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Camp lookout

Written by KATE(April 2000)

Finally we managed to find a long weekend when we were able to take the time to visit Elaine and Pam at Camp Lookout.
The drive up was busy and it seemed as if the whole state was taking advantage of the nice weather to get away for a break.
As other cars were passed, I glanced at the passengers and wondered if they were headed for a weekend like ours.
Some maybe; but most would not get the stimulating, sensual, sexual excitement, that I had no doubt would be a large part of our long weekend away.
As I thought about these forthcoming treats, my cock created a noticeable bulge in my pants that Belinda was quick to notice, for she commented,
'Oh, look at Rod, Alberta, he's already thinking far into the weekend!'

Alberta reached over and squeezed my cock and smiled as she said, 'Are you remembering old times at the camp, Sir? Did you enjoy those sex filled evenings with Colleen and Jennie and me?'

Belinda planted a wet, sliding, tonguing kiss on my neck; and of course, I was pleased with all of this attention but it was damned hard focusing on the road with these two hot ladies sitting next to me.
For the remaining twenty miles they toyed with me and teased me to the point where I was getting very horny.
Unfortunately, I could not return the favor, yet! But my turn would come, at the camp.

We reached the turn off for the camp that took us along a dirt road between rows of tall pines.
Just over a slight incline, Camp Lookout, with its cabins neatly arranged, came into view. As we passed the lake on which the Camp fronted, there to meet us were Elaine and Pam, waving madly at our approach. So, we jumped out of the car and there were hugs and kisses all round; an
d though Alberta and Pam had only met once, at the dinner party, their embrace and deep tonguing showed that they were kindred spirits and hot for each other.

That brings me to one of the reasons for our visit. Elaine had hired Pam as Assistant Director for the camp last summer and they had immediately hit it off, especially sexually; but Elaine wanted Pam to be more experienced, so she had asked us up to help complete Pam's training as her slut.

It was a job that we were ready to undertake and Belinda and our gorgeous slut, Alberta were up to the task, as I was. I also knew that there would be some side attractions as the weekend progressed and I was looking forward to giving my already throbbing cock lots of action. My main concern was how to pace myself with four horny and willing females around. I was grateful that Belinda had brought along her bag of sexual aids and that Senor dildo would be helping out; but, first things first.

Elaine showed us to our room.
All three of us slept in the same room nowadays. Alberta had a special spot at the foot of our bed so that she would be available whenever we needed her, which was frequently. Elaine and Pam shared their room. of course, this was off season, so there were no campers to disturb this idyllic erotic scene.

As I stripped to take a quick shower, Belinda and Alberta came over and sandwiched me between their naked bodies and both of them lowered themselves and took shared my cock and kissed each other over its length.
Finally, I tore myself away leaving them to their own devices and had my shower. When I came back into the bedroom, Alberta was deep into Belinda's cunt and she was moaning in ecstasy as our slut went to work sending her tongue deep into Belinda's sweetness.

I watched, as I dried off; and my cock jumped to an erection as Alberta's hands played over Belinda's tits and sensuously caressed her nipples. Belinda just firmly held Alberta's head into her cunt and arched her back to try and get our lovely slut to go deeper into her silky, suckable wetness. Suddenly, Belinda let out a loud groan and I could tell that she was cumming, while Alberta did not let up, and lapped up all Belinda's juices. They then walked arm in arm to the bathroom and showered together. Judging from their laughter, they were having a good time there.

After a filling dinner from the outdoor barbeque, vintage red wine followed by fine cognac, we were ready for the first session. Alberta and Belinda took Pam aside and Elaine and I chatted about old times. Belinda told me afterwards that Pam had been a little troublesome about her slut role; but Alberta had convinced her to cooperate; and Belinda had given her a good spanking, which explained the rosy redness on Pam's ass when she reappeared from the bedroom. Pam was dressed in a very skimpy outfit.

The black briefs were thong like and were in sharp contrast to her pale complexion. Her bra was also black and from the holes in the cups projected two of the most delicious erect nipples imaginable. Pam was led out on a chain extending from a collar around her pale white neck. She was on all fours following Alberta and being helped along by Belinda who was using a leather strap to tease Pam's ass and cunt.

As they paraded Pam around, I reached for her bikini brief, pulling it away and placing my fingers into her cunt and swirling them around. Then I used the wetness on my fingers to circle her anus. Pam had never experienced anal sex and this was to be her introduction.
She flinched a little as I explored the outside of her anus; but she was going to be more scared when my cock was placed there.

