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Kristen's Story

Written by Anon (March 2000)

I've known Joe for some time now.
We work in the same field and about 8 months ago he went out of his way to recruit me to his place of work. As it turns out, it was the best move I could have made. Joe was assigned to train me in my new job duties. Over the next several weeks he went out of his way to make sure I'd become comfortable in my new surroundings. He turned out to be a great preceptor, and in no time I was feeling right at home.

Joe is just about as average a looking guy as there is, about 6 ft. tall, long hair (besides his goatee, his only distinguishing feature), blue eyes, and built a little better than some. Add in the fact that he's 20 years older (28 to 48) and that we are both happily married made it seem like this should make for a great working relationship. Little did I know that it would go much farther than that. As it is with most workplaces, there was a lot of innocent flirting going on; sexual innuendoes, innocent little gestures and the like. During lunch we would sometimes talk about our past sexual encounters.

I've had conversations like these with men before and can pretty much weed out fiction from fact. Just the way Joe described some of his past made me know that his was no work of fiction. He never bragged about his conquests or his abilities; in fact he hasn't been with anyone else except his wife since they were married. But his ideas and descriptions were so sensual that he would bring me to a point of orgasm.
I don't think this was his intention, but I decided this was a once in a lifetime chance to experience something truly unique. Since I've been married I have never cheated on my husband. I've had the opportunity and the temptation, but never took the step. But when Joe told me that he was not interested in just fucking someone but in experiencing and knowing the whole woman as well, I was hooked.

As luck would have it, my husband won a trip for two to the Daytona 500. Since I'm not a big race fan, I suggested he bring his father instead, an idea he loved. Better yet, I knew Joe's wife was going to be off visiting their daughter at college the same weekend. Since we were both free, I asked him if he'd like to meet for drinks and dinner at a place near my home on that Saturday. I was nervous as to what his reaction would be, but when I saw the look in his eye when he said yes, I knew that this was going to be incredible. I wasn't disappointed. I started getting ready that afternoon. Since my husband was gone, I had total privacy. I filled the bathtub and added my favorite oils. I lit some candles, put on my favorite CD, and slipped into the tub. I have always been self-conscious about my looks. I'm on the short side, just over 5 feet with average looks; I weigh just over 108 pounds and have long brown curly hair.

My breasts are my best feature, being naturally large (34 D) for my size. But the bath made me feel sexy, relaxed and wonderful; my nipples swelling and my pussy getting wet just thinking about what was to come. I decided to dress the part for tonight. Having talked with Joe over the past several weeks, I had an idea as to how to dress to please him. I chose my favorite Victoria Secret's red bra; the type opens in the front and lets just the top of my nipples show. Since I trimmed my pubic hairs very close for tonight, I chose a skimpy thong bikini. A red, loose fitting button down silk blouse and a black, relatively short skirt were the perfect choice.

No stockings or pantyhose tonight! I called a cab (hopefully we wouldn't need two cars) and arrived at the restaurant a few minutes early. Being as nervous as a high school girl, I decided to go to the bar and have a glass of wine while I waited. I didn't have to wait long. Joe usually looks like a Ô60's leftover; tie dyed shirts, jeans and sneakers, but this night was different. His long hair was pulled back into a ponytail, his beard trimmed shorter than normal. He was wearing a short sleeved dress shirt and dress slacks. I couldn't help but think that for a 48-year-old guy, he looked in remarkable shape. When he saw me, he stopped for just a second and I could tell he liked what he saw. He came up to me and gave me a soft kiss on my lips, which lasted a few moments longer than would be normal between friends.

I asked him if he would like a drink (Joe is a beer connoisseur), but he said no! When I asked why, he leaned over and whispered in my ear that he didn't want to dull his senses for tonight, then softly kissed my neck. I knew then that we were on the same page. Our dinner was fine, our conversation stimulating. Joe couldn't keep his eyes off me. I left the top few buttons open on my blouse so he could enjoy the view. Every so often I would lean forward so he could see the top of my bra. I could feel my nipples getting harder under his approving gaze.
They felt as though they would pop right through my bra! But it seemed to have the desired effect. He kept shifting positions in his chair; he told me later that he was getting a little too hard for his own good!
After coffee, I explained that my car was home, and asked if he would give me ride there. He just smiled and said that nothing could make him happier. I could feel myself getting wetter as he took my hand and led me out of the restaurant. Joe unlocked the front door for (how unusual to find a gentleman today), and I led him inside.

