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The Liberation of Eileen

Written by Tom (March 2000)

Eileen and I had been married for nearly 22 years when I first got the inkling that she was sexually dissatisfied. She had been a virgin when I married her but as a well built blonde had had quite a few admirers - many of whom she had satisfied with her mouth, her hands and by letting them ride her tits.

Our own sexual relationship had been good but I had to admit had got less intense when I started my own business and got really busy and so until last year I would have described it as 'comfortable'. However Eileen decided to take a part time job and with it came a diet and she recovered her hour glass shape of 39c 28 38. I had noticed quite a few of the younger guys begin to give her a second glance at the golf club but didn't think a lot of it until her 43rd birthday when I threw a ' black tie 'bash for her.

I was stunned when I saw her dress - it was a very slinky black low cut dress with a thigh high split. It was sculpted to her curves and clearly demonstrated that she wasn't wearing a bra or pants - in fact the only underwear she was wearing was a pair of hold ups. Her outfit didn't go unnoticed and she had a constant stream of younger dance partners - I noticed with some concern that she was flirting outrageously with them.

I mentioned it to her in the cab on the way home and was shocked when she said ' if I don't get attention from you its not surprising that I enjoy it from elsewhere'. When we got in to the house it shocked me even more but also excited me when she admitted she was quite turned on by the thought of so many of the young guys wanting her - saying she had had four firm offers of dates that night. We had one of our best nights of sex ever as I sought to give her what she obviously needed.

The next morning we made love again and I invited her on a business trip with me to Boston - two weeks later. We really did have fun for the first couple of nights meeting customers and being wined and dined . However on the third night we brought some friends back to our hotel for a night-cap. Eileen was looking stunning in a tight low cut slinky red dress and our friends wife commented on how the black barman couldn't take his eyes of Eileen's cleavage. They then got into a quite raunchy discussion about the supposed assets of black guys.

That night when we went up it was obvious that Eileen was really turned on and when I asked her had she ever fantasised about a black guy I was shocked when she said she had noticed the black guy eyeing her up and had wondered how well endowed they were. When I asked her straight out if she'd been on her own would she have been tempted I was shocked when she smiled and said ' definitely'. Once again I was slightly annoyed but very turned on and we had a great night.

The nest evening we went out to a restaurant on our own and after having quite a bit to drink came back to the hotel. I was ready for bed but she insisted on a night cap. I was a bit annoyed at her because there was a group of young guys, a stag party, at the piano singing and when she sat down she rather carelessly let her long split skirt fall open to give them and the barman a good flash of ripe creamy thigh above her stocking tops. It was obvious that she was enjoying the looks they gave her and when I complained she said ' you've only got to worry when I decide to do something about it rather than just show off what I've got'.

When I said ' it would appear that's only a matter of time ' she replied ' that might just be the case'.

When she went to the loo I went up at bar getting another drink. I was chatting to the black guy and a couple of the young guys and was just beginning to wonder where she was she was gone longer than I had expected . It was a few gasps of appreciation from the guys at the piano which caused me to look round to see what had caused them to break off from their singing. It was Eileen !

She had changed into a totally see through black blouse with her large pendulous boobs hanging totally on display , to complete her very raunchy outfit she had on a very, very short black Lycra skirt totally sculpted to her big rear and 5 ' heels and black stockings. When she sat down on the bar stool the tight skirt rode up to show acres of creamy thigh above her stocking tops. I think she had about twenty pairs of eyes glued to her thighs and she smiled and said to the barman 'Tom was complaining that I was showing of too much thigh so I thought I'd give him something to complain about.'
I was annoyed when the barman looking straight at the big breasts on display in front of him said 'ma'am he's got something to be really proud off'.

The guys at the piano sent over drinks and when I went to the loo Eileen was well on her way to be fairly smashed. When I came back she was deeply engrossed on conversation with the barman and informed me she had invited him back to the room for a drink.

As he closed up , we took a couple of bottles of champagne up in the lift and I asked her what she intended she smiled and said 'he fancies me and I fancy him and I think after last night you might need a hand to satisfy me tonight!'.

All sorts of emotions ran through my head including jealousy, anger but also excitement to see if my previously rather prudish wife would go through with it. When Rod came up the ice was broken by Eileen giving him a drink and wrapping herself round him.

I couldn't help myself and I joined the clinch and soon he and I were feverishly groping her. The blouse soon came off and with her skirt up round her waist she was pushed on to the bed. With a raging erection I watched as he opened her thighs and producing a huge erection proceeded to mount her. I have to admit I nearly climaxed when I saw my wife writhe to take this huge length and her deep animal moan of pleasure as he rammed it home.