Elaine observed the whole scene and I could see her fingers gently massaging her clit. With Pam still on all fours, I bent down behind her and played along her slit and ass with my tongue and she visibly shivered with excitement. While I did that, Belinda bent over and commanded Pam to eat her cunt; Alberta helped by yanking Pam's head up so she could place her tongue in Belinda's warm, moist softness.

After this foreplay, the time was ripe to educate Pam. We had her remain on all fours and had her watch as Alberta sucked my cock and made it really wet and slippery with her saliva and my pre-cum. Pam was then told to raise her ass and I placed my cock at the entrance to her nether hole. She tried to move away; but Alberta held her taut and Belinda gave her a swipe across her cunt with the strap. I eased my cock in deeper and gradually her ass muscles accepted me. Then Elaine came forward with a strap on dildo and got into a position where she slid it into Pam's cunt. I could feel her respond and she tightened her ass muscles on my cock. Alberta then placed herself so that Pam could eat her cunt. It was obvious that Pam was being sensually aroused and without warning she said, 'Rod, Elaine, fuck me, now!'

Elaine and I just sat there and Pam tried to start the rhythm; but we waited.

She began to eat out Alberta, voraciously; and Belinda sucked on her tits. Elaine and I decided that it was now time and she thrust the dildo in as I drove deep into Pam's ass. Pam shook with the impact and as we began an in and out rhythm she kept pace, yelling, 'Fuck, that's so good. Fuck me, Fuck me, Ooooooh'

Both Elaine and I kept up a torrid pace and Pam began gyrating and bucking and kept on lapping at Alberta's juices. Belinda was also playing her erotic part by nibbling Pam's nipples and sucking on her tits. After some time, I could feel myself about to explode and I came in great spurts of cum just as Pam reached her orgasm.
She yelled and shook and I could feel her ass spasm as she came.
When Elaine extracted the dildo, it was covered in Pam's juices and, still in her subservient position we made her clean the dildo of her moisture. She was so sensually aroused that she would have gone on licking if we hadn't pulled it away.

Next she cleaned up me and once again gave me a thrilling erection. Since Alberta, Belinda and Elaine had also cum, Pam tasted them too, cleaned them thoroughly and enjoyed every moment.
She was fast becoming Elaine's sexual slut. She had come through this part of her training with flying colors.

But there was more to come.

Camp Lookout would never be the same with Elaine and her slut, Pam, in charge of looking after the place. After that first step in Pam's slut training, the next one was to have her fucked by complete strangers.
It was my job to set it up. The idea was to go to a neighboring town where I would pose as a director of porn movies, make the acquaintance of some studs and persuade them, for a small fee and all the fucking they could get, to take a part in the movie. It didn't take me long to meet some young men in the local bar.

I introduced myself, bought them some Bud and they were soon frothing at the mouth at the thought of taking on a young female porn starlet. I assured them that they would be well satisfied with what Pam had to offer. Pam would be sitting at a table showing her sexy ass and tits and they would approach her and proposition her, then accompany her to a motel room where the three of them would satisfy Pam to the fullest - a cumfest flick to make anyone horny.

As we entered the bar, at a pre-arranged time, heads were turned as I sat Pam at a table and prepared to film the scene. Pam was wearing a low cut black blouse under which her tits were held in a frilly black half-bra. Her skirt was a silky floral pattern on black and reached three quarters up her thighs.

On her legs she wore fishnet stockings and black leather boots above the knee. Under her skirt, she wore no panties and the stockings were held up by a tiny garter belt, also in black. As I filmed the bar and panned over to Pam, she opened her legs so that I could just get a glimpse of her blonde cunt in the camera.

I was getting horny at this and envied the three strangers. I signaled them to approach Pam and they invited her over to their motel room, all the while, petting her and touching her on her thighs and shoulders. Pam got up and proceeded to the bar door with the three strangers.

At the motel room, number 312, of the Sleepy Hollow Motel, I told them to give me a minute before entering so that I could get the camera ready. I also made sure that Alberta was hidden away in the other bedroom. Pam had wanted her along and she would be a help later on to get Pam back to the camp.

As they came through the door, I could see that Pam was a bit apprehensive; but she smiled at the camera and licked her red lips lasciviously. As soon as they were in the room, the men began stripping her. First they removed her blouse and one began fondling Pam's beautiful tits and hardened nipples. Another stuck his hand up her skirt and felt her dampness, placing his fingers to her mouth and saying: 'Lick this bitch.'

