Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Written by Writer (Feb 2000)

Hello, My husband and I had been married for almost 2 years when he dared me to have sex with one of his work-mates.
I had often fantasised about having sex with 2 men at the same time.
This fantasy originally came about shortly after he presented me with an imitation rubber cock for my birthday present.
When ever we made love he always inserted the rubber cock inside my pussy alongside his own cock.

Well it did turn me on at the thought of two men fucking me at the same time -- and I had told him about how I felt. I loved the imitation cock sliding up me as his own cock came down at the same time.
Sometimes he used to get jumbled up and shove in at the same time as his own cock was going up inside me. At first I would wince alittle as the two cocks went into me, both together, as they felt really thick , and I thought I might split apart.

One day Ron phoned me from work and said that his work mate, Alan, was coming to dinner. Ron also said I should wear something nice as he has arranged with Alan to have a sex orgy -- and I was on the menu. Ron often said silly things and I honestly thought this was another practical joke of his -- and the laugh would be on me.

Anyway I made dinner for three, as suggested, and put on my tightest micro skirt and top. I spent ages making myself up and I thought I looked as sexy as I could be. At 6.30am I heard the car door slam and knew that Ron had come home. The rear door was open and soon he had his arms around me and we were kissing.

"So! Where is your work mate" I laughed knowing full well that he would never introduce another man to me for purely sexual reasons.
"Oh he is sitting in the car, should I invite him in?"
I knew Ron was joking and said "Sure let the guy in -- he can have me first and then you can have seconds or his left overs!"

Ron pulled me into our bedroom, I knew the talk of sex and me having it off with another guy always turned him on. Ron pulled my micro skirt up around my waist and started to finger my pussy.
We stood kissing like that for around five minutes when from behind I felt another pair of hands reach inside my top and start to caress my tits.
My eyes had been shut while I was kissing Ron and something inside my mind demanded that I squeeze them even tighter shut.

I felt Ron's cock as it brushed against my pussy. I slipped my hand down and took hold of him and guided his cock onto my pussy -- I was very wet.
Soon I felt the familiar thrusts of Ron as he entered me. The hands that were still caressing my tits now started to manipulate my nipples and I could feel then hardening.
Then as one hand released my tit I felt another cock being placed against my pussy from behind.
As Ron backed his cock out -- the strange cock entered me a little. Rons cock was now completely out and this new cock was going into my pussy from the rear.

As I have said, I was used to Ron's cock and the imitation rubber cock but this guy from behind was something else. The head of his cock was huge and shaped like a plunger .
As He entered me I suddenly felt the lips of my pussy forced well apart by the size of the head of the cock and then close tightly around the shaft of the cock. I continued to cling onto Ron as more of this strange cock moved further up inside me.

Then suddenly I felt a sudden surge that caused me to open my eyes as the cock slipped well home. In the mirror I saw a black man smile broadly before hooking me deeper on his shaft.
3 months later Ron and I parted.
Now I am going to marry the man who so gently massaged my pussy into wakefulness

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