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Written by Centerfielder (March 2000)

Mandy strolled along the moonlit beach hand in hand with him. A light gulf breeze was blowing inshore and the cool waves could just reach her bare feet. She was wearing her favorite floral sundress and carrying her sandals in her other hand.

They had just finished a late dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant. She was feeling a little giddy from four glasses of wine and her own excitement of being here with him. What was she doing here with a man she had only seen in person a couple of hours ago?
They had met through an on line personal ad service. One weekend she got a response from a man a few years older than herself.

His original e-mail had stated the usual name, rank and serial number, but he had not sent a photo of himself since he was not on the ad service. He had offered to send a scanned photo if asked. Mandy was curious about him and the way his response was written, so she sent him a short e-mail in response and requested the photo. A few hours later she received a return e-mail and they began a correspondence.

As the correspondence continued, they also began to chat on line and eventually exchanged telephone numbers. Several attempts to meet in person had failed due to both of their hectic schedules and some bad luck with regard to weather. Finally, one afternoon, she looked at her incoming e-mail and was pleased to see a message from him. He said he had a weekend coming up with no obligations.

He was going to be in the Florida panhandle at the end of his work week. Since he knew of her love for the ocean and beaches, he invited her to come down for the weekend. He was staying in a two bedroom suite at a hotel near the beach. Mandy read the e-mail with mixed emotions. She knew he was frustrated at the failures to meet and had sensed some impatience in the wording of his recent correspondence.

She was very attracted to his correspondence and his telephone voice, but was she ready to commit to spending a weekend with him? And what was the story on the two- bedroom suite.? He was inviting her to spend a weekend in a hotel with him, but was he expecting her to sleep with him, or was she being given an out if she wished?

She mulled the situation over for a couple of hours, but finally she decided the idea appealed to her sense of adventure. She really did want to meet him in person and at that moment she felt confident that she could handle the situation. In that moment of confidence, she composed and sent a short e-mail accepting his invitation. Several hours later, he sent an e-mail back with detailed instructions on how to get to the hotel. He also wrote that he would be working late through Thursday night, and they probably wouldn't get a chance to chat or talk on the telephone until she came to Florida on Friday. During the three hour drive to the coast, Mandy's self confidence began to fade. Throughout her life, her impulsiveness had been a blessing and a curse.

She had some wonderful times acting on impulse, but she had also been party to some personal disasters. Was this going to be a good thing or a disaster? When she arrived at the hotel, a message was waiting for her at the desk. He had been delayed at the construction site several miles away and wouldn't be back until 7:00. He had made reservations for a dinner at an Italian restaurant, but if she wanted something different, she could change the reservation to any place she wanted.

The key was waiting for at the desk, so Mandy followed the porter up the room with feelings of disappointment tinged with anger that he hadn't been there to meet her. When they opened the suite doors, one door was open to an empty bedroom, so without asking the porter carried her bags to that room, excused himself and left. Mandy began to prowl around the suite, feeling antsy and wondering what to with the six hours until he was due to return.

The suite itself was great. There was a spacious living room with a small stocked bar and refrigerator supplied with sandwich meats and an assortment of wine and beer. Mandy wasn't feeling hungry, so she walked out the glass doors onto the balcony. The suite was on the seventh floor and there was a marvelous view of the white beach and Gulf of Mexico below. The suite was nice, but her mood would not allow her to stay still, so she looked in the telephone book to find something to do.

There was a nice shopping area not far from the hotel, so she decided to see what they had. Mandy returned from the mall a couple of hours later. The trip had not been much of a diversion since she did not have someone to talk to. She had gone into a Victoria's Secret and bought a couple of pairs of very nice panties, but nothing else in the center had caught her eye.

It was still daylight when she let herself into the hotel suite. She walked out onto the balcony to admire the view. The afternoon sun was still beaming onto the balcony and she noted that the balcony was separated from the adjacent ones by a white brick privacy walls. She had wanted to work on her tan while she was on the coast and there was at least one good hour of sunlight remaining. She returned to her room and stripped off her traveling clothes and put on a short robe.

Returning to the balcony, she removed the robe, hung it in a handy place and lay down nude on a lounge in the corner of the balcony which was still in full sunlight. As the afternoon sun warmed her skin, Mandy began to relax and feel better about her situation. After all, it was probably not his fault that he had to work late. After a half hour she turned onto her stomach and listened to the distant murmur of waves against the beach. She awakened shivering from the shock of cold rain falling on her bare skin ..

A quick evening shower had come in from the gulf and caught her napping. She quickly retrieved her robe and scampered back inside. Glancing at a mantel clock she was appalled to see it was 6:15. He was due back shortly and she could have been caught nude and asleep on the balcony. She had a very short time to get ready to go to the restaurant. She quickly showered and prepared her hair and make up. She selected a flattering new floral sun dress. The dress tied at the neck and supported her breasts so she didn't a bra. She completed her outfit with one of her new pairs of panties and strappy sandals. Just as she finished dressing, she heard the door open and his voice call out 'Mandy?'.

