Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Drive Home

Written by Fresh Hubby(April 2000)

It isn't often that the wife and I get to enjoy a night away from the kids, so neither one of us was much in the mood to return home after we'd finished our Anniversary dinner earlier than anticipated.

Beginning our half-hour drive towards home, Suzanne and I discussed our options for extending our evening out. Going to a movie was ruled out; we didn't want to arrive home that late. Neither one of us were drinkers, so going to a club was likewise eliminated. Bowling didn't hold much charm for either of us and we both agreed that it was too cold for a walk along the beach or any other outdoor activity.

As we continued to kick the topic around, I absentmindedly began to lightly rub my wife's knee just above the hem of her dress. I still wasn't thinking that much about it when I moved my caresses to the inside of her knee. However, I instantly took notice when the leg I was rubbing slowly started to inch towards me.

With Suzanne's knees now separated by more than a foot, I gradually started to guide my caresses up her inner thing. Naturally, I expected her to give me that 'knock it off look' I know all too well, so I was pleasantly surprised when instead her knee moved closer still to me.

Seizing upon this unexpected invitation, I continued my climb up her thigh and quickly discovered that Suzanne was wearing stockings supported by garters rather than her typical pantyhose. Within seconds after this, my free hand was softly kneading the bare flesh of my wife's upper thigh, at which point I noticed her far knee begin to move in the opposite direction.

I'd estimate Suzanne's legs were spread more than two feet at the time my fingertips first made contact with the edge of her panties. A few seconds later, when my fingers made light contact with the wet spot at the center of the sheer undergarment, she instantly slid forward in her seat pressing her pussy mound hard against my hand.

I looked at my wife's face for the first time at this point and noticed that she was already quite flushed and breathing erratically. My glaze fell to those breasts that I love so much, and I was delighted to see them cresting and falling in rhythm with her deep breathing. At the sight of this, my excitement level spiked, impelling me to dart my fingers in through the side of her panties and begin sloshing around in the warm fluid coating her labia and clit at a frantic clip. It became obvious that at this pace Suzanne would probably cum in just another minute or two, and the thought suddenly dawned on me that I might be blowing a golden opportunity.

I made the decision to slow down and stretch this encounter out, and I eased up considerably on the friction I was applying to Suzanne's clitoris. I love being in control in situations such as these when she's really hot, keeping her on the verge of orgasm for as long as I could, often getting her to do anything I wanted.

I slid my hand out from under Suzanne's dress, to her clear consternation, and quickly moved it to her breasts. I began kneading them roughly through the thin material of the dress, mixing in a few nipple pinches for good measure .

By this point we were on the expressway and I realized that I'd been pretty much oblivious to everything on the road except for what was directly in front of me. A surreptitious survey of the vicinity revealed no cars on either side of us or close by in front. I did, however, spot a small freight truck in my sideview mirror approximately 10 feet back in the passing lane. I kept peaking into the mirror every couple of seconds as I continued to grope Suzanne's tits, and saw that the trucker was maintaining his distance.

Twisting my neck a bit to the side, I could see the reflection up into the truck's cab and, though it was tough to tell in the dark, I was pretty sure the guy was peering into our car. With the light from our interior console display and the intermittent streetlights, I realized the driver of the truck would have a pretty good view of what was taking place.

Suddenly, a wicked thought came to mind, and I quickly formulated a plan to give this peeping roadster a show beyond his wildest dreams.
'Lay your seat back and close your eyes,' I said to Suzanne.
'There's no reason to hurry this. Let's have some fun.'

She hesitated a moment, but then, with a trusting smile, closed her eyes and pulled the latch that released the seat and allowed her to slowly recline the upper half of her body.
Once she was all the way back, I said 'Now I want to look at your body. Unbutton your dress, take off your bra and show me your tits.'
She did as commanded quickly, and a few seconds later I was staring at a pair of erect pink nipples standing up proudly from those lovely full pale mounds.
Another quick peak into the mirror revealed that I wasn't the only one.
'Oooo, look at those hard nipples,' I purred. 'Do you think you can make them even harder?'
Without a word, Suzanne raised her hands to her breasts and began to pinch, roll and stretch her nipples.
After a minute or two of this, I asked, 'Is your pussy still getting wetter?'
'Mmhmm,' came the response.
'I don't believe you,' I said. 'I want to hear the evidence. Take off your underwear and prove it to me.'

This time there was a moment's hesitation before she fulfilled my request, but after she had, she intuitively flipped her skirt up over her waist and twisted the lower half of her body as far as she could comfortably so that I would get he best possible view of her pussy. A second after that, I had the proof I'd requested, as the unmistakable sloshing sounds of a wet pussy filled the car.

I then reached under the seat and pulled out my trusty flashlight. A moment later I was rewarded for having remembered a few days earlier to put in fresh batteries by the sight an extremely pink and puffy pussy caught in a brilliant beam of light. I watched, captivated by the way Suzanne was opening and closing her pussy with her fingers and the sucking sounds that were being created by the moistness within. I glanced away for only a second to make sure the road in front of me was still clear and that my trucker friend was still with us...yup on both counts. I judged that the guy had a decent site-line, and could probably make out a little of Suzanne's pink inner flesh.

'Now,' I started, 'let's pick up where we left off on that fantasy we were talking about the other night.'

I should point out here that Suzanne and I often create fantasies during lovemaking to increase our arousal, and that many of our fantasies revolve around either being watched or having a second man join us. With the fantasy to which I was referring here, we had both cum relatively early into it, so there was still much fodder available here for titillation.

