Monday, May 08, 2006

A Visit

by Kappa

Dear Diary,

Im sorry its been a while since weve talked.
Perhaps todays events will help make it up to you.
I must confess, I cant help myself anymore. My days drag on if I dont talk to her. She is some kind of addiction for me.

She collects used paper.
Although its not as odd as it sounds, you must admit the practice is somewhat peculiar.
She takes it to her sons school to be recycled.
There is something to be said about saving the planet!

After teaching all morning and most of the afternoon, I had amassed quite a stack.
I called her to see if I could bring it by but she wasnt home.
Her mother was on the way out the door with the kids to see a movie and spend the night at her house.
Dont you just love grandmas?

I couldnt resist stopping by.
At the very least, I could leave some irritating note for her.
Hopefully, she would be home and we could spend some time together.
I pulled in the driveway just as the Texas sun was starting the bright orange glow of early dusk.
Her car was in the driveway and my mind toyed with thoughts of what she might be doing, what she might be wearing.
What an odd power this woman holds over me.
She isnt even aware of my presence and we were separated by feet of brick and steel yet, somehow my mind was in disarray from the notion of her.

With a stack of paper in my hand, I walked up the concrete path to her door. My hands were growing sweaty and I could feel the clammy skin of my palms sticking to the glossy printer paper against them.
My knuckles struck the hard wood before me and my heart rate quickened in anticipation.
My knees were jittery and weakened but somehow they managed to carry me back towards the street.
I could hear music inside perhaps she was outside.

My feet sank a little as I walked through the grass around the house.
Little did I know, as I passed the kitchen window, she only narrowly missed her opportunity to see my approach.
She had been in the kitchen, in front of the window but must have turned away for the brief moment I needed to slip by.

Gently, quietly, my feet carried me across the wooden deck behind her home.
I came first to the edge of the window that borders the sliding glass door to the living room.
The door was open, allowing the release of a curious mixture of hot food and lemon dish detergent. The sounds of alternative music mingled with the charming hum of a distracted woman riveted me.
Her melodious accompaniment was periodically interrupted by an obvious infamiliarity with the lyrics.
My faced beamed downwards at the weathered wooden structure allowing my nose and ears to enjoy the pleasantry of the stimuli.

My eyes traveled slowly up the glass tat separated us.
I clutched the aluminum frame of the window as my eyes drank in the sight of her.
She stood in front of the sink with her back to me.
The warm dusk sunlight was shining through the window behind her illuminating her perfect brown hair.
The light formed an exotic aura glow around her.
My eyes moved downward tracing the swell of her hips and admiring the shape of two flawless slim legs.
She wore an apron with no top or bra beneath it.
The coarse straps were against her smooth skin and the front panel could not manage to obscure a view of her side.
She was also clad in a pair of cut-off denim shorts. At the end of her adorable legs were two naked feet decorated with plum colored nail polish.

I stood there, feasting on her intoxicating visage.
My appetite grew at an unbearable rate as this lovely creature swayed in front of inundated by the music.
She set my nerves on fire and waves of delectable heat crashed through me.
The glass between us seemed an agonizing obstacle.
My gasps and agitation were evident in the fog growing on the windowpane.

Slowly, my body moved through the open doorway to the back of the couch inside.
Her body kept my mind a prisoner; my soul was her captive.
Her delicate fingers rose at intervals to move her chestnut tresses behind her ear.
When her index finger stroked through her hair, my heart stopped and it was hard to breathe.
At one point, she took her wet, bubble covered hand and placed it on the back of her neck.
Leaning over the warm pool of water and soap, she ran her long fingers up the dainty skin of her neck and into her scalp. As her nails stimulated her pleasure, her lips let out a soft satisfying moan that ignited my soul.
Silently my hands placed the stack of papers onto the couch.

