Friday, February 16, 2007

A Gift from the Past


The Arizona summer night was warm but the low humidity made it very comfortable.
The camping area we chose wasn't crowded at all. Most residence camped in the Spring or Fall, not wanting to fight the summer heat. All of the campers here were from States in the North.
The area was laid out with plenty of room between the tents and campers dotting the desert sand.
The only growth around were scrub trees and cactus. They were called trees but weren't much more then large bushes that offered little privacy between sites.
This was one of the few areas that had a small lake near the campgrounds, so it was quite popular during the regular season. It was also illegal to pick up and burn wood or anything else found laying on the ground. If anyone wanted a campfire they had to bring their own wood.
It offered swimming and hiking with marked trails leading to old Indian ruins that were thriving villages years ago. These ruins and history of these villages are what brought most people to this are.
Fortunately most people obeyed the laws prohibiting the removal of Indian artifacts, so there was still a lot to see.
The sun sets in this area are very erotic. It's very large on the horizon, creating beautiful colors in the sky
As it sinks below the far away mountains long mysterious shadows appear on the ground. Some say you can see Indians slowly riding their houses through the shadows.

My interest in American Indians began when I was about 12 years old living on the family farm.
I was playing outside one day and found a stone that looked like an arrow head. When I showed it to my Grandpa he explained that it was in fact an old Indian arrow head.
I didn't know until that day that my Grandpa was part Indian, so that made me part Indian too.
He had studied Indian stories, myths and history all his life.
He told me stories of the many ceremonies that celebrate different things in the life of the tribe.

This got me started on a quest of study and knowledge that eventually brought me to this spot today. It was an area that was inhabited by the Apache tribes and was full of history, being here was a life long desire.
I wanted to see for myself the hard struggle for survival that was necessary in this land of sand and nothingness.
As I walked around the ruins, my mind was filled with pictures and feelings for the people that once lived here in the desert. I could see the ceremonies and rituals being performed, the happy faces of a people so proud and respected.
My husband Bill said I was possessed, but I think it's just a complete understanding and belief in all that I've read and learned over the years.

Bill and I were relaxing by the low campfire after a long day of hiking.
We had taken a good swim in the lake to wash up and cool off then had a wonderful dinner. Now was a quiet time left to thoughts and small talk.
We discussed driving up to the Indian Village ruins and spending the night there under the stars.
We had a trailer, but I wanted to be outside and maybe experience some of the wonders of the village mythology.

Bill and I had been married for 12 years and this vacation was kind of a get to know each other again.
So far it's been wonderful, we talked about feelings, our desires, and fantasies. It was so wonderful we acted like a couple of 18 year kids.
Our renewed sexual desires didn't spark, they burned with a tremendous flame and passion that never seemed to dwindle.
We had sex every morning in our camper and usually 2 or 3 times a day in the desert.

Besides water and the usual survival items, our pack always contained a blanket and other things necessary to have a good sexual romp in the sand.
We were beginning to get a full body tan from having our clothes off so much in the sunlight.
Early on I discovered the sun screen we bought also makes a good lubricant for sex.
Not that my vagina need any lubricant, but we discovered an alternative way of having sex where the lubricant was necessary.

Earlier that day we were walking around one of the Indian ruins holding hands when we started kissing.
He placed his hand inside the back of my shorts and started rubbing my butt cheeks.
He kneaded my cheeks while moving his fingers to my ass hole, Bill had never done that before and the new feeling and sensation felt good.
Immediately I became wet and felt the juice slowly filling my underwear.
We continued kissing while I removed my shorts and opened up his pants. Bill's fully erect cock jumped out like a spring board.
I've always admired the size and strength of Bill's cock, erect it was 8' long and as thick as the small end of a baseball bat. It filled my vagina with great pleasure and actually created pressure and suction when he pumped deep inside me.
I wasn't sure what he had in mind but the feeling I was experiencing was excitement, pleasure and joy.

