Monday, February 11, 2008

A Short Story

Written by David (April 2000)

I was filling up with petrol when I noticed her.
She was tall, slim and in her late twenties. She was filling up a Mini just in front of me. Long dark hair flowed over a white blouse and knee length skirt. The hot spring day meant no tights. I then noticed the wedding ring and thought Oh well! Another dream gone.

When she'd finished and had gone to pay I noticed someone else in the Mini and was trying to work out the sex when the passenger door opened and a young girl of about 17 or 18 went to join the first woman in the shop. A few moments later I followed. There was a short queue with someone at the cashiers trying to pay with a stolen / out of date credit card or something, anyway it was taking a lot of time and noise.

I was standing right behind the older women admiring her figure when she turned suddenly and commented on people holding up others at checkouts. I nodded and to keep her facing me asked about her Mini for want of a better subject. I'd hit gold, she talked about her 'Little Darling' as if it were her child.

I took the opportunity to study her better. She was gorgeous, small breasts, slim waist and beautiful legs. She stopped talking about her car when she realised how close I was studying her. She was just about to make a comment when the girl came up to her and said 'Mum, can I have É' I didn't hear what I was stunned that this woman was the girl's mother. For the first time I looked at the girl. She was in School Uniform and I'd got the age right at about 17 and she was the spitting image of the woman.

The woman saw my reaction to the 'Mum' and laughed.
In defence I said ' I'd have put money on you being sisters not mother and daughter'.
'Thank you' she said before her daughter reminded her of the original question.
The woman was now at the head of the queue and was paying for her petrol, the girl put down a magazine.
'I haven't got that much on me' her mother said, 'Take it back'.
'No! let me' I said and put a five pound note down.

The girl gave me a smile that in itself was worth ten times the money. I watched them leave the shop and then paid for my own petrol. I got back to my car and the woman was bending over in front of my car putting something in the Mini's boot.
Hoping that this was for my sake I said 'The view's certainly improved around here'.
'Thank you again' she said, 'you don't sound as if you're from these parts'.
'No! I'm from up north, but I'm staying in a flat just up the road'
I then almost cringed when I heard myself add, 'would you like to see it'.

To my amazement she said 'Yes! I think I would, I'll follow you', which is exactly what she did.

During the few minutes it took to drive to my flat my head was in a spin. Perhaps with her daughter there she felt safe but the smile when she agreed seemed to promise more. As usual I had absolutely no idea what a woman was thinking.

My flat is a studio flat with one small room doubling as both living and bedroom. Furniture was a double bed, sofa, table & TV. The woman introduced herself as Anne and her daughter Louise as we went into the flat.
They both sat on the sofa and Anne looked at the bed and laughing said 'I had hoped for more privacy'.
Louise quickly piped in 'No I want to watch, you know I've never seen a man's thing before.'

One sentence each and my already confused mind exploded. Instantly I decided to take charge and see what happened. I was already quite hard from anticipation so I moved to stand directly in front of Louise and dropped my trousers and shorts exposing my 7Ó long cock.

'Well you have now' I said. 'And a nice one to start with' said Anne. I leaned down to take Louise's hands and place them on my now fully erect member. I moved one of her hands to cup my balls whilst moving the other up and down my shaft.

It didn't take her long to pick up this seemingly instinct act. I looked at Anne and was pleased to see her smiling as she looked at her daughter's face. Seeing that Anne, at least at this stage, didn't appear disappointed I pulled Louise into the standing position.

I kicked off my sandals and removed my tee shirt, my only remaining clothes. Louise's hands had left my cock but her eyes had remained locked on it from the first moment. I reached out and slowly unbuttoned Louise's blouse, pausing to kiss each peace of newly exposed flesh.

Unlike her mother's Louise's blouse was cotton and wore very baggy, so up until now I had no real idea of her breasts. Sliding the blouse from her arms I exposed an erotic treasure. She wore a skimpy white lace bra, which struggled to hold in two absolutely perfect breasts.

Tempted as I was, I left those glorious mounds for later, settling for kissing her soft delicate neck and using my lips and tongue on her ear. I started to travel down and at the same time reached behind Louise to undo her bra. I couldn't resist pulling back to look at her now unsupported breasts. Slightly bigger than her mothers their youth required no support as I cupped a breast in each hand.

Rolling my palms over her enlarged nipples I heard her gasp, the first sound she'd made since her first words. I moved my hands to allow my mouth to greedily suck on one sweet nipple. My hands starting on her naked back, pulling her onto my mouth, began to move to her arse.

The feel of the coarse material of her skirt seemed to offend after her velvety skin. A quick touch of button and zip and the offending item lay at her feet, allowing my hands to continue first on the outside and then inside her panties. My mouth was still flitting between her breasts trying not to favour one.

Suddenly I felt a hand grasp my engorged prick. In my pleasure I'd momentarily forgotten Anne. Reluctantly I allowed Louise's breasts to leave my mouth and leaned back to review everything. I was naked, Anne, fully dressed, was kneeling at my side, her hand massaging my cock, Louise was standing in front of me wearing just her panties.

I placed an upturned palm on Louise's panties feeling the moist heat coming from her cunt. I knelt down placing my hands on her hips and slowly removed the panties, replacing them with my mouth. My tongue felt for her clit and Louise's first active part, pushing my head further into her, showed me I'd found it. I forced my tongue away and licked her juices but Louise pushed my back to her clit and almost instantly came. Not a massive orgasm but enough.

I was so hard it was hurting so I stood up, lay Louise on the bed. I looked at her mother, not for permission because it was way to late for that, but just to acknowledge her presence. I needn't have bothered with one hand massaging her breasts and the other deep between her own legs Anne was well away.

I turned to look at Louise, she looked like a goddess, and as I stood above her, admiring everything I saw, she reached up her arms for me. That was it, I lay down between her legs and knowing she was a virgin, slowly entered her. Slow was not what Louise wanted, I felt her hands on my buttocks pulling me further inside her.

I gave up the uneven struggle and rammed my cock as far into her as I could. I felt the little resistance and somewhere my mind heard her give a small yelp of pain. I wanted to stay in her thrusting for the rest of eternity, unfortunately in my heightened state eternity lasted for about three minutes.

I seemed to spend as long coming inside her as I had building up to it. Always one to believe that pleasing your partner is as, if not more, satisfying than anything I have to say I'm wasn't even sure if Louise came or not. She was certainly breathing hard enough, as was her mother who'd been watching.

I was just getting my breath back when Louise leaned over me and kissed me tenderly and said 'Thank you very much'.
I was nonplussed, after that it should have been me offering thanks to the gods.
'I hope you recover quick', said Anne, 'it's my turn now'.
'And I haven't finished yet', added Louise.

That is in part II

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