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A New Girl To Play With: A Moonlit Kiss part 2

The first half of this story has been lost.

A New Girl To Play With. ("A Moonlit Kiss part 2")
Written By Alita Kotori (Nov 99)

"Kitty, I'm so happy! I have a new girlfriend," Shawn told me.
I felt my heart shatter.
What about that night a few months ago my mind was screaming.
Shawn had gotten back from his trip a few weeks ago and I hadn't talked to him until now.

"That's great," I said with a small smile. I felt sick to my stomach. You teasing bastard is what I really wanted to say. But instead I just stood there feeling sick to my stomach. "So tell me about her," I said.

"Oh she's wonderful, I met her at the airport of all places. Turns out her family was moving into the house down the street from me," he said talking like an excited first grader.
"Since I saw her I fell for her. She's absolutely wonderful!"

I'll just bet she is, the bitch. "So have you told Kim and John about her yet?" I asked.

"Yes, actually they met her last week," he said. Those fucking traitors! If he didn't notice the fact that I probably looked sick to my stomach he's dumber than he looks.
"Which is why I called, I was hoping the five of us could get together saturday at my house and chill and hopefully I could make sure that I have everybody's approval of her," he said jokingly.

"Um sure, ok I'll be there," I said.

"Great, you're going to love her Kitty I just know it!," he said and hung up. I immediately called John to find out why the hell he didn't tell me about Shawn's little flame.

"Well, I figured after what happened between you two before he left that you'd be heartbroken, so I decided not to tell you," said John.
It still didn't make me feel any better but I decided it probably wouldn't be right to tear into John about it.

Saturday found me driving up to Shawn's house.
When I got out of my car I looked at the spot where I last saw him and I wanted to cry.
I could still hear his moans in my memory.
Well I decided to show him what he was throwing away.
I was wearing a short tight grey and black plaid skirt with 4-inch heel sandals that made my legs look gorgeous and a black shirt that showed off enough cleavage to get any guy's mouth watering.

Shawn opened the door and immediatley picked me up and swung me around in a big hug. "Oh Kitty I missed you so much," he said. I wanted to punch him in the face and blacken one of those beautiful eyes.

I followed him downstairs to the tv room and there sat one of the most beautiful creatures I've ever seen in my life.
She stood up to meet me and my breath was taken away.
She's about the same height and build as me with long brown hair with a touch of burgundy in it and the most incredible blue-green eyes in the world.

"You must be Kitty, I've heard so much about you," she said with a perfect smile to match her perfect body.
"I'm Heaven and I'm so happy to meet you." Of course she'd have to have a name like that.

Shawn went upstairs to get some sodas and I sat on the couch. Heaven wasn't sure who she should follow but she sat down next to me on the couch.
"I know about what happened between you and Shawn before he left and I'm hoping there won't be any bad feelings between us," she said.

This kind of caught me off guard. I thought he had forgotten. "Oh don't worry about it, that was meaningless," I lied.
"I hope you two are happy together," I said.

"Oh I'm so happy to hear that," she said and hugged me. Feeling her pressed against me excited me a little.

"What are my two favorite ladies in the world up to down here," said Shawn when he came back with our sodas. "Kitty I hope Heaven isn't trying to seduce you."

"Ha, you just be careful Shawn or I might steal her from you," I said playfully putting my arm around her waist.
Fine I'll go along be all friendly and I'll be right here to slide in when he says good bye to dollface.

"Well Miss Kitty all you have to do is ask," said Heaven as she put her hand on my thigh.
Shawn stood there with a wicked grin on his face. Now I wondered just how much he had told her in particular the fact that I'm bisexual.

"I just hope that you two will get along as much as I want you to," said Shawn. "But careful Kitty, Heaven has a tendency to be pretty mischievous."

"Oh really," I said. I turned to Heaven with my eyebrows raised.

"Mm-hmm," she replyed and leaned forward and kissed me. It completely caught me suprise but my instincts took over and I kissed her back. I felt her tongue press its way into my mouth making me ecstatic.

The hand that was on my thigh started to inch it's way up my skirt. Every second was making me wetter.
I pulled her closer and reached for her breasts.
They were the perfect size and nice and firm. Meanwhile her lithe fingers reached under my panties and started massaging my clit. I felt a soft moan escape my lips.

"Hey, got room for one more over there?" We broke off the kiss.
I had practically forgotten that Shawn was standing there the whole time.

"Why of course honey," said Heaven. He sat down on the floor next to us and spread my legs apart. As he was slipping my panties off I couldn't believe what was happening.
He pushed my pussy lips apart with his tongue and started darting it in and out of me. "Don't forget I'm still here," Heaven whispered softly in my ear.

She stood up and slipped her pants off. Her cunt was completely shaved. She back down on the couch and started kissing me again. I slipped my finger into her slick wet cunt.
She felt so good. Meanwhile Shawn was licking me for all he was worth.
With each flick of his tongue felt little jolts of pleasure seize through my body.
While I fingered Heaven I massaged her clit with my thumb.
We were both moaning uncontrollably. I felt an orgasm start to rip through my body.
Shawn started licking faster and caught all of my juices in his mouth. Within seconds Heaven started to cum and I felt her juices splash on my hand.

Shawn sat up and grabbed my hand, licking it clean.
"So what are we going to do with him?" I asked.
Heaven and I looked at each other and grinned. We pushed him back on the floor and pulled his rock hard cock out of his pants.
Sitting on each side of him we both started sucking on his dick running our mouths up and down it's long shaft. His moans were echoing throughout the room.
Soon he came and we both tried to catch all of his hot cum in our mouths giggling like school girls.

"Well Miss Kitty, like I said before. I'm so happy to meet you," Heaven said to me and grinned.

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