Friday, August 24, 2007

Dear Nick

Dear Nick

I really enjoyed chatting to you yesterday and feel close to you. I just love writing and hope to be a writer one day - so if this is a long letter and if it is too boring, just tell me to be shorter.

Part One

In July 1998 my best friend, Jenny, who is also Indo-Chinese like me, won a competition run by a milk company here in Australia. The prize was a trip for two people to Disneyland/Universal Studios in California for 10 days. She was 18 and I was only 17 at that time and Mum and Dad thought I might be a bit young to go. But I begged them all the time to let me and at last they agreed. Jenny won the trip and $2500 (AustralianÉwhich is about 1550 USD) plus accommodation in Annahiem and also in Los Angeles near Universal Studios. I did not have much money and my family and friends collected about 500 USD - like an early Christmas present!

We flew to Sydney after exams were finished in mid November on a domestic flight and then caught the Air New Zealand jumbo jet to LA which was fantastic. I love flying in jumbos! We transferred in a shuttle van to a nice hotel in Annahiem and spent the next 2 days in Disneyland.....................which was enough! On the third day we went to Knotts Berry farm which was 'weak' after Disneyland. We were actually getting a bit bored and couldn't wait to get to LA. On the fourth day we did a day trip to Mexico and went mad shopping thereÉI loved that! We even tried drinking margarita but it was too strong for me (not for Jenny who is a big drinkerÉshe finished mine too!)

The best fun happened in LA. We arrived there on a Friday afternoon and the hotel was fantasticÉposh! We had a nice Chinese meal in the evening and the restaurant was so crowded. The waiter asked if we would mind if another couple sat at our table because there was two spare seats and we said it was OK. And that's how we met Brian and Julie from San Jose. They flew down for the weekend and had never been to Universal before. He is in the photographic department of the ( name deleted) newspaper in SJ and used to be a photographer but now is sort of like the boss of his departmentÉ(I am not quite sure).

His wife Julie is what I thought all California ladies would be like: blonde, pretty, gorgeous figure and a wonderful personality. They had never met anything like us: Indonesian Chinese girls from Australia who spoke like 'limeys' and did not know any Chinese language! Jenny is very 'outrageous' personality and attracts people quickly. I am quiet and because I don't (actually can't) drink alcohol, people think I am deep and thoughtful! But JennyÉshe drinks like a fish and is always making people laughÉuntil she suddenly gets very sleepy and has to go to bed and is just dies!! Such a funny girl! We agreed to go to Universal Studios with Brian and Julie the next day and had a real blast. I really liked the 'Back to the Future' ride. I was too scared to go on the Jurassic Park looked scary.
We had Mexican food there and I loved that too. They had to fly back to SJ the next day in the afternoon on a shuttle flight and suggested we come up and stay with them because it was silly to come to America and not see San Francisco and all that. I was doubtful because I was running out of money and I was not sure about the reaction I would get from home if I stayed longer. But amazingly, when I rang home to tell them we had been invited to stay in SJ maybe until Christmas (almost a month) they said OK and agreed it was silly to go all that way and not see more of the country and said they would send me some more money.(Another $100 USD!! Not enough!)

It was easy to re-book our return with Air New Zealand and we then got a Greyhound bus to SJ and arrived there on Tuesday night. Brian and Julie met us at the bus station and took us to their house which was pretty posh and as I have said, it overlooked the valley and I could see the airport and the planes taking off and landing. My bedroom was downstairs at one end of the house and Jenny's was up a set of stairs at the other in a lovely little attic room that looked into the back garden. We were so lucky!

That night we were taken to the Mexican restaurant in Milpitas and had a wonderful meal and the doggy bags lasted two days! Jenny got her favourite: margarita !! I really think that the California economy would have noticed when she went home because they would not be selling so much margarita mix any more!!! I like the taste....but I am sort of allergic to alcohol like many Chinese and Japanese people are. Not all...just some.

While Brian was at work Julie took us to lots of places. Like Mount Hamilton, Winchester House, Gilroy (love that!), Great Mall shopping centre (LOVE that!!), the Ranch Market near the Great Mall which is a wonderful Asian supermarket where we bought heaps of food to cook Indonesian food for them as our contribution.

One day Jenny and I went into San Jose and caught a train to SF and we had a great time but not much money to spend!! We also went to SF another day on the BART train from Freemont....

