Friday, May 19, 2006

A Night at the Opera

by Sheila

Now my dear put on your tux and tails, we are going to the opera. Yes, you heard me right the 'opera'.
I'm dressed in my off the shoulder black gown, with a lovely slit up the front.
We have private seats in the balcony, champagne will be served.
Shall we take our seats, I'm not sure which one we are going to see but I hear it is romantic.
Bring your glass of champagne and sit close to me.
Do you see that couple over there, that gentleman is starring at me?
You say he is only looking at how beautiful I look tonight.
Then you lean in and kiss me tenderly on the lips, and as you do you spill your champagne on me.
You say I'm sorry dear let me get that, then you lean down and begin to gently lick my chest, just above my breasts, first the right side then the left.
Licking all the champagne from me, once you have it all, you look up and kiss me again, and with your hand you gently squeeze my breast through my dress.
That gentleman over there can't take his eyes off of us.
As your kissing me, you take your hand down to my knees, and gently part them and slide your hand in along my inner thigh.
I jump from the pleasure of it.
I take my hand and put it on your knee, then begin to slide it back and forth along your inner thigh.
Your hand slides deeper up my dress to my lovely bush; I can feel you out line my lucious pussy lips with your finger.
I slide my hand up and feel your quickly hardening cock.
Your lips leave mine and start nibbling my ear, and you slowly make your way to my neck, kissing and licking.
I can hardly stay in my seat for squirming. You kneel down in front of me and lift my dress up, and I watch your face as you look at what will soon be heaven.

You spread my legs farther apart, and begin kissing my inner thigh making your way up to my now very wet pussy.
That gentleman over there is watching me with great pleasure, he is alone now, and his lady friend has left.
You spread my pussy lips open with your tongue and begin to lick my juices.
I can hardly sit still on this chair, as your tongue goes deeper into my hot pussy licking me with pleasure.
I thrust my pussy closer to you, as you nibble my clit.
That gentleman over there has a wanting smile on his face as he watches so intensely.
My breathing is rapid, and my moans are soft.
Your tongue licks faster as I put my hands on your head and pull you deeper into my pussy.
My body tightens, and convulses with delight as I cum in your mouth, your tongue trying to drink in all of my flowing juices.
As I relax in my chair you pull away from my pussy and look at the pleasure on my face.
You lean up and kiss me so gently, then pull me down to the floor with you.
I'm on the floor now straddling your legs, as you kiss me deeper this time, so passionate.
Your tongue in my mouth, working one side then the other.
As you kiss me, I begin to loosen your tie, and unbutton your shirt, one, two, three, and four, then I slide my hands inside your shirt touching and feeling your warm chest.
Our lips part, and I begin kissing your neck one side, then front, then the other.
My hands slide down to your pants to loosen your belt, as I kiss and lick your chest, stopping at each nipple to taste.
You help me with the snap on your pants, and slide the zipper down.
I pull your pants just enough so your magnificent tool is free for pleasure.
You look over at that gentleman, his lady friend has returned, you whisper to me, he is kissing and nibbling her ear, but his eyes are on us.
I lean down and lick the pre-cum from the tip of your hard cock.
You give a little jump with delight, as I begin to lick and kiss your hot cock.

Making my way to your balls, there I begin to taste you. Licking, kissing and sucking on your balls, you jump again, a little ticklish there.
I make my way back to the tip of your cock, and open my lips, and slide it in.

Deep into my hot watering mouth, your cock is so hard, and tastes so good.
I begin to suck gently at first, then a little harder.
I slide my hand down and cradle your balls, squeezing gently.
The gentleman over there is now sucking his ladies nipples, you whisper to me.
Your thrusts begin to get faster and deeper, as your cock slides deeper into my mouth.
I begin to suck you harder now; you grab my head and pull me closer to you, while gently running your fingers through my hair.
I can hear your soft moans of pleasure over the music, as your thrusts get much faster now.
In and and out....of my mouth, your so hot and can hardly breath.
You tighten, and grab my hair, as you explode in my wanting mouth.
I begin to drink in all your crème, there is too much, it drips from the corners of my mouth to my chin.

You're still pumping my mouth, as your load shoot in one after another.
I slide your cock from my mouth, still tasting and licking your sweet, yet salty crème.
You pull me close to you and kiss me deeply and ever so passionately.
Your cock is still hard and you say to me, I want to enter you now. As I move closer, and mount your still so hard cock, I feel your hands on the back of my gown.
You unzip my dress, just enough to free my hard nipple breasts.
I look over at that gentleman and his lady friend is gone again, he is still looking at me with a slight smile on his face.
With your warm strong hands you take a breast in each, and begin to massage them.
The fat lady takes the stage and begins to sing, as we begin to pump.
You bury your face in my breast, and put your hands on my firm ass.
And together we pump, in and out, up and down.
You take my nipple in your mouth and begin to suck, as your hands glide up my back and back to my ass.
Our moans get louder, as we pump faster and faster.
No one can hear us for the music is getting louder.
I press my hands firmly on your shoulder, as you thrust your hard cock into my tight hole.
Faster and harder as we keep rhythm with the vibrations of the music.
The fat lady sings that last long high pitched note, as we both reach the ultimate climax.
Your crème and my juices mix together, as we both collapse in each other's arms.

As the curtain falls, you kiss me so tenderly on the lips.
We both get up from the floor, and put our selves back together.
As the bows are taken on stage, we share a final sip of Champaign.
That gentleman and his lady get up to leave, as they pass by, the gentleman gives us an approving smile.

As we get up from out seats, I tell you I have tickets for next week's opera, and you smile so brightly!!!!!

The End

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