Suddenly I found myself behind her in the kitchen.
The strong beat of the music still dictated her movements and her image raped all my senses.
Every ounce of her free loving nature was expressed in her movements.
My hands slowly released the knot at my neck and slid the tie from my collar.
With my heart racing in my chest, my lungs ablaze with each vital breath, and my stomach a horrible rock in my gut, I stepped forward gently placing the silk material over her eyes, pulling her to my hungry chest.
She stiffened; a fearful gasp replaced her tune.
A twist of my wrist and some finger manipulation placed a knot behind her head.
She was pinned between my body and the cool counter-top yet she could have escaped if she wanted.
My mouth was at her ear and I whispered "I missed you!"
Her slender fingers slid up the excited skin of my arms and around my head to feel my neck and face.
In a moment, her warm, barely covered body continued its dance pressing the soft elegant curves of her bottom into the solid staff between us.
Her delightful roundness grazed back and forth across my swollen manhood, each pass sending electric jolts up my spine.

I felt the velvety texture of her hair before sinking my teeth into the soft flesh of her neck.
Her head rolled back and a coarse breath escaped her full red lips as my teeth continued to conquer her.
My fingers slid around her waist teasing the navel that adorns her perfect flat tummy.
I teased its blind opening before working my way up to her chest.
She asked who I was but I answered her query with silence.

My fingers captured her nipples and quickly taunted them erect and stiff. I could feel them poking into the resistant material of the apron.
I lingered to massage the hardened peaks of her breasts and feel the throaty breath that she was billowing.
My body was pleasured simultaneously through my mouth, my hands, and from the deliciously curved bottom that was forcing every bit of hot blood in me to pool beneath the restraining material of my slacks.
The cells of my torso desperately craved her nakedness.

My moist palms moved, reluctantly, from cupping her creamy peaks, and down the sleek curves of her flanks till the strings of the apron halted their advance.
Ten fumbling fingers painfully struggled to release her from one lonely knot.
The same awkward digits somehow freed her from her shorts, slowly sliding them down the two enticingly smooth towers that held her aloft.
As my hands brought the denim to her ankles, I found my face against her warm bottom.
The touch of her skin sent crests of fever through me.
She groaned, pressing herself harder against me, allowing my teeth, once again, to press into her tasty tissue.
My mouth munched and nibbled over the delicate skin of her butt, each action eliciting an erotic jump or gasp that urged me onward.
My tongue glided along the crease that graces the lower margin of her sensuous bottom.
Her moans begged me to carry on into the treasure that hid in the shadows between her creamy thighs.

She thrust her bottom towards me with each charge upon her flesh.
My hands grabbed tight on the soft thighs that guarded my goal.
As my fingers spread her swollen lips, my tongue attacked the source of the aroused scent that lightly teased my nose.
Over and over, my wet tongue launched assault after vicious assault on the flower of her soul.
Each pass across her flicking haughtily at her clitoris.
My tongue danced a beautiful waltz inside her and our lips became intimately acquainted.

"Dammit!! Stop teasing me" erupted from her mouth but her body continued to press mercilessly into my glazed face.
I returned to gentle bites, and worked my way up the erogenous landscape that was her body.
I found myself, once again, holding her tight body against me.
She turned to face me; her eyes still restrained from the light that threatened to identify me.
Her once gentle hands grabbed the material of my shirt, ripping it open and sending the small white buttons scooting across the kitchen floor.

With a few motions of my hands, my slacks fell to my knees and her hands slipped beneath the cotton of my underwear, digging her sharp nails into my bottom.
She released bites of her own, letting her teeth guide her face down my abdomen to the rigid staff standing erect between my legs.
As her hands freed the throbbing tool, her hot wet lips sank slowly over me and coated the length of him with her mouth juices.
The feelings that ensued nearly robbed me of consciousness.
As quickly as her mouth engulfed me, she was off of him again and returning to stand before me.

I removed her only article of clothing, pausing briefly as the apron escaped her head to enjoy the view of her naked form in the setting sunlight.
The apron dropped silently to the floor and my fingers found the back of her neck and the small of her back pressing our bodies firmly, painfully together as each frantic tongues ravished the mouth of the other.