I was having a wonderful time but my problem was my money. I just did not have enough. I started to stay at home more and watch cable TV. Jenny was getting a bit low but had lent me $100 and she had enough to last until we were going home. Brian and Julie had bought us a one-way trip on the United Airlines shuttle to LA to get the plane home. I hate being brokeÉand there was so much I wanted to buy! SighÉ

One day Julie took Jenny to have her hair done. Brian asked me if I would like to go into his office and see how the ( name deleted) newspaper worked. I said 'sure would!' So I went there and had a ball! I spent the morning in the darkroom and the editing rooms and seeing how they use computer programs like Photoshop and Corel Draw to do the work that used to be done in the dark.
In the afternoon I got my lucky break. I went with a photographer called Max all afternoon while he did various photos of things around the city that the paper had given him a list of. We visited a friend of his and they were shooting clothes fashions with beautiful modelsÉso exciting!
Just before we got back he bought me a coffee and a cinnamon bun. He said I was very pretty and had a lovely figure and I thanked him and told him I did not agree about my tiny bustline! He said that for some girls who model that is a plus not a minus.

On the way back home I told Brian I had had a wonderful day and it had not cost me a cent! He asked me then how my finances were going and I admitted..... 'they have gone!!' and explained that I didn't have enough money to go with Jenny to have my hair done! He said he understood.

WellÉ.the next day when Brian came home from work and while Jenny was in the shower he called me into the TV room with Julie. He said that he was not pushing me at all and that the decision was mine 100%, but the photographer who had taken me out the day before (Max, and who I really liked and was a lovely older man) had wondered if I was getting low on finances and had asked Brian if it was so. Brian said yes. So Brian said to me that if I would like to spend the day in a studio modelling (and Julie would be with me all the time) he would pay me $250. But there was a catch: no clothes!!

It would not be pornographic but artistic, and not for publication now or any time in the future. Just for his own portfolio.
I was so amazed! No one had ever seen me without clothes on in my life except maybe Jenny once or twice on this trip. I said I would have to think about it....deeply! They kept saying it was my decision and they were not pushing me to do it or not to do it. Jenny then came out from her shower and we stopped talking about it. But later that night Jenny had a couple of drinks too many and Julie took her off to her bedroom and told me to hang around and not go to bed yet.
When she came back she said that Jenny was out to it and she had undressed her and put her to bed.

So we had a chance to chat about my offer and weigh up the good and bad points. We came to this conclusion: this was America not Australia. No-one would know me there. They are not for publication and if they were published without my agreeing (which I would NEVER do) I could sue them for millions. Also it would be an amazing experience and Julie said it would be a sort of 'awakening' for my womanhood/sexuality.

I did not know what she meant at the time but now I do now. The bad side would be that I would be embarrassed half to death to have people see my body but I assumed that once they have seen it there is nothing more to look at. Julie told me that when you make it with a guy and he sees you undressed for the first time it is embarrassingÉbut later you wonder why you felt that way.
This seemed to make sense to me. Brian said that what was attracting Max and others too in his department was that I was 18 (they thought!) but had the body (boobs!) of a 13 or 14 year old girl.

I thought all night and still couldn't make up my mind. That evening he brought home a contract for me to read. It said things likeÉ 'by signing this contract you attest that you are above 18 years of age, you are not being coerced into this, you realise that photos may be clothed or unclothed, and that to have a photo published it must have a signed consent form on the back each and every individual picture'.

This meant newspapers, magazines and internet. Brian said he brought it home for me to see not to sign. If I wanted to do it Max and I could sign it anytime after or during the shoot. Not before because he would want to see me (!) first because maybe I would not be suitable. The payment was on both our signatures and if we both signed and he did not want to use me he would still have to pay for one day.

Well, as you have probably guessed, I decided to do it. Julie promised to be with me all the time because I was a bit scared of 'funny business'. So on a Sunday afternoon Julie told Jenny that she was taking me to see a friend of hers in downtown SJ and that Brian would take her to a bar which specialises in Margarita drinks : she loved that! Max told Brian to tell me that I should not wear any underwear for two hours before the shoot because the elastic would leave marks on my skin. So about 11 o'clock I put on a warm long dress (it was getting cool as winter came on) with buttons down the front and with nothing underneath. Strange feeling!

