Monday, August 13, 2007


Written by Anon(Jan 2000)

I would like to tell you a story about my boyfriend (Barry). First of all he is always touching me, and I love it.
He will run his hand up my skirt at dinner or in a movie and play with my pussy, he always gets me wet and excited.
He has always wanted to shave me but I was wary. Finally one night I gave in. We were getting ready to go out to a friends wedding. I told Barry that I would grant him his wish to shave me clean if he would allow me to shave him.

He agreed, He layed me out on the bed, kissed me like only he can, I was wet from just his kiss, or maybe the excitment of what was going to happen.
He went into the bathroom, got a razor, shaving cream, sissors,and came back. I layed on the side of the bed, he opened my legs apart, took the sissors and started to cut my beautiful blond mound.
That didn't feel that strange because I keep my self trimmed, he cut as much hair as he could then he got some water and spread it on me, then spread shaving cream on me, I looked at him and told him to be careful that he had me in his hands.

He slowy worked his way down taking all the hair off my mound, then he spread my legs, and shaved me some more, I was getting more and more turned on my his actions, he lifted my legs to make sure he got all the hair off me.
When he touched my pussy lips excitment went thru me, I could feel myself leaking. I started to rub my breasts, lightly playing with them, they were getting harder and harded as he kept shaving me.
Finally he finished shaving and cleaned me off with a damn towel. He knew I was excited, he knew I wanted him to fuck me. With my legs spread, he kissed where just moments ago my mound was. It was smooth, he kissed around my lips, I spread my legs more, he kissed the botttom of my pussy, then he sent me into heaven, he took his tonge and lick me from the bottom to the top of my pussy.

I was so excited before, now I was going to go over the edge. He licked me up and down, then down and up, over and over again, I was playing with my breasts.
He put two fingers inside me and precided to finger fuck me, I was so hot, so wet, then he pulled his hand out of my pussy and kept licking me.
He grabbed my hands off my breasts and brought them down to my pussy, I spread my lips wide open for him. I couldn't believe what was next, he kissed my hole, then he stuck his wonderful tounge in me.
Licking me, I could feel waves and waves coming over me, I started screaming, and I grabbed his head and pulled it into myself. I scream again and again as I came all over his face. I still wanted to be fuck though and his he that I always like his long hard cock deep up in me.

After I calmed down from his licking me, we went into the shower, I washed my self and it feel so good to be shaved, so smooth that I will convert to keeping it this way always.
He washed my back, I turned around and wash his chest, moving down to his is cock, running the soap in my hands and playing with his cock, I always enjoy feeling of it growing in my hands, and I was so wet and horny I wanted more. I was turned around, bent over, the water running over us, he placed his hard cock in my wet pussy, and slowly started going in and out in and out.
I was to far gone to want it slow, and told him to fuck me hard, I kept telling him come on baby fuck me harder harder.

He increased his speed, I was close to coming for the third time, he was going faster and faster inside me, I could feel him spread me and feel like a total woman, as I came again. In fact we came together. I could feel his warmth shoot deep in me, it felt wonderful, filling me.
I turned around kissed him on the lips. Tongues playing with each other, water running - when I realized we were going to be late for the wedding. Thats in the next story, will I shave Barry, will he make love to me at the wedding????

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