Friday, August 17, 2007

The Professionals

Written by by Ms. Neb (Feb 2000)

My name is Sheila. My partner's name is Debbie.
We are the very best in our business. We cater to the most exclusive clientele and offer services that can not be found anywhere else, at any price.
As a result, our price makes us available to only the most wealthy. For one evening's entertainment, we charge from $25,000 to $50,000 and we are worth every penny.
Our physical appearance is critical to our profession. We are extremely attractive and must work very hard to stay that way if our business is to remain lucrative.
Debbie and I work out every day to keep our shape but avoid getting muscular. Our tummies are flat and tight.
Our breasts are firm and our legs are very shapely. We are very serious about our business.

I weigh 128 lbs. and have green eyes. I am 5'-7" tall and my height comes from my long legs. I have long blonde hair that reaches to the middle of my back.
My measurements are 36D-24-34. Debbie is 5'-4" and 118 lbs. She has dark brown, almost black, shoulder length hair and bright blue eyes. Her measurements are 34C-24-32.
All new clients must be referred to us by existing clients and we will only take them on if they come highly recommended. We will not agree to accept any job until we have received references and a cashier's check for the full amount. This is the story of one of our new clients. This particular job was to entertain four senior executives from separate divisions located in different parts of the country.
They meet once a year to discuss mutual business interests. The nine-day series of meetings ends with a poker game, at which we were to provide our special and unique services.
In this case, we were paid $40,000 plus expenses.

The day before the poker game, Debbie and I rode to the airport in a limousine. We boarded the chartered corporate jet and flew to Denver. Our accommodations were first class all the way and we spent most of the flight reviewing our plans for the next eveningâs work.
We discussed everything is detail. Nothing was left to chance. Once in Denver, another limousine took us to the same hotel where the poker game was to be held. We checked into one of the luxury suites.

Once on our room, we reviewed our plans one last time and were in bed, asleep, by 10pm. We were up at 7:00 the next morning. Dressed in some of the most body-hugging and expensive exercise outfits available, Debbie and I went down to the hotel gym. We usually run four to six miles, three times a week but today, like on the day of any job, we ran just two miles around the indoor track. After a light workout on the various exercise machines we took a leisurely swim in the pool. We swam and sunbathed in very small bikinis that left very little to the imagination.

Needless to say, we turned every head of both men and women, although the expressions on their faces were not the same. At 10:00am we ate a full but nutritious breakfast at a shaded table at poolside. Afterwards, we took a pleasant stroll through though the hotel shops. We were back in our room by 1:00 for a nap, which in our business is almost mandatory. We had a late afternoon lunch of sandwiches and fruit. We began the process to get ready for the evening around 4:30. (As you can tell, we take our profession seriously and adhere to a very complete routine.)
Together, Debbie and I stepped into the huge shower area of our luxurious bathroom. It was big enough for six. We took turns soaping each other and washing each other's hair.
It is more thorough and more fun this way. You see, Debbie and I are more than just business partners. We are very close and dear friends.

We love each other very much. We each took our time rubbing our hands over each other, caressing our breasts and running our hands down our legs. Debbie sat down on the tile bench at one end of the shower, the spray hitting the two of us. I took the bottle of scented liquid soap and squirted a few pink strands onto her chest and breasts.
It reminded me of another liquid of similar consistency. I rubbed my hands around Debbie's beautiful breasts until the soap lathered up. I rubbed my palms against her nipples and felt them get rock hard. I kissed her passionately in the lips, our tongues playfully darting. My caressing eventually made its way down her waist with the valid excuse that I was washing the rest of her. She parted her legs and I knelt between them.

Soapy water ran in trickles down her abdomen and slipped between her opened pink lips, only partly exposing her clitoris. I massaged the soap from Debbie's toes up to her inner thighs and gently used my thumbs to part her vaginal lips even further, fully exposing her erect clitoris and pink opening.
I kissed her bud and licked it gently, capturing the scent and taste of Debbie's liquid arousal. She cupped my head in her hands, letting me know that she approved of my affections.

After a few more flicks of my tongue, I felt Debbie climax, her sweet cum bathing my mouth. As Debbie's climax subsided, I reached over for the razor and scissors. With deliberate attention, I trimmed away every hair from her opening, leaving only a thin vertical tuft of her velvety soft brown hair on her mons. We switched positions and Debbie performed the same ritual on me. My first orgasm was a grateful release.
We toweled each other off and took a few moments hugging. Our hands dropped between our legs and we fondled each other, enjoying the sensations of touching our smoothly shaved openings. We took turns drying and brushing each other's hair.

We meticulously applied our makeup, lightly perfumed all critical areas of our bodies and dressed in our uniforms of the day. We wore identical outfits. They consisted of a very low-cut black bra. Our breasts all but overflowed the lace-trimmed cups. The black high cut thong lace panties covered only the minimum area between our legs and quickly disappeared between our tight buttocks. We covered ourselves with a black lace robe and then white terry cloth bathrobes.