We arrived at the studio at 1 o'clock and it was nice and warm thank heavens! Max said it was nice to see me again and introduced me to his make up assistant whose name was Lisa. Julie told him I was very nervous and had never done this before. Max was so nice. He said every girl has a 'first time' in modelling and he understood it might be embarrassing for a while but that feeling would pass quickly as 'you realise that you are a very pretty person and this attention is all for you'Éor something like that. I was nervous....yes....but excited too and suddenly started to wish he would get me out of my misery and start!

He set up his camera and said that the time had come to see if I was what he wanted. He asked me to undo my buttons and bare my body to the waist. He said that if that test was passed, he would ask me to take the dress off and Julie could hang it up. But if my breasts were not suitable I would not have to take everything off. He asked if that was ok and I said yes and undid my dress.
Everyone came around to lookÉwhat an experience! Bare to the waist !!

I waited for the comments and he said: 'perfectÉbetter than I could have hoped forÉok, take it all off!' And then I took my dress off and gave it to Julie.
I was
I remember Max and Lisa saying something about how I was 18 and looked like I was barely starting pubertyÉI just blushed bright red!
Lisa sat me on a stool and started to make my face up. I have a small mole on my tummy and that was covered with make up. And then, maybe ten minutes after I had taken off my dress I suddenly felt proud of adult....and my embarrassment almost disappeared completely. She was a great make up girl and hairdresser too. I checked myself in the mirror and I was so proud...I really looked very nice. Even my legs seemed to be more shapely!

Well he must have taken a million photos of me. No problems about pornography at all. Of course full frontal and even some close ups of my pubic region but with flowers and other decorationsÉquite funny really.
I could say no to any shot but I did not because I thought that he has hired me for the afternoon and unless it is offensive he can take photos of what ever he wants to.

The only photo I a bit doubtful about was a low shot of me looking down to the camera which was shooting up and he was lying on the floor between my legs. But when I saw this pic at another time I was thrilled: it was just terrific and the area I was worried about was out of focus slightly.

This was the beginning of my USA modelling career! I posed for two other photographers after Max saidÉ'you are worth more than $250Éask for $500 and be prepared to barter slightly.' So the other two guys paid me $425 and $450Éso you can see I make over $1100 (USD) for being a show off!!
They were all nice guys and all were gentlemen. I never felt threatened by them and there were no silly remarksÉand all knew I was a virgin and respected me for that. But all thought I was over 18Éso I was the naughty one Énot them! The second lot was in a studio (with a friend of Max )and I had some lovely photos taken by another guy on the beach near Pacifica and I have some of them emailed to me from this guy and I keep them hidden very well!. I was too scared to bring them home and get caught in customs so I got some emailed and he will send me more if I want. I am sure you would agree they are very nice and not really porno. The second guy was the boldest of them and he still sometimes emails me. Max warned me he might be like that and to say no if I was offended.

WellÉthat is a long letter from me. I told you I will reveal all my secrets and so on. But don't expect too much. I have told you I am pretty innocent! I have aspirations to be a writer when I finish university.
I will be doing Arts with a major in English. I am in my last year of high school now and already have good results in English. I am very proud to tell you that I won the prize for English last year (The 'William Blake Prize' donated by PepsiCola) and that was $500 (Aust) which added to my good fortune!! Heheheh

This will do for nowÉI pray I can have a secret pen friend who is mature and sensible. I noticed you did not use any bad words in your chat with me yesterday. I know them all and I am sure you do. But I don't like to use them....except in context.

More of my 'awakening' adventures in California next letter ( Part II)....I have enjoyed writing this and then correcting it (proof reading) before it goes to you.



Dear Nick,

I have decided to call my story to you by the following chapter names:

1. Going broke in America
2. The Awakening.
3. The Experience.
4. The Mystery!

It's like writing a book or short story for you. You'll have four chapters to read and I've already sent you the first one and now I'm going to write the second called 'The Awakening' because this is when for the first time in my life I really felt like a female/woman as opposed to feeling like 'a person' É you understand what I mean? I call it 'the awaiting' because that's what Julie said on the way to my first posing session. I didn't know what she meant then and on the way home afterwards it began to start making some sense.

When Max had finished taking the pictures of me Julie asked him if he had a shower so that I could wash off all the make up and look 'normal' again. Lisa showed me where the shower was and gave me a towel and some soap. Later when we were driving home which takes about half an hour, Julie told me what Max had said while I was out of the room. Apparently he was amazed at how young I looked and how young I acted and was not surprised when Julie told him that I had had no experience with sex.

