Sunday, February 04, 2007

Jessica (continued)

by Kimwell (Oct 99)

Jessica and I took turns washing each other in the shower.
I playfully handled that little dick for a bit, until Jessica got embarrassed. Then she, I will now refer to her that way again, scrubbed me.
I let her hands linger on my breasts, and traced my body contours in soap.
She caressed my ass cheeks and stared at the triangle of hair between my legs.
She compared her hips to mine.

'How come your hips are so wide?'
'They're wide so a baby can get through. Didn't your mom tell you this?'
My turn: 'so what did it feel like, your first time?'
'It was warm and really wet, kind of soapy,' she said.
She started to finger my labia.
Time was running out, but there were still things to tell her.

'Put your finger inside.'
She put her forefinger just inside.
I do Kegel exercises a lot so I clinched on her finger a few times, and her face lit up in surprise.
We got out of the shower, put some powder on, and got dressed.
I helped tuck in the little dick and gave Jessica a pair of my panties to hide them some more.
I put on my short black skirt and a sweater with a deep v-neck.
We stuffed Jessica's bra and put her in a sundress that I had bought a few days before. Jessica took me by the hand and we walked to the kitchen.
I led her into the bedroom and lay on top of the bed, with my legs hanging off the edge.
She flapped over the skirt onto my belly and spread my legs.
Soon she had her tongue and teeth on my clit sucking away at it furiously. I started to moan, ohh........ohhhhhh.

'Oh you sound so girly,' Jessica said.
'uh-huh!' I groaned some more.
I spread my legs some more to ease her access and she poked a finger inside as she slurped away.
I clinched her little finger until I noticed a presence in the room.
Tom was standing right next to me, still in his business suit.
I looked up at him, smiling, hoping he wouldn't be mad or jealous or anything. I could see from the bulge in his pants that he was interested anyway.
He was smiling and I licked my lips.

He unzipped his pants and the 'snake' was in his hand, he wriggled it in his hand and it grew stiff in his hands.
I looked down at Jessica, eager to see her expression.
She was still licking away but staring at my boy's enormous cock headed straight at me.
I could only just get the head into my mouth, and holding it like a lolly pop, I slurped on his hot and thick sausage.
My nipples were hard and thick tacks sticking through my sweater.
Tom put his hand under my sweater and caressed my tits, easing for a moment their need for affection.

I pulled out his cock and said, 'dearie, this is my girlfriend, Jessica. Jessica this is my boyfriend, Tom'
They said hello to each other, laughing at how silly their meeting each other this way was.

'I want you to fuck me with this monster cock,' I said to him.
Smiling he switched positions with Jessica.
Jessica plopped down next to me and held my labia apart while the snake slowly made its way into my fleshy tunnel.
I sighed with his penetration, willing myself to expand around him, my cunt massaging his dick, slowly squeezing his cream out of that little red slit on his cock's head, and wished that my pussy could slurp him dry.
Instead, I lay there passively as his strokes got more and more energetic.
He curled up my legs and started to really shovel it in.
He pulled out to drop his pants, and Jessica looked into my gaping hole.
Tom had totally stretched me out and the cool wafts of air made me wonder if Jessica could see all the way to my palpitating heart.
Tom jumped back in and soon started to sway.
I arched my hips and dug my nails into his ass.
His eyes bugged out and he SCREEAMED as he came.

Afterwards he lay on top of me and we kissed for the longest time. He got up and pulled out.
Grabbing his balls he showed his dick to a clearly fascinated Jessica: 'see this'â as if you could miss that unit from a plane overhead, 'I came in her so hard my balls hurt'â Jessica raised a hand to touch it, but changed her mind.
Instead, while he went to the bathroom, she hunched down between my legs.
'I'm going to make you come.' She said, and started to lick away at my swollen clit.
Curious, I asked her what it look like between my legs.
'It looks like someone put a liquid pearl right where your pussy is.'
She started to suck and tease my clit, occasionally rimming my inner labia with her tongue.
Tom's spunk started to run out of me, I tried a contraction, but my poor little canal was just choked with his love.

Jessica slurped away at his come, and it started to pour out of me.
She held my labia apart, and that made it easier for me to spit it onto her face.
She lapped it up, smearing it on my clit.
The tremors in my belly grew stronger, a warm relaxed sensation spread through my body like a tender massage, and the pulsing from my womb gave way to spasms as I started to come with Jessica's accelerating sucking on my clit.

Soon my body was rattling with the most intense emotions, my hands went limp and Jessica started into me, watching the opening and closing of my portal in rapid succession.

Tom came out of the bathroom and lay down next to me, his still wet organ flopped over to his side, touching my belly.
I held it in my hand, worshipping it.
Jessica lay on the bed too, on the other side of me from Tom.
'I'm hungry,' Tom said. 'What's for dinner?'
'I don't know,' I said, running a finger in a little circle around my clit, 'I'm still full.'

'Me too.' Jessica said, her mouth full of come..

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