At 7:30pm, we left our room, walked up one flight of stairs and knocked at the door of the presidential suite. A hotel bellman opened the door, let us in and left as we entered. We walked into the main room of the suite. One wall was completely made of glass and offered a spectacular view of the Denver skyline and the Rocky mountains in the background. Another wall contained a luxuriously detailed bar and the entrance to a full kitchen.

A third wall contained doors to private rooms for sleeping, each with their own bathrooms, and a door to a private swimming pool. The main room had several chairs and sofas, all made of the finest materials and craftsmanship. In the center of the room was a beautiful card table around which sat three of our four clients. The fourth was laying down on the sofa nearest the card table. No one was smoking. (We will not accept a client that smokes.)

At the time we walked in they were just about to begin their game. It was then that we were met with our first surprise. We always know the first names of our clients well ahead of time when we had received the references. In this case, they were William, John, Sam, and Vincent but what we didnât know was that Sam was short for Samantha. In actuality, it didn't matter to us that one of our guests was a woman.

It was just that we had not made any specific plans to accommodate one. This evening would be interesting indeed. Sam was the one lying on the sofa. Her shoes were off and her legs were up on one armrest of the sofa. She was a slender and attractive woman, in her late thirties. She had light brown hair that lay softly against the pillow that rested under her head. She wore a sharp and fashionable tan skirt with matching jacket and white blouse. The skirt ended just above her knees.

She was dressed for business without sacrificing her femininity. William, John and Vincent, all in their early to mid forties, were very attractive gentlemen. They were dressed in very expensive business suites although their jackets and ties had already been removed. As we walked closer to the group, they stopped their conversation about how they were looking forward to the annual poker game. William was the only one that had been to a previous affair.

None of the other events contained the kind of entertainment that we were engaged to provide. They were silent as we dropped our robes. We stood before them and I asked, "Can we get anything from the bar for you gentlemen......and lady?" There was no inflection in our voice that would indicate that this situation was anything out of the ordinary. After a brief pause, all four executives requested drinks. By the time we returned with them, they were seated at the table and John was shuffling the cards.

For the next hour or so, Debbie and I did our best to allow the guests to settle into their game. We provided them with their drinks, made sandwiches for them, adjusted the lighting in the room, turned on music, anything that they wanted but we also stayed out of their way. At 9:00, Debbie and I felt that it was time to slowly introduce our unique talents.

Debbie took a drink out to Vincent as he was biting a small piece of bread spread with black caviar. Lying through her teeth, she said, "Excuse me sir. You have a tiny bit of caviar on your cheek. Please allow me." Without waiting for an answer, she took the napkin from Vincent's lap. This was only done so as not to alarm him because Debbie had no intentions of using it.

She bent way over, allowing the flimsy black robe to fall open. Her full breasts, stressing the limits of the bra, were in full view for Vincent's benefit. She leaned over and half licked, half kissed his cheek in order to remove the phantom bit of caviar. Only slightly surprised by the event, Vincent said, "I'd like to return the favor sometime." "Fine, win a hand and maybe you can", Debbie replied as she walked away. Vincent's eyes watched every move her swaying ass made.

I undid the single tie to my lace robe and slipped it open to either side of my breasts. I walked up to the table and placed a folded piece of paper on the small pile of chips in the center. "This is a little something extra for the winner of this hand", I informed them. No one folded during the hand. Eventually, John was the winner with a pair of twos and a pair of fives.

The note read, "A kiss from Sheila." All four at the table looked over at me. I had John slide his chair away from the table while I removed my robe. I sat in his lap. I leaned forward, pressing my breasts against his chest, and began kissing his neck. I made my way up to his ear, down his chin and to his lips, licking and nibbling as I went. I felt a swelling develop in his trousers and ground my hip into his lap. With an open mouth I took his tongue. I played with it as if it was a small penis, caressing and sucking it and licking the tip. After a few moments, I got up and went back to the bar. John sat there, trying to catch his breath.

The other members of the party applauded. John also won the next hand and Debbie made good on her promise. Without prompting, John slid his chair back from the table as she approached. She sat in his lap, slipped her robe completely off and announced, "I spilled something. Look here." She exaggerated her breathing and pressed her breasts to just a few inches from John's face. Of course she hadn't spilt anything but John dutifully began to "clean" her up.

He nuzzled his face between her breasts and licked at their nipples through the lace bra cup. Eventually he worked her breast free and sucked hard at the nipple, making it erect. While John continued to enjoy himself, Debbie announced, "Hey, you are getting me all wet!" and proceeded to remove her top completely. I am sure that Debbie was wet in more than one place by now. Debbie let John continue until she was sure that he was completely aroused and very frustrated. The incentives for the next several hands were designed to give us opportunities to remove our clothes.

A curious thing was that Sam had yet to win a hand since Debbie and I had begun "sweetening" the pot. I dropped another note into the pot. It lay open for all to read while the hand was played. It read, "Rub-a-dub-dub by two". Finally, Sam won a hand. She was to receive a body rub by the two of us. With less timidity than I expected, Sam got up, removed her jacket and lay down on the sofa, on her stomach. Debbie and I began by rubbing her shoulders and back to relax her.