He said that I have the body of 14 year old girl and such an innocent oriental look about me that it was hard to remember that I was actually an adult (legally). He commented on my 'naivete' when I was posing and said that professional models doing nude work always worry about not revealing any of themselves.
He said I didn't appear be aware at all or seem to care. Julie asked me if I had noticed anything about Max when he was photographing me and I said no I had not. She said that he had a 'hard on' most of the time and it had amused her watching how he tried to hide it. I honestly had not noticed but I was surprised that I had had an effect like that on an adult man É I mean that he could not control his own body. She couldn't believe I had not ever seen a man in that condition before even though she knew I had never had any experiences.

The second time Julie took me to do photography was with more people than just Max and Lisa. This guy was Max's friend and he had someone helping him. Max of course was there to introduce me. I think he thought he was my agent now! I'm still not quite sure, and nor was Julie, who was the photographer!
The guy who seem to be in charge did not pick up the camera but directed the other guy to take the photos É for instance angles, lighting and things like that. What Julie had said was true and this time I made sure I looked.

Sure enough at some time during the afternoon all of these three men had effect from looking at my body. I noticed sometimes a guy would put his hand in his pocket and I could see that he was trying to adjust himself. Other times I could just see that there was something going on now where nothing had been going on before! As I think I told you in my last chapter this photographer was much bolder than Max and took many more photos of me front-on. I realised after while that he was trying to get me to pose in more sexually explicit ways than Max had. Julie said to him that he could not take photos of me which she called 'spreads' without asking and anyway my face must not be showing.

We came to an understanding that if my face was not showing, well, it did not matter much what he wanted to take photos ofÉeven close-up.
I told him it didn't matter and Julie agreed that that although the shoot was definitely sexual in nature (different to 'sexy') it was not dangerous if I was anonymous. Because this guy was paying me over 400 U.S. dollars for three hours I said to myself 'he can take photographs of whatever he wants..... this is not so bad!' I was 'wide-open exposed' but not embarrassed..... don't you think that's amazing for the second time I had done this? And that is why I call this story for you 'the awakening'

I have told you, honestly, that I have known about orgasms since I was about 14. We had discussed this in SJ on our 'Wild Saturday Nights' (which I will tell you about in another 'chapter'). Julie knew I was a virgin and had no experience and she asked me what I thought about (fantasy) when I was doing that. I told to I didn't think about anything. I just thought it felt nice to do that and I loved the orgasm at the end and usually after that I went to sleep.
She asked me, 'don't you think about boys or someone else? Don't you think of kissing, hugging someone or having someone touch your breasts?' And I told her that I did not and I never had. She said she had never heard of anyone like that before and she said it just made me seem more innocent and sweeter than ever. She was surprised that I had never masturbated a boy or had one touch me.
Now I have told you this because that night when I went to bed and I made myself have some orgasms, for the first time in my life I thought about those men who had been looking at me during the day and I imagined they were all undressed too and I could see their private parts.
'My awakening'!! And from that day until today I always think about (imagine) something sexy.

I know that Jenny is more experienced that I am but I also know she is also a virgin. Once she told me she had gone a bit too far with a boy but not 'all the way'. So we are a good pair!

So this ends my chapter II ,'The Awakening'......hehehehe

Are you getting bored with my autobiography? I bet you aren't because you are a sexy guy......right?

Love from


Dear Nick, Are you ready for my next chapter called 'The Experience' ?? I am enjoying writing these experiences to you so much! It is like having my holiday over again. Also I shall print them out and keep them and when I am older I will be able to remember the trip.
And remember you too!

In my last chapter I mentioned our 'Wild Saturday Nights'. Every Saturday night Brian and Julie always try to have an evening at home and they have a nice meal and a few drinks and smoke marijuana (is that how it is spelled?) I hate smoking anything so I was not interested in smoking it but Julie had some 'cookies' which her friend made and I tried half of one on the first Saturday night and it was a lovely feelingÉbut only just sort of relaxing for meÉnot drunk feeling.
After the first time I was able to have a whole cookie and while they all drank alcohol and smoked 'pot' I just floated about deliciously!
What a lovely sleep I had on Saturday nights! I always seemed to be 'sensible' ( but very giggly) and they all got so goofy when they had it with Margarita (Jenny) or scotch whisky (Brian and Julie). But I am telling you this because that's when we had a our wonderful open conversationsÉusually sex subjects of course! Its when I told them (and so did Jenny) that I was a virgin and we both admitted that we knew about masturbation and orgasms.
I complained about my small bust and Jenny told us how she had 'lusted' over a guy and what she told us in minute detail what she had wanted to do to and with him!! Jenny and Brian told us stories of what they had done before they met and how many people they had slept withÉit was so much fun!! Our conversations were so open and without blushing. Jenny usually did not last past midnight if she had a 'nightcap'. Julie would help her to her bedroom and put her to bed. As I saidÉI had the BEST sleeps after my one cookie!

