Friday, May 05, 2006

Reminiscences Of A Time Yet To Arrive

by David

I'm at the American Club in Kohler and it doesn't take much for me to see us staying here...
lingering through a wonderful dinner in the Immigrant Cafe.

I want to stare deeply into your eyes and touch your hair (that smells all so sweet)and ingrain you in my memory, that make me smile, that tell me, yes, this is Donna, as we chat about everything, about nothing; as we insist that time and space stop just for us.
I know only that I want the moment to extend into eternity.

I see you in a simple dress that understates your beauty even as I speculate at the treasures underneath.
Your jewelry expresses your complex and eclectic nature; a counterpoint to the simplicity of the dress.
I hold your hand or lightly trace the back of it with my fingertips as we talk and laugh.
We move closer together so our legs touch and we brush up against the limits of courteous behavior in public.

Even as we keep the conversation light, there's that smoldering question of what will happen as the night deepens.
I find my breath catching in my throat every so often as I think again how fortunate I am to have this time with you.
How deeply honored and flattered I am to be in your company..

We stand up together, unbidden, when we can't contain ourselves any longer.
Getting the check and leaving the restaurant is an eternity, my lovely one.
Yet finally, we are in the relative seclusion of the covered walkway between buildings.
I reach for you only to find you have reached for me...Our lips touch, first tentatively, then in a rising tide of hunger.

We feel the smoldering gain heat and strength as we open our mouths and explore each other...
I reach for your face with both hands as if to cherish you more with the contact.
The kiss seems to go on forever, seems to last never, as we finally part.
I look at you for confirmation, for recognition this is really, finally happening between us.
Your smile tells me everything.

I hug you tightly and gently tug you in the direction of our room (as if either of us needed any persuasion).
As we walk, I pull you against and boldly feel and caress your behind.
Without apology, I am an ass man.
Needless to say, I like what I find in my explorations.
Somehow I get the impression you don't mind as your head leans against mine.

The eternity it takes to reach our room is matched only by the eternity of fishing out the key and making the lock obey us.

As the door swings open, so too do the floodgates of our passion.

I want you now and I find myself trembling as I sweep you into another soul-scorching kiss.

"There's more, my lovely one," I whisper in your ear as I reluctantly break contact.
Is that a moan I hear from you as I separate and go into the bathroom and start filling the jacuzzi?

"You are a perfectly wicked man," you tell me as I return and show you the bottle of wine that I have had delivered...

"No one's perfect," I retort, as I show you the label.

You come up and drape your arms around my neck and we touch foreheads, eyes closed. Seldom in my life have I felt so content, so happy.
Even my nearly all-consuming physical need for you flees at this thought.

Yet I do want you.
So I being to slowly undress you.
One of my passions. I take off your earrings and replace them with my tongue as I gently pull each dear lobe into my mouth. The necklace comes off next.
I find myself trembling more as I reach for the zipper at the back of your dress.

But you spin around and make it easier for me, pulling your hair away.
As the zipper travels down your back and the vee of skin is revealed, I kiss and lick my way down your back....

I slide one hand around you to cup your left breast as my right hand finishes unzipping you...
I release my hand to let the dress fall, unnoticed to your feet.
My left hand resumes its touch of your left nipple and I feel its pellet hardness through your bra. My right hand makes quick work of the clasp and the scant lacy item joins the dress on the floor.

I pull you tight to me and let you feel my hardness against your ass as my right hand grasps your right breast.
I bury my face between your shoulder blades and work my thumb and forefinger of each hand until your nipples are tight and hard.
I feel your breath rasp and get faster.

You turn around and with finesse and gracefully unbutton my shirt even as we kiss.
The cuff buttons are something of a challenge in this position but you manage.
My shirt ends up somewhere in the vicinity of the floor.

We begin that awkward dance as I hook my thumbs in the elastic of your panties as you tug at my belt.
We arrive at an unspoken compromise and, eyes locked on each other and goofy grins on our faces, we finish undressing.

