Monday, February 26, 2007

Cabin in the Woods

By Dick Throb ( JULY 99)

The radiance of the morning sun drifted through the windows.
It's rays warmed the air and caused the dew to melt away in small droplets of moisture. The sounds and smells of the new day rekindled my mind and brought back thoughts of last night.
I recalled the last moments of bliss, as sleep captured my mind and I drifted off onto dream land. I remembered the warm feeling of Scott's cum running down my ass as it seeped from my wet pussy.
God, what a wonderful night.
After our love making, Scott kissed me for a long time and walked off to the shower.
I fell asleep while my mind drifted in euphoria.
The rays of sunshine warmed more then just the air.
I looked at Scott laying in bed next to me and felt the familiar tingling between my legs.
I knew he'd be completely naked under the sheets.
I examined his form and starred at the bulge I knew to be his flaccid manhood.

Slowly I ran my hand under the sheet until I felt his soft warm shaft in my hand, Scott moaned a little when I moved his balls.
Gently pushing the sheet aside, I leaned over and licked the head.
I smelled the fresh scent of soap and felt the heat radiating from his body.
Pulling my long hair back I lifted Scott's cock with my tongue and closed my warm wet mouth around the head.

Using all the gentleness I could muster, I slowly sucked all of his flaccid cock into my mouth.
I held it there enjoying the feeling of the thick soft flesh filling my mouth.
When I moved my tongue around the head Scott moved a little and moaned again.
I wonder what he was dreaming about? Soon I felt it start to grow.
It expanded in my mouth as it got thicker and longer.
As it grew I had to adjust my head to keep as much as possible enclosed between my wet lips.
This slow wet sucking and tonguing caused Scott to react as expected, his manhood expanded to it's full 8" I released my long hair and allowed it to flow across Scott's legs.
Placing my arms on each side of his body gave me full access to his expanded full length.
I pushed my head down taking as much of his cock as possible and slid back to the head.
Scott's cock was covered with warm wet saliva.
Now I began an easy slow rhythm of up and down stroking with my mouth.
Each down thrust went as far as my throat would allow.
I felt Scott's hardness hitting the back of my tongue.

Soon I tasted the precum that leaked from the small opening in the head.
I licked it and swallowed in anticipation of his Mother load.
My pace increased as Scott's hips began pushing up to meet the wetness encircling him.
He moaned out loud as his hands reached for my head.
Scott's hand closed on my long hair and stroked it as I continued to suck and fuck his cock with my mouth.
He pushed his hips up, being careful not to hurt me while his hands were busily stroking my hair.

I began feeling the pulsating beat of his heart deep inside my mouth as his cock expanded a little more.
Scott's moans became louder and longer as his thickened shaft moved within my mouth.
I knew he was about to cum when he let go of my hair and placed his hands at his sides pushing his hips up and holding that position.
I moved my lips to the head of his cock as I knew the load would fill my mouth.
His precum flowed like a summer stream. I sucked harder and harder.
Scott pushed his hands down and held himself suspended while he let out a loud groan of delight and animal passion.

With that Scott's cock expanded one last time as the steamy hot cum blasted from the small hole.
I pulled my heads back to allow as much of his cum as possible to fill my mouth before swallowing all that I could.
Each beat of his heart sent more cum squirting and gushing from his bloated balls.
His boiling cum shot deep inside my throat as I swallowed and gulped his load of hot love juice.

Scott stayed suspended while the pulsation's and quivering continued. His body was hard as steel while his skin was covered with goose bumps.

Soon I felt him relax as his body slowly lowered to the bed.
His now empty cock began the wilting and softening euphoric stutter of passionate release.
I trapped Scott's shriveling cock in my mouth, wanting to hold it as long as possible.
I continued a soft sucking and licking motion while his body relaxed.
Feeling his heart beats deep in his cock return to normal, I let his completely flaccid and drained manhood slip from my loving mouth.
Looking up at Scott I said.
'Good morning Dear. How was your night?'
He looked down at me and said.
'Great, but not as wonderful as my morning.'
I climbed up to Scott's arms and held him tight as the taste and flavor of his sweet cum remained in my mouth.
God I love him, I wish I'd retired years ago, our sex life has never been better.
Scott held me close for sometime. Then we decided to take a shower and start another wonderful day in the wilds of the north woods.

