Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Personal Assistant, Chapter One: The Interview

The following story was sent in my a reader of this blog. Thanks, explicit temptations.

by explicit temptations

It's mid morning on a Wednesday, and I just pulled up to a house that was given to me by Lisa. I had a 10am interview with her for the Personal Assistant position she had available. I sat in my car, and looked at my watch, 9:45am, and gave myself one good look in my rear view mirror. Made sure my tie was straight, my face didn't have any food crumbs or drink stains, my hair was fixed, and I popped a breath strip in my mouth to make sure.

I get of the car, and noticed that it is a bit windy on this cloudy day, and walked to the entry of this gorgeous house. I pulled out my slip of paper out of my pocket to make sure the address was correct. I concur the number on the house, is correct with the number on m slip of paper. I checked my business folder to make sure my resume was in there, and then rang the door bell.

"Just a minute, please!", assuming that was Lisa yelling from the inside. Then I hear the sounds of clicking approaching the front door.

Just then the door unlocked, and my throat and stomach sank.

"Good Morning Lisa, my name is Brian, and I spoke to you last night regarding the position for a personal assistant, " Extending my hand to greet myself.

You extend back, as we formally shake hands.

"Thanks for coming on short notice. I have a flight that leaves for Miami at 4pm, and I already have had a busy morning. Come in, Come in!"

I smile at your invitation, and then noticed your attire.

Looking from the ground up, I see you have on a pair of high black heels, black stockings, that trace up to your mini skirt, and black suit jacket, and your hair is up.

I think to myself that I am in trouble, and it's going to be very tough looking her in the eyes.

"How was your drive over here? Did you find the place fine?" You ask, as I follow you to your living room. And took that seat that you offered.

"The Drive was fine, thank you, no traffic or delays. You have an absolutely gorgeous house." In compliments.

"Thank you. I worked very hard for this. Can I get you something to drink, coffee, juices, water?"

"A bottle of water would be great."

I see you walk into the kitchen as you adjust your glasses, you pinned them up again, and you move to the refridgerator, and you bent over slightly and I see your garter line is to your upper mid thighs, and notice you are wearing a pair of white panties.

You walk back, as I see your white blouse is lowered to great anyone with your cleavage, and you hand me the bottle of water, and smile.

You walk over the sofa chair in front of me and have a seat.

"Again, thank you for coming today Brian, did you bring your resume?"

"Of Course!"

I open my business folder and slide out my resume, and reach over to hand it to you. You reach towards me just giving me a good enough view down your chest to see you are wearing a matching white bra. I try not to look, but I couldn't help it, the opportunity was there.

After receiving my resume, you sat there for a minute or two looking over my qualifications. In the meantime, I couldn't help but pray that you don't catch me looking at your fantastic body. My eyes were fixated on the section of your leg where the stockings met your skin which met your mini skirt. You kept crossing and uncrossing your legs, either knowing or unknowning you are teasing me. I catch glimpses of your panties and your skin in the meantime.

"Wow, I thought you said you had experience, all I see on your resume is that you were an aerospace engineer for 5 years, and you have an computer science bachelor degree."

"Yes that is correct, but I really need a career change, and something challenging and new in my life. Sitting in a cube for 40 hours a week was getting dull, and I needed something new," I reply.

"Okay, I just have a few questions for you."


"Do you know what industry I work in?"

"No not exactly", I say in regret.

"Well Brian, I have in the adult industry. The reason why I am looking for a personal assistant is to manage my time and schedule. As of late I have been pushed around by my agent to go to place, make appearances, autographs, and so forth. I need someone to help me or take charge of managing this."

"Great, it sounds like the challenge I need."

"How is your availability? Meaning, I need my personal assistant 24/7, it's a demanding position, and if you have family, you may find it a challenge to juggle your personal life versus what I demand."

"Well, to be honest with you, I am in a relationship, but she understands that we need to make a little more money than what my previous job was paying before. She works late hours, and we are pretty used to our demanding schedules." I start to sweat knowning these questions were going to get more demanding and challenging.

"Have you seen any of my work?" You asked.

You can see the surprise on my face when you asked that.

"Ummm, to be honest with you, yes I have."

"And what did you think?"

"Ummmmm, can I just say thank you for all the nights you've kept me company"

You smile and thank me for that comment.

I unscrew the bottle of water you gave to me, as I can feel my temperature getting warmer. I take a drink of water, and try to relax. During your questioning you have been crossing and uncrossing your legs, and I can see your white panties in my overall vision of you, but never once made direct eye contact with your white panties.