We slipped her blouse from her skirt, slid our hands under it and undid her bra and continued her back rub. It wasn't easy since her blouse was still buttoned in the front. Realizing this, Sam temporarily rose up and undid the blouse but left it on. Our caressing made its way down to her lower back and buttocks. Sam was in great shape. I enjoyed running my hands on her firm ass and thighs.

While Debbie continued working on Sam's back, I massaged her legs. They were smooth and pretty. Slowly I worked my way up and eventually caressed her inner thighs. She parted her legs slightly which made it easier for me. The three men of the group watched us very intently. Vincent, standing with his shirt unbuttoned, suggested that the removal of Sam's skirt would make the experience more enjoyable for her. Sam thanked him for his kind suggestion but told him that it could only be removed if all three men removed their pants.

After exchanging puzzled looks, they obliged. Only after all three men were standing next to the sofa with raging hardons clearly bulging from beneath their boxer shorts did Sam keep her word. She rolled over, unzipped the skirt and slipped it off, revealing pink lace panties. From my vantage point, I was the only one that could see that there was a sizable damp area in the crotch. Debbie and I continued our caressing while the men watched. Debbie parted Sam's blouse but did not remove the bra.

I massaged Sam's legs from her knees all the way up her thighs. I intentionally brushed the back of my hand against Sam's panties and could easily feel the heat of her passion. As with the men, we left Sam at the height of her arousal and frustration. Debbie and I just watched the next three hands. We stood silently beside the table, naked. Before the fourth hand, we announced that there would be a special treat for the players with the TWO best hands. It was called "Banana-rama".

It wasn't long before John and William were congratulating themselves for getting hands of three queens and three tens, respectively. While Sam and Vincent remained seated at the table, Debbie and I escorted the two winners to the sofa. With John standing in front of me and William in front of Debbie, hardons still raging, Debbie and I proceeded to slowly and seductively peel two bananas. We licked and sucked the firm white meat of the fruit.

We ran the bananas between our breasts and across our nipples. We were exciting ourselves as well as our winners. Simultaneously, Debbie and I gave John and Vincent the happy bananas and then we sat down on the sofa. We opened our legs for the victors. The two men just stared down at us. I could feel my pussy lips slowly part due to the abundant wetness down there. I was sure that Debbie's body was doing the same thing. Together, we used our hands to open ourselves completely. My clitoris, hard and stiff, tingled when exposed to the air. Debbie spoke first and said, "Give us your bananas boys". For a moment they stood motionless. I felt the warmth of my cunt juices trickle out of my pussy and head down to my anus.

Vincent moved in first, in more ways than one. John wasn't far behind. I felt the stiff banana slide into me easily. Instantly I came. My irregular breathing let John know of my climax. He began to use the banana with excellent skill. Slowly at first and then with increasing strokes, he used the perfectly formed fruit on my body. I massaged my clitoris for our mutual enjoyment and two more orgasms. Debbie was enjoying her fructose lover as well. The air was filled with the scent of the fruits of our labor. Before the bananas had completely lost their effectiveness, Debbie and I stopped John and Vincent. We took the bananas from them and stood up.

With devilish grins on our faces, we bit off just the tips, the taste and smell of my own cum almost overwhelming that of the banana. We offered the remaining bananas to the men and they opened their mouths to accept the treat. Slowly we slipped them in and watched the men enjoy their first taste of female cum for the evening. We let another few hands pass before Debbie and I tossed another note into the pot. This one read "Kiss and Tell for Two". William was the winner with a Queens over twos full house.

Sam came in second with a pair of aces and a pair of eights. Debbie gave the instructions. "The winners are to talk about what Sheila and I are doing at all times. The first one who stops talking, ends it for everyone. Since William was the high hand, he goes first.ä With that, Debbie slipped under the table and made her way between the legs of the winner. I stood behind him and was the only one beside William that could see Debbie between his legs. Her face was just a few inches from William's crotch. His massive erection was acting like a tent pole under his under shorts. The very tip was damp from his precum.

"Start talking", Debbie commanded and then grabbed the waste band of William's shorts. William began in soft tones, "She has my underwear..She's slipping them down.....They're around my thighs...around my knees.....ankles." William's cock stood out, rock rigid from his body. It was much thicker than average but about the usual seven inches in length. The fat head swelled to his heartbeat and slowly leaked more precum that ran in a single line down along the underside.

I felt jealous of Debbie for just a moment. "huh, huh She's...she's...she's blowing...... air....she's blowing air on my.....on my...", William did not finish the sentence. Debbie stopped and said, "What! What am I blowing on? Talk! " penis", he said sheepishly.
"Oh God", is what I heard Debbie mutter.
"Your cock, stupid. Your big, fat, hard, wet dick!" she announced loudly.
"Yes. Youâre blowing on my cock."
Debbie began licking at William's inner thigh.
I prompted him, "What is she doing?" "She's licking my thighs."
"Now what? What is she doing now?" I asked.
"She's licking and sucking up my thighs. She going higher...higher. OH!" "Tell me, William. What did she do?" Breathlessly he began again, "She licking my balls".