She raised her leg, placing her naked foot on the island behind me.
As our tongues continued their torrid affair, she took me in her hand and guided the glistening tip to the swollen open of her tunnel.
Without warning I pushed my hips forward, penetrating her deeply.
She cried out in pleasure, not caring about the nameless man behind her, thinking only of the primeval need filling her, driving her.
The tight warmth of her internal musculature grabbed me as I slid beneath the satin flesh of her lower lips.
The sensations triggered erotic explosions throughout our bodies.

Our mouths found each other again and my hands held her bottom, guiding each punctuated motion and adding strength to her approaches.
Our bodies slammed together with increasing pace and intensity sending loud slapping noises throughout the room.
She released my tongue to arch her back and throw her head back over her shoulders. Her nails drew blood from my arms as her death grip forced the continued dance of passion.
The desire built within her and she pled to me, her unknown lover, "Faster, harder !!"

My clutch on her hips grew as if enraged and I forced myself as far inside her burning canal as I could.
Her moans and gasps lowered in tone and volume and I felt the rhythmic contractions begin inside her.
Waves of pleasure racked her ravishing body.
Her muscles erupted from the inside out covering me with a tsunami of wetness.
Each love filled stroke brought more excitement to her body.

I slowed my motion within her to a crawl and enjoyed the residual tightening and release of her orgasm.
She leaned forward, placing her arms around me, holding me close to her.
"I want more," she whispered, still trying to catch her breath.
I slid him from the warm scabbard she provided and turned her perspiring body back to the sink where I found her. I pushed her upper body forward until her still hardened nipples sank into the cold white bubbles of the dishwater.
The inviting hair that covered her entrance peeked between her wet thighs, begging for my return.

I guided the head of my warrior back between the welcoming walls of her hallowed castle.
Slowly pressing onward until his entire length was being held warm and wet, inside her.
Her hands grabbed the edge of the cold steel sink beneath her and I took tight hold of her delicate waist.

Our tangos resumed, and flesh, once again, struck hard against aching flesh. I pressed myself hard into her with a seeming vengeance.
A hurricane of force had welled up within me and this repeated motion was its final outlet.
Blow after raging blow released a tropical storm of desire on her body.
Breathless, urgent, gasps escaped our two straining chests as our hips continued their piston-like motions.
She screamed, suddenly, with pleasure and release as her tunnel twitched, gripping me firmly.
A dizzying explosion of feeling filled her body as she erupted in dazzling undulations, a cataclysmic response to the fury that had built in her veins.

The crushing feeling of her canal seizing me in a wave of contractions pushed my own completion closer.
A burning sensation developed in the sack beneath me and the inferno that ensued engulfed my body completely.
As our rocking continued the fire focused its almighty strength and threatened to destroy me.
The final moment of ecstasy overtook me and I emptied into her a burning river of delight.
Her fingers were pale from the grueling force exerted by her grip on the counter top.
Her breaths shooting from her mouth as abbreviated puffs accompanied by ever loudening moans that threatened to turn to shrieks of sheer joy.
As spasms consumed me, wave after wave of burning love coated her inner walls.
Miniature convulsions shook me as the final drops of my passion sprayed inside her. With the final eruptions, I pulled her back against my sweat-covered chest and held her.

The emotion soon receded from me and we both struggled to regain some sense of composure.
My hands gratefully massaged her head and neck, feeling her silky hair touch me.
I withdrew from her and turned her around. As her side passed me, I took her hand and led her to the couch in the living room.
I helped her to lie down and rest, leaving the wet tie around her head covering her beautiful brown eyes.
I returned to the kitchen and quickly dressed.

Leaning over the large couch, I whispered "thank-you" into her sleepy ears.
Her breath had slowed and she was drifting off to sleep.
I offered one more deep kiss and as I backed away, my hand slid the silk from her face.
I turned to leave not offering her the chance to see my identity.
I slipped out the back door and rounded the house, entering my car as quickly as possible.

As I pulled into the garage, my mind was at an amazing peace.
I slowly entered the house to hear the phone ringing.
The answering machine picked up and a tired, feminine voice snag through the room . . .

"Hey! Its me. Give me a call when you get this message.
Something incredible just happened and I need to talk to somebody about it !!"


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