While his fingers continued to massage my ass, I pushed back against his hand.
He was now getting the idea that I liked the new and different thing he was doing to me.
I rubbed his expanded cock and felt the precum that was leaking from the small hole in the end. It covered his cock as I stroked it from top to the base.
I was getting hotter and hotter as Bill's finger poked and probed my ass.
Soon I wanted his finger deep inside, that's when I got the idea of the sun screen.
Pulling away from Bill, I reached into the pack and got the bottle of sun screen out.
'Dear, I think this will help in our new adventure.'
He looked at me and smiled saying, 'I knew this stuff would be useful for something besides the sun. That's why I bought this brand, it's an all natural blend with no chemicals.'

Bill looked around to make sure we were alone and removed his clothes.
I took off all my clothes and let the warm sun envelope my body.
I'd never been naked in the outdoors before this vacation, but the unobstructed freedom and independence felt wonderful.

Standing naked within the Indian ruins and letting the warm sun cover my body gave me the feeling of being alone in the world.
It took me back in time when the village was full of life and energy, only the bare necessities, water, food and shelter were needed. I imagined love and the struggle of life itself is what held these people together, you could say I'm a romantic type.
Everything was shared, the work, the food, the hunt and the protection of each other was a common goal. It was like everything felt right and good.

I laid my clothes on a rock and motioned for Bill to come to me.
My slim body and 40 D breasts always attracted attention and looks from men, and some women.
But the only person I ever wanted to impress was my husband.

When he was standing front of me I reached out for his beautiful body and closed my lips around his granite manhood.
His moans of pleasure were transmitted through his entire body to the end of his erection buried inside my mouth.

He was so thick all I could do was close my lips around the head and tongue the soft glands on the end.
His precum anointed my tongue and filled my mind with visions of his love and desire for me.
Holding my head still, I only moved my tongue as Bill slowly and gently pumped his wondrous meat between my wet lips.
He placed his hands on my shoulders and kept a steady rhythm with his hips while I too moaned with pleasure.
His excitement and passion transmitted to my body and mind causing me to become fully aroused as I leaked juice all over my bottom.
I knew he was about to cum by his breathing and tight grip on my shoulders. His manhood thickened even more until all I could do was hold the very tip in my mouth.
I gently squeezed his balls as his load of hot cum shot far into my mouth.
With experience and love, I learned to receive his several ounces of hot cum right down my throat.
He grunted and moaned calling my name as the hot fluid was pumped from his balls and shot into my stomach.
After the third large squirt his cum slowed to a steady drip each time his heart beat.
Sucking and drinking all that was offered to me I milked him dry with my hands.
Soon his manhood shrank to a point where I could again take almost all of it in my mouth.
I moaned with pleasure knowing that I had made him feel so good.

Giving Bill a blow job didn't go without causing an effect my own body.
My wetness covered the clothes I was sitting on and the fragrance of my own juice filled the tranquil warm air with it's sweet aroma.

Bill pulled his flaccid organ from my lips and let it fall between his legs.
Looking at me he said, 'Shona, you make love to me like a mad woman and I love it dear.'
He reached down and we kissed for a lone time while he rubbed my vagina spreading hot juices around the outer lips.

After a moment he knelt down between my legs as I leaned back allowing Bill to spread my legs apart.
He tenderly kissed my wet opening and moved his tongue all around the lips spreading delight and pleasure between my legs
. If one could be called an expert at giving oral pleasure to a woman, then Bill was such a man.
He manipulated his tongue inside and around in such a manner that it felt as though several little tongues were assaulting my love hole at once, licking the walls on all sides and going deep within.

It didn't take very long until I felt the wondrous tensions of orgasm building in my body. I pushed my thighs into his face as his tongue now buried itself deep inside my furnace of love.
Bill squeezed my breasts and fingered my nipples knowing I was again about to give him the pleasure of drinking my hot juices.
Suddenly the quiet day turned into dead silence, locked in space and time as the warm orgasmic pleasures raced through my body and exploded from deep within my love canal. I felt the hot juice flood into Bills mouth and felt him swallow the sweet reward of his tender loving care.
He continued to lick and suck me as wave after wave of magnificent amazement flooded my body.
Nothing in Gods world felt as good as having my husbands lips locked onto my vagina sucking my juices.

