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Alberta's Story

Written by KATE(April 2000)

It had been a month since we had that great weekend at Camp lookout and Belinda was up to provide the entertainment at her exclusive ladies club.
Rod had asked me to write this story as he, of course, was not allowed to attend. As well, he knew that this story would make him cream his pants and after reading it I figured that he would be ready to give me one of his sensually exciting fucks.

I was always ready to be fucked by Rod ever since that first time when I was an older teen at Camp Lookout. His eight inch hard cock and my cunt seemed to have a mutual feel for the joy of sex, you know, a sort of oneness. It was if I was fucking myself, so joyous was the feeling. I believe that he felt the same way, as he always told me how sensational we were together - kindred spirits, so to speak.

That Friday evening, Belinda prepared me for the night ahead. She had told me that I would be blindfolded and that I was to make no sounds, however sexually excited I was. As well, she told me that there would be a minimum of instruction from those present. Most would talk in whispers and I was merely to react to their feel and to their hands and bodily movements.

Belinda that day had carefully shaved my pubic hairs, so that my pussy and my puffy cunt lips were fully visible. I must admit that it felt very sensuous to feel my panties against my bare sex. In order to make me presentable, Belinda made sure that I was dressed exactly as she desired. My black skin was clothed in a beautiful pair of delicate white lace panties and a very brief white frilly bra with two holes through which protruded my large, erect nipples.

Over these underclothes I wore a white satin and sequined gown that had a plunging neckline and a slit from my shoes to the hip on the left side. I also wore a long pair of white velvet gloves and a pair of white five inch heels. With these shoes on I was well over six feet in height. Although I wasn't used to being on such stilts, I felt that I would manage as long as I was careful; and they did make me feel very elegant.

My hair had been done in a series of braids, tied with white ribbon; and my lips had been covered with a rich red lip gloss, while my eye shadow was a delicate touch of white. I looked at myself in the long mirror and must admit that I was impressed with the effect, especially with the way my nipples extended the satin bodice and how the gown clung to my thighs.

I could also tell from the bulge in Rod's pants and from the way he smiled and licked his lips that he more than approved. Belinda inspected her creation, smiled and said, 'Yes, Alberta, you will be the highlight of the night, my stunning young slut'

Then she reached up and kissed me very lightly on my cheek as we prepared to get the car and leave for the club. I wore a hooded gown over my dress and Belinda had tied a red velvet mask over my eyes, so I could not see where we were going. We talked quietly about the evening and Belinda caressed me and assured me that I would enjoy every seductive moment.

After about fifteen minutes the car pulled to a stop and Belinda helped me out. She led me by the hand letting me know when there were steps ahead and she asked me to wait in what she called the ante-chamber. A little later she came back in and gave me a drink that she said would heighten my sense of feel but cause me to drift mentally.

It tasted like a kind of mead; but I learned later that there was also a drug in the drink that helped to get me into the right physical mood for the entertainment. Belinda then told me that there would be two stewards who would conduct me into the audience room. She left and a hand grasped each of mine and I stood up as they guided me through the door into the audience room where I stood, legs slightly apart so that I knew my long black leg would extend from the slit.

I held my back straight so that my breasts were prominent and I could feel my nipples getting excited against the satin dress. There were gasps of delight from the group and I could distantly hear comments about my beauty. The two female stewards then whispered that they were going to disrobe me. I nodded and they slowly unzipped my gown letting it fall to the floor. Again there were gasps and some applause at my appearance. Next they unclasped my bra and removed it so that my breasts were now fully exposed. They did not fall for they were well rounded and firm.

One steward came around behind me and reached around to cup each breast and the crowd reacted with delight. The other moved forward and placed a delicate kiss on each nipple. Slowly, each steward took a side of my panties and moved them down my legs, stroking my cunt on the way down, and I stepped out of them. I still had on my shoes as the stewards moved me around so that the women could view me from front and back.