He looked up at me with such puppy dog eyes. I leaned my naked breasts against the back of his head. "Do you like that? Do you like it when a girl sucks on your balls?" I asked. "Uh huh", and a nod was all he could manage. "Now what William?" I said. "Oh....oh...she's licking the head of my cock."
I looked down into William's lap. Debbie was looking back up at me with her tongue extended and a smile on her face.

Her wet tongue was sliding all around the tip of William's cock, spreading saliva and precum. I felt my own wetness leak from my pussy and run down my legs.
"Keep talking William", I cautioned. "How does it feel?" "It feels great", he replied with a deep exhale and a shudder. "She licking up and down now....and my balls again. Oh she feels soooo gooood."
I watched Debbie stop licking William's balls and quickly take him all the way into her mouth. Her lips were stretched flat from the thick cock."
"Oh my God! She took...I'm in....She took me into her mouth! She licking me! It feels so good." "Do you like it? Look at her. Look at her suck your cock. Look at your cock slide in and out of her mouth", I invited. "Oh yes. It feels so good", William said as he looked down at Debbie.
"I am so close. I am close to coming."

By this time Debbie was moving pretty quickly. She was sucking him up and down his entire length. His cock glistened with her spit. Every once in a while she would turn her head just a bit.
Her cheek would bulge out from the tip of his cock pressing hard against the inside of her mouth.
"Do you want to? Do you want to come in her mouth?", I asked. "Yes. I want to", he half hearted responded.
"Well you can. But you have to ask better than that. Don't beg. Just say exactly what you want to do and how badly", I instructed.

His gaze was focused at Debbie who had slowed up just a bit and was looking right back at William with his big cock still stuffed deep into her mouth. "Debbie", he began. "I want to come so bad. I want to come in your wonderful mouth. Oh it feels so good! I want it so bad. I want to fill your hot mouth with my cum!"
William's voice was getting louder and louder as he spoke. Sam, Vincent and John were watching William's face and his heavy but erratic breathing since they could see nothing else. "I gotta come! I gotta come! I wanna do it! I wanna come in her mouth!", he said as he looked up at me for some sign of permission. I didn't need to give any.

Debbie had resumed her quick pace and was massaging his balls at the same time. Nothing I could have said would have prevented what William and I were about to watch. His chest caved in and his stomach muscles tightened.
He gripped the chair arms and shuddered for a moment. I saw the base of his cock, half in and half out of Debbie's mouth, swell. Then his head fell forward and he took a deep breath in. Debbie reacted with a full-mouth "Um", signaling that something had entered it under significant pressure. William spasmed again and Debbie reacted in the same way. She looked up and smiled at me without loosing her union with William's spurting cock. White cream formed at the edges of her lips. After one more spasm, Debbie slipped William from her mouth.

She continued to caress him by rapidly sliding her pursed lips up and down his length. His orgasm was not over. A thick rope of white cum leapt from the tip of his cock and laid on Debbie's face from her cheek up into her dark hair. Her lips leaked much of his cream to keep his cock well lubricated while she caressed him.

Cum quickly spread over her mouth and chin. Another burst from William splattered against Debbie's cheek. His orgasm was diminishing now. Debbie held his cock firmly in her hand and just stroked him from its base to about half way up. For the first time since his orgasm began, she opened her mouth so that she could extend her tongue. Sheets of cum flowed from the edges of her mouth. It dangled in long thick threads from her chin and dripped onto the deep cleavage between her breasts. Her tongue delicately licked the sensitive underside of his cock while it continually oozed creamy ejaculate that slipped into her mouth. When his orgasm was completely gone, Debbie worked her way up from under the table. John, Sam, and Vincent could now see what only William and I had seen. Naked, Debbie stood before us.

Cum was spread in a thick sheet all around her mouth and along one cheek. It was still visible in her hair. It was in several places just below her neck and clung in threads between her breasts. As a final gesture, Debbie sat in William's lap, his semi-erect cock harmlessly emerging out from under Debbie's ass. Debbie made a complete show of it by licking the cum from her lips. She used her fingers to massage what was on her breast onto her nipples, making them very hard and erect. Then in Debbie's usual impish style, she kissed William full on the mouth. There was no doubt that he was experiencing his own cum on her lips and tongue since her previous efforts weren't entirely designed to clean herself completely.

There was no indication from William that this was a new experience for him. (Good for him if it wasn't.) He gratefully returned Debbie's kisses. Everyone sat in silent appreciation of what Debbie had just accomplished. With every one's attentions still focused on William and Debbie's kissing, I slipped unnoticed under the table. Kneeling between Sam's legs, I was quite surprised at what I found.