I put my things down on the coffee table, and when I turned around, Joe was right there. He placed his hands on my face and drew my lips to his; not a rough hard kiss, but a warm and gentle one. I could feel my knees weakening. He looked in my eyes and said he hoped he wasn't being out of line, but he had been dreaming of this moment since I started working with him. I responded by putting my arms around his neck and kissing him long and deep, our tongues darting in and out of each other's mouths, his hands on my ass pulling me against him. I could feel his stiffening cock grow against my leg. I led him into my bedroom. I started to unbutton my blouse when he stopped me.
"Kristen", he said, "I told you before that I don't want to just fuck, but I want to experience the whole person."
With that, he stepped behind me and placed his hands on my waist. He kissed my neck, my ear and pulled me to him.
" Do you trust me?" he asked. I was so filled with passion I could hardly answer "Yes!"
With that, he slowly unbuttoned my blouse and turned me around to face him. I'll never forget the look in his eyes as they roamed over my body. Unhurriedly he slipped off my blouse and unhooked my bra.
He placed his hands on my shoulders and ever so slowly let them find their way to my breasts. His fingers found my hardening nipples and slowly and gently rolled them between his fingers. I moaned deeply as he laid me on the bed. His lips found my right nipple, his hand my left. He gently yet firmly nibbled first my right, then my left nipple as they larger between his lips. After only moments I shuddered with my first orgasm! He knew immediately when I came.

"My God", I moaned, " No one has done that to me before."
With that, I drew his lips to mine again. I knew I had to return the favor, and I knew exactly how after all the conversations we had. I unbuttoned his shirt and let my hands roam over his chest, finding his nipples and tweaking them just a little harder than I should. Joe just lay there with his hands behind his head as I slowly kissed my way down his neck to his nipples.
A moan escaped his lips as I sucked 1 then the other with a passion I didn't know I possessed. "Get off the bed, Joe."
I sat on the edge of the bed as he stood in front of me. My eyes never left his as I slowly pulled down his pants and silk boxers. He cock was not yet fully erect. Though not the largest I had ever seen, I knew it would more than satisfy me. Still looking into his eyes, I lifted his dick to my open mouth and slowly drew the head between my lips. I could feel it growing as I took him deep into my waiting mouth. Joe looked at me as he held the back of my head.
I released his cock from my mouth and licked its length down to his balls. I took them in my mouth and sucked them until he moaned in pleasure, my hand stroking the length of his cock.

My mouth found the head of his dick again and I took him as deep as I could. My mouth slid up and down the length of it, slowly at first, but the more Joe moaned the faster and harder I went. I could feel myself getting wetter as he kept his hands on my head, urging me on. I knew he was about to cum as his cock started to jerk inside my mouth. When he came, it was with such intensity I thought I'd lose it all, but I managed to take all of his juices and swallow every drop.
He pulled me to my feet and kissed me with a passion I had never experienced. "Do you trust me?" he asked. I answered by placing his hands on my breasts and telling him I was his. With that he lay me back on the bed. From his pants pocket he took out 2 long, silk scarves.

I must have looked at him funny. " I never mentioned this to you," he said, "but I know you'll enjoy this. He looped one scarf around each of my wrists and then tied each to the headboard of my bed.
"They're not tight enough to let you get out, just tight enough to hold your arms up like that." I'm not sure I'd have let my husband do this, but with Joe it just seem right. His hands found my breasts once again, my nipples aching under his touch. But this time he wouldn't let me come.
He'd bring me to the brink and stop. I'd try to bring my hands down to hold his lips to my nipples, but couldn't.

After what seemed an eternity, he lifted my ass off the bed and slipped of my skirt. Thank God I left off the stockings! He slid my panties off and stroked my pussy. "You are absolutely stunning," he said as he lowered his face between my legs. He licked and kissed the inside of my thighs as watched helplessly, my hands still behind me. His tongue worked its way to my clit.
Gently he opened me with his hands, as his tongue made love to my clit. Waves of passion overcame me as he gently nipped at it, making it grow. His fingers entered me, first 1, then another.

Slowly he finger-fucked me as his tongue worked my clit into frenzy. I shuddered as he lifted my ass of the bed and slipped his tongue into my pussy. Wave after wave of orgasm overcame me, but Joe wasn't finished wit me yet. He slid up my body, his hand keeping my cunt aching for him. He replaced his hand with his cock and in one motion drove into me up to his balls. He rode me with unbridled passion telling me over and over how much he loved my cunt. I tightened my muscles around his cock, giving him a tight thrust each time. He slipped the scarves off my wrists and rolled us over.
"Sit on my cock!"
I lowered my self on his dick, taking his length, then sliding up, almost, but not quite letting it slip out of my cunt.
I desperately wanted to feel him shoot inside me, but he slowed me down " What are you doing?" I heard myself moan.
"I want us to come together; I know you're not ready." His hands found my nipples again. I leaned forward so he could take my right one in his mouth. I could feel another wave coming over me. So could Joe.
" Oh my God, I'm cumming again!" I heard myself scream.
At the same time, Joe exploded deep inside my pussy, his cum oozing out of me. I collapsed onto him, his cock still inside me, losing its hardness.

We lay on the bed holding each other a while, completely spent. "This was the best I've ever had." I said. "I knew it would be good Kristen," he answered, " but this was incredible!" We kissed lovingly.
"Its amazing that Jim won that trip and your wife just happened to be going to Philadelphia on the same weekend.
I only hope it can happen again."

Joe just looked at me with a devilish grin and said "I'm not so sure I can afford to pay for another trip for 2 to Daytona again and make it look like a prize!"

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