As they did so they subtly caressed my breasts and ass, much to the delight of the crowd. At this point, I could smell a delightful perfume and I felt the stewards massaging me with oily hands and they spread the oil over my whole body, including extending their fingers into my pussy, where it created an electrical feeling, and into me ass. There was a slight burning sensation but it was more stimulating than painful. Then they escorted me to a slightly raised platform, got rid of my shoes and whispered for me to lie down on my back with my legs apart. I reclined on a table covered in warm silk sheets and soft pillows.

It was only a few seconds before I felt fingers and mouths exploring me. One woman placed her lips on mine and I opened my mouth to receive her darting tongue. Other hands caressed my tits and squeezed my nipples, while still others smoothed my legs and others played with my pussy lips and ass. I made no sound as I vaguely heard their whispers about how pink my inner cunt lips looked against my dark skin and how large and erect my nipples had become.

I was being sensually and erotically very stimulated. They were exploring all of my nooks and crannies. Separate hands took each of mine, placed them in their mouths to lubricate them and then extended them sideways and led them to two very juicy cunts. I needed no urging and quickly found their sensual spots and had them moaning with delight as my fingers and thumb expertly found their clits and massaged them with just the right amount of pressure. While this was going on I felt my own cunt being parted and a tongue penetrating my sex, vigorously working me to a climax as my hips rose off the table to meet that oral movement.

Next I sensed a body over my head and I could sense the musky smell of female sex. Gradually, a wet pussy reached my mouth and my tongue darted out to meet it. I licked and flicked rapidly and the lady pressed down more firmly so that my tongue went deeper into her hole. She moaned very loudly as did the two on either side. Then I felt fingers opening my pussy and more fingers and gradually a fist spread me fully apart and gave me great sensual joy. many lips took part in kissing and sucking my nipples and I felt completely consumed.

This continued unabated with many, many women taking their turn. At that moment the two stewards whispered for me to turn over and raise my ass in the air. I did so and spread my legs exposing both my shaved cunt and my ass. Under my chest part of the table was removed and my tits hung vertically down. Several things happened at this point. My ass crack was spread and a dildo was inserted. I could tell that it was held against my ass by a wide flange and this allowed someone to turn it through one eighty degrees, sending a shuddering feeling in my ass.

A dildo was also placed against my now sopping wet cunt and to distant cries of: 'Fuck her, Fuck her, Fuck her'

I was slowly impaled on a thick, long dildo, obviously operated by a woman who had the other end in her pussy. I did my best to move in rhythm with her and I could hear her grunting with sheer sexual excitement. As she thrust forward and I backward, the other woman would turn the dildo fixed in my ass. Under the table, two mouths were firmly anchored to my tits, sucking them hard and tightly. I came many times as other women took over from those who got too tires.

This must have gone on for thirty minutes with various women and I could tell from the noises in the room that others were involved in their own fallatio and fuck shows. Finally the room went quiet and I was lifted to a standing position by the stewards. They held my hand and moved me around so I was again, I presumed, facing the crowd. At this point, I had the task of cleaning off numerous dildos and tasting a variety of female juices.

Then the dildo was extracted from my tight ass and I felt relief as I was led out tired but sensually stimulated. The stewards placed me in a deep hot tub and bathed me tenderly, washing my tired body and orifices with soft cloths and scented soap; and then they dried me with warm towels and dressed me.

They then led me back into the room where, still blind folded, I was greeted with rapturous applause. As I stood there, dressed as I had been when I arrived, I felt a pair of hands placing something around my neck. Then Belinda approached, kissed me on the lips and said how outstanding I had been. She escorted me out and into the car for the ride home.

After about ten minutes she took off my blindfold and I looked down to see a beautiful necklace of genuine pearls around my neck. I snuggled up to Belinda and thanked her for the evening, telling her that one thing would make it a perfect night - a fuck from Rod.

Belinda stroked my thigh, kissed my forehead and said that Rod would be waiting to give me one of his great fucks..


Alberta now lived with us and attended MU.
Her parents did not suspect anything untoward as she explained that we lived close to the university and it would save two hours a day traveling. If she had lived at home she would have wasted a lot of time that could have been spent at our detached home as our lovely young slut, so Belinda and I were thrilled to have more of her.