While William was getting the blow job of his life, Sam was playing with herself and she was still at it. The air under the table was thick with the smell of Sam's wetness. It was heady but sweetly feminine.
The crotch of her panties was soaked into transparency. They were pushed aside by the thumb of one hand while the tips of her middle and ring finger made circular trips around her clitoris.
The lips of her pussy were wet and swollen. They were slightly parted, exposing the beautiful opening surrounded by moist pink flesh.
My own pussy liberally flowed with its own lubricant and wet my thighs. Sam's fingers magically danced about her clitoris and occasionally slipped deep into her pussy, creating the sound of wetness that only I could hear. On one such trip into her body, I reached out and took hold of Sam's wrist. I held her hand in place.

Debbie turned to us and asked Sam, "What is Sheila doing?" Sam was a bit startled, partly because I "caught her in the act" and partly because attention had now shifted to her. In a firmer tone, Debbie demanded, "What is Sheila doing?" "Sheâs, she's holding my hand", Sam said with obvious understatement.
"Your hand?" Debbie continued. "She is holding your hand? Where is your hand?" " my lap", Sam replied.
I giggled from under the table. "Tell us what your hand was doing in your lap Samantha", Debbie asked in firm but playful way. "I was....I was...I was playing with myself", she admitted in a whisper.
"Oh. You were playing with yourself", Debbie repeated so that no one would miss out. "Were you were masturbating while I was sucking William's wonderful cock?"
"Yes", Sam shyly admitted. "That's OK. I was too", Debbie revealed.
"It was a turn on for me too. I think it was great that you were getting off on what I was doing. I was fucking my pussy hard and fast with the fingers on my free hand. And when William filled my mouth with all that hot cum, I came hard, twice!"
Sam was a bit embarrassed but smiled.

I felt her hand, with her fingers still in her pussy, relax in my grip. I pulled her hand toward me. Her fingers left her vagina with a soft wet sound. Debbie asked Sam, "What is Sheila doing now?"
"She is holding my hand."
"Did you come while you were diddling your pussy? Are your fingers wet with your cum? Talk to us. Tell us what Sheila is doing", Debbie coaxed.

"Yes, I came", Sam started. "I came when", she paused in mid-sentence. "I came when I saw you come up from under the table. "Why? Why did you come then", Debbie asked. "I don't know." Sam then paused.

A different demeanor came over her. Her shyness and her reservation to be candid left her. It was if she now felt a release for her inhibitions. "Wait", she continued. "Yes. Yes I do", Sam pronounced.
All of a sudden her voice was clear and confident. She now began to reflect the commanding personality that she obviously had in order for her to be in the position she was in. "Mmmm", Sam continued. "Sheila is licking my fingers.
She is licking my wetness and cum from my fingers." I was. Savoring every delicious stroke of my tongue, I licked every finger for the delightfully sweet taste of female cum. I loved every bit of it. I was also paying attention to how Sam was talking. Sam was now almost proudly exposing her inner feelings and sensations. Sam went on, "I was impressed by Debbie. She did what I thought all men like. She let him come in her mouth and all over her body. Women don't like that usually. They say it is because they don't like the taste. That's baloney!
They don't like it because they think it is demeaning and they are being controlled by the man. But when Debbie did it, it was different.

SHE was in control and she was proud of what she did. She stood up with William's cum on her face and in her hair and made no excuses. His cum on her showed that she did it very well!.
I had never though of it all that way before and I doubt that Debbie had either.
"Sheila is kissing my legs now. She's licking them and lightly biting them. I like it. I'm very hot now. I love what Sheila is doing to me and I want her to keep going but my pussy is aching for a cock right now."

Sam wasn't kidding when she said that she was enjoying this. Ever since I let go of her hand, she had held her pussy lips open for me. Her pink opening literally dripped with wetness. The erect bud of her hard clitoris was easy to see from under the stretched folds of the hood. "Sheila", Sam commanded.
"I want you. I want you to kiss my pussy. Suck me. Make me come. Stick you tongue into my pussy. I want you to taste my cum. Fuck me with your little tongue."

I was delighted to oblige. I moved my head closer. I slipped one of the lips of her pussy into my mouth. It was hot, wet and very slippery. It tasted of her juices. I nibbled at it. I slipped my tongue into her hot pussy. My nose filled with the wonderful scent of an aroused woman. My mouth pressed hard against Sam and my tongue was extended to it limits deep inside her dripping vagina. The tip licked at the delicate folds of wet and swollen tissues designed to make a cock fill the void with thick hot semen. But not this time. "Mmmmmm. Sheila is doing it. Her tongue is deep inside my pussy. I am so wet. Ooooo. It feels so wonderful.

She is licking my clit. Oh, OH! I feel so good. Mmmmm, yes. Suck on my clit. You're making me come. You're making me come!" Boy, did I know it. She was really into it. Sam was holding her pussy open for me with one hand. The other was furiously rubbing her breasts that were still covered with her opened blouse and unhooked bra. She was rubbing and pulling hard at her nipples. With my tongue wildly flicking her clitoris, I sensed the contraction of her opening. I quickly slid my tongue back into her cunt. My nose continued pressure against her clit.