After breakfast Scott went outside and began chopping wood for the fireplace.
I cleaned up the kitchen and got my list for the store.
The drive to town was almost an hour, so we only made that trip once a month or when we really needed something.
Our careful planning paid off.
We would get a months supply of food and paper products.
We bought all our dairy products at a local farm.

'Scott, I'm leaving for town now. I have the list, did you think of anything else?'
'No, I think that's all we'll need for a while.'
'OK, Iâll be back around 1:00 PM, bye.'

She's one terrific woman, but I was really worried about her retiring.
I lost all my privacy and personal time.
I love my wife but when she retired, I couldn't imagine spending every day all day long with her.
Now it's like we're discovering each other all over again, everything has worked out great.
Our sex life is renewed to a point of personal unveiling.
Glenda's doing things I've only dreamed about and she's more open to experimenting with new ideas.
I can't believe some of the things she comes up with.
Like giving me a wake up blow job in the morning, she would never have done any thing like that before she retired.
Maybe it's the clean air, the woods, the privacy the fact no one is around.
Even the choice of buying this cabin on a lake surrounded by 40 acres of woods.
It was out of character her living in the woods, but a very good choice. Having it's own electrical supply and well, we only leave to buy food in town.
I fish and hunt for most of our food, but a can of soup or a pasta dinner is good once in a while.

Cutting enough wood to last a few days left me a little tired but refreshed.
The exercise was good. I don't mind cutting wood but I don't want to do it every day.
I cleaned up around the yard and checked the fuel level for our generator.
It was reassuring to know we have it in case of a big storm knocking out the power or problem with the electric company.
Once in the kitchen I washed up and made our lunch.
Glenda would be back very soon so Iâll make something real nice.

Lunch was just about ready when Glenda returned from the town.
We put everything away then sat down for a leisurely but scrumptious meal.
Small talk and big talk accompanied the lunch.
Believe it or not, we talked about different ways of having sex.

Why didn't we have discussions like this years ago.
Now we're both in our 50's and talking like teenagers.
I thought Glenda had something on her mind by the way she was talking, but I would have never guessed what it was.
'Scott, you know what?'
'No, dear what.'
'Well, you know how you like to play with my ass sometime when we're having sex?'
'Yes, I know.'
'I never told you before but I really like it. I've done a lot of reading on anal sex, I want you to fuck my ass.'
Glenda never did mix words.
She is sweet and lovable.
She has a flaring temper and always speaks her mind, but this threw me for a loop.
I've wanted to fuck my wife's beautiful ass for years.
Even at 52, she had an ass that would make your mouth water and your cock jump to attention.
She'll never know how many times I've jerked off thinking about fucking her ass deep and hard.
Her spoken words caused a stirring and growing feeling in my pants.

'Hell yes, I've always wanted to do that.'
'That's wonderful dear. I wasn't sure of your feeling on that subject, but hoped you wouldn't mind.
Like I said, I've been reading about it and it sounds exciting, and different.
Lets get things cleaned up and play around some, maybe we'll discover something new.'

When everything was put away, Glenda and I jumped into the shower.
We soaped each other, paying special attention to the areas of sexual desire.
Glenda washed my cock and balls.
She soaped my butt good and fingered my asshole.
That felt wonderful and sexy.
I wonder if she'd think I'm nuts if I told her my fantasy?
After a few minutes she inserted a finger inside my asshole.
My cock got as hard as a rock.
Glenda noticed a change in my demeanor to one of pure pleasure.
She pushed more of her soapy finger into my ass.
Looking at me she smiled, and knew I was enjoying her finger pumping deep inside me.

My balls swelled with boiling cum as my cock throbbed with the pounding blood of desire.
Glenda stroked my cock from the base to the head, she pushed her finger deeper in my ass searching for my walnut sized gland.
I moaned with delight when she found it and started massaging it with her deeply buried finger.