Alberta had matured over the last few months into a desirable beauty. She was lithe, fit and stronger, thanks to her dance classes. She had blossomed into a young slut with a well-proportioned and enviable body.

Alberta's breasts were a 36C and they needed no support; at the tips her nipples were long and well formed. With suckable tits, a waist of 24 inches and hips of 36 inches, Alberta would have been an ideal model for Goya's nude paintings. Her legs were firm, not overly muscular, and their length ended up at a well-rounded, solid ass and a succulent pussy with neatly trimmed pubes.

The curve of her lower back to her ass was a work of art and prompted touching. Alberta did everything to please us and in turn, though she would always be our slut, we loved her and gave her whatever she needed. Her field trip friends, Colleen and Jennie, occasionally visited; and then we all enjoyed a sensual encounter and memories of the field trip escapades; but they were attending out of state universities, so they were only around during holidays.

It was during our dinner parties that Alberta was most helpful and at her best. Most of our close friends were very liberal about their sex like and Alberta gave an added dimension to the evenings. Early in September, Belinda and I had invited over two other couples. Elaine, the Camp Director and her friend as well as a friendly cross town couple that we had met at a conference earlier in the year. Ted and Julie were lots of fun and we had swapped a couple of times, enjoying each other's spouses; but they had yet to meet Alberta.

In preparation for the party, Belinda had been busy in town and on the Internet buying the necessary purchases in order to make sure that it would be a perfect evening and night! Alberta was to be our maid-slave and therefore we were careful to make sure that she was dressed for the part. Belinda said to me, 'Rod, we have to have Alberta looking her best tonight because she will be well used. You will dress her and ready her.' Of course, I had no objections to that and already my eight inch cock was hardening at the pleasure that would give me. Alberta had always been a favorite of mine. Belinda thought that it would be best if Alberta was minimally clad and so she had bought a system of black studded straps, thigh high leather boots and the tiniest of white aprons.

Alberta's long black hair was finely braided, with each braid composed of three strands and the braids hung loosely down over her beautiful sculpted facial features. When it was time to dress Alberta, I took her into the bedroom and had her stand in the center of the room while I slowly stripped her of her daily clothes and she stood naked in front of me. I walked around her inspecting her, fingering her cunt to make sure that she wasn't too wet, feeling her ass and caressing her tits and nipples. My next enviable task was to cover her from head to toe in a fine layer of edible oils to bring out her beauty and to emphasize her black skin.

My hands were shaking from the thrill of it all and as I reached her ass, Alberta whispered to me, 'Fuck me master, before anyone else tonight; please fuck me now.' As much as I was tempted I scolded her and told her that our guests come first and she would have to deal with me when the night was over. I continued my oiling of her sensuous body and I am sure that she was close to cumming, as I was, by the time I had finished. I stood back and gazed longingly at her - she was the ultimate Nubian slave. But there was more to be done yet.

The black straps fitted under her breasts at the center of which was a polygonal patch. The straps led over her shoulders and down to her waist where they became a belt loosely fitting above her hips. From the waist belt, I fed the straps down her ass crack and under her crotch where they split to frame her sweet cunt lips and her neatly trimmed pubes. The strap then continued up to her navel where it was reattached to the belt.

Around her neck I placed a studded, black leather strap at the front of which was a clasp. And around each wrist two other straps with clasps were fitted. To finish the outfit, the black high heeled, thigh highs were put on and then I tied the dainty apron around her waist. The apron barely came down to her cunt and, of course, her ass was completely exposed. It was going to be Alberta's job to serve the guests and she was well trained to do so.

Alberta was ready and I called Belinda in for her inspection. 'Darling', I called, 'our lovely slut is prepared for the festivities.' Belinda came in and though she had thought out this scenario I could tell from her smile and the way she licked her lips that she was taken aback by Alberta's beauty and sensational appearance.
'Mmm, she is such a beautiful young thing, Rod. I bet you'd like to fuck her right now wouldn't you? But we must keep her clean and at her best for our guests. Elaine is really looking forward to seeing her again.'