Soon my head stopped swimming and the quiet sounds of the desert returned to my ears.
'Oh Bill, I love you so very much.' 'I love you to dear.' He stood and gave me a long wet kiss.
I could taste my still warm juice on his lips, but learned a long time ago how sweet it really is.

After a few minutes we pulled apart and stood up.
I felt Bill's monster of love hard and throbbing between my legs.
He looked into my eyes and said, 'Are you willing to try something a little different now?'
' Yes Dear, I'll try anything you want. This place does something to me that I can't explain, but I do anything.'

Bill reached for the sun screen and squeezed some onto his hand then spread it all over his granite meat.
I knew what he intended to do, so I turned around and leaned against the rock again.
The excitement and arousal were almost too much to imagine.

To my surprise and delight Bill got onto his knees and spread my as cheeks apart until my pink wrinkled button was totally exposed to his view.
He stuck out his tongue and started licking the outer ring of my Rose Bud.
This gave me a new sensation that was both wonderful and strange.

His wet tongue felt soft and warm as it traveled around in circles to the center of my dark canal.
There Bill stopped and pushed a little of his tongue inside. I thought maybe I'd be a little repulsed by this action, but it felt marvelous and stimulating.
My juices started flowing again and ran down my leg as my anticipation and desire built. Slowly I pushed my rear back against Bill's probing tongue until I felt it pop inside the ring of muscle.
Mmmmm it felt so good.

His strong hands spread my butt cheeks wide as his tongue assaulted my hole causing my whole body to shutter and shake.
I was reeling with a pleasure unknown to me before.
I pushed back harder and harder.
Now Bill was fucking my ass with his tongue and I screamed with delight as another more powerful orgasm raced through my body.
He quickly placed 4 fingers in my vagina catching as much of my superheated fluid as he could.

After a minute I settled down and Bill stood up rubbing his expanded manhood with my hot cum.
It glistened in the hot Arizona sun, giving it the look of a mythical golden staff. I could hardly wait to feel it buried deep inside.
I turned around again and Bill spread the sunscreen on my ass and his tool of love.
The mixture of sunscreen and my juice made everything very slippery.
He placed the end of his cock against my hole and pushed slowly. It was very uncomfortable, but didn't hurt at all.
I really wanted it inside, I'm sure that had something to do with the way I felt.
He was going slow, not wanting to hurt me when I decided it should be in now. I pushed back hard and felt the enormous head pop inside past the ring of muscle.
Now it hurt. I let out a small whimper and Bill started to pull out.
'No don't. It feels too good. Just let me relax for a minute.'
We were both very still until I pushed back and told him to go on.
Slowly he pushed more and more of his long cock in.

Each thrust in was matched with a slight pull out. Soon all of his 8' was buried in my hole. I felt his balls resting against my dripping pussy.
Bill held himself still while I pushed and pulled.
Getting used to the monster in my ass, I told him to fuck me good and hard.
He started a slow in and out movement that brought the head of his cock right to the opening, then back in again. This tempo increased and soon we were both slamming back against each other.
He moaned with delight and emotion while I screamed with pure animal lust.
God never in my life has anything felt so intense and fierce.
I wanted it all and didn't want to stop.

We banged and slammed making a wet squishy sound when his balls slapped my pussy.
The tremors of a great orgasm were rushing through my body and mind. I became dizzy with pleasure and ecstasy as the feelings grew into a blasting mind exploding experience.
I think I actually scratched the rock from my grip as my vagina spewed the hot juice from my body. I screamed and screamed, shattering the desert silence with the sound of an Indian War Cry.

This was all it took for Bill, he grabbed my hips and slammed deep inside one last time and grunted loudly as his balls erupted in a fountain of hot steamy cum.
I felt the fluid burn a pathway deep inside when his cock blasted it's load.