This was our Saturday nights! Often Jenny and I would ask Julie to take us to the Ranch Market near the Great Mall and we would make a wonderful Indonesian meal for them. They will fry fish for you there freeÉwhat a service! And Julie and Brian would supply the margarita mix and tequila for Jenny and a cookie for me! hehehe

Well, the last night we were there was a Saturday and we flew by shuttle to LA on Sunday at 5pm to get the Air New Zealand flight from LAX at 9pm. So we decided to have a lovely meal for the last time.

In the courtyard outside Jenny's window was a spa (They called it a jacuzzi or a name like that). They said that they hardly used it in autumn-winter because the water was cold and took too long to heat up. But to celebrate our last night with them they agreed to get it heated up for the eveningÉit takes a long time and a lot of power. Brian spent a lot of time cleaning it and getting it ready , cleaning and so on. About 9-30 Brian checked it and said it was warm enough and we all went and put on our bathing costumes. They had all been drinking and I had eaten a bit more than a whole cookie and was feeling great! The spa has a wide rim and they could have their drinks on the edge as they sat in the water. I had another half a cookie to have later (which I did!)

It was lovely in the water and the bubbles feel so nice. I had been in a spa before in Australia but it was inside a hotel room with Mum and Dad and not as much fun as this in the open air with friends and with my cookie doing its magic! Lots of drinking and laughingÉa real blast! Jenny wanted to go to the bathroom and as soon as she got out of the hot water was a bit unsteady so I said I would help her. We went to her room and she went to the loo and I could see out the window from upstairs. I thought what a nice couple they were to us. They did not know I was watching and I saw them hug each other and kiss and he had his hand on one of her breasts.Éwhat a loving couple. As I spied on them they refilled my glass with orange juice and topped up Jenny's drink.

I was going to miss them. I was sure!

As we walked down the stairs Jenny said to me that she had drunk enough for one evening and I said 'I have bad news for you: I just saw them refill your glass!' 'Oh shit!' she saidÉ
'I bet I can't finish it!' And sure enoughÉabout 15 minutes later she almost went to sleep in the pool. Julie who was sitting next to her grabbed her and said she would take her to her bedroom and put her to bed. We got her out of the spa and she managed to put her arm around Julie who was back ten minutes later with her wet bathing suit which she hung over a chair to dry out before we left the next day.

Julie jumped back into the spa and asked if Brian had turned off the heater. He said yes - a long time ago. Julie said 'I'm freezing cold! Look at my nipples!' and we saw they were standing up. 'Lets go inside where it is warm!'

We went into the house and dried ourselves with towels. Julie looked at me and said, 'BrianÉlook at Nini's nipplesÉshe is cold too! You are so cruel to us!' So Brian said, 'Look at her nipples ? I am the only person who has NOT looked at her body which you say is so beautiful! You have, Max hasÉthe other guys have. Jenny probably hasÉbut not me!'

'Poor baby' said Julie. 'Why don't you ask her nicely now because she has to get out of her wet suit anyway and hang it up?' She winked at me.

I then said, 'So do you Julie. If you will take off your bathers I will take off mineÉIs that fair?'

Brian said, 'That's fair!!! I agreeÉboth of you!'

So it was agreed and we both turned our backs on Brian and took off our bathers. Julie has a beautiful body with the most wonderful bust I have ever seen. I felt so silly and baby-ish! 'On the count of threeÉwe turn aroundÉone - two -THREE!' and we turned around!

Brians hands drifted to his front. 'Put your hands on your hips, buster!' said Julie and then she said, 'SeeÉlook! He is hardÉLook at that!' And it was obvious that he has an erection under his bathing trunks.