"Have you and your wife seen my work?" Another shocking question.

"May I ask why the personal questions?" I retort.

"You see Brian" As you stand up and pace around. "If you are not open with me, and not comfortable for what I do for a living, then I can't honestly say you are the best for the position."

"Then Yes, my wife and I have seen your work."

"And what did you two do while watching my work?"

I sigh, and take another drink of water.

"We had sex." I say in embarrasement.

"What were you thinking of watching my work, were you doing your wife or doing me in your mind?"

"I was thinking about doing you."

"And what were you doing to your wife while you were thinking about me?"

You start to uncross your legs again, this time your close your legs together, and remove the scrungy from your hair, and let your hair fall down. Your hand brushes through your hair, removing all the knots,and you take off your glasses and start to bite on them.

"Are these questions necessary? I would prefer not to answer those questions because I see no relevance what these question have to do with the position I am applying for." Making an attempt to put my foot down and turn the interview around in another direction.

"Fair enough" You reply.

"Okay then Brian, what do you know about me. It sounds like you seen my movies, seen me in magazines, have you read any interviews?"

"Yes I have."

"Well, tell me what you have read."

"I read in a magazine that you like to watch people masturbate, and that you are bi sexual, and you love having both men and women to please you."

"Yes that is true. Anything else"

"I have heard that you also love to have sex outdoors, or in public because you love the risk factor."

"Not bad. Do you know what type of Men I like?"

I reply, "No I don't, I just thought you like guys that are toned, and guys that are in shape."

"You've been watching too many movies." You laugh. Your legs become a undone as you laugh, and I gaze between your legs again.

"Actually Brian, I love dark guys! Guys who are shy, Guys who know how to treat a woman, you know, guys that are funny, smart, adorable, loveable. You get the idea."

"I think I get the idea." I reply.

"You see Brian, as a personal assist you are to catter to my needs whenever I say." You stand up and walk closer to me. You start to undo the buttons that hold your suit jacket closed. You walk closer and closer, and I just sat there, making eye contact with you, trying not to notice that your nipples are hard, and your skirt isn't straight.

I swallow my throat, "Yes I do understand that, thank you."

"And I've been catching you looking between my thighs, and seeing my white panties, and looking at my legs, my body, and I've notice your body sweating, and your bulgde in your pants." You make your way to me, and you straddle my legs, and sit on me.

"I know you like what you see, shit, you've seen me fuck in my movies, you've seen my pussy and tits in Magazines, you've seen me, and it's only fair I see you."

Your hands grip my head, as you slowly move your hands to my shoulders, to my chest, to my stomach, and you pull up my tucked in shirt.

"I am sorry for looking at you during the interview Lisa, but I am Married, and in a relationship." I struggle to fight, and resist you.

You move your body closer to mine, as you start to untie my necktie, and you loosen it up and pull it off my neck.

"Mmmmm, you smell good Brian!"

"Thank you", I sat there helpless, I know I shouldn't even let her on me, but I am too weak to resists.

Your face moves closer to mine, I notice your eyes are closed as you draw nearer to me. I can smell your infectious scent all over my surroundings. You grab my hands and guide them on your ass, your firm ass.

I lean back, as you lean forward, as you finally lock lips with me. In our first kiss, you can feel the energy in it, the desire, the lust we have for each other.

Your hands roam my chest up and down as I slide my hands to the ends of your skirt, and lift it up. I can feel the soft smooth skin you have on your ass, as we start to breath a little more heavier, and deeper.

You release your lips from mine, as you bite my lower lips, and you slide your firery body down mine, as you make your way between my legs.

"So Brian, let's see what you got"

You unbuckle my belt, and unbutton my black slacks and slide my zipper down and you see I am a boxers guy, and you notice my hard cock poking through.

You open your mouth, and bite my cock through my boxers, and look into my eyes, and then you grab my boxers to slide them down. My pants are boxers are around my thighs.

To your surprise you see that i am completely shaved, no hair anywhere, my balls and shaft is shaved.

You exam it, like a new toy, and compliment me on my shaving. I nodded at you, and grab your head, and shove my cock inside your mouth, as you gag at first, not knowing my 8" cock is thicker than you thought it was.

You bob your mouth up and down my thick pulsating cock, moving up and down. I can feel your warm lips sliding and puckering on my tool.

