he was going to cum any minute.
She pumped her finger harder into Dan's asshole as she stroked his pulsating cock.
Her mouth was like a vacuum sucking up all his precum, the taste was marvelous.
Dan grabbed her head holding it tight, but not pushing his cock any deeper.
She stroked and sucked as he grunted loudly and shot his load into her mouth.

Feeling the walnut sized gland in his ass turned her on more.
She felt her own orgasm suddenly build to exploding limits. Gail shrieked and squealed as best she could with her mouth full of hard cock.
She squeezed her legs and moaned as the spasms raced through her body and screamed out of her pussy. Her juices flowed down her legs.
Her pussy was opening and closing as the muscles clenched on nothing.

I need to be filled, my pussy is so empty.

Dan let out a tremendous moan that came from deep within his body. 'AAARRRGHHHHH. . . . Oh God! Oh God! I'm coming.'
Gail was rewarded with the largest blast of hot cum she ever had.
She gagged and choked as the super heated fluid shot into her mouth.
She swallowed as much as she could, the remainder spilled out of her lips and ran down her tits warming them.
God would he ever stop?
Each beat of his heart sent more cum into her mouth.
Gail drank and swallowed while pumping his cock to milk it dry.
Soon he stopped cumming and held her head as his cock softened and fell from her mouth.

Gail released Dan's cock and smelled the bouquet of her own pussy juice mixed with the fragrance of Dan's cum.
While she was sucking Dan's cock, she had a powerful orgasm herself.
The carpet was wet from her juices.
The aroma made her even hotter.

Holding Dan's half erect cock in her hand, Gail said, 'That was you think you can get this monster to work again?'
'Oh I think he'll cooperate, what do you have in mind.?'
'I want that hunk of meat buried deep in my asshole.'
Dan looked down at her and smiled saying, 'I'll pound your ass until you beg me to stop. I'll fill it up with hard cock and shoot cum into your stomach.'
'I'd love to feel that.' She said with a smile.
Dan turned her around and said. 'First I want to lick and suck that beautiful asshole of yours.'

She has such a delicious ass Dan thought.

Gail bent over the couch and spread her cheeks.
Dan got on his knees and licked her crack from top to bottom.
He buried his tongue in her pussy and licked up the juices that dripped from her cunt. He licked her hard and long.
Stroking her cunt all around with his fingers while his tongue centered on her asshole.
He spread her juices over her ass with his tongue. Gail was thinking, God what an ass man he knows what to do.

Soon Dan concentrated on the pink wrinkled hole between her cheeks.
He rimmed it with loving tender wetness, passion and desire.
Pushing his tongue inside her ass and moving it around caused Gail to squeal with delight.
Gail was moaning loudly and pushing her ass into Dan's face as her fingers were buried deep in her pussy, her juices ran freely.
He licked and sucked her asshole as the fragrance of her pussy juice made him hotter and hotter.

He felt his balls expand with another load of cum boiling inside.
Gail's ass was lubricated with spit and pussy juice, ready to be entered.
Standing behind her Dan placed the head of his large cock against her pussy and coated it with the hot slippery juice that flowed from deep within.
Then he held his cock at the base as he slowly pushed in the head. With only a slight pressure the head popped inside.
Man she must be used to this, it's a perfect fit.
Gail let out a little whimper as his cock entered the small dark hole.
The thought and feeling of Dan's hard cock entering her asshole blew her mind.
Slowly, Dan's cock expanded her hole causing her to have another orgasm, gushing hot juice all over her hand.
She screamed loudly and convulsed as her pussy gushed with fluid.

She pushed back as hard as she could, wanting his cock deep inside her ass while her pussy exploded.
Gail squeezed Dan's cock as she came and came.
Feeling dizzy and faint, her legs shook with weakness but she stayed with it and slammed back against the prodding shaft in her ass.
It felt so good, she moan out loud, 'Oh Dan, do me, do me hard and fast.
That's wonderful keep going, fill me up make me feel the hardness deep inside.'

Once his cock was completely lubricated, Dan began a slow in and out motion until his entire cock was buried deep inside.
It was so warm and soft.
It felt nothing like a pussy, as her asshole closed and squeezed his entire cock. His balls rested against her hot wet juicy pussy.

He'd pull out until just the head was inside then slowly push his full 9' into her darklove canal. This slow thrusting and pulling caused Gail to reach back and grab his ass with her hand.
'Faster.......oh God faster.'

Dan grabbed her hips and pushed hard into her ass. Soon he had a steady rhythm going.
He pushed to the limit and pulled out again.
Each time increasing his speed and tempo. His balls kept slapping her wet pussy making a squishing sound.

It didn't take long before Dan felt the familiar tingling in his balls.
They boiled with cum.
His back was tight as the sensations ran up his legs to his stomach.
He pushed in as far as possible burring his cock deep inside and holding it there as his balls released it's pent up load of steamy hot cum.
He felt the load explode from his cock and run deep inside Gail's ass.
He was sure it reached her stomach as she tightened her muscles.
God it felt so good, squirting and squirting his load.
Gail wriggled her ass around as Dan struggled to hold her tight against his buried shaft.
Gail screamed, 'Oh God Dan fill me up.......Oooohh fill my ass with your cum.
Gail howled and yelled as my hot load gushed inside.
After a few minutes she went almost totally limp on the couch.
Her knees were firmly planted on the floor, but I could feel the tremors flowing through her body as her pussy juices flowed out and ran down her legs.
The sudden burst of sweet pussy juice filled the room with the fragrance of her sex.
This unexpected pleasure caused my cock to explode with another load of cum.
God damn, a double load, that's never happened to me before.
My body tensed as the load shot from my balls.
The only reaction from Gail was a deep satisfied moan of pure pleasure and euphoria.

Slowly my shaft softened and laid in her asshole.
Gail closed her muscles around my cock while I slowly pulled it out.
This created a milking action and drained my wilting shaft of all it's fluid.

Once my cock was out, I backed away and looked down at Gail ass. I saw my cum dripping from her reddened asshole.
I hope I didn't hurt her, it looked sore.
'Gail, are you all right?'
'Oh yes, I'm fine. That was soooo good.'
Kissing her neck and shoulder gently, I held her close for a few minutes as we both let our hearts settle down to a normal beat.

After a few minutes we got up and headed for the showers again.
Thoroughly drained of all animal lust and passion, we washed slowly and kissed softly.

Gail and I spent the remained of the evening swimming naked in the pool while we explored each others body.
I made an outstanding dinner for the two of us. We talked and learned a lot about each other.

Gail told me of her plan to pass the class.
She told me she was going to blow and fuck Bill Durum our instructor.
'Gail, if you do for him what you did for me, he'd give you a PH.D. in electronics.'
We both laughed over that.
'Dan, I'm not a whore, but I have characteristics that I can use to get what I want, and by God I'll use them.'
'Hey, you won't get any argument from me, as long as I can have a little myself.'
'Dan after the way you fucked me today don't worry. You're my number one man. I'll suck you off anytime, as long you promise to fill my ass with that beautiful cock you have. I just felt I had to tell you what I was planning. You don't mind?'
'No Gail I don't mind.

You're a smart woman and the only problem you have with this job is the height.
It's not like you're cheating on the wiring that will get someone hurt.
Like I said, I don't mind.' We're not in love.
We both know what we what, and it seems we both want the same thing.
With that they kissed long and wet.

After Dan excepted Gail's invitation to spend the night, she washed his clothes so he'd have them clean for tomorrow.

They sat down and Gail explained her plan to seduce Bill Durum. But, that's another story.

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