'OKÉtake them offÉshow Nini what YOU are made of' said Julie. He did, and I saw a man for the first time in my life. I don't know what I was expecting, but it was bigger than I imagined. It sort of sat up at 45 degree angle pointing up and wobbled when he walked. Julie said we could maybe make it even bigger and she stood behind me and hugged me and then ran her hands up between my legs and over my pubic hair and then for a moment held both my boobs in her warm hands. He called her 'a bitch' and told her to stop which she did and we all laughed.

Julie told me to feel how hard it was and I squeezed it on the sides with my finger and thumb. It was very tight feeling and then she said 'Now try' and she pushed it downwards so it was slightly 'aiming' down. This time I felt it and it was as hard as if it had a bone inside.

'Hey' said Julie, 'get your digital and take a photo of Nini and me! Okay, Nini??' 'I don't mind' I said

Brian got the camera, his 'willy' bouncing as he walked. He took a photo of Julie and me with our arms around each other and then frontal, arm-in-arm.

'Put the timer on, Brian and get in the photo with us' Julie suggested

'Don't email it to me' I laughed, 'My parents would certainly see it!'

So we stood up in front of the cameras blinking light. 'One-two-three' said Brian and the flash popped in our faces.

'How about one with Nini holding my willy and you holding one of her tits?' asked Brian. 'Would you mind, Nini?'

'Just one' I agreed, hoping I would never regret the extra cookie I had eaten and which had made me so brave!

Flash!! He took it with my hand holding his erect penis, mouth wide open laughing, and Julie with an arm around my shoulder and a hand down holding one of my breasts.

Julie said 'OKÉOKÉThat's enough!' but she was laughing. 'We have enough of a collection to remember the girls visit with'.

She said she was going to have a quick shower and would come up and say goodnight to me before she went to bed. I said goodnight to Brian and he said 'Thanks for showing me your beautiful body' and I said 'Thanks for showing me your beautifulÉumÉbody too'!!! We all laughed!

I went outside and hung up my bathers to dry and then went to my bed, still with nothing on and jumped in. I was so 'horny'. I immediately 'wanked' myself (as Jenny calls it) to a very quick orgasm remembering and thinking about what I had just felt and seen.
Sometimes when I have an orgasm it is good, sometimes it is so-so and sometimes it is a disappointment.
This one was GOOD!!
And so quick! I had left the light on because Julie was going to say goodnight to me.

I lay there and she soon arrived and she now had her dressing gown on. She kneeled next to the bed and held my hand. 'Big night, huh?' she asked. I said yesÉvery big.
'Will you be masturbating ?' she asked.
I giggledÉ 'I already haveÉwhile you were in the shower!'
'Really? I bet you are 'messy' !!' she said and then with no warning at all put her hand under the covers and onto me down there feeling me.
She touched my sensitive spot and I jumped and half sat up closing my legs and said 'No ! Dont!'
Her hand came out very quickly and she said, 'Oh my sweetieÉI am so sorry. I did not want to offend or frighten you'.

Stupidly I said, 'No...that is not the problem. It is very very sensitive when I have just had an orgasm'

'Let me see how wet you areÉand I wont touch your sensitive little spot' she said Without waiting for me to agree she thrust her hand under the overs and said, 'Open sesame!'

I parted my legs and I felt her finger inside my lips there and I was so wet and slippery.
She felt me for a moment and said, 'you are wonderfulÉso sad you are going tomorrow'
She sighed sadly.
'So É if I had come up here straight away with you just then instead of showering, you might have let me do that for you?' she asked and I said I did not knowÉI said I was confused.
'What a pityÉwhat a pity' she said 'I would love to spend the night with you and hug you all night. But you two girls have got Brian so horny he will be coming to look for me soon'

Then she did a strange thing. She put the finger she had felt me with into her mouth and said, 'Finger lickin' good!' and then kissed me so very gently and for a long time on my lips and left.

I was on fire! I really could not tell you how many orgasms I have had remembering that kiss. And that is what I often think about! What a sexy couple. What an experience!

I have tried to write this like a book to make it more interesting. I am not sure I have been able to remember almost exactly what they saidÉbut it near enough! hehehe

But up till now, that is my only sex experience with other people in my life. So...pretty boring I guess if you compare me with other 18 year olds. But I have a lot to look forward to when the right time comes and I am more interested in boys now than I was before America!
And although I am definitely not 'gay', I can now understand lesbians and bi-sexual girls more than I ever would without that experience and would not be frightened if I meet any..

Next chapter is 'The Mystery' which is amazing too!