From that point on, the evening was almost ideal. The need for getting to the restaurant relatively quickly gave them something to do to cover up the awkwardness of seeing each other in person for the first time. The restaurant itself was great. They sat at a cozy booth near the back. He had been there before and ordered for them. A bottle of the house red wine was brought and she found it delicious. She was pleased wit= h the way he looked in the golden candlelight and as they talked she began to relax and really enjoy being with him.

There was classical music (Vivaldi he said) playing softly over the stereo speakers and the food and wine were delightful. They finished dinner at about 9:00 and left the restaurant to the light of a brilliant full moon. He said he wanted to show her around and they drove along the beach road alternately talking and admiring the sights. They had gotten a little way out of town when he stopped and asked if she wanted to walk along the beach. Mandy loved the beach and she readily agreed. They kept their shoes on until they got to the waters edge the then removed them and carried them while holding hands. Mandy began to wonder again at his intentions as they walked along in silence. She didn't know for sure how he felt or what he wanted from her. As they walked along, a small inlet appeared before them. When they approached, a single wave came up higher than the rest and reached her feet.

Impulsively, she spun her foot in the water and splashed him good. She let go of his hand and ran giggling along the beach. She could hear him running just behind her and just as she was about to stop he caught her and spun her to face him. He pulled her to him and covered her breathless mouth with his lips. Mandy was both surprised and exhilarated. She returned his kiss with enthusiasm and readily opened her lips to his probing tongue. Their passionate kiss continued and she clung to his neck and pressed her body to his. She could feel his hardness against her and she knew he wanted her. She wanted him as well and she moved her hands down his back and under his loose tropical shirt. He finally broke and their kiss with a gasp, but soon returned his kisses to her sensitive neck and ears. His hands slowly moved down her back to her buttocks and pressed her tightly against his growing hardness.

He returned to kiss her lips and one hand travel down the globe of her butt and slipped under her skirt. He moved that hand slowly up the back of her thigh, slipping under the leg of her panties unti= l it was grasping the curve of her ass. He moved his other hand to the tie of her sundress and released it. Breaking their kiss, he stepped back slightly and the front of the dress fell forward exposing her nipples to the night air and his gaze. 'So beautiful' he murmured as he returned his attention to her lips.

Mandy began to unbutton his shirt as he palmed her hardening nipples. When the shirt was loose he released her breast and allowed her to strip the shirt off. She quickly turned her attention to his jeans and as soon as they were unzipped, she pulled them down with his shorts and allowed him to step out of them. She had a short time to admire his hard cock before he spun her around and held her back to him. He tortured her neck and ears with his lips and tongue as his hands freely roamed over her nipples.

He lowered her sundress past her hips and it fell away leaving her only her panties. His left hand returned to her breasts, but his right hand slipped under the waistband of her panties and cupped her pussy. When he felt her wetness against his palm, he curled a finger into her treasure. Mandy gasped with pleasure and her head fell back onto his shoulder as he gently thrust with his finger. He turned her again and began to kiss his way down the front of her body lingering at each nipple. His hands pulled her panties past her hips and down her thighs.

As they reached her feet she stepped up with one foot and flicked them away with her toe. When he looked up, his face was on a level with her pussy and he quickly raised his hands to her ass and pulled her against his lips and probing tongue. Mandy gasped again when he thrust into her and curled his tongue up onto her clit. As her head fell back and her knees almost buckled from the feeling, he lowered her down onto the cool sand without moving his mouth from her. When he began to alternately thrust with his tongue and suck her outer lips, she grabbed his head and rocked her hips to match his rhythm. The feeling of his lips and tongue was overwhelming and she hurtled toward a climax.

Just before she was at the point of no return, he sensed her closeness. He moved quickly up her body, and covered her gasping mouth with his own. Mandy tasted her own juices on his tongue and moaned into his open mouth when he thrust his dick into her open channel. He had waited impatiently for this moment and as soon as his hard cock slid all the way in, his hips began pumping deep and hard. He thrust all the way in and pulled almost all the way out on each stroke.

She felt the pressure and friction of each stroke against her vaginal walls and the base of her clit. She was quickly moving toward climax and she grasped his buttocks with both hands and matched his fucking with thrusts of her own.

Breathless, she broke their kiss and moaned softly with each gasping breath as he began to lose control and thrust more wildly. Suddenly, she went over the edge and squealed her delight into the night air. The waves of pleasure coursing through her pussy caused her inner walls to squeeze against his pumping shaft. He began to cum, panting against her ear with each thrust and sending jet after jet of his hot seed into her slick channel. As the waves of pleasure subsided, they rolled to one side and relaxed in each otherÕs arms. Suddenly their feet and legs were drenched by a an incoming wave of the rising tide.

The shock of the cold water broke their embrace and they scrambled to their feet and scooted up the beach to escape. When they looked at each other, their eyes met and they broke into a fit of laughter. They gathered up their scattered clothes and began to dress. Mandy was only able to find her dress, shoes and purse. Apparently her new panties had been closer to the water and had been swept away by the big wave that had come. As they walked back to the car, the cool wind under her skirt caused her to wonder about her lost panties.

Then she giggled to herself. A couple of things had been made clear. First, there was no question about which bed in the suite she would be sleeping in. Second, the way she felt now, she might not be needing any panties at all for the rest of the weekend.

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