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Alberta's Sister

Written by KATE(April 2000)

I was very excited about my sister, Josephine's visit to spend the long weekend with me at Rod and Belinda's.
Josephine had led a very sheltered life living at home with Mom and Dad, so it was about time that she spread her wings and learned what life was about.

I had told her a lot about Rod and Belinda but only hinted a little at my lifestyle and the great sex that I had. Josephine was fifteen, almost seventeen, and I believed that she was not very experienced sexually. I was determined that she would grow up this weekend and Rod and Belinda said that they would only be too glad to help me educate my sister. Josephine was a little shorter than me and she had a slightly lighter skin color.

Her hair was straighter and a shiny black, while her body was very attractive - about one hundred and five pounds, larger breasts than me, a thin waist, and a well-rounded firm athletic ass. She had large brown eyes, a long slender neck and large cupid like lips. It was almost time for her to arrive and I was shivering with excitement at getting her here, on her own, for a whole long weekend. The buzzer rang and I rushed to the door and there she was, my sister, a vision of beauty. I loved the way she had dressed - a deep red mini-skirt, red tights, black ankle boots, a white buttoned blouse and a jean jacket.

Her hair was tied up and her lips were accentuated by a deep red lip-gloss. We hugged, kissed and hugged again and said how delighted we were to see each other. I introduced her to Rod and Belinda and they kissed her lightly on the cheek and welcomed her to their house.
I could tell that they were enthralled to have this sweet thing in their home. Holding her by the hand I took her and her overnight bag upstairs to the bedroom, where Rod and Belinda said I could sleep with Jo tonight. After a three-course dinner, some conversation and a few drinks, Jo and I excused ourselves and went to our room. I had pre-arranged with Belinda and Rod that I would secretly get Jo to watch them fuck each other tonight as part of her education.

She would never have been exposed to this act at home, for our parents were very secretive about the act. As we chatted, I asked Jo about her love life and what she knew. Even though she was seemed a bit embarrassed by this, I could tell that she was curious by the way she wriggled and moved her legs and by the questions she asked. Jo had never seen a couple fucking and I finally convinced her that it was sensuous, stimulating and exciting, just to be a voyeur. I told her that if we tip-toed and kept quiet we'd probably see Rod and Belinda tonight.

So at a pre-arranged time we moved quietly along the hall and as I expected, the door was open and the bedroom was well lit, so everything could be seen. Rod had Belinda on her back with her legs raised vertically and he was just about to slide his eight inch cock into her pretty cunt. Jo gasped a little at the sight of his member and I squeezed her hand lightly. Ever so slowly, Rod slid his cock deeper into Belinda's cunt, it was almost as if her vaginal flesh was being turned inward. he was now in to her up to his balls and he reached under to caress her ass. Belinda moaned with joy and she in turn played with her clit and with her enormous, erect nipples.

Slowly Rod withdrew almost to the tip and his cock glistened with the juices extracted from Belinda's pussy. She raised her hips, physically willing him to impale her again. With great control Rod slid slowly inside of her, bending over to lick and kiss her delicious tits; and then his motions speeded up and Belinda bucked to receive his driving member. With each upward movement, Rod's cock became even more covered with juices and seemed to sparkle in the lights of the bedroom.

Belinda moaned and yelled at Rod to fuck her hard and deep and Rod responded with vigor and power. He was also mouthing sensual sounds and enjoying the fact that he was being watched. It did not take him long to reach a climax as he pulled his cock out and spurted a huge amount of jism over Belinda's body and tits. I could tell that Jo was fascinated by the fuck and by the spurting cum shots for she was now gently rubbing herself between her legs and fondling her tits, as I was.

The show continued and Belinda sat up to take Rod's massive semi-hard cock in her mouth. I was very envious of this; but watched her as she seductively cleaned his cock of juices. She made a special show of using her tongue and licking the shaft, then engulfing the head and flicking her tongue around the glans.
As this went on, Rod's moaned with passion and his cock became very hard again. Then after he and Belinda had kissed and caressed, he turned her over with her smooth, pretty ass in the air. It was so sensuous to see Belinda's beautiful pouty pussy lips and her pinky, puckered ass. Jo didn't take her eyes off the action and soon saw Rod use his hands to pry Belinda's ass cheeks apart and play with her crack, while she moaned in anticipation.