My tongue felt all the wonderful jerks and spasms meant for a man's dick. I felt the flood of Samâs cum bathing my mouth. I loved it as much as she did. When it was all over, I stood as Debbie had. I licked my lips to display my enjoyment of Sam's taste. I also did as Debbie had done and sat on Sam's lap. I kissed her mouth and our tongues shared her cum. I slipped her bra and blouse off without any objection. I went down and licked and sucked her hard nipples. She returned the favor which brought me close to my own orgasm.

Without anyone noticing and because we were sharing something really special, I took her hand and slipped it down between my legs that were spread very wide from straddling her lap. Sam took my invitation and began fondling my shaved opening.
She spread my juices all around my bare pussy. She deftly fondled my aching and protruding clitoris. With her fingers now completely wet, she slid three of them into my dripping pussy. In just a few strokes of her hand, I came in a violent orgasm while she bit one of my nipples. I got the feeling that she had never done this before but was doing the kind of things to me that she wished her lovers would do to her.
When my orgasm was over, Sam brought up her hand up from between my legs. Her fingers were drenched and glistened with my cum. Again we shared the taste of the liquids from a woman's orgasm but this time they were mine. I hugged my new friend.

Once again, Debbie and I let a few hands go by. We kept our quests comfortable and relaxed. We all needed to settle down a bit and it wasn't very easy. Debbie and I, completely naked, were constantly being stared at as we served drinks and food. We always provided plenty of opportunity for them to get a good look at us.

The constant bending over was always done to maximize the swaying and bouncing of our boobs. There was no "Bunny Dip" for us. We also wiggle our naked asses as we headed back to the kitchen. By this time, the four executives were pretty familiar with each other, especially since they were in various stages of undress.
Sam had no panties on. After our little session together, she did put her blouse on but did not button it or put her bra on.

She looked quite sexy. The bumps in her blouse from her nipples were clearly visible and there was plenty of cleavage to be seen. All three of the men had their under shorts on but nothing else. Debbie tossed a folded note into the pot. The excitement of the game instantly increased. When John won with a straight, he was beside himself. He left the pot on the middle of the table and just grabbed for the note.
It read, "Honey on Your Money". Debbie moved to the table and said, "Everyone except John take all your chips off the table. I need lots of room for this." Everyone did as instructed and Debbie slid John's pot off to the side of the table. She hopped up and sat on the table right in front of John. She then took enough of John's winnings to make a stack of chips about five inches tall.

"Mmmmm. I love money", Debbie began. She took the stack between her fingers and rubbed it along her cheek and closed her eyes. "Mmmmm. I love how it feels. I love to touch it." She ran the stack up and down between her breasts and across her nipples, making them once again pointed and hard. "I love to play with it", she cooed and dropped the each chip one by one onto her breasts and let them fall into her lap. John was enjoying the show. Debbie reassembled the stack and spread her legs open. John had an excellent view of Debbie's immaculately trimmed and beautiful pussy. (I ought to know. I trimmed it, remember?)
"Oooh, money is so sexy. It make me so hot." Debbie was getting into it now.
She slid the stack down between her thighs. John's eyes slid right along with them. She rubbed the stack against the top of her mound and light brushed her clitoris. It made her sigh deeply. "I get off on money", she announced unsurprisingly.
"I do. Do you what to see me get off on your money John." He didn't say a word. "JOHN!", Debbie snapped. "Stay with me on this!"
"Yes", John muttered. "Good boy", Debbie praised and when back to her routine.
"I'm gonna use your money to get me off. I'm gonna rub it all over my pussy until I come." And that's exactly what she did.

Debbie laid down of the table with her legs splayed as wide open in front of John as she could and spent the next five minutes or so sliding that stack of chips all over her pussy. She laid it in-between her cunt lips and rubbed it up and down. The faster she went the wetter she got. Soon the chips were dripping in juices. Her orgasm was pretty big. Her cum flowed from her pussy and soaked into the green felt of the game table. When she was all done she said, "Well John, now we have to clean the chips off." She proceeded to put a chip in her mouth and sucked it clean of her cum. Then she gave John one.

He took it and did the same, enjoying the whole idea. It didn't take long before they finished the whole stack that way. It was around 11:30 by now so I said, "OK. It's time for the grand finale. What are every one's totals." They all counted their chips.
This was a high stakes game. Vincent had the highest total with $4,200. William came in second with $1,500. Sam had a modest $800 and John was the big looser. I tossed four folded notes into the middle of the table. I told each of the guest to pick a note in the order of their winnings.
Once they were all picked up, they were allowed to read them out loud. Vincent announced happily, "Mine says, 'An Oral Spectacular from Sheila.'" William read his quickly, "Do Debbie Deep." Sam gladly read, "The Lick of a Lifetime."
John told us that his note said, "Sheilaâs Slip and Slide." Debbie laid down on the floor next to the coffee table.

As instructed, William knelt at her feet and Sam knelt just above her head. I laid down on the coffee table with my feet on the floor. My upper body bridged the gap between the coffee table and the sofa so that my shoulders and head rested on the sofa.
John was standing by my knees and Vincent was next to me between the sofa and the coffee table. All three men were in their underwear. Sam still had on the blouse but nothing else. Debbie reached over her head and grabbed Sam's buttocks and pulled her closer.