I stood straight up and squeezed my ass tight not wanting to let go.
I felt his cock pump hot juice each time his heart beat.
Bill held me tight and squeezed my breasts while kissing my neck and shoulders.
Ever so slowly his wilting manhood softened and soon was it's normal size, but still I held it captive in my ass.
'Sweetheart your going to have to let it go.'
'No, not just yet. I want to feel you inside some more.'

We held each other for a long time until I finally pulled away and allowed his flaccid shaft to fall out.
Turning to Bill I said, 'I don't know what ever gave you that idea, but it was wonderful. I think we can do that again and again.'
We kissed long and hard for several minutes, our tongues winding and stroking each other.

In our truck we carried several 5 gallon containers of water, so cleaning up was not a problem. We settled down and gathered all our clothes.
Our drive back to the campground was filled with talk about what had happened and how much we both enjoyed it.

The next day we decided to drive up to an old village and spend the night under the stars.
We packed food, clothes, extra water and whatever else we need for the stay. It was a 2 hour drive from our camp to the village.
Our time was filled with conversation about Indian legends of the spirit world. Bill never made fun of me or ridiculed my beliefs in the legends and myths.
He understood my studies and gave me all the support any woman could ask.

We arrived at the village just before noon. Bill unpacked the truck and set up our camp site while I made lunch.
When everything was cleaned up and put away we walked around the ruins.
Even though Bill was at my side, I felt alone within the ruins.
It might have been my mind playing tricks or the brilliant Arizona sun, but I could see images walking around the abandoned village. I felt a presence of intense power and love.
I didn't mention any of this to Bill, they were my thoughts and feelings and they were doing things to my mind that I couldn't explain.
We enjoyed the sights and surroundings all day long, taking pictures of everything and each other.

We brought enough wood to build a nice campfire next to the area we chose to sleep. We each had our own sleeping bags so we put them right next to each other.
The night was so beautiful, full of stars and desert sounds, when we made love that night we did so on top of the bags.
The fire was down to nice glowing embers with just a trace of smoke rising into the night air. We fell asleep in the dreams of lovers.

I must have been dreaming of a time lost to man when I opened my eyes and looked at the fire. I saw the smoke slowly rising into the night, but it didn't vanish like before. It stayed several feet off the ground and seemed to gather in on itself.
I kept watching as the smoke became a cloud of light gray movement, I was mesmerized at the sight before me.

Slowly a figure emerged from the cloud and drifted toward me.
It was a man, an Indian Chief in full head dress with long feathers draped down his back onto the ground.
I recognized the paint on his face and arms, he was an Apache Chief.
The only clothing was a loin cloth and leather wrapped feet to his knees.
His long black hair hung down to his shoulders and swayed as he walked.
He was carrying a very decorative staff in his right hand and a bow with arrows in his left. He approached me in complete silence and knelt next to me.
He placed the bow and staff on the ground and held out his hand to me. In my dream state I took his hand and received a shock that jolted my body. There was a sudden brilliant flash of light that temporarily blinded me, I was surprised but not frightened.

Within a second the light faded and I found myself in a teepee next to a small burning fire.
The warm flickers of light caused shadows to dance on the sides. I looked around in amazement at the buffalo blankets on the ground and other skins hanging on the walls.
Everything was so clear and sharp, I couldn't believe my eyes. Suddenly the night was filled with the sounds chanting, singing and dancing. Again I recognized the songs of the Apache.
it was the ceremonial song of 'Changing Woman.'

The Chief was standing next to me as I laid naked on the blankets.
He removed his head dress and carefully hung it on a wooden hook.
He was beautiful, his tall muscular body glistened in the fire light.
I was able to see every detail on his body, there was no hair which made the many scars stand out.
These reflected the various battles he had fought to survive in an ever changing world.

He was standing at my feet when he removed his loin cloth. His erect penis stood out like the horn of the great buffalo. Kneeling my feet he lifted each foot one at time and began kissing my toes until my whole foot was covered with warm saliva. Then I felt his hot breath on my legs as his warm tongue traced a soft trail up my thigh to my pussy. My legs were gently pushed apart while he got between them and touch his tongue to my wet vagina.
The music outside the teepee was building and getting louder as his tongue traced around the dripping lips of my pussy.

