Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Alberta at the Stag

Written by KATE(April 2000)

Rod had another stag approaching and he was to be the organizer this time; and he didn't want any of the mistakes to occur that happened at the last stag organized by a friend.

So I'd better let Rod take over the story at this point because my role was more participatory and the view of what happened would be better coming from an observer, as it were.
Well, Belinda, Alberta and I were sitting around the pool one afternoon chatting about the stag. I was explaining to them how difficult it was to get reliable entertainment. Belinda chirped up and pointed out what a great sexy display Alberta had put on at her club.

She felt that with a little bit of training our erotic slut, Alberta, would be just the gal for the job. That job would involve a striptease and keeping about twenty guys sexually entertained. After much discussion, Alberta persuaded Belinda that they would do a much better job if both of them took part. This really excited me, to think of my wife, Belinda and our beautiful slut putting on a sensually erotic show for my friends. They would definitely make the night zing.

In the two weeks before the stag, Belinda and Alberta had got together to work out their act, choose clothing and just to feel comfortable with each other. Belinda decided that she would be dressed in a formal suit, as headmistress and Alberta would be a slutty student, dressed in a short, green, tartan kilt and a white blouse, white thigh high socks and knee high black boots. Her underwear would be a matching set of white lace bikini panties and bra.

They watched a number of movies with striptease artistes and practiced their moves. In fact they got better than the so-called expert strippers. My cock was on a constant hard watching their dress rehearsal, or should I say their undress rehearsal? They could see that and after one sexual act they walked over to me unzipped my pants, pulled out my eight-inch cock and they both took turns licking and sucking it. Alberta started at my balls, slid her tongue the length of my shaft, flicking rapidly on the way up and ran her tongue slowly around my tip.

Then Belinda took over while Belinda caressed and squeezed my balls. Belinda took me in her mouth, tightened her lips and slid down the whole length and back again. Then she handed me over to Alberta in this amazing cock-sucking relay. It was just a matter of time before I shot my load and it was Alberta who had the task of swallowing my cum.

Any that slipped out of the sides of her mouth were greedily licked off by Belinda; and they finished by cleaning my cock and deep tonguing each other. I knew that my friends, mainly teachers, would fully appreciate the act and there would be many horny men wanting to release their pent up emotions at the end of the show.

Stag time and all the guys were pumped for the night and for the show. When they learned who would be performing they were horny as hell, for they all fancied my wife, Belinda and our slut, Alberta. We'd been having a good time drinking Bud, telling jokes and playing cards. It was about twelve o'clock and time for some entertainment. The lights were turned low and a spotlight aimed at the makeshift stage. The music marked the entrance of Belinda.

She was stunning. Her hair was done up in a school m'a'am bun and she had a leather jacket, partly open at the front to reveal part of her cleavage and lacy, red bra. Lower down she had on a black, leather mini, slit up the side to reveal her garter straps. Her fishnet stockings were covered in thigh high black boots and in her black, leather gloved hands she carried a medium size bamboo cane. Her exotic first dance involved sitting on her desk, revealing her red panties, criss-crossing her legs and slapping the cane on her boots.

She would strut around the desk sometimes bending over it to reveal most of her well-rounded, bikini-clad ass. The guys were hooting and hollering for more and their pants showed that they were sexually turned on already. Belinda sat, legs crossed, tapping her cane and in grated Alberta, swinging her hips and smiling as she approached Belinda.

Alberta was dressed in a short, green, tartan kilt, so short that it rose up high on her thighs and ass; and a white blouse partly unbuttoned, white thigh high socks and knee high black boots. She had a bright red lip gloss and her hair was loosely hanging around her shoulders. Over her shoulder she carried a tote bag filled with her school necessities! No words passed between Belinda and Alberta; but it was obvious from their actions that Alberta had been a naughty girl and she was going to be disciplined by her headmistress.

Alberta opened her books to show what she had been doing wrong and Belinda smacked the desk with her cane in anger. Then she made Alberta bend over the desk and pretended to give her an ass caning. Alberta played her part, wriggling her butt and mouthing pain. Then Alberta was made to take off her skirt so that Belinda could inspect her caning.

Deciding it was not enough she bent Alberta over again and gave her ten more. Now she made Alberta take off her white panties. She did this seductively while lying down on the desk, and threw them to the crowd. Belinda had Alberta sit on the desk with her legs wide open and ran the cane down the inside of her thighs and gently tickled her cunt, placing the cane to her nose to smell the musky sex. Alberta was made to lick off the cane. Then Belinda used her fingers to penetrate Alberta's juicy cunt and she licked the sluts juices off in lascivious fashion.

At this point, Belinda inspected the contents of Alberta's tote bag and pulled out, with an astonished look, a large dildo. Wagging her fingers at Alberta, Belinda made her lie down and slowly pushed the dildo into Alberta. The latter made the most of it and her hip and ass actions showed her enjoyment. With that, Belinda left Alberta to her own devices while she looked in the bag again, found another larger dildo and used that as the basis for a seductive, sexual strip. Alberta, meanwhile had stood up with the dido still planted in her wet pussy and began to complete her stripping, to the delight of the guys when they saw her magnificent tits and erect nipples. Belinda was now near Alberta and they clutched each other and began deep kissing and fondling their bodies.

As the music continued, they did a sixty-nine and drove the guys wild. The room was rocking with guys yelling encouragement and most of them had their rock hard cocks out caressing them. The show on stage ended with Alberta taking over Belinda's role and giving her a pretend caning on her well-rounded beautiful shaped ass.

Then they stood and invited any guys up to perform and the women satisfied everyone, with sensuous blow-jobs, hand jobs and great fucks. It was an erotic night to remember and one that would have those guys present jerking off for months to cum.

I was the lucky one because I got to take Belinda and Alberta home and I could have my sexual appetite filled on request.

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