You are lovely, Donna, as I feast my eyes on you.
This is the first time I have seen you nude (in RT – Real Time - anyway. I've undressed and made love with you countless times in my head over the years).

My need for you is obvious as my stone-hard prick presence pulses with my desire.
We clench again and kiss heedless of teeth or fingernails.
I feel the heat and dampness from you even as you rub your belly against me.

The sound of the water filling the tub pulls me back to reality and I again lead you, this time to the tub.
I check the water and turn the jacuzzi jets on low.

I make a low courtier's bow and hand you into the tub. You ease down into the soothing water.
I bring out yet another surprise: strawberry bubble bath.

'This wasn't easy to find.
But I just couldn't imagine us together without it,' I say.
We smile at this shared need, this bit of stage business in our ongoing play.

I clamber in behind you with my usual lack of grace.
You are seated between my legs and I am free to caress every inch of you.
You are so soft and smell so good that my hands can't be in enough places at once.

I kiss and lick you starting with your left earlobe and, pulling your hair to one side, follow your hairline to your right ear.
I nibble and kiss and lick your ear.
I think you're ticklish as you writhe at this attention.
I stop and simply start laughing.

You are somewhat nonplussed.
At your unspoken question, I simply state the truth, "I'm so happy right now, Donna.
So happy and I only want you to share in that happiness."

You whisper that you are happy too and run your strong fingers up and down my legs.

I slide my right hand to your nipple again (Remind me: Is one of your breasts more sensitive than the other?
Tell me.
I thrive on intimate details.) and gently heft the womanness of it.
I trace large circles around it with my fingers but carefully avoid your nipple.
"Don't be a tease, I can't wait any longer for us to begin.
And never end,' you breathe as you lean your head back against my left shoulder.

In answer, I run my left hand down your side and move to the warmth between your legs.
I bring my hand flat over your mons veneris and am rewarded with a deep sigh.
I use two fingers to slowly part your lips.
I purposely slide my fingers down both sides, avoiding your clitoris as I feel the water and your own moisture.
I feel your ass move away from me slightly so I have better access and you push your legs further apart.
You place your hand over mine, guiding me back.
Showing me with your own pressure and example how to make you feel good.
And making you feel good is my fervent goal right now.

I use the flat of my three middle fingers to begin a round, even pressure.
When your fingers grip mine, I slowly part the flushed lips and push one finger around and lightly touch your clitoris.
Your sudden intake of breath matches the movement of your head back against my shoulder.

I begin slow, easy figure eights over your clit and I enjoy making the waves in the tub match the waves of pleasure I sense I am inducing in you.
Your fingers clench against mine and your right hand tenses on the muscles of my upper leg..
My hardness is digging into your lower back as I intensify the pressure of my finger.

You pull your hand away from my leg and curl it under my finger to explore deep, deep within your pussy.

'Come for me, my love. Come for me,' I chant in your ear in between long kisses of your neck and nibbling along your shoulder.

The moments melt away as we lose all sense of time. Our universe spirals down to that of primal sensation.
I lose myself in the cloud of auburn hair and scent as you rock your head in the hollow of my shoulder.
I can only sense that your eyes are closed and you're concentrating on what lies ahead.

'I'm so close. I'm so close.
Stay with me,' I hear your ragged breath form words.
Unbidden, my finger becomes a conductor's baton, a wizard's wand to infuse you with feeling.
The speed and strength of my touch on your inner sanctum becomes irresistible. I feel your hands fall away and you grip my thighs.

And come.

I can only imagine the torrents of passion radiating upward and through your entire body as I can only monitor the pulsing of your cunt and the sudden rush of warmth from within you.
You clutch at my legs as your lower body thrashes the water.

'Oh, David, my love. My love..ohh' and your breath trails off in another spasm.

Only after another eternity do I feel the release of your body and you relax into my arms.
I couldn't be happier now.
Pleasuring you has brought me such intense joy that I can only begin a new mantra, 'I love you, Donna. I love you.'

I feel myself drifting away, not into sleep but into some other place. Somewhere that only your touch, your smell, your presence is required for there to be life.
And hope. And happiness.