With that, the door-bell rang and Belinda and I went to answer it, for we were waiting the correct moment to display our slut maid. Elaine and her friend, Pam, were there and after the usual kisses and pleasantries, we had them sit on the sofa.
Elaine had changed and was dressed in a jacket , shirt open at the neck and a pair of slacks. Her companion, Pam was much younger, very pale skinned, nice medium size tits and wearing a floral blouse and a mini skirt slit at the thighs to reveal her garter belt straps.

Within minutes, Ted and Julie arrived. Julie was dolled up to the nines, as usual, with a tight red t shirt emphasizing her distinct nipples and her 38D breasts; and a leather skirt and boots. Ted was more casual in jeans and a denim shirt open to show his hairy chest and the gold chain hanging around his muscular neck.

Once introductions had been made and everyone was comfortable, Belinda nodded to me and said that we would now bring out our slut/maid. She told them that they were free to use Alberta at their pleasure. So I disappeared, tied a leash onto Alberta's collar and told her to follow me on her knees and eyes lowered. As we entered the room it was quiet but when they saw our beautiful young slut they were overcome and applauded. I paraded Alberta around the room, stopping at each person. She was well trained at this and her posture was such that her ass and cunt were projected above her hips for all to see the delightful sex of this stunning slut. Elaine, reached out her hand and caressed Alberta's ass and cunt while Pam reached under and squeezed her tits and rolled her nipples.

Alberta did not make a sound and let me lead her over to Ted and Julie. Julie ran her fingers down Alberta's back and reached under to sink a finger into her now juicy cunt. Ted unzipped his pants, pulled out his hard nine inch cock and commanded, 'Slut, lick this!' Alberta reached her head forward and flicked her tongue around the head of Ted's cock which jumped at the sensuality of Alberta's tongue. I could see that Belinda was very envious of Alberta and she licked her lips in anticipation of the delight to come.

Once I had introduced our slut/maid, I unleashed her, told her to stand and to get drinks for everyone. When she stood, to reveal her statuesque body, there were exclamations of awe as everyone commented on how lucky Belinda and I were to have this exotic, willing creature as our stunning slut. The dinner was a delightful affair, with lots of drinks, fine cuisine, good conversation and admiring and feeling Alberta.
There was hardly a moment went by that a hand wasn't placed on some part of Alberta's anatomy - feeling her ass, her cunt, her tits, squeezing her nipples, running a hand up the inside of her glossy thighs, probing any crack on her body.

She must have been crying out to be fucked. I know that she was very wet for I ran two fingers into her cunt and had her lick them off, just after the main course. After the meal, Elaine asked if she could have first chance with Alberta; and every other person thought it would be a good opportunity for her to renew old acquaintances. We watched as Elaine and Pam escorted Alberta to the large rug and had her lie down with her arms outstretched and her legs spread wide.
Elaine immediately went for Alberta's succulent and sweet pussy, while Pam got into a position that allowed Alberta to lick and suck her cunt and at the same time play with her own tits and nipples which she caressed firmly from the top and down to her erect buds.

Alberta was very turned on by this attention and the moans and sighs showed that she was close to orgasm. Elaine was gripping Alberta's ass and burying her tongue deep inside her moist cunt. On the other side of the room Belinda was about to impale herself on Ted's impressive cock, while Julie enjoyed being eaten by Ted.

In fact her cunt totally covered his face and I hoped he could breathe; but judging from his bucking and his head movements he was fine and his tongue was bringing Julie to a satisfying climax. For my part, I was determined to take Elaine from behind as she hungrily consumed Alberta's cunt juices. I held Elaine's ass steady and my cock, covered in pre-cum, slipped easily into her receptive pussy. As I drove deeply into her cunt I had a good view of Belinda riding Ted; and it was stimulating and erotic to see my wife ride his cock.