My knees grew weak and I began shaking.
Moaning and groaning with delirious pleasures of release, I pushed back against her hand.
Glenda sensed my urgency and fucked my ass harder while she pumped my cock faster and faster.

I grabbed the wall for balance as my boiling cum blasted from my granite hard cock.
My cum splashed on the wall as she continued slamming my asshole and pumping my cock, wanting to milk it dry.

Slowly Glenda pulled her finger out of my ass.
She held my flaccid cock in her hand and kissed the head using a lot of tongue.
'See, I told you it would be fun.'
'Yea, Iâve wanted you to do that for years.'
'You should've said something before, but now we can learn from each other.'
With that she kissed me deep and wet.
We finished washing and got out of the shower, Glenda dried me and I dried her.
Damn she has a nice body. I can hardly wait to lick her ass.

Getting into bed I pulled the sheets back while Glenda climbed in.
We rubbed and stroked each other and talked.
'Scott you really seemed to enjoy it when I put my finger in your ass.'
'Yes I did, it was great.'
'Why didn't you say anything about it before?'
'I thought you'd think I was nuts or something.'
'Oh Scott, I would never think that. I was embarrassed to ask you to fuck my ass, but I did. I know how you like to finger me while we're having sex.'
'Yup, I do like your ass dear.'

Glenda leaned over to the night stand and opened the drawer.
Reaching inside she said, 'When I was in town I got these.'She pulled out a battery operated vibrator and some anal lubrication.
'Damn, you're really getting into this idea aren't you.'
'Well Scott, like I said. I've done a lot of reading and we might as well start out right.'
I felt my cock getting hard again.
The sight of the vibrator and lubrication sent ideas of grandeur running through my head.
My cock continued to grow and thicken while we kissed.
I licked and sucked Glenda's full breasts until the nipples were as hard as diamonds.
I reached for her pussy only to find it wet and dripping with her love juice.
Leaving a trail of wet kisses down her stomach caused her to moan and push her hips to me.
I kissed all around her love canal while spreading some of her juice on her asshole.
Glenda squirmed and wriggled on the bed.
After a few minutes she grabbed my hand and pushed it into her pussy.
I licked and sucked her clit as she clamped her legs closed and screamed.

Her pussy exploded with a gush of hot slick fluid from deep inside.
Her body trembled and quivered as the waves of orgasmic splendor roared through very soul.
She kept moaning and wriggling for several minutes as the tides of pleasure subside.
Finally she let out a small whimper and smiled with a look of deep satisfaction and tranquillity.
We held each other for along time and kissed.

While we embraced in passion and romance, Glenda reached down for my throbbing manhood.
She slowly stroked it making small cooing sounds.
All the while my bloated cock leaked precum as an indication of the load that filled my balls.

Rubbing the precum all over the head of my cock Glenda asked. 'Are you ready to try this dear?'
'I sure am, but I don't know if this piece of rock meat will fit in there. I don't want to hurt you.'
'Don't worry, it'll fit just fine.' Glenda turned onto her left side and raised her right leg exposing her ass and pussy to me.
Oh, what a beautiful sight. I had an overwhelming desire to lick her dark rose bud before fucking her.
I laid down behind her and spread her slender pillows of flesh with my hands.
She smelled of fresh soap and oils.
When my tongue circled her rose bud she let out a small whimper and whined. 'OOOUUUUU............That feels soooooo good, don't stop.'
I rimmed her ass for several minutes while Glenda softly moaned with delight.
When the area was thoroughly covered with saliva, I wet my finger and slowly slid it in her asshole.
'OUUUUHHHEEEAAA, Scott that feels so good, put it in all the way.'
Pushing my finger in all the way caused her to clamp the muscles tight around my finger.
It was held tight for several seconds while she relaxed and enjoyed the feeling.
Then I started a slow in and out movement that brought renewed sounds of pleasure.
Glenda reached for the vibrator and turned it on as she rubbed it against her wet slippery pussy.
She moaned with rapture as the instrument of pleasure slowly entered her love canal.
I heard the soft buzzing sound and felt the vibrations through the thin membrane of skin separating her pussy from her asshole.
God, that would really feel good on my cock.
I pulled my finger out and spread some lubricant all over my cock and Glenda's ass.
Mixing the lubricant with my precum made it very slippery.
Glenda moved her ass to me when I rubbed my cock head around the hole of my affection.
Slowly applying pressure the head popped right in, only to be held in place by her tight muscles.
I held it there for a few minutes as she continued filling her pussy with the vibrator.
Soon her muscles relaxed and eased the grip holding my intruding shaft.
I could feel the vibrations running all over my cock as I pushed deeper into her dark virgin hole.