I thrust my hips upward to meet your tonsils, and make you gag more, as you take a quick breather, and pull my cock, "Mmmmmm someone is anxious."

My dreams are finally coming true. All those times watching her movies, fucking my wife while thinking about fucking her, is finally comming true.

My cock has thicken as you continously motion your head up and down, sliding your expert mouth all over it. I look down to see how wet my cock looks, and how sexy you are with your mouth around it.

You take another breather, and start talking a little more dirtier.

"Mmmmmm, you want my mouth again, you want me to suck on it again?"

I nodded and reply, "YESSSSSS!!!"

"Mmmmmmmmm, you want to fuck my mouth, you need it, I bet your fucking wife doesn't suck your cock as well as I do."

In agreement again with you, "Ohhh please suck me, suck it, take it in your mouth."

You smile and close you eyes again. You move your hands up and down my wet cock, as your mouth follows your hands, up and down, up and down.

This feeling is the best, I think to myself that she is porn star for a reason, she is so fucking good at sucking cock.

Then you give me a good hard deep throat taking me all the way in your mouth.

And your exasperate, and release your mouth from my cock.

"You need to fuck me don't you? You need to slam your hard cock inside me? Do you want to feel how wet I am, and how hot my pussy is?"

I nod again.

Just then you stand up and slide your skirt off. Then you climb on top of me, but you managed to pin my arms down to the chair by putting your feet ontop of them. You are standing on your sofa chair, and squat down.

My mouth and your pussy is literally about 1/2" away from each other. But unfortunately I am too far from licking you.

"You smell that cunt, Brian, you want it?"

"YESSS PLEASE!" Graveling at you.

Then you move your panties to the side, and see your fingers slide in and out of your cunt. I notice your lips moving to the side to accomodate your two fingers, as you slide them in and out. Surprisingly you are have not lost your balance, and you slide them in and out.

"You like that don't you, you wish that was your cock instead my fingers?"

Pumping faster, and I see your other hand rapidly massaging your clit, in circles, moving faster and faster.

"GOD, you feel this Brian, it's so Fucking TIGHT!"

"is your cock hard? Do you want to touch it, or better yet fuck me?"


I look at your cunt, and see your pussy juices starting to drip from your fingers to the palm of your hands, to your wrist and on top my chin.

I try to lick more dripping juices but i couldn't.

You look down to see me attempting to lick you. You move closer to my tongue, and just so fucking close, I couldn't do it.

You smiled in such a teasing pleasure, that you fuck yourself faster and faster. Only teasing me.


You buckled more, and then moved your hips up and down, side to side, front to back, as your fingers are jammed inside your cunt.

Just then, your moans become a louder and grunting has left your mouth.

"Fuck it Lisa, FUCK IT!"

"Mmmmm yeah, I love it"

Then your screamed so loud, that you came all over your fingers. Your Gush left your cunt and drench my face.

"mmmmmmmmmm" as you pet your clit, and slide down from me.

Then you knelt in front my cock, and gave it one good lick.

then you stood up, and you saw my confused look, and my cock still solid.

"Brian, if you want to fuck me, and taste my pussy, you are going to have to work for me, and EARN it."

You turned around and showed me your ass.

"The job is yours" Then you took off your panties, and threw them at me, "This is to help you make your decision."

I sat there and smelled your panties, and then I took them to my cock, and started to stroke my cock with your wet panties wrapped around my cock.

I pumped my cock, up and down, and kept looking at your body.

You turned around and saw what I was doing, and you then encouragemed me to finish myself off.

You watched from the chair you were once sitting, watching me stroke it up and down, as I see you fuck your cunt again.

"MMMMMMMMMMMM GOD!!!!" Screamed, as you see my hot sperm leave my thick cock, and smother your panties. More kept squirting out, as I see you jam your cunt, as you have three fingers fucking it.

I cleaned myself off with your panties, as you gave yourself a final shove, and screamed and came all over your hands.

I took the panties, and threw them back at you.

"I accept the position"

You grabbed your panties, and licked the cum off of it.

"Welcome aboard. Now if you don't mind, I have a plane to catch. I will see you here on Monday."

I looked at the time and it is nearly 1pm, and my wife is expecting me home in 20 minutes.

So I cleaned up, and put my clothes back on.

You sat there naked, stroking your clit, and massaging your tits.

As I headed for the door, you said, "Remember Brian, you have to Earn it!"

"I will Ma'am, thank you!"

I opened the door, and gave you one good look, and left.


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