Friday, February 15, 2008

Inspired by Camilla

Written by Randy (April 2000)

I discovered your site about 2 months ago and have become addicted to it.
I love reading the stories and looking at the sexy photographs.
What I didn't realize was that my wife also discovered that I had been hitting on your site. One evening when I was out to a ballgame She was using the computer and punched up addresses and there was your site. Being curious she checked it out and found out my secret place. She also started visiting it regularlly when I was not home. However,I became suspicious when I noticed that it would be at the top of the address list after I had been out. Soo.. we confronted.

We both confessed how arousing the site was and we both both had our favorite letters and authors. Now let me tell you. My wife, Brenda (not her real name) is 42 years old, 5'8" tall with the most beautiful legs you'll ever see.She's a curvey 130lbs. Smallish but lovely breasts with super sensitive nipples. She keeps her bush full because thats the way I like it. I am 46, 6'0 tall and 180 lbs. I keep in shape. Anyway now you have our stats.

We have been married 22 years. Our sex life is good but a bit routine. So thank you Camilla because of this site and stories things in that department have been changing. I confessed to Brenda that one of my favorite stories was the one called "caught" where the wife catches her husband watching a porno site. She then continues to dance for him, masterbate for him and then blow him and do really nasty things with his load of cum.

She was astounded but then asked me if I had fantasized about her doing that to me. I said absolutely. We had been drinking wine during this discussion and were a little high.
Looking at me and lifting an eyebrow, she put her hand out to me and led me over to the bed and instructed me to sit on the edge and she would be right back. Coming back into the room she was carrying 2 shots of tequilla and suggested we drink up..

She laughed and said "I'm going to need this".
"Ok baby, you asked for it. But after this I am going to expect you to make a fantasy of mine come true."
" Which one" I eagerly asked.
"You'll see. I just hope you really want me to be this bitch slut and do all those things."

I assured her it would be my dream come true. Standing in front of me She slowly removed her shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra and her sweet titties with their incredible nipples stood out for me. Her chest was already flushed and her nipples erect and swollen so I knew that this was really turning her on. Next she unbottoned her tight blue jeans and squirmed out of them. the only thing left was her red thong. Standing directly in front of me she instructed me to keep my hands by my side just like in the other story and then kneeled down on the floor.

She undid my jeans and had me stand and then slipped them off. She then unbottoned my shirt. She left my shirt on and my boxer shorts on. Closing her eyes she sat back on her heels and slowly started rubbing her breasts. Her face shone with a light perspiration.

She looked incredibly sexy in the soft lights in our bedroom. Swaying on her knees, she moved a hand down and inside her red panties and started feeling herself.
"Mmmmmm" She moaned out a sexy soft sigh.
"Oh baby, I'm imagining that you're licking my pussy. Oh my pussy is so wet, so hot, so open. Just waiting for your big dick"
"oh baby, I can't wait for you to cum all over me, in my mouth, on my face, on my tits."

My cock was rising is short jerks in my boxers. My sphincter was contracting. Sweat was popping out on my forehead.
She looked and acted so sexy, so sensuous.

Pushing my knees apart She then put her face in my lap and started sucking at my cock right thru my white boxers. Using only her mouth she worked my ridged cock over to the opening and without using her hands got it thru the opening and into her mouth.

Her lips formed a tight suction and she slid my cock in and out between her lips. Her long blond hair caressed my thighs as her head moved back and forth. Reaching up with her hands she pushed me back on the bed and then standing proceeded to stradle my chest and then slide up over my face.
"lick my pussy, suck my cunt thru my panties you sexy bastard, you nasty man, you."
Smiling I uttered, " you're really enjoying this aren't you"
"you bet I am, isn't that what you want?"
"Yes, oh yes, just don't hold back" "lick" She said.

I sucked her pussy with pure passion. The juice was running thru her panties which were so wonderfully soaked.
"mmmmmm god you taste so good" i said in a muffled voice.

She was looking down at me, smiling, and riding my face. Back and forth and all around. She then reached down and pulled the padded elastic aside and spreading her swollen vaginal lips proceeded to push back down and smother my open mouth.

By the way She was moving I knew the first of many orgasms were on the way. Gripping me tightly with her thighs she moaned out a long lasting and copious orgasm. I swear I drank a cup of her juice. I gulped it all down. My face was soaked. She sat their breathing heavily for a minute and then with little giggle and a wink she moved off my face and back down on the floor between my legs. Taking my cock in her mouth she started sucking me in ernest.

She was using the fist and suck method. Covering my hard dick with her saliva she started pumping my shaft and at the same time sucking my swollen head with determination. Stopping now and then to whip her hair out of the way and suck my balls. Once she pushed my legs up to my chest and tongued my ass. Slipping her expert tongue right into my hole and then slowly licking the valley of my ass. "Is this nasty enough for you sweetcakes.

Do you like my tongue in your asshole. Do you like my face here."
"Oh God yes you could never be too nasty for me, do it all'
With that she pushed her tongue further into me and then laughing brought my legs back down. "Stand up" she ordered. I was really close now and I could feel the prickly feeling and electricity start moving up the back of my legs.
I was going to cum and it was going to be huge. Sensing my impending orgasm she started sucking harder and working her hand faster.

"aaarrrrrgggg" I grunted out a leg shaking orgasm feeling jets of cum shooting through my cock. But...I kept my eyes open and on her face.
Just as my load broke free she pulled her mouth away and looking up at me proceeded to jack me off onto her open mouthed face. My load was hitting her in her mouth, chin and cheeks.
Seeing this only intensified my climax and it was all I could do to keep from collapsing.
What a sight. Cum was all over her face and tits.
She was totally beautiful. Brenda has this long delicious tongue and she started slowly licking her lips. Circling her lips and gathering my thick sponk that clung there. And while she was doing this she had the sexiest smile on her face.

"Mmmmm, you taste so good. Your cum is so hot and thick. Mmmm I just love the taste of you."
"Now lets see, oh yea" then she started scooping up the cum on her cheek and chin and licking it off her fingers.
Next she scooped up some cum that had landed on her tits. "Mmmm so good honeycakes"
"But, and you'd better not pull back" she stood up and taking my face in her hands placed the deepest, hottest kiss on my lips that I can remember. And quite frankly I did taste pretty good.

We kissed deeply and exchanged my load back and forth. My dick hung down like a tired soldier. I kissed her mouth, her cheeks, her neck. I pushed her on the bed face down and spreading her ass with my hands, got on my knees and proceeded to lick, suck, and tongue her little star.

We kept at it for another hour doing just about everything we could think of. The next morning we made love again and confirmed that last night was fantastic.

"Now my little sweet slut, love of my life, what is your fantasy", I asked.
But that is another chapter.

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