Such is my reverie that it almost feels like an amputation when you pull away and stand up, the water streaming from your body.
I love the erotic way some of the bubbles hang in reefs from your butt and upper legs that my moan of separation dies unheard in my throat.

You turn around slowly, your grace against shaming my own clumsiness.
You bend down, slowly. You kiss me lightly and then move to whisper in my ear, 'Now it's my turn. You've given me such a lovely dream. Now I want to give you one. Wait here for me, babydoll.'

You stand again with the kind of playground authority that only a teacher could muster.
I say nothing, only breathe in awe at the wonder of the woman that you are. In truth, I'm not sure I could say anything as my heart and mind are full of only one emotion and need. That of my love for you.

You pass out of my range of vision and I hear clunking from items being moved around and dropped on the tile vanity. It seems another eternity before you come back.

'I don't know why I thought you should be any different. Do you know how much stuff you have in your toilet kit?' you ask with mock belligerence.

'Well, I . . .,' again my response dies in my throat as you reveal my razor and shaving cream. 'David, my love, I've wanted to do this ever since I read about it and then talked it over with Belinda,' she said.

'I hope your sister approved,' I said.

'Belinda approves of everything I do where it concerns you, my love.
You know that,' you comment nonchalantly as you set the razor and can down on the jacuzzi's rail.

'Now slide ahead and let me back in. It's kinda cold when you get out,' you say.

'Yeah but I love what it does for your nipples,' I say and try to reach for them.

'David! You know how shy I am,' you say, with the same tone of pretend violence and a gesture of covering your breasts.

'Tell that to the people in the airport when we were examining each other's tonsils in the boarding area,' I say.

Your only response is to push your fingers against my lips in the classic 'shush' gesture.
I respond by trying to nibble your fingers and idly I wonder if running the rough of my tongue over the pads of your fingers produces the same kind of result that it does on me.

I feel you slide down behind me, dragging those same hard nipples against my back as you settle down in the water. If I could be any harder, I can't imagine the kind of stimulus required for it.

I try to reach for you but I feel you shift as you pull the razor and the shaving cream into view.

'Now. I used to watch my daddy shave but that was a lot of years ago. And I'm sure these things have changed,' she started, sort of waving the items in front of me.

'Well, having only experimented with a straight razor and that on my face, I really couldn't say but the objective appears to have remained the same,' I say, assuming an awful and arrogant professorial tone.

'He wasn't that old. You can be awful, you know. He used, what do you call ‘em? Safety razors.
That's it. I never wanted to be around when Big Mouth was shaving or anything else so I just never kept up on these things.
And Doug, well, he's always been very private even when he was a little boy,' she says.

'Okay. I get the idea. I guess the best advice is to go slowly. Take your time...And while I love where you are, it's probably not the best position for this,' I say and start to move.

'My love, you know I could never hurt you,' you say and I see the clouds come over your eyes as I sit up and maneuver into a kneeling position facing you.

'Yes, my love, I know,' I say and reach in to her lips. Wonderful, responsive, warm lips.
You reach around and awkwardly cradle my neck as your hands are full.
Our kiss is a lingering, warm re-acquaintance. Was it only just a few minutes ago that I actually kissed you for the firs time?

She breaks away and smiles. 'I think you're stalling. I think you don't want me to do this,' she says with her smile growing larger.

'No, I'm not, my love. Truly, I'm not.'

'Well then, settle down and let me get started.'

I rest back on my legs, assuming the rest position from karate. She also rises up on her legs to bring her face level with mine.

'Just press down on this button, right? And the stuff comes out, right?'

'Yeah. But don't you use cream when you shave?'

'Oh, dear, no. But that's for me to know.'

She pushes the button and a great creamy mass springs into her hand.

'Does that remind you of something?' I say, with bland innocence.

'Like I said before, you are a perfectly wicked man.'

'Thank you.'

With that, she smears the handful of cream around my chin.

I clutch the hand and look her in the eye, 'It's not every woman that I trust with a sharp object near a vital organ.
Good thing I trust you.'

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