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Julie's Story

Julie's Story
Written by julie (Jan 2000)

My name is Julie, I live in England, and I am a housewife, fairly happily married, in my early 40's.
I have always been slightly different to my girlfriends. A bit quiet and shy, unlike one particular friend who will flirt with every man she meets.
The difference between us is that while she will flirt all night and never go further than a kiss, if a man propositions me I have never liked saying no.
This got me in trouble from being a teenager right through to my current predicaments.

When I got married at 17 I thought that was it - one man for life.
Just a week later I being tied up by the decorator working on our new house.
It must have been the longest paint job in history.
The situation that has really led to me making the most out of my sexuality started about ten years ago.

I was on holiday with my husband on the South coast of England, and I was feeling a bit bored, so I bought a sex magazine to read - the sort with true life stories. In the back were a few adverts, and one caught my eye.
"Mature generous man seeks young unfaithful housewife for correspondence only".
I quite fancied the idea - someone to tell the things I couldn't tell my husband or friends. So I wrote, and a few weeks later I had a reply from a man who was friendly, supportive, and he even sent me a small amount of cash with every letter so I could treat myself to sexy underwear. For two years we wrote to each other nearly every week.
I told him about the awful things I did as a teenager, the affairs I had behind my husbands back, and the men I fancied at work, and all of my wildest fantasies that I would never dare to carry through to reality.
I was almost falling in love with this stranger, and he told me he loved me.
I sent him lots of photos - some of me having sex with boyfriends, and even some old negatives I had which I had never dared get printed because they showed teenage Julie getting gang-banged.

I even got a girlfriend to take pictures of me in my new sexy undies to send off.
My penfriend started making suggestions, and he asked me if I trusted him enough to carry them out.
I promised I did.

At first it was simple things like always wearing stockings and suspenders instead of tights, wearing shorter skirts to work, leaving my panties off for important business meetings.
He had started writing to me at home, then for safety I let him write to my parents address.
He said he had a new order for me and he wanted to write to me at my office.
I agreed and he told me that in future when I received his letters at work I had to go straight to the toilet cubicle, strip naked and read his letters while I played with myself.

For certain months I wouldn't be allowed to wear a bra, or had to wear crutchless panties every Wednesday.
I had told him about one guy at work who used women and dumped them - he persuaded me to have an affair with this guy, and of course, I got dumped.
I was even ordered to offer sex to my husband straight after having sex with any boyfriend, just to see if my husband noticed.
He didn't. Then one day I was stark naked in the toilet cubicle reading a letter.
It read "Julie, on Tuesday next week you are to tell your husband you have a late business meeting. Dress as usual to work but take a bag with your little green mini skirt and a see through blouse. After work you are to go to the railway station, strip down to just stockings and suspenders in the toilets, put on your mini skirt and see through blouse, no bra, no panties, and catch the next train to XXXXX.
You can wear a coat, but keep it open so men can look at your breasts. You are to go to the pub that is just outside the station, stand outside for thirty minutes, coat off, and then you can go inside and treat yourself to a drink at the bar.
If any man approaches you, you will agree to have sex with him.
Write and tell me what happens".

Well - I didn't go. I thought that we had reached my limits, and this was beyond that limit.
I wrote back the following week and I told my penfriend that I had gone through with it all and nothing had happened. This was the first time I had lied to him, and to my horror he wrote back and told me that he had travelled to the neighbouring town himself so he could watch me - and he knew I wasn't there.
His letter was angry and distant. I thought that our relationship was over, but a few days later my husband got an envelope in the post.
It was a photo of me which I had sent to my penfriend, in sexy undies with my hands tied to the banister in our house.
Confronted with this I blurted out a lie that one of my girlfriends had took it for a laugh when we had a boozy girls night in while he was away.
My husband accepted this and wanted sex every night for a week. I was worried that the next photos in the sequence showed me tied up have sex with two men.
I needed to worry because the following week I received a letter at work telling me that in future I Must call my penfriend "Master", and obey his orders fully. Otherwise the rest of my photos would be returned to my husband, parents, and my bosses at work.

He in return made me the promises that he would never do anything to hurt me, and would never try to meet me himself.
A few days later he repeated the order I had not carried out. Only this time I had to go to the neighbouring town with no underwear and my assets on display not one night, but three consecutive night.
My new sex life had started, and it has taken me to fulfil not only my fantasies, but also those of my Master. I will tell you what happened on those three nights in my next story.

Love, Julie xxx

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