Monday, August 20, 2007

First Meeting

Written by Amanda(Feb 2000)

A letter on cream colored(?) linen paper and with it, an airline ticket.
I perspire lightly as I begin to read. I tell myself when I finish, that it wasn't so bad, nothing to make me feel threatened, just step-by-step instructions that must be followed, with one caveat.
I have to make the decision freely, and if I do, I must understand everything that awaits me.

There is an address on the bottom left of the letter, and a footnote that there will be a driver waiting for me at the airport. my head is swimming, that familiar exhilaration,fear,lust,longing,hope monster has me in his grip and now I decide I don't want it to release me.

The drive from the airport was agony. I was on edge and the driver said nothing, not a word, which might have made me feel a little at ease. That, I think, is what You wanted.

I'm here, 'It's my birthday.' I say to myself.

A room. Recessed lighting turned down made it intimate and comforting. I sit in the chair that the letter instructed I sit in, and listen to my breathing, hoping You'll come for me soon.

You don't. I dare not leave the room to ask where You are, so I let myself drift away, daydreaming at first, humming favorite songs, twisting my hair like I do when i'm stressed, and then darkness.

The first thing I sense upon waking, is a scent. Cologne, mixing Patchouli, Sandalwood and Vetiver; masculine, powerful and very exotic.
I peek through closed eyelids and make out a form sitting in an armchair across from me, sitting and watching me sleep. I open my eyes. I want to see You, but I don't want You to see what's in my eyes, so I look at You and then move my eyes to other places in the room.

You're on your feet, taking the 15 or so steps towards me. I stop breathingÉwhat are You going to do?? You take my hand and pull me to my feet, where in one quick motion You encircle me with Your arms and plant a soft kiss on the side of my neck. You sniff my skin as Your lips leave my neck. my perfume is green tea based, heady and feminineÉit mixes well with the smell of You, which weakens my knees.

You whisper. You ask me it this is the path I choose, freely; I can barely get out an answer, my throat parched and tight, but without hesitation, I feel myself hiss the word 'yes.'
You hold me firmly now and ask me, still not looking in my face, you lips to my ear, 'will you obey everything you're told to do without question, and know it is for my pleasure?'
Again I say 'yes'

Looking into my face, taking it between your hands, you kiss my forehead. You take my hand and lead me into a connecting room where, you tell me, a bath is waiting.

Standing before you now, letting you remove my blouse, you seem pleased that I wear no bra, just a camisole. Your finger traces one nipple then the other through my camisole.
I feel electricity shoot from where you touched me, down my legs. You move behind me and cup my breasts with your hands, telling me their fullness pleases you very much. I expect my skirt to come off next, but you instead surprise me, reaching under my skirt and caressing my bottom, then squeezing it gently.
The zipper comes down and you slide the skirt over my hips, letting it fall around my feet. You bring my arms up over my head and take the camisole off. Now I am naked except for a thong and thigh highs.

I feel so vunerable standing before you nearly naked, and you know this. I think it amuses you because you know that deep down it excites me to be seen by you.
Again you move behind me, instructing me not to move. I'm bent over at the waist, practically in half, and you hold my hips.
You're examining me and I feel so open it's almost painful, but again thrilling at the same time.

Your cupped hand covers my pussy, applying gentle pressure, making me squirm slightly.
You keep this up for a short time, every now and then tracing the outline of my lips through the small piece of material the thong provides. I know I'm wet and this makes my vulnerability increase greatly. You move me, still bent over, pressing yourself against me, to a large overstuffed chair nearby where you lean me into it.
All I can think of is you inside me. I can feel your hardness press against me, large and powerful.

I think of how it would be for you to just move my thong to one side and plunge into me, but in another thought, I don't want it to be like thatÉI just want the tease, I want the tease to go on until after that point when you know I cant stand it anymore, and then you will take me - but not yet.
You are just measuring up the goods, taking your pleasure from laying your cock against my pussy, so I must respect that and be happy that it gives you pleasure. I know mine will eventually come.

I'm stood up and you turn me around, instructing me to remove the stockings and thong. There is urgency in your voice, it almost sounds like an order, not a request.
I'm naked and you lead me to the bath.
'Get in Amanda.' You speak my name for the first time since I arrived, and it sends a pain through my gut and down to my pussy.
I've waited to hear you speak my name and it was so worth the wait. As I step into the steaming, blue colored water, more waves of pleasure ripple through me.

You give me my bath, washing me, rinsing me, I think that you adore that.
Then you strip your clothes off and you're above me. Me, looking up adoringly at you, at your face and then your shoulders, chest, stomach and then lingering on your beautiful cock, surprised by its size, but totally excited. It's only half erect, and I can't help thinking of what it will look and feel like when it is fully hard. You're in the bath, sitting behind me, your chest on my back and you soap my breasts again, rubbing the lather around to my back and neck.

My nipples ache. My breasts are one of the most sensitive areas of my body. I can orgasm rolling my nipples between my thumb and finger.
You pull me tighter against you and use me to clean your body. Your breath in my ear and the occasional moan I hear, makes me even hotter and filled with longing to please you in whatever way you see fit.