I refreshed her memory: 'Remember you were bent over the edge of the bed sucking my cock, and I told you to spread your legs so that I could see your pussy reflected in the mirror behind you. I told you to imagine that the mirror was actually the eyes of a Peeping Tom, who was jerking off as he stared at your pussy. Remember I told you to put on a show for him, to spread wide and gyrate your hips and play with yourself a little bit.'

'Mmhmm,' Suzanne moaned softly, indicating her recollection. I noticed that her fingers were now wandering back and forth between her clit and opening.
'So you started grinding your hips and getting hotter and hotter,' I reminded. 'And then you took over the fantasy. Do you remember?'
'Yes,' she replied in a throaty whisper, as her fingers picked up pace. 'I said that I wished he'd come up behind me and ram his cock into me.'
'And that's just what I did,' I said. 'I got up off the bed and started slamming you from behind, and we both exploded in like two was great, wasn't it!'

Mmhmm,' was once again all Suzanne could manage, as she now worked her clit furiously between two fingered thrusts into her pussy every few seconds. She was going at her nipples with equal fervor with the other hand, and I could tell that at this rate it would only be another minute or so before she climaxed.

'Oh Man, I've got to get a better look at you,' I said, reaching over and flicking on the cab light. If the full lighting made Suzanne uncomfortable, she showed no signs. I'm guessing it was a combination of her being extremely turned on and convinced that no one could see her fully reclined in the passenger's seat. Whatever the case, she laid there, eyes closed, summoning visions of this fantasy.

I noticed with a quick glance out the window that my friend in the truck had now pulled up right alongside of me, so that he had almost as good a look at Suzanne's assets as I did. At this moment, I made an impromptu decision to go for broke. Turning to look directly into the truck's cab, I turned and waived, then I tilted my head towards Suzanne and performed a couple of quick eye brow lifts (you know, the universal communication among guys for 'Not bad, eh?)

I could make out by his console lights that the guy gave a quick nod. When we passed under a street light a moment later, I saw that he was a good looking guy who appeared to be in his mid-20's. I could also tell from his rapid shoulder motion that he was masturbating, and from the look on his face I could tell that he probably wasn't going to last much longer.

I made a motion towards my dome light and then pointed towards him, letting him know that I wanted him to turn on his own dome light. When there was no movement over there for a couple of seconds, I gave a farewell wave and reached slowly for the switch to my car's light. I looked back over there with my finger poised on the switch. It took another couple of seconds before he made the decision I knew he would. His light clicked on.

I now turned my attention completely back to Suzanne and asked: 'What turned you on most about that fantasy?'
'That it was a stranger who was watching me,' she answered between gasps, after a moment's thought. 'And that he surprised me, and I couldn't stop him.'
Knowing this was pretty much the response I'd get, I replied: 'Sounds like that scenario really turns you on.'
'What do you think you'd do if something like this ever happened for real?' I asked her.
After a brief hesitation, she panted: 'I guess if I was turned on enough, I'd go along with it.' She was getting really close to orgasm.
'You know I'd love to see that, ' I said. 'Do you think now would be one of those times you'd be turned on enough to do something like? Wouldn't you love to have some guy you don't know jerking off while he watched you right now.'

'Yes!', came the reply, followed by a brief hesitation, a change in facial expression and finally the opening of her eyes. I was hoping the lascivious tone of my voice would bring her out of the fantasy-induced trance.

Suzanne froze in shock as she almost instantly spotted the voyeur and realized that she faced her moment of truth.
The only things that moved were her hands, just enough to cover her most erogenous areas. Before her natural inhibitions could take hold, however, I hit her with: 'Look at him! He's jerking off and just about to cum. It's all just like your fantasy. He and I are both dying to see you cum. You can't stop now. You know this is what you want. Just let yourself go.'

It was probably no more than a couple of seconds, but it seemed like an eternity that she just lay there motionless as I held my breath.

Finally, with a loud gasp, Suzanne stared right past me into the truck cab and spun her body in one rapid motion in the same direction, placing her back against her door, so that now her pussy was aimed directly at him.
She then moved her right hand back to her pussy, quickly shoving two fingers into herself as deeply as she could, while at the same time reaching up with the left to tug on a nipple.
An instant later, the convulsions began and she was overwhelmed by the most powerful female orgasm I've ever witnessed. The screaming, panting and spasms lasted for a good minute.
What was most amazing, though, was the way my wife managed to keep her eyes locked the entire time over my shoulder. I think I only took my eye off her to check the road for one brief instant during the entire event (and that's just what it was for me).

I sat there in a genuine state of awe for maybe a minute after the affects of her orgasm had finally subsided. Suzanne had already recovered sufficiently to fix her dress and right the seat before I remembered about our Peeping Tom. I looked out the window up and down the road, and was surprised to see that he was already several hundred yards behind us.

There was a minute or so of silence before I asked 'Are you mad?'
Suzanne looked at me with no expression on her face and said simply: 'No.'
More silence. Then I asked: 'Are you happy you went through with it?'
Several seconds passed, then a blush, and finally a smile. 'Yes,' she said.
'What happened to our friend back there?' I asked, pointing my thumb over my shoulder.

The look of excitement came back into Suzanne's eyes as she retold what she witnessed during her orgasm: 'He started to cum about 10 seconds after I did. He lifted his hips straight up off the seat, and I saw cum shoot out of his cock four or five times. I guess he took his foot off the gas when he did it, because he started to drop back after thatÉit was incredible.'

I waited for a few beats before asking: 'So, do you need to get fucked now?'

'You don't have any choice in the matter,' she answered in a matter-of-fact tone.

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ATLLG said...

I have so seen this. I've watched as a truck stayed right with a car with their SPOTLIGHT shining down into the passenger side. It was SO OBVIOUS what was going on.