Sam spread her legs as she now straddled Debbie's head. With no prodding, Sam allowed herself to be lowered onto Debbie's face. Sam's breath left her for a moment in a big sigh. I knew Debbie's technique. I was sure that my talented friend had just slipped her longer than average tongue deep into Sam's deliciously wet pussy.
Holding true to form, Debbie then slipped her tongue back out, well lubricated from Sam's slippery juices, and began licking her clitoris. Both women were enjoying the festivities. Debbie was loudly sucking and moaning while she gleefully tasted from Sam's pussy. Sam was helping her own cause by aggressively rubbing her breasts and tugging at her hard erect nipples.

I got the men started by telling them to take off their underwear. They did not hesitate. I then told them that they were on their own. William moved first. He took Debbie's ankles and lifted them straight up and spread them wide. He looked down at Debbie's dripping pussy and smiled. In an unexpected move, he pressed his face hard between my friend's legs and quickly licked at her protruding clitoris. Debbie responded by increasing her licking of Sam. Her moaning got louder and it wasn't long before Debbie had another shuddering orgasm.

Sam was not far behind and wetly came on Debbie's face. Still smiling, William stood, his face and mouth glistened and literally dripped clear cum. His perfectly proportioned cock was poised an inch or two from the pussy that had so liberally soaked his face.
It slowly leaked golden precum onto the floor. William used his hand to gather Debbie's cum from his face. He spread it, along with his own wetness, all around the crown of his erect cock. Partially for his benefit and for Debbie's, he slid the wet tip around the outside of Debbie's pussy. He played with her cunt lips and poked at her clitoris. I knew that this would bring Debbie close to another orgasm.

Playing with Debbie's exposed flesh for just a moment, he then slid his dick effortlessly and deep into my partner's cunt. It caused Debbie to gasp, even while diligently servicing Sam. William began slow even strokes. He knew his business very well. John moved next. He did not stand on formality and unlike William, got down to business directly. He held my knees up and spread me wide open. Again I felt my juices leak from my pussy and trickle down to my anus. John paused only to watch that event and then pressed his thick cock all the way into me. His balls rested nicely against my wet ass. I came instantly and clenched down hard on his dick. He liked that and intentionally clenched his own muscles that caused his cock to swell inside me.

I knew from having a cock do that while in my mouth that he was probably depositing precum into me. John began to fuck me slowly. In a nice touch, John used my own juices to keep my clitoris wet while he used his fingers to masturbate me. (I love a considerate man.) I have saved the best for last. Vincent stood next to me and I looked over at him. His cock, while a bit thicker than normal, was of great length.
It was an honest 10 inches long. While John slid in and out of me, I told Vincent to straddle my chest. He soon stood above me, his balls resting just above my stomach. His long cock stuck straight out from his body, the thick purple swollen tip reaching up to just below my neck. I watched for a moment while the tiny slit parted with every fifth or sixth heartbeat and dripped precum onto my chest. It stretched down to me in a thin sticky thread. It was warm and collected in a tiny pool on my chest.
As a show for anyone who was looking, I ran my index finger through the slippery liquid. I circled my nipples with it to bring them to sharp attention.

My whole body tingled. I seductively licked my finger with my tongue extended between my brightly red painted lips and savored the sweet taste of the man with the big dick. I repeated this several times and I was sure that I was exciting Vincent. Eventually, I covered my breasts with enough pre-cum and saliva. I pressed them together, inviting Vincent to fuck them. I did not have to utter a word. His fat cock slid between my breasts with no trouble at all. I thoroughly enjoyed the vision of Vincent's hard cock emerging from between my big tits. It oozed lots of pre-cum with each stroke. The smells of sex was exciting me beyond description. Vincent's pre-cum was mere inches from my face. My own pussy juices were easily discernible thanks to John's fucking of my pussy.

The scent of Sam's cum still lingered on my face. I loved it all. As Vincent's excitement grew, I felt that it was time to increase his enjoyment. I cupped his tight ass in my hands and slid him up further. His large scrotum now nestled between my tits. The tip of his cock, with a large emerging drop of lubricant, was laying at my chin. I licked the glycerin liquid with my tongue. I softly said to my friend, "I like how you taste. Give me more. Fuck my hot mouth with your hard cock and fill it with your steamy cum."
In went his dick. It slid past my lips and completely filled my mouth as it rested at the back of my throat.

Two inches of the magnificent cock remained outside. Back and forth Vincent started fucking my wet mouth. I liberally drooled lots of saliva to keep him wet. My chin, neck and chest were soon covered. I wanted my mouth to feel to him like the wettest cunt his cock had ever been in. John was rapidly working towards his second climax of the evening. Faster and fast he fucked me.
His balls, wet with my juices, slapped over and over again against my ass. With Vincent's cock in my mouth, I took one free hand and spread my pussy lips open and massaged my clitoris. It wasn't long before I had a wonderful orgasm. That was enough to push John over the edge. He practically shouted the arrival of his orgasm. He pushed hard into me. His cock buried deep into my pussy. I felt him quiver as he cock spewed its warm treasure deep into my cunt. When his orgasm was over, I coaxed him to my side. I closed my legs in hopes of retaining his creamy deposit. His cock limply dangled against his balls. I reached over and gently grasped his spent dick, covered in a thin jacket of gray slippery cum and my juices.