You get out of the bath and wrap yourself in a towel, bringing one for me also. You rub my body, making the skin pink, then turn to an armoire against the wall, taking out a pair of white cotton panties and a short, thin cotton tank dress. 'Put them on Amanda.' I do so quickly, glad to be covered now.
You lead me into another room. In the room is a bench, a table and a chair. I feel I belong here, it is a comforting room, but there is an air of danger in this room and it keeps me on my guard.

You are circling me not taking your eyes off of me, and when you speak it is to ask me why I am here. I'm afraid to answer, not knowing quite what to say, and fearful that if I answer incorrectly that there will be consequences. I say it anywayÉ'I'm here because I want you to control me, I want to be owned by you and I need you to teach me how that can happen.' You say nothing and I wait, feeling stupid, I must have said the wrong thing.
I was being totally honest when I said what I said, and I think honesty counts for something, so I'll take whatever comes of this.

You ask me if I will, without question, do anything that You want me to, no matter if it please me or not. You ask if I understand that whatever you ask me to do will ultimately please me, because I am here for your pleasure. I am here to be taken whenever and however you see fit, and I will be disciplined as you see fit because it is the best thing for me, and serves to build trust between us. I nod my head, agreeing to all of this.
'Say it AmandaÉsay what you you are here for, now!'

I blurt out that I am here to become yours, however you need me to be, again excited at your saying my name.
You pick up a silk scarf from the table and blindfold me with it. You will not bind me, I know this, we agreed beforehand there would be no binding during this first meeting.

'Amanda, kneel in front of Me.' I drop to my knees and You tell me the position I should be in to honor You. I am on my knees, chest down, and head off to the side touching the floor. You tell me to stretch my arms out away from my body, and now I look like a short T. My bottom raised slightly for Your use.
I don't know if you're still standing before me or not but you leave me in this position for a while. I suspect you are looking at me in this position, becoming familiar with the different contours of my body. It makes me uncomfortable, embarrassed.

Eventually, you pull me to my knees and silky material brushes my cheek as you do. It must be a robe of some kind, I think to myself.
Suddenly I feel your cock on my chin.
You trace my eyelids, my cheek, my nose and then my lips with it. It is hot and very hard and I want it badly.
You take my hair and wrap it around your cock and gently roll yourself through the curls. My heart is pounding furiously by now.

Then your hand is under my elbow, helping me up, leading meÉsomewhere. I'm laid down on my tummy on a hard surface, I think it must be the bench, it is narrow. Only the top half of my body is on the bench.
From my head to where my thighs begin, and this causes my bottom to be raised, knees touching the floor.
Totally available for you now it seems. I feel your breath near my face and hope you'll now let me taste what I am aching to.
Instead, You are asking me if I have been good, or if I have been bad. I'm shaking, I tell You I'm bad most of the time, but try really hard to be good, and I just can't. You laugh, a good, deep, rich laugh and then You are upon me.

You straddle my back facing my bottom. I feel your balls on my back, and it is very exciting to me. 'Bad girls need punishing, don't they Amanda?' Before I can respond I feel the first smack.
It is surprisingly sharp and painful and I catch my breath. The tempo of Your slaps increases and then when I think I can't stand anymore, You slow down.
You slap me with one hand and with the other, You push your cock down flat against my lower back, where it reaches the tip of my tailbone.
You slide it back and forth, from left to right, and I can feel the slickness of the fluid coming from Your body.

I know I am soaking wet down thereÉand aching to be touched. You let Your cock up off my back, and I feel the smoothness of oil on both Your hands. You are massaging my sore bottom, but it isn't for long. You ask me if I think I have been punished enough, and if I have learned a small lesson today. I begin to answer and You cut me off. The slaps begin again and this time the pain has changed. The white-hot pain from before has been replaced. I feel it now in my pussy, my nipples, and my ass. I hear myself moan loudly as You continue. The oil enhances and increases the pain.
You're up now and I lay there shaking, wanting, desiringÉYou.

You help me up and tell me to stay on all fours. 'crawl towards My voice amanda, right now.' I begin to move and am stopped by Your cock pressing against my face. 'do you want My cock in your mouth?' You ask. 'yes I do.' I reply. You grab my hair, twisting it around Your hand and say 'Yes, you do, what?'
'Yes, I do want Your cock in my mouth' I groan.
Again You yank my hair slightly, 'Yes I do want your cock in my mouth, what?'
I am lost now, but you quickly tell me that I will only address You as Sir from now on. 'Yes Sir, I want Your cock in my mouth.'

You push Your cock through my slightly parted lips, and slide in halfway. I roll my tongue around it, loving its taste and texture. You're telling me how hot and wet my mouth is and how much pleasure You are taking from it. I am so wet now I can feel the fluids begin to trickle down my upper thighs, and this embarrasses me.
Why, I do not know. You continue to fuck my face holding my head in Your hands and ramming into me, then slowing Your tempo, only to speed up again.
When You pull out of me, I find the tip of your cock and flick my tongue over it, and underneath where I know it is so sensitive. Then You move away. I can't see this, but I can feel it. You move me to another place, another hard surface, must be the table?

