Wednesday, February 20, 2008

When 7 Years Seems Too Much

Written by Anthony (April 2000)

My wife and me have been together 7 years and after our first child sex stopped. I mean stopped. I was at the end of my tether. Why had this sexy woman stopped wanting to make love to me.
We still had the vibrators in the wardrobe that we used to use and the videos and creams. I know women reading this are going to say she was exhausted with looking after our kid. Sorry not true - our lad slept through the night. From the time I arrived home each day, because my wife cannot stand the smell of vomit, I dealt with the clearing up and washing.

So image my surprise, I am a bloke so therefore stupid, when my wife Pam arrived home one night worse for the drink.
I went upstairs assuming she would be OK but I found her lying on top of the duvet wearing a G-string and nothing else.
I was excited beyond belief and became rigid immediately, she then said 'lets see him', so being a gentleman I undressed immediately. Then I was thrown the surprise handcuffs.
I stood there uncertainly, but was soon told what to do
'handcuff me and you have 2 hours to use my body'.
I could only obey so I handcuffed her hands in front of her body and started giving orders.

First it was about time you suck my cock, I stood waiting and she got of the bed and crawl towards me saying 'Please can I suck your cock I want to please' then a pause 'Sir'.
I said yes.
She gave me a blow job to remember and I was stopping her when she said 'come please come. I am your slut and I want cum'
I obliged and she made the cum shot better than any film (she had never had anyone come in her mouth or even over her tits.)

I rested on the bed and she stayed on the floor. I asked 'what are you doing.' The reply was I hadn't told her what to do yet. I could not believe it, so I push the limits even further. 'Get the dildos down.'
She got the dildos out and put the batteries (she had bought) in.
I explained I was having a rest and she should perform.

She slowly pushed the 8 inch dildo into her cunt and moved it around taking it all. I asked what was she doing with the other one.
'Sticking it up my ass' came the reply.
Why I haven't been able to fuck you up the ass except once in 7 years.
'Well you will after I stretched and oiled it enough'.
She worked them in and out stretching and getting wetter.

'Time for you to take charge' I hear so I do leaving the dildo in her cunt I remove the one from her ass and stick my cock in her ass.
She complains it hurts so I give her a playful smack.
'I am sorry smack me more'.
Fuck I was in dreamland, so I do. I smack her ass and tell her to ask for more smacks and more of my cock in her ass.

She moves like never before I smack her she says sorry and rams her cunt with the dildo and thrusts against my cock. I want more. Frig your clit and she does. I am about to come and I tell her. She says pull out and I come over her ass. I come hard and spray her ass and back.

This has to be it I think but no she then says we can do this as many nights as possible.
I say what to do next and she reels of the following list

Piss on her clit while she wanks
Video tape her sucking my cock
Blindfold her
Shave her cunt
Cum up her ass while she has 2 dildos in her cunt

Do anything as long as she is wearing handcuffs anything I wanted.
I stop and think her best mate Sam is coming up for the weekend.
I suggest we get Sam pissed and both have a go.

She agrees as long as her and Sam go out first and she clears it. I agree like the chance to shag 2 women at once I was going to turn down.

The wait, 2 whole days is difficult but I pass the time by talking Pam through what would happen as she wants to play both nights (for interest see items 1 and 3).

Sam arrives and they go out and do not arrive home until 11.30 they are both pissed or so I thought.
Sam says she needs the toilet and staggers upstairs. I offer to help but am told to wait 2 minutes and then come up.
So I wait with my cock dripping before I slowly walk upstairs, the bathroom door is open and I can hear pissing sounds.

I walk in and Sam is lying in the bath in her underwear and stockings with Pam pissing up and down her body.
Sam has 3 fingers in her pussy telling Pam to piss directly on her clit.
I walk over and get Pam into the same state of undress and frig her clit as she pisses.

Sam comes very hard and tells us so. Then she demands to piss on Pam with me at the same time.
Pam says no she wants to be fucked first so she kneels up in the bath turns to Sam and demands she sucks her arse so I can fuck it.

Sam obligies and goes for it tongue right up there rimming away first 1 finger then 2. I dip my cock in Sam's pussy while she doing this which get her going more, she then demands to suck Pam's pussy while I am fucking her arse.

This is dreamland I cannot believe it but Pam says yes and begs for cock up her arse.
I get into the bath and everything is loose I slip up her arse straight away and then I feel Sam hair brush my balls as she sucks Pam's pussy.
I thrust in and out rougher than usual to be told harder. Sam says she know Pam is coming and I should come up her arse.

Well she was right Pam cramped clasping my cock as I pumped spunk up her arse. Sam said wait don't pullout until she was out of the way. She was right what a mess Pam had spunk flowing out of her arse down her legs. Sam says clean up time and proceeded to clean us up.

Now for the serious fun I get told, what that wasn't. No way by the time we stopped in a couple of hours I was promised I could fuck all 6 holes on offer and in between I would be treated to dildos sucking and spanking.
God I suddenly believed in one for once. Sam started as soon as we got into the bedroom finger fucking Pam while sucking my cock then demanding someone fucked her pussy.

I was too slow Pam dives straight in tongue lapping with 3 fingers ramming in and out. I thought I better sit back so my cock could get really hard, as soon as I move 69 fingers in pussies.

Then Pam says arse fucking time again I move towards her and she said not mine hers.
Sam says no she wants a cock in her pussy Pam goes later for now you will do as you are told.
Sam goes to open her mouth smack Pam whacks her arse very hard and tells her to shut up and do as she is told.

Pam then gets the handcuffs and tells Sam to kneel up so she can cuff her to the bed. Sam does not argue -I would'nt have.
So there is this beautiful arse with a big red hand mark waiting to be fucked.

I wait until Pam gets the KY and really works on the tight little hole. She ends up with 3 fingers going in and out and then sticks a dildo up her pussy.
Then she turns around and tells me to fuck the arse good and watch Sam suck her pussy while I did.
I starting to come again so I say 'where am I to come'. Pam says to come over her arse then the dirty little bitch can lick it clean.

Sam lifts her mouth covered in Pam juice to smile and say yes please. I pull out of her arse and wank all over Pam arse. I am amazed at the amount of spunk I produce. Her rosehole and cheeks are covered.
Then straight away Sam starts licking Pam's arse clean, she really goes for it with Pam encouragement tongue being thrust in and out of the hole.

I sit back and let them go for it. Soon they are 69ing with fingers plunging in and out of pussies and arses. They must have been at it for 15 minutes because my cock is hard again. Pam notices my hard on and suggests I fuck Sam in her pussy.

I stick my cock into Sam's pussy and can hardly feel it. Pam gets Sam to pull her legs upto her tits to make herself tighter, that works so I start really fucking her. I can feel Pam tickling my balls and fingering Sam arse.

I want to come again and fancy spraying their faces so I pull out of Sam pussy and tell them to finish me of with their mouths. They both eagerly suck my cock French kissing each other as they do.
I start to come and they grab a mouthful each then proceed to direct the come over their faces. I collapse back onto the bed virtually asleep.

They are both still horny and proceed to fuck each other with dildos up their arses and pussies.
I fall asleep with the wonderful image of Pam with dildos back and front finger fucking her mate while licking her clit.

I wake up the next morning Sam has gone and Pam says it was a good night and was I available the following Friday.

You will be surprised to hear I said YES!

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Mimi said...

extremely boring story. couldnt have read it to the end, id die of boredom