Joining her on the bed I fed her mouth a length of cock and as I did so I could feel her whole body vibrating to the deep penetrative thrusts of his cock. The atmosphere was truly electric to see my wife respond to the ride she was getting from the first cock she had taken other than mine while her mouth pleasured me.

I felt her come to a screaming orgasm and I emptied my load over her face and watched as he rode her to her second orgasm before climaxing in her. She lay moaning 'mmmmmmm guys that was brilliant absolutely brilliant' as we rolled off to either side of her and started to fondle her breasts.
Turning round to Rod she said 'mmm I want to see if I can swallow that' as she bent over his softening erection. As she started to deep throat him both his and my erections stiffened again and as he thrust upwards into her mouth I parted the big creamy cheeks of her ass and mounted her pussy.

Once again it was an awesome sight to be riding my wife's ass while she was being fed a good 9' of black meat. The cocking she was getting from either end had her once again climaxing and she fell forward on the bed as Road and I both climaxed in our respective orifices. Temporarily satiated we all lay back with a drink before Eileen got up to go to the loo. As she got out of bed big tits and ass bouncing Rod said ' that really is some woman, is there nothing she wouldn't do?' I said ' you had better ask her as this is all new to me'.

When she came back with a glass of champagne to snuggle up between us she smiled and said 'what's next'. I was stunned when Road kissed her and said ' what I'd really love is to ride your ass - I've been wanting it since the first time I saw you'. Eileen demurred saying ' I don't really like it - Tom tried me once there and it really hurt'. But when he persisted I was surprised when she agreed but cautioned him to take it easy.

I watched fascinated as he gently parted the big jutting buttocks and gently licked her little rosebud. I had another instant erection to hear her moan and see her thrust her rear up to meet his tongue. She moaned slightly when he inserted a finger and started to open her up with it and asked me to get some KY. She seemed to start to enjoy being penetrated by his lubricated finger as she thrust her buttocks back to meet his thrusts.

So emboldened by this, he tried to enter the head of his well lubricated cock. She cried out for him to take it easy at the intrusion of this huge weapon into her virginal track but to my shame the sight of this huge black rod about to penetrate my wife where she had refused me, really turned me on and I exhorted him to 'really give it to her ' and to open her up' .He didn't need any encouragement and her scream as he thrust his complete length up her ass must have been heard throughout the hotel.

She lay moaning from a mixture of pain and pleasure as he stallioned her roughly mouthing obscenities about how big assed white woman like her loved their asses fucked and how her ass was perfectly built for black cock. With the friction of her tight virginal ass he soon came off and she slumped forward on the bed moaning in obvious relief . He pulled out and slapping her rear declared her 'one of the best bits of white ass he'd had' and invited me to take her as he ' had opened her up for me'. I didn't need any encouragement and I too was soon enjoying sodomising my wife for the first time.

It was probably one of the most memorable rides of my life to have the orifice of my wife that I'd desired for over twenty years. Although he had opened her up and lubricated her she was still beautifully tight and I have to admit it was not only the physical pleasure of this and my balls hitting the cool ripe cheeks of her rear but the thought of her having been ' buggered' by a black stud, the thought I was reclaiming her rear for myself and the thought that I was going to make good use of this particular piece of her anatomy in future.

I also admit I was so fired up that I didn't care whether she was moaning with pain or pleasure - she later admitted to both and I remember telling that she was going to get a lot more cock in her ass. After I climaxed and rolled of her she lay moaning on the bed while I went to the bathroom to wash but as I washed I was shocked to hear her say to Rod ' now you guys have fucked my ass I want a bit more of that cock in my pussy' and when I came out she had mounted him and was vigorously riding him.

The sight of her straddling him as he groped her bouncing breasts and especially the movement of her big rear as she pumped her pelvis to take his full length , really turned me on again and I was once again parting her hips and feeding her my length into her anus. What a sensation to feel the thrusts of Rod's cock in her pussy through the thin dividing wall as I thrust into her rectum.

It was obviously massively exciting for all three of us because Rod pumped harder and Eileen went absolutely wild at being impaled on two cocks. She was writhing wildly and moaning and screaming for us to ' give it to her' and she had a couple of very noisy climaxes before we had ours. As we lay satiated she told us it had been the greatest ride of her life.

Next morning I felt slightly awkward when I awoke to find a black guy with his leg over my wife but that was soon forgotten as they wakened and we recreated our last ride of the previous night except with Rod and I changing places.

When Rod went Eileen and I showered together before going back to bed for much needed sleep she snuggled up to me and said she hoped I didn't think her a slut but even though she was sore in virtually every orifice she had really enjoyed it and if I was up for it she'd love to repeat the experience. Over the rest of the break we did repeat it and extend it and since then she's had other adventures both with and without me.

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