I'm laid across it, face down again and You pull on me around the waist to raise my bottom up higher. And then I feel You tracing a finger down my back towards the cheeks, then down further, as You stop at my pussy, wet and swollen with desire.
You run a finger down the slit and then bring it to my mouth.
'Taste yourself You little slut.' Your finger slides into my mouth and a familiar taste is on my tongue. I'm giving Your finger head, and You are enjoying it a lot. You pull me closer to You and I finally feel your cock, hot and raging, against my wet thigh.

'Do you want Master's cock inside of you, cunt?' I am taken aback at the harshness of Your words, but there is no doubt in my mind or my heart that this is what I want and need; I respond without hesitation 'yes Sir please, I want You inside of me, in every part of me.' You slide your cock back and forth between my cheeks that are slippery with my fluids.

I feel You lay Your cock inside the cheeks and place Your hand over top of it, rocking back and forth, sending pleasure through my body, and I am sceaming inside to be taken this way.
A fingertip circles me there, gentle, then nudging more insistently, eventually slipping inside me. I groan and push towards Your finger as You move it slowly inside me.

Your cock is touching my pussy, right at its opening and I swear it almost feels like I could just open myself up and swallow you in whole. 'amanda why are you here' words that were so simple, and that You knew were timed perfectly.
Me, in the throes of this enormous passion, there was no place to go except forward.
'I am here to serve and please you, my Master and I am here for You to take me in every way possible SirÉthere are no limits.'
At this Your cock slid into me and Your moan drove me right to the brink of my orgasm. I felt You all the way through me and You fucked me, rode me, fingering my asshole as Your cock slammed into me. You knew I was close and You pulled out me.
You wanted me to pleasure You again with my mouth and were in me quickly. I could feel Your cock growing more in my mouth and this told me You were close to cumming too.

As I sucked and licked you I could feel the muscles in my pussy contracting. I needed to cum so badly but I wanted You inside me.
ÔPlease' I moaned.
'PleaseÉwhat do you want, tell me bitch.' You shot back.
'Please sir, I need You to fuck me, I'm begging You.' I replied pathetically.
'I am fucking you, you silly little cunt.' As You pressed into my mouth harder.
'Sir I need You inside me, inside my pussy, my ass, please!'

I heard You moan loudly as You pulled out of my mouth. You moved behind me once more and I breathlessly waited to feel You fill my pussy. You controlled everything, You put Your cock where it would please You to.
You pressed against my ass, I pulled away, never having experienced fucking in this way, but always fantasizing about it, I didn't know how it would feel.
I paid for the mistake that I made in pulling away from You! As You slipped Your cock into my ass, Your hand cracked down onto my ass cheeks, smacking them with every ounce of strength You had.
You were fucking my ass and spanking me, and I was in heaven.

'you want to come, don't you cunt?' I couldn't even answer. 'you'll cum when I let you cum.' You thrust into me even more feverishly, all the while spanking me. I could feel tears streaming out of me now.
Tears of pain, desire, and above all, devotion. Devotion to you my Master. Your pace was picking up and I knew You would cum soon, and I moved with YouÉI wanted to feel Your orgasm.
You breathed heavily into my ear, 'amanda I want to look at Your pussy when you cum, and You will let Me do that.'

This was the most erotic thing anyone has ever said to me. I could barely respond, I think I only made sounds to indicate my compliance.
You continued fucking my ass and used a finger to tease my pussy, coaxing it along. What drove me over the edge is what happened next.

Your hands on both my shoulders, bending me back towards. You as You pistoned in and out of my ass. Your hands grabbing my breasts, pulling me back towards You deeper, and then finally Your mouth on my shoulder, nibbling and then biting as You thrust into me.
'Sir, I want to cum, please!!!' You pulled out of me, pushing me down on the table keeping me there with Your hand pressed flat across my back, positioning
Yourself to look at the most private part of meÉ.removing just a little dignity from me. With Your other hand you slid a finger into my pussy and then placed it on my clit, barely touching itÉtoo hard a touch would stop my orgasm.

It began.
Like a huge swell in the ocean, picking up speed and intensity, and You, bent over, watching my red, swollen pussy as it contracted and shuddered its release. It seemed like it would never end.
It felt like I was fucking the air, thrusting towards a ghost that met my thrusts. I needed to be filled up.
'Please, fuck me, please. I need you now Sir!' Your cock drove into me and You were cumming, shouting obscenities mixed with kindness as You bore into me. 'amanda,' You roared, 'you are Mine, My slavecunt, My bitch. I can do with you whatever I please.'

I felt another orgasm begin. Words are so powerful, and yours consume me.

We remained in this room for a few hours, not speaking much, not needing to.
You massaged my bottom now and then, sending small needle stings through my body, reminding me of my punishment.
My devotion to You was consummated that day, and I wonder how much farther You will take me.

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