Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Hair Salon

Written by Alison(Oct 99)

Sandy needed a hair cut - desperately - and, seeing a new hairdresser's on her way home, popped in to see when she could get an appointment.
To her surprise, she was offered one on the following day.
She took it, and lifted a leaflet about the salon to browse before she returned.

The leaflet explained that the salon was an offshoot of an all-female club called "Le Restaurant" and offered some unusual extras to its female clientele.
Reading through the deliberately vague descriptions, she decided that she had definitely found a place she'd enjoy!

It was with keen interest that she returned the following evening for a cut and blow-dry.
At first, it was just like any other hairdresser's, very efficient and professional hair-care staff and an enjoyable atmosphere. It was only after her hair was cut to the new bob that she'd decided upon that the subtle differences began to show; instead of staying in the main body of the shop, she was invited to go through into a secluded area marked "Women Only".

She had decided on an all-over haircut and buff up, and she had to undress so that her body hair could be trimmed.
Once she was naked, she sat down in the chair and relaxed, prepared to enjoy the experience.

Two staff members came over to her, a man and a woman.
The woman started to run the taps for her hair wash, while the man lightly fingered her hairless armpits and the hair between her thighs.
"Do you want a trim down here or a shave?" he asked.
"A - a - a shave," Sandy stammered.
He had sent tingles through her with his feather light touches and she parted her thighs without realising it, inviting further attentions.

"I'll have to clip it first before I shave you, so you've got a chance to change your mind."
"O.K." Sandy said quietly.

The woman had got the water to the right temperature and now gently pulled Sandy's shoulders back and tilted the chair so that Sandy's head was over the basin.
As her head hair was washed, Sandy felt the man carefully clip the excess hair from her bush.

It felt cool without the mass of fuzz that had built up.
Then she felt him wet the hair and skin, and smother it with cream to make the shaving easier.
She heard the hum of a shaver and felt it slice through the wetness, exposing her pussy for the first time in years.

Soon her pussy was bare, and sensitive to the slightest touch.
The man dried her carefully, but not without turning her on.
She slid forward slightly.
"May I?" the man asked.
"Yes, please!" Sandy responded.

He continued to touch her, gradually going into her clit, then her wet, hole.
It was such a light touch, so different to the massage her head was getting, that Sandy soon found herself breathing in short breaths and trying to get more from the man.
Suddenly, he dipped his head to her pussy and took it all into his mouth and licked it.

"Oh my Gooood! More, please, more!" Sandy moaned, clutching at his head to hold him there.
He obliged and Sandy felt his tongue flicking her sensitive parts, sending her into ecstasies.
Her bud grew as he sucked on it, and Sandy felt herself starting to come.
He stopped sucking then and slid his forefinger into her gaping hot hole and tickled her.
She gasped at the sensations he was creating, and shuddered with pleasure when he put his thumb on her clit and rotated it against his finger.

"Ohhhh, Gooooood. More! Yesssssssssssssss! Yessssssssssssss!" she moaned as he took her nearly to the climax he'd postponed earlier.

"Fuck me, please! Fuck me now" Sandy demanded in frustration at being held back.
The man said gently, "I'm not allowed to penetrate you in the Salon.
You'd have to 'cum' to Le Restaurant for that, but I will send you over the edge with my hands and mouth."

With that he began nibbling at the outer lips of her pussy and Sandy felt the woman's hands slide down to her bare breasts to fondle them wetly.
She stretched her thighs as wide as possible, letting him get as far in as he could, and writhed with pleasure.

This was certainly the best haircut she'd ever had!

Soon she was cumming ferociously - it had been a long time since she'd had sex and this prolonged build-up had made the floodgates even more flooded.

Afterwards, while her hair was being dried and styled, she enquired about the other place, Le Restaurant, and found that it was essentially a sex club for women to explore things in safety and without exploitation.
In fact, it sounded as if the clientele were doing all the exploiting!

Sandy decided that she'd have to investigate this club. Soon.


Suck Me said...

I think I've been going to the wrong hairdressers!!! :D

david santos said...

Nice blog and good text
Thank you

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story, and yes it makes us both want to look for a "better" salon, we are both shavers and would love that degree of attention.....what a voyeur's delightful find....hope you check out a few of our stories when you get a chance...hugs...

Anonymous said...

i so anxiously await your newest entries. i hope to read more soon.