Pam sucked on his fingers tasting her sex. Next they removed her skirt and carried her to the bed where they finished stripping her. As they undressed the three men began running their hands over Pam's body and legs and she moved erotically under their attention.

Bill stripped first and placed his hard six inches to her mouth and commanded her to suck it. Pam obliged, holding his shaft, running her tongue along the thick underside vein and flicking her moist tongue over his cock head and listened to him moan with ecstasy.

Jason had his eight inch cock ready and spread Pam's legs rubbing the tip of his cock around her cunt lips; and she rotated her hips to his movement. Jason told her that he was going to fuck her good and plunged his rampant member deep inside Pam and she bucked her hips to force him deeper. Steve was waiting in the wings and he kept telling Jason to get her good and wet and loose for his turn.

It didn't take Jason long to shoot his cum all over her tits and Bill's cock shot spurts of cum into Pam's mouth, most of which she managed to swallow. Jason then had Pam lick his cock clean and Bill decided to fill her cunt with his re-hardened cock.

Meanwhile, Steve was urging Bill to hurry as he was just about ready. Judging from the huge bulge in his pants, I guessed he was too. Bill finally came with a great moan and pulled away. Steve now unbuckled his trousers and slid them off to reveal a thick ten inches of throbbing manhood.

Pam saw it and looked a little nervous as Steve approached her well lubed cunt. He told Pam to open her legs wider and she did. Then he placed it at her hole and slowly tantalized her pussy entrance with his massive cock. She was pleading with him to fuck her until Jason filled her mouth with his cock. It was then that Steve slowly pushed forward and bit by bit I could see Pam's cunt expand as she took him in.

Then, suddenly, Steve plunged deep inside her and she let out a long gutteral moan and she began moving her ass and hips in response to his thrusts. Steve's cock came almost all the way out and was covered in her juices before he impaled her again and again and again. Pam's eyes were rolling back in her head; but the sounds she made with Jason's cock in her mouth showed that she was erotically moved.

Meanwhile, Bill was sucking her tits and nipples so hard they would be red and sore from his attention. After about ten minutes of solid fucking, Steve pulled out and shot the largest amount of cum over her body that I have ever seen. But he was not done as his giant rod was still hard. He turned Pam over raised her hips so her ass was exposed, took some of the juices from his cock and ran his fingers around and in her ass crack.
Pam visibly shuddered as she knew that her biggest test was to come.

Steve spread her ass and slowly allowed her to relax and receive his cock into her anus. Jason now got into position to fill her cunt with his cock and Bill filled Pam's mouth.

Then all three started fucking her at the same time with a rhythm that brought ecstasy to Pam's body as she bucked and worked to get more of their cocks.
My cock was so hard that it was tempting not to put the camera down and join the action; but there were no free spots, so I resisted and knew that this video would be an amateur masterpiece.

Steve's cock seemed bigger than ever as it moved in and out of Pam's well-shaped but small ass. She came several times as they worked her over and after about fifteen minutes of this the three guys came in unison and Pam yelled at the impact of being flooded in three directions by spurting cum.

She was exhausted now and the three strangers thanked me for their role in the video, dressed and left as arranged. As the door closed, Alberta appeared and quickly moved over to gently caress Pam and tell her how wonderful she was.

With that, she kissed her passionately on the lips, then kneeled down and cleaned all the cum off Pam's body with her tongue. Then to Pam's moans she cleaned as much out of Pam's ass and cunt as was possible, sinking her tongue as deep as it would go.
Then she dressed Pam and I carried Pam to the four wheel for the trip back to camp where I hoped that my throbbing cock would get some relief.

Pam slept most of the way back to camp and I carried her into the bathroom. Alberta ran a nice hot scented bath, helped Pam in and slowly began cleaning and soaping her body, inside her cunt and ass, so that Pam would feel a lot better in the morning.

With regret, I left that sensuous scene.
As this was going on I slipped the video into the machine and sat in between Elaine and Belinda to watch Pam's slutty acts.
It didn't take long for the two women to start rubbing their pussies and feeling my throbbing cock, especially when they saw the size of Steve's cock and how he filled Pam to the brim.

Finally I knew that my cock would soon be freed from its pulsating throb and I would have to satisfy Belinda and Elaine before the night was through, perhaps several times!

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