Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The seduction of Carly (Part 1)

by Neil

Chapter One: Awakening

It began as all things do, with chance, as Carlys world changed completely

Usually after school, she went home, changed into jeans and a sweat shirt, and either spent the next half hour on the phone to her best friend Donna, or helped her mother in the kitchen until tea time.

But today was different, her mother was in hospital, having a minor operation, her dad was visiting, and she had been told to take the bus to her aunts house, 2 miles away, where she would stay over, until the following morning.
The next day being Saturday, Carly would have breakfast there, go shopping with her aunt, then come back home at around 4 p.m., when her parents would both be back.

On the bus on the way over to Barbara's house, she daydreamed as usual.
Carly, at 13 was still a child mentally, but her blossoming body was already attracting attention from boys at school, and she now noticed, the middle aged man across the aisle from her.
He kept glancing furtively at her small breasts, which on this summer afternoon, pushed out the front of her white school blouse.
She felt her nipples harden slightly, as she had done before, when being stared at, and self-consciously shifted in her seat.
Unfortunately, this only gave the man something else to look at, as the movement had made her grey skirt ride up her slim brown thighs.
His eyes widened as the flash of flesh and the hint of white knickers took his interest.
Now Carly really felt uncomfortable, and it was only the disapproving stare of the old woman beside her who now made the fat lecher look away.
Carly straightened her skirt, and crossed her arms defensively. Nothing would have persuaded her to admit it, but she had felt that tingle again, and although she would have rather died than admit it, she had almost enjoyed the sensation of being the centre of attention.

She turned her thoughts again to the night at her aunts. Barbara was in her late twenties, slim blonde and attractive.
Her husband Neil was a big man, with short, very fair hair and a muscular physique.
He usually teased Carly mercilessly, and although now she was older, and she felt he was a little more respectful of her, he was still capable of a tickling bout, which would make her squeal and squirm.
Once she had felt, just for a moment, the large bulge in his jeans press against her stomach while they wrestled, and when she pushed against it with her own crotch, there was an instant when she felt it harden.
He had laughed it off, but she had thought about that moment often in the past few months, and that same tingle made her flush when she did.
This also made her remember another time she had been staying over at their house, two years ago
. She had only just begun her periods, and, waking in the night with a heavy feeling in her stomach had padded across to the bathroom to get a towel to stop the bleeding spoiling Barbara's spotless white sheets.
As she passed Neil and Barbara's bedroom she noticed the door was ajar, and there were strange noises coming from the room.

Forgetting her immediate mission, she quietly moved to the door and peeked inside, consumed with curiosity, with a strange butterfly feeling in her groin, which had never occurred before.
Now she knew that feeling well, and her own fingers had produced this and better sensations at night in her own bed.

Her eyes were adjusted to the darkness, so the scenario before her in her aunt's bedroom was clear and breathtaking.
Neil was standing by the far side of the bed, side on to her, his silhouette sharp against the moonlight from the curtained window.
That bulge she had dreamed about was bulge no longer.
This huge long thing was sticking up from his belly.
It looked about a foot long, although she rationalised later that was impossible, wasn't it..
But much. much worse, her aunt was sitting on the bed facing Neil, and she was stroking it!.
Neil's face was in slight shadow, but she could see he was grimacing in what looked like pain.
She quickly understood that it was anything but pain, because now he was urging her aunts face nearer his erect penis. She couldn't take her eyes off the thing, not only was it hugely long, but it throbbed visibly.
She couldn't remember ever being so excited, or so afraid in her life.

As she watched, Neil's urging hand succeeded it it's task, and her aunt's head moved forwards towards the throbbing column.
Carly almost gasped out loud when she understood what Barbara was going to do.
She was going to take that thing in her mouth!

But that was not all, far from being a passive participant, Barbara did not simply take the penis in her mouth.
First she pushed out her pink tongue and licked, mouthed and generally worshipped the thick bar of flesh.
Her right hand was pumping slowly up and down the length of the penis, her other hand was cupping this large, what seemed like sack of skin full of lumps under Neil's penis.
Carly realised this was what the boys in her class had call 'balls'.
Neil certainly seemed to like his balls caressed.
Barbara was playing with them constantly, cupping gently, then tickling with her nails, which made Neil groan out loud.

Barbara's mouth was now at the tip of the penis, and slowly she slid her lips over the purple head, her tongue curling round the taut flesh.
Carly watched as Barbara's mouth slid further down the shaft, and then sucked back, all the time pumping faster with her hand.
The scene was now almost too exciting for Carly, her belly was filled with a hot sensation, and the tingle in her groin building to the stage where she would have to touch herself there, now.

But before she could steal away to her own bed, to use her inexperienced fingers inside her, the scene changed in the room before her.
Neil's hips had been pumping in time with Barbara's sucking, and now they began to shudder too.
He pulled Barbara's head even closer, and the woman's sucking became noisy and rapid.
Carly realised with a shock that now Barbara's other hand had left Neil's balls and was buried between her own thighs.
Carly could hear the familiar liquid sounds of excitement coming from her aunt that she herself had produced between her own legs, when approaching an immature climax at home.

Finally Neil's head went back, he groaned out loud, and he thrust his hips even harder against his lovers mouth.
Barbara moved her head back slightly, the purple head of the penis visible between her open lips.
Then amazingly, a thick jet of white liquid shot out of the penis, most of it going into her aunts mouth, the rest spilling over her lips, teeth and tongue.
Far from being disgusted, Carly could see with mounting horror that her aunt was continuing to urge her husband to shoot out more of this stuff, with rapid pumps of her fist on his shaft.

As she watched, he shot again, this time the jet smearing her aunt's cheek, where it glistened in the moonlight.
The next spurt was less strong, and Carly stared in total amazement as Barbara's mouth closed over the head again, clearly determined that whatever remained would go into her sucking mouth.
Carly watched her aunt's throat move as she swallowed, and she saw that she was taking all that stuff in to her stomach.

Carly could stand it no longer.
As Barbara slowly finished what she had started, what seemed to Carly hours ago, she had slipped away to her bedroom.
Closing the door, and with one movement stripping off the short night-gown, she laid down on the single bed, spread her slim thighs and began to circle her small, stiff clitoris with a frantic finger.
Within seconds she was bucking and panting to a fantastic climax, the images she had witnessed spinning through her mind like a Hollywood movie reel.


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