The warm tight vibrating feeling of this new place almost caused me to cum right then.
Slowly I pushed all of my 8'granite cock into her ass, it was buried deep within her dark confines.
Glenda reacted by pushing her ass to me and jamming the vibrator deeper inside her juicy wet love hole.
'Oh Scott...........that feels so wonderful. It's filling me up, I'm so full. Ohhhhh.'
Slowly I pulled a little out and pushed back again.
This developed into a smooth rhythm of fucking.
Each time I pushed in Glenda would slam her ass into me.
My balls were slamming against her wet delicious pussy filled with the vibrator.
I know this isn't going to last long, my balls are boiling with cum, it feels too good.
Glenda moaned out loud and called my name as I filled her ass with my massive cock.
All the while she was churning and slamming her pussy with the vibrator.
This caused a scream of magnificent splendor to erupt from Glenda's mouth.

She smashed her ass into me while she plummeted the vibrator in and out.
Her ass muscles clamped tightly on my invading cock as the spasms of orgasmic elation's blasted throughout her entire body and soul.
I held her close as she screamed, wriggled and squirmed on the bed.
With my cock buried deep in her ass I received the full effect of her powerful orgasmic convulsions.
This caused her pussy to explode with hot steamy juice that covered my balls with it's hot fluid.
Soon Glenda relaxed and eased the grip on my cock.
Her breathing returned to somewhat normal as she said. 'Now Scott, fuck my ass hard and deep.'
I pulled out a little then back in as far as I could go. Beginning a deep hard thrusting motion brought about returning pushes from Glenda.
I grabbed her hips for leverage and slammed her deep and hard.

The glorious warm feeling surrounding my cock was amplified by the vibrator still buried deep inside her pussy.
These combined feelings, joined with my hard pumping caused my balls to boil with hot steamy cum.
My cock pulsated and throbbed with anticipation.
It grew even thicker and harder as my body tensed.
I felt goose bumps and tingling all over my body.
My head became light and dizzy as I was lost in a feeling of pure animal lust and desire.
I was in a state of delirious euphoria when my load of boiling hot cum exploded with the force of a geyser.
I held my cock deep in her ass while my body trembled with the explosion of pent up emotion and lust.
Glenda screamed as the hot load was blasted deep inside her ass burning the tender walls.
This cause her to have another powerful orgasm.
She was turning into an animal.

She squeezed her muscles as my cum pumped and squirted out. I've never cum so much before, I didn't think it would stop as my balls kept squirting and squirting.
After several minutes we both calmed down.
Our hearts slowed to it's normal pace and the tremors left.
My wilting cock gradually slipped from her beautiful dark rose bud.
My load of passion dripped out across her pillows of soft white flesh, only to remind me of how wonderful it had felt to put it there.

Glenda rolled over and kissed me long wet and hard.
'Scott that was amazing. I've never felt so full of your love before. I knew you'd like it, and I loved it.
We're going to have to do that again real soon.'
'That sounds good to me dear, but I'm going to have to wait until my head clears up. That was so intense I thought I'd pass out.'
'Sweetheart I can wait, I didn't mean right now anyway.
We have to clean up and try to catch that big Bass you saw the other day.'
'Right, lets jump in the shower.'

Glenda and I washed up and talked about how wonderful that last venture felt.
We both agreed it was marvelous and wanted to do it again.
I don't recall just what I said, but Glenda's response was, 'If you liked that, wait until tomorrow I have another idea'

I thought, Damn, this retirement might be great after all.

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