Wednesday, August 08, 2007

First Time

Written by Vicki (Jan 2000)

Imagine being tied down to your bed unable to move your arms or legs.
Slowly and seductively I remove my clothes before blindfolding your eyes.
Kneeling across your stomach with my warm moist inner thighs barely touching your sides my skillful hands firmly massage your neck, shoulders, and chest.
Brushing my hard nipples against your chest I slide my curious tongue into your ear and playfully nibble at its lobe. My enticing mouth wanders down your neck as I continue to playfully lick and bite your skin.

Gliding my inviting mouth up to yours I wildly lick your lips slithering my luscious tongue inside to tease yours.
My tempting mouth moves down and up your neck as I slide my tantalizing tongue into your other ear and playfully nibble at its lobe.
Kneeling between your legs my longing mouth wanders down to your chest. Continuing at a faster pace I mischievously lick and nibble at your skin paying extra attention to your nipples.
While anxiously sucking on your nipples my skillful hands firmly massage your inner thighs being careful not to touch your aching crotch. (Your jeans haven't been removed by me at this point.)

I sneak my naughty tongue into your navel as my yearning mouth rushes down your stomach.
Using my teeth, I unbutton and unzip your jeans. Slowly I slide my expert hands down the front of your jeans carefully grabbing your aching glands with one hand while tenderly stroking them with the other.

I pull your jeans down and firmly grip your throbbing erection with one hand while delicately kneading that very sensitive area beneath your glands.

I begin playfully licking and biting your inner thighs while slowly stroking your arousal with one hand and caressing your balls with the other. Using both hands I firmly grasp and manipulate your throbbing erection at a gradually faster pace while very gently licking your aching glands.
Slowly I glide my sensual tongue up and down your arousal while fondling your glands. (Rest assured that absolutely no nibbling will be done on the family jewels.)
Gently I slip tip of my tongue into the slit in your cock being very careful not to hurt you. Turning myself around so that my delicious cunt is in your face I slowly take your throbbing erection into my ravenous mouth and roll my cunning tongue across its head.
I begin sucking your cock gently slowly trusting it back and forth in my lustful mouth.
Gradually I suck harder and harder taking it deeper and deeper into my mouth while gently squeezing your glands in my hands. If you should climax while in my mouth your come would be swallowed. (Beware that I will not stop sucking your tingling arousal when you come.
I will continue sucking and licking its head until you beg me to stop.)

Second Story

Imagine peacefully reclining on your sofa wearing only a towel.
Your skin is still warm and moist from a long steamy shower.
Sauntering into the dimly lighted room, a revealing negligŽe hugging my voluptuous body, quietly I kneel before you. With a look of desire in my fiery eyes, suggestively I lick my sumptuous lips.

My soft hands gently massage your tired feet as my soothing lips softly kiss them. Ascending up your calves my yearning hands sensually massaging your trembling muscles as my thirsty tongue mischievously licks the remaining moisture from your tingling skin.
My naughty fingers roam up your trembling thighs delicately kneading your quivering muscles as my tempting tongue intimately licks moisture from your tingling skin.
My hard nipples teasingly brush against your tingling skin.
Playfully biting your trembling inner thighs my cunning hands sneak under your towel and tenderly massage your aching crotch.

Using my teeth I slowly remove your towel and lovingly nuzzle my face between your trembling thighs. Passionately I kiss your throbbing erection while carefully fondling your aching glands.
My luscious tongue vibrates up and down the entire length of your throbbing erection while my gentle hands lightly squeeze your aching glands. Slowly I suck your aching glands into my ravenous mouth one at a time while my crafty hands slowly manipulate your throbbing erection.
My sly fingertips tease the opening of your dripping erection.

My yearning mouth sucks its way up the entire length of your throbbing erection reaching it's head and slowly taking it in.
My soft tongue gently slips into the opening of your aching erection as I very gently nibble on its head. Gradually I suck harder and faster as I take your throbbing erection deeper into my hungry mouth wrapping my yearning lips tighter around its shaft. My longing hands delicately massage your aching glands feeling them tighten with each sensual thrust of my mouth. Feeling your throbbing erection swelling in my mouth my soft hands gently push your tight glands away from your body.
Slowly I release your throbbing erection from my mouth.
Slowly glide my sensual tongue up and down its throbbing shaft while gently kneading that sensitive spot beneath your full glands.

Casually rising to my feet seductively I slide my cunning fingers inside my warm moist love canal and offer you a taste of my creamy sweetness. Slowly climbing onto your lap gently I massage my soft warm moist womanhood against your hot hard manhood.
Slowly rubbing my erect nipples against your warm chest playfully I run my fingers through your soft hair.
While playfully licking, kissing, sucking, and nibbling on your neck and shoulders my soft hands slowly guide your throbbing rod into my hot wet tunnel. My back arches as my muscles tighten around your throbbing erection.

Quivering at the sensual touch of your strong hands caressing my full breasts my hips thrust in perfect rhythm with yours. Moans of ecstasy escape from deep within my throat as I lick, suck, and nibble on your erect nipples.
My finger nails scratch your back as my muscles tighten around your throbbing erection with each thrust of our hips. Growing hotter and wetter as our hips thrusts harder and faster I feel you swell inside me as my muscles tighten.
I become dizzy and squeal in pleasure as I climax feeling you explode inside me as you fill me with your steamy creaminess.
Slowly crawling onto the floor I kneel between your trembling thighs.

Sensually I lick your hot sweet cream from your tingling love rod until you beg me to stop.

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