Love from


Dear Nick,

The Mystery

After we were back in Australia and the holiday was over it all seemed like a dream. We had done so much and met such interesting people and in my case, become 'awakened' and proud of my body.
It was interesting to wonder why, and as Jenny pointed out, and it was obvious to most people, my breasts really started to put on size after that trip. Whether it was the fact that I had sexual fantasies now and more often than before I got a 'turn on' from massaging my breasts and nipplesÉI don't know. But I bet Max in SJ would be surprised to see me now!

The mysteryÉ.I bet you are wondering about that. Well he it is:

One evening Jenny and I went out here to a Mexican restaurant together. We love Mexican food and you can be sure they serve margaritas! During the meal Jenny said that there were a few things she wanted to ask me about our stay in SJ.

First she asked me what usually happened when she 'flaked' after too much drink. I told her that Julie would take her off to her bedroom and come back to re-join us after she had put her to bed.

'And then?' she asked

'Nothing. We just chatted and went to bed. Why?'

'Because on some nights we were there I could drink five margaritas and go to bed myself (a bit tiddly but not 'smashed') and other nights I would just pass out after four. And on two nights I passed out I woke up with nothing on in the morning. I usually sleep in a 'T-shirt' and pantiesÉso I knew someone had put me to bed.'

'Go on' I said.

And on two nights when I had been put to bed like that I had sort of 'dreams'. But because I was so sleepy/drunk I couldn't work out if it was real or a dream.'

'What sort of 'dreams'' I asked

'Like..I was naked and exposed - legs wide apart - and people were thereÉ whisperingÉand there was 'lightening'. And my pants were being taken offÉbut not pulled down my legs And in the dream someone was licking me between my legsÉyou know, 'going down' on me is what they call it'.

'YesÉI know that. And what else? Did you fight them off?'

'No. It was beautiful. Erotic and I orgasmed. And in the morningÉI would lie there and wonder 'did that really happen? Who is doing this to me ?' AndÉ '

'And? And what?'

'I was wet there. ButÉI have had sex dreams with an orgasm and I am wet in the morning. Such a mystery' she sighed.

'Amazing' I said, with a slow sneaky notion what had been occurring.

'I was just wondering,' she said, 'if you had anything like that happenÉbut you don't get pissed, do you?'

'Just as well! ' I said, sidestepping her question.

'And there is something else which I cant understand' she went on. 'you remember before we went to the US we both went up to Target and I bought seven pairs of white cotton panties? One for every day of the week? That's all I took, right?''

I nodded in agreement

'And you have none like that and Julie never had any in the washing when we did their washing, right?'

'Right' I agreed.

'Well, explain this: All my pants are the same. All of them have 'Target Australia - Made in China' on the tag. All except two. They have 'Target America - Made in Honduras'. Other than that, they are identical. I just noticed it when I was on the toilet and I saw the tag.'

'That's amazing' I gulped

'Two of my pants have been replaced. And two of my pants have been taken. Why would they have wanted my pants? I start to think that they were cut off me in my so-called dreams and they just hoped I would not notice the replacements. So spooky! And the 'lightening' was a camera's flash. Maybe I was photographed! Brian was a photographer and they had a digital camera!'

My eyes widened and my mouth sagged. I asked: 'What about on the last night?'

'I woke up with nothing on in the morning but also during the night I woke up feeling cold and the light was on in my room and the door was wide open and anyone could have seen me if they stood at the door.
So I got up, closed the door, turned the light off and pulled the covers over me and went back to sleep. I couldn't be bothered getting my 't' shirt and pants on. But no 'dreams'.'

'Bloody hell,' I thought. I remembered that I was mystified when Julie said to me on that last night that 'both of you girls have got Brian so horny'. Maybe while she was with me Brian was looking at the naked Jenny, drunk on her bed with the light on and that's why 'both' of us had got him horny. And I absolutely knew that he had taken photos of her too!

'That's an amazing story, Jen' I saidÉmaybe Brian wanted your pants as a souvenirÉheheheh'

'He could have askedÉI thought he was so gorgeous.' She said and then, as an afterthoughtÉ'I hope they were clean!' And we both laughed.

Thats the end of my four part story for you, Nick. Do you think I will be a writer one day? I love to write stories and these days I am writing quite a bit. I will let you read some more one dayÉafter I get all the spelling mistakes out.

Talk to you soon in the chat room area.



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