Oh God the feeling was wonderful.
His soft wet tongue, the glowing fire and warm reflections sent me into an immediate orgasm.
My body trembled and shivered into orgasmic heaven while my mind swam in ecstatic release. I screamed so loud the music and songs could no longer be heard.
My hot juices burst from me while he drank and licked my wide open gash.
He kept his mouth on my vagina until my breathing settled down and my heart slowed.
His soft licking continued for several minutes collecting my hot flowing juice.

Then slowly, as if in a dream, he moved up to cover me with his strong muscular body.
His radiant heat surrounded my body like a warm blanket of love. His strong arms were on either side of me as our lips touched. I opened my mouth to receive his tongue and tasted my still warm juice.
Our tongues met and danced together twisted in the heat of passion and romance.

As we kissed, his granite hard cock eased itself to my wet open vagina.
With no guidance or help, he pushed one time and buried several inches of hard meat deep inside, I felt his balls slam my ass.
My body reacted as though I'd been jolted with a hot poker, it burned so good.

Our kiss never broke as he began a slow in and out motion that again sent me into another world.
Searing waves of pleasurable heat stabbed through me as my orgasm erupted and covered his manhood with a torrent of molten juice.
This caused him to increase his tempo and soon he was slamming me hard and fast. It felt as though I was lifted of the ground each time he slammed into me. I had never felt such glorious force and vigorous energy before.
My mind was a thousand miles away and in another world as my body was hammered with magnificent delight.

Soon I felt him tighten and become stiff as his muscles reacted to the impending orgasm about to explode.
His cock thickened and became longer and harder just as I felt numerous hot blasts of cum shoot deep inside of me.
He held me very tight and called my name as the fluids exploded from his cock.
The pulsating eruptions lasted several seconds and hot juicy cum squished out around his poisoning manhood only to run down to my ass.

After several minutes he pulled his flaccid manhood from my swollen reddened vagina and lifted himself off me and stood at my feet.
My insides burned with the fullness of life given to me in myth and legend.
I was swimming on a cloud of gratification and understanding.

The Apache Chief looked at me and said, 'You have received a gift from a forgotten time. You would have been my princess, only to be served by the people of our tribe, your life would have been one of pleasure and happiness at my side. Your name, 'SHONA' means Cloud Princess. One that can be seen and admired, ever changing, but never held or caressed. Your world and mine are not the same, therefore the only gift I can give you is one of your dreams and desires.'

My mind was still whirling and spinning when he reached for my hand again. I touched his hand and again saw the blinding light before me.

Within a second it cleared and I looked around.
Slowly my senses returned and the real world came into focus.
I was inside my sleeping bag, cozy and warm. The fire was still burning with a low flame and Bill was sleeping next to me.

Then I noticed the extreme wetness between my legs.
Opening the sleeping bag I examined myself, and saw my vagina was puffy and red.
The fluid covering it indicated I had sex.
Again I looked all around searching and wondering, but saw nothing.
The only evidence of my 'Dream' was the steady seeping of cum from my vagina.

I looked back at the fire and saw a figure drifting in and out of the smoke toward the star studded sky.
For a brief time the smoke took the shape of the Apache Chief in my dream.
He was on a great White horse galloping away, he turned and smiled at me, then dissolved into thin air.

I still wasn't sure what happened, but made up my mind I'd never tell anyone about this experience.
It's something I felt and knew was real, I also knew no one would believe me.
He said it was a gift from the past, I'll take it as that and be forever grateful. I know in my heart, I was in a past life and received the ceremony of the 'Changing Woman.'
The legends and myths are real, I know because I was there. With that knowledge I was content, my life long studies a success.

My heart, body and mind were completely relaxed, filled with joy and satisfaction. I laid back and closed my eyes, dreaming of Indians loving and living all around me.

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