Then he took his now throbbing, pulsating cock, slippery with Belinda's saliva and entered her from behind. Belinda was using a free hand to rub her clit and slowly she pushed two fingers into her cunt as Rod began pumping her ass. Jo was now getting very excited and she was very much into frigging herself. I had to pretend to tell her to keep quiet - all part of the scheme. Rod's stamina was amazing and he continued driving into Belinda and she moved back to take his thrusts.

This time, Rod came inside her as she yelped and moaned with the ecstasy of the climax. At that point I took Jo's hand and led her back to the bedroom. We got under the bedclothes and hugged as she told me how much she had enjoyed it. I asked her if she was horny and suggested that I could help her a little. She was keen on getting some relief, so I slid down and started playing with her clit as she moaned away.

Then I went down on my sister's sweet young cunt and could taste her juices. My tongue penetrated her pussy and she reached down with her hands to press me in farther. My tongue loved every moment and she bucked her hips and came all over my mouth and I lapped up her juices. I went up to her and we kissed deeply as she tasted her own sex on my lips and tongue. As we fondled each others breasts and caressed, she said how much she had enjoyed watching Belinda and Rod. She confessed that it was the first time her cunt had been eaten and that she had come in such a great amount of juice.

When I whispered, 'Would you like him to fuck you?' she squeezed me and softly said, 'Oh, Yes!' It was then that I knew that this would be the start to an eventful, fulfilling weekend.
I stretched out and my arm just met a warm indentation in the mattress where my sister, Jo, had been just a few moments ago. I checked the clock and it was a bleary eyed two thirty in the early hours. Worrying a little about Josephine as it was her first visit to the house, I decide to get up and see what was happening. As I walked quietly along the hall there were sounds coming from Rod and Belinda's room; and I thought that they were having another great fuck.

Their sexual appetite seemed unrelenting. Not wanting to disturb them I peeked in without being noticed and had the surprise of my life. There was Jo lying on the bed with Rod's eight inch long and thick cock poised to enter her sweet, juicy young pussy. I decided to remain where I was and to be a voyeur for the second time tonight.

Rod later told me that he had met Josephine on her way back from the bathroom. She had looked at him, then at the bulge in his shorts, held his hand and caressed his cock with the other. Rod had asked Jo if she was ready to take his cock and she had licked her lips, smiled, nodded and walked with him to the bedroom. I was surprised that my little sister was thirsting for cock after just being a voyeur to the sensuous fucking that Rod had given Belinda just a couple of hours earlier.
But here she was ready to get the first man fuck of her young life; and I somehow knew that she would never be the same after this.

Rod entered Jo without hurry, making sure that here tight, warm cunt would not be hurt by his thickness. Slowly, he slid into her and she gasped as the pressure increased. Belinda at this moment was playing with Jo's tits and kissing her beautiful erect nipples. Rod kept going and gradually he had penetrated Jo to his limit and he just rested there with his balls against her sweet chocolate ass.

I could see Jo, her head back and her ass trying to push toward Rod. Belinda moved over Jo's head and slowly lowered her well-fucked cunt toward Jo's mouth. I could see Jo straining to reach Belinda's cunt lips with her tongue as Rod pulled out to the edge of Jo's pouty pussy lips. She pressed up with her hips and Rod drove his cock in more quickly now.

I could tell that he was in very tightly because Jo's cunt was making slurping sounds. She moaned and writhed under the sexual teaching of Rod and Belinda. Belinda was also being well tongued by Jo, who, in spite of her newness to cunnilingus, was performing admirably, judging from the sounds Belinda was making. After a few more thrusts, Rod pulled out and Jo gasped at the suction and pressure change. With that he turned her over and propped her ass into the air. Belinda remained now stretched backward so that Jo could still lick and suck her. Rod, once again, moved in and slipped his cock in more easily now.