I rubbed him until his penis oozed the last of his cum onto my hand. With Vincent's thick meat still filling my mouth, I rubbed my lips and his cock with the cum from my hands. I am sure it made my mouth feel even more like a pussy to him. Vincent was about to have his orgasm now. His balls tightened up between his legs. His cock swelled to even thicker proportions. He threw his head back in a final gesture.

His cock was about half way out of my mouth when I felt the tip shoot for the first time. My tongue continued to caress it. It was a huge amount, squirting deep and hard into my mouth. It was deliciously thick and very hot. I made no effort to keep it all in and let some ooze from between my lips.

It coated my chin. I was well aware of the desire of most men to see cum all over a woman's face and had every intention of fulfilling Vincent's unspoken wish. Just before his next spasm, I opened my mouth. My tongue was white with the thick semen and threads spanned from my upper and lower teeth. His cock belched its second rope of ejaculate that only partly entered my mouth when it struck my upper lip.

The rest slithered up over my lips and skittered across my cheek. Again I did not swallow. I took hold of Vincent's dick and held it against my cheek. Again it erupted and along band of white cum slipped up my face, past my eye and into my hair. I quickly began running my coated tongue up and down the shaft to lengthen Vincent's orgasm and stimulate him further. With my mouth wide open, his cock shot another burst of naughty sperm that spattered the roof of my mouth.

I held him there and rubbed his cock up and down until the rest of his orgasm had past and his semen had filled my open mouth. While it leaked the last of his orgasm, I slid his cock along one cum covered cheek, smearing the thick fluids. My face was covered with Vincent's cum and my mouth was filled with it. Vincent looked down while my tongue teasingly slid through the thick white pool. I opened my throat and swallowed about half of it then I closed my lips and pressed the rest out, letting it slid down my chin on onto my chest.
The look on Vincent's face gave me every indication that I had put on a great show for him. I closed my eyes and lay there for a moment while Vincent stepped back and sat down. I'm sure his legs were a bit wobbly from the thunderous orgasm he had just experienced. When I opened my eyes again, I looked up and was Debbie standing above me.

There was not one area of her face that was dry. She was covered from her chin to just below her eyes with a thin sheen of Sam's clear cum. It smelled sweet and wonderful. Debbie leaned down and our cheeks touched. Sam's warm cum now mixed with the thick streaks of Vincent's cum that had spattered my face. Debbie's head turned to me. Her tongue extended and in a long motion, licked semen from my face. Without closing her mouth she brought her tongue, slicked in grayish ejaculate, to between my lips.

I sucked it in. Our tongues danced and played with the heady goo laced with the taste of Sam's cum. We impishly passed Vincent's cum between us until it either was accidentally swallowed or mixed with saliva and flowed between our lips out of reach. Debbie slowly moved down the length of my body. She licked Vincent's cum from my neck and chest and used it to heighten the sensation when she nibbled and sucked the nipples of my anxious breasts. I returned the favor as best I could as she progressed downward.

Eventually we were in the classic 69 position and only then did I open my legs. I am sure we were looking at much the same thing. Debbie's pussy lips were deep pink and swollen from the eveningâs activities. They were still stretched open and I could see deep into her. Her inner flesh quivered with the remnants of countless orgasms. The outside of her pussy was very wet from male and female juices. Plenty William's ejaculate still remained inside Debbie but it was beginning to leave her. Long thick strands of the gray cum drooled out from Debbie's cunt. It leaked out onto my face and mouth. I opened my lips and caught some of the hot naughty cum as it dangled from Debbie's cunt lips and clitoris. I could easily taste the contribution of Debbie's cum.

I was in heaven. I loved it. I had to have more. I lifted my head and pressed my face against Debbie's pussy. My tongue shot deep into her cunt like an arrow. The pressure pushed more of William's semen out of Debbie and it spread all over my face, making noisy bubbly wet sounds. I licked and drank the cum from my beautiful Debbie's cunt. I licked in long motions from her clitoris to her anus, savoring the smells and tastes of male and female orgasmic fluids.

I was using their cum to further stimulate Debbie's eventual climax. When she did come, her body shook almost the point where I could not stay in contact with her. Even through Debbie's climax, she diligently licked and tongued my pussy to a wonderful orgasm. I felt my body expel my own juices as well as some of the cum left there by John. I was sure that Debbie's face was as messy as mine was and after our orgasms dwindled, that fact would be verified. We lay next to each other and we kissed.

Our tongues licking and playing with the cum that clung to our faces. I felt Debbie's talented fingers find their way into my cum-filled and dripping pussy. She fondled me to one last climax.
I returned the favor while our exhausted guests watched and enjoyed the view.

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