As she rose up the skin of her cunt stretched down slightly along his thick member and then when she plunged down it slid back into her cunt making a slurping sexual sound. Also the sight of Pam's pale skin on the glossy blackness of Alberta was awesome.

This made me even more animated and I gave Elaine a real deep fuck, my cock pulsating as it drove in and out of her wet, warm, tight cunt. She pushed back hard with her ass to the rhythm of my inward thrust. It was a symphony of climaxes as we came within seconds of each other and the room was filled with the moans and yells of ecstatic joy. Alberta and Pam were given the task of making sure everyone was cleaned up and our slut enjoyed swallowing Ted's limp cock until it was cleaned of all Belinda and his juices.
Pam worked on mine and although she was obviously a novice, she was enthusiastic and the way my cock hardened showed that she was doing a stimulating cock clean up.

After finishing with us they moved over and cleaned up Belinda, Elaine and Julie, licking of cock cum, cunt juices and sharing all of this with their mouths, until we were ready to go again. But that's another story. After a period of recovery and conversation about the great sex that we had all had, we were ready to pursue our evening of sexual sharing.

Ted was really rock hard to fuck Alberta and I could tell from her smile that she was ready to ride his nine inch pole. For my part, even though I was thirsting to fuck Alberta, I did not want to deprive our guest; and watching her sit astride Ted and present him with one of the tightest and best fucks of his life was certainly going to prove stimulating. My cock was at its hardest now and ready for some action. It came in the body of Pam, Elaine's friend.

Pam had come on over to me with that certain look in her big eyes and her pert tits were topped by erect nipples. She kneeled down in front of me and extended her tongue along my shaft from the balls to the head and licked it good and slow. Then she held it lightly in her right hand while she proceeded to circle the tip of my pulsating cock with slow, long, tender, tonguing. I was really enjoying her cock sucking while watching the main action. Her wet tongue mixed with the pre-cum and my cock glistened and throbbed. I looked over and Alberta had Ted lie on the rug, with his enviable cock standing like a flag pole. She ran her tongue along it and it visibly jumped with the eroticism of her touch.

Then she stood astride Ted and gradually lowered herself down to the top of his cock, gyrating the opening of her cunt around the head. Ted moaned with the sensuous effect on his cock. Very slowly, Alberta allowed her cock to wrap itself around the nine inches and she descended to his balls. She sat there using her cunt muscles to tighten on Ted and to exert a subtle motion on his cock. Ted reached up and squeezed Alberta's delicious tits and nipples. She rode him as if she was a dressage rider on a stallion.
This was one elegant fuck. Her head was held back and her braided strands moved over her neck as she slowly swayed back and forth. Her arms were held behind her and she was able to grab the back of Ted's legs.

Then, as Ted pleaded with her to fuck him hard and as the spectators urged her to fuck him deeply, Alberta's motion gathered speed, and her ass moved up and down the length of Ted's cock, fucking him with fury and passion.

Ted responded and his ass moved off the rug as his upward thrusts met Alberta's downward moving cunt. Watching this was too much and I took Pam placed her on all fours and entered her from behind. Belinda not too miss any action lay under her so that Pam could suck on her sopping wet cunt. I still had a view of our beautiful slut and how she was giving Ted all he could handle. Pam was also getting very turned on by my cock and Belinda's cunt. She pushed back toward me as I rammed my cock into her deeply; and she continued to lap eagerly at Belinda's cunt.

To the side, Elaine and Julie were in a sixty nine position and I could tell from their moans and groans that they were ready to climax. Alberta was still moving over Ted's cock and as he came, she did not stop her motion and continued to drain him of his cum, until he was utterly exhausted. She dismounted him and gave him her cunt to lick out, which he did with his tongue deep inside her.

I came in huge spurts just as Belinda and Pam yelled out excitedly that they had cum. And so the evening came to a fitting finale, with Ted experiencing our slut-maid and her sexual prowess, Julie and Ted left as very satisfied guests.

Elaine and Pam stayed overnight, with the promise that we would return the visit to them at their camp, in the not too distant future.

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