I could hold back no longer and knowing that Jo was in her seventh heaven, I took the chance to slide under Rod. He nodded and patted me on my ass as I slid by. As he brought his cock back it was my chance to run my tongue along his shaft and taste Jo's juices. Then when he slowly impaled her, I continued my work by licking my sister's sopping wet cunt lips and clit. As rod moved faster, Jo's ass moved in unison and my tongue licked and lapped more furiously. Slowly, I noticed Rod extracting his massive moist cock and I licked it all the way out of my little sister's gaping cunt. For a moment Rod just rested and that gave me the chance to sink my tongue into Jo.

Compared with earlier in the night, her vagina was enlarged, moist, hot and very juicy. My tongue was almost lost in this newly formed cavern; but I managed to flick and lick around feeling Jo push her hips toward my tongue. I knew what Rod was about to do now, so I slid out and moved to my vantage point where i could view the next stage of Jo's introduction to the joy of sex.

I'm sure that the nuns at the convent school which she attended would be wide-eyed if they could see her now! Rod very carefully lubricated Jo's entrance to her anus and then pried her cheeks apart and placed his cock head at her entrance. Belinda took my spot and lasciviously lapped at Jo's cunt as she just moaned and twisted. Rod pressed into her and gave her time to adjust to this new experience. I knew fro Rod's ass fucking of me that she would be sensually excited by his cock. I could see her little by little moving her ass back to take his eight inches and he, in turn, slid more deeply into her. She yelled at him to fuck her deep and hard.

I'd never heard her use the f... word before and it was indicative of the sheer animal excitement that she was going through. Rod then began thrusting more quickly and Jo made sure that she took him deeply by working with him. After about five minutes, Rod exploded in her ass and filled her tunnel full of cum. I realized that they would stop then and silently crept back to the bed to wait for Jo. When she returned about five minutes later, I pretended that she had woken me.

I asked her where she had been and she replied tiredly that she'd had to go and pee; and with that, she snuggled up to me, her hands in her crotch and quickly fell asleep. As she did so, I wondered what the next day would bring. She was developing an insatiable appetite for cock and cunt and I doubted I would be able to hold her back. The following day was very hot; but Josephine slept in until well past noon, after the sexual efforts of the previous night. I went up to the bedroom when I heard the shower being used and Jo emerged completely nude, her nipples prominently leading the way. Her black, curly pubic hairs glistening and still dripped with water.

Her body had a sort of glow about it that appears after a sensuous night of foreplay and climax. I really admired her succulent tits and her well formed rounded ass. She had a broad smile on her face and gave me a welcoming kiss and a rub on my ass as we greeted each other. Her tits pressed into me as if she was teasing me and inviting me to play with them. It was tantalizing; but I resisted the temptation, for now. I asked her if she was having a good time and she replied that she never thought that eating pussy and fucking a lovely thick cock could be such fun and so sensual and stimulating. Jo was certainly surprising me with her choice of words. She was obviously ravenous for sexual situations; and I knew that more would be forthcoming today.

Belinda had told me that Rod would be out for the night at a stag and that we'd have Jo all to ourselves. I looked forward to that. However, it was still early and after Jo and the rest of us, had eaten a satisfying brunch, we all gathered around the pool to cool off from the plus eighty degree air temperature. Jo needed no invitation to take the sun block and rub her hands over Rod's muscular body and I noticed her brushing his cock with her arm as she did so. She worked up his legs close to his crotch and his cock made a visual swelling in his briefs.

Meanwhile, Belinda and I made sure that we were well covered. I loved the feel of Belinda's hands over my body. She somehow had strength but also such a gentle, sensuous touch. When she rubbed the oil over my exposed breasts, my nipples reacted and Belinda chuckled. I knew that I was getting very moist and my pussy was aching for her tongue. I dived topless into the pool to cool of and just to feel the water rippling over my body.

Jo, also topless, had been oiled by Rod's firm hands and I could tell that she was really horny again, so I called her in to join me. She did a knees-up jump into the water and splashed all over Rod and Belinda. They roared with laughter and joined us splashing us with their actions. We played toss the rubber duckie - Belinda and me against Rod and Jo. It was a contact event from the start; but it was worth being caught by Rod and having my tits massaged in the process.

Belinda at one point had Jo in her grasp and I could see her hands pull Jo's yellow bikini bottom away and rapidly rub her pussy. Jo made no move to get away! Instead, she massaged Belinda's beautiful white tits. After about thirty minutes we were exhausted and stretched out on the chairs and soaked up the sun. Later that day, we had some drinks a tasty dinner and Rod left for the stag. He would not be back until the next morning, the day Jo was going to leave.

I could tell that Rod would love to have been home but his good friend was having a stag and could not be let down. I'm sure that Rod would have plenty of fun there. The three of us settled down to watch the video we'd made of Pam, Elaine's slut on our last visit to Camp Lookout. It didn't take us long to get horny as we watched Pam being fucked in her mouth, ass and pussy and her moans and groans set our hands moving on our own pussies.

It was amazing to see Steve's huge cock impale her as he slowly penetrated her tight vagina. The sounds of his cock moving rapidly in and out of her now well-juiced cunt really set our hands in motion, as we stripped and began to feel each others pussies and suck on very hard nipples. As the video ended, Belinda brought out some of her favorite toys. Josephine had never used any extra help with her sexual activities. She was about to see how great these toys were.

The g-spot massager-pearl whiter than white clit toy was one of Belinda's pets and she was expert in its use. She made Jo lie down on the shag carpet with her knees bent, legs apart and turned on the g-spot vibrator. The white of the vibe contrasted with Jo's chocolate colored skin and the deep pink of the inside of her cunt lips. Within seconds Belinda had Jo moaning and yelping and grinding her hips and wanting to be fucked. I had the jumbo jack man-o-war dildo in my hands and eased it into her sopping wet cunt and she yelled in sensuous abandon as the massager and Senor Dildo did their erotic work, bringing her rapidly to a climax.

Belinda put down the clit vibe and took up a ridged silicone expressions anal trainer and slowly eased it into Josephine's puckered ass. She was now being fucked by both of us; and her hips bucked and twisted, to get more of the toys. Belinda and I worked in perfect unison - as I plunged the dildo into Jo's welcoming cunt, Belinda shoved the anal trainer deep into Jo's rectum and Jo yelled and moaned with sheer delight. Eventually, Jo came in one huge orgasm, shouting and twisting as her heightened sexual sensitivities shook her body in ecstasy. We had her suck off her juices from the dildo and watched as her tongue swirled around the plastic.

After that, we formed a love triangle and ate and played with each other's tits and cunts. It was a real joy to be eaten by Belinda as she was a past expert at tonguing; and my cunt responded with many shudders and climaxes. As we lay exhausted, Belinda reached under the couch and presented Jo with her very own dildo - a magnificent Commando Cock, over nine inches long and two and a half round - especially designed for the fully trained; and this weekend, Jo had been trained well and would have lots of fun with her new toy.

In bed later that night I was awakened by the clothes being pulled aside and there stood Rod, cock fully erect to its eight inch length. He was looking down at his slut and caressing my hair, so I took his cock in my mouth, like any faithful slut, and ran my tongue lovingly around the head. He eased out spread my legs and entered me, fucking me with verve and vigor.

Senor Dildo had been good; but there was nothing like the feel of a hot, blood engorged cock inside my cunt. Apparently the stag had been a bit of a dud and he'd fantasized all the way home about how the three of us had been enjoying our sex filled toy and tonguing evening. Of course, my moans and the rocking bed woke Jo; and she had to have Rod fuck her just once more before her visit ended.

It was sexually exciting to see how much she had changed and how she worked in rhythm with Rod as his big, thick cock plunged in and out of her slurping cunt. Belinda and I played with Jo's tits, sucking and kissing them as she was once again brought to a massive climax.

Her life had been completely changed and she would be a sexual predator, I felt, as a result of this weekend.

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