Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Carlys First Time (Part 4)

by Neil

After that incredible session with Neil and Barbara at the weekend, Carly spent the next week in a state of constant and feverish excitement.
She lost count of the times she had stolen away on a pretext to the girls cubicles, where, panties around her slim ankles, thighs spread, and one hand inside her blouse, squeezing a small breast, she had fingered her tight young pussy desperately until the delicious flood of orgasm made her shudder convulsively.
Her muffled sighs and moans had more than once attracted the attention of other curious girls, and she had had to feign illness as a cover story for her extra curricular sex education classes.

Barbara had sworn her to secrecy when Carly had left for home.
But there had really been no need.
Carlys startling experiences with the two adults had left her keen to go on with her erotic education.
She had learnt so much, but she was aware that they still had much to teach her.

But like all young girls, Carly was finding it really hard to keep it a complete secret.
She realised that telling another adult would result in not only severe punishment for her aunt and uncle but an abrupt end to any more fantastic sex sessions.
But she was dying to tell someone.
Donna, her best friend, was her first confidante, but she had been shocked, especially at the explicit lesbian encounter Carly had described.
Their own amateurish mutual fumbling inside each others panties had been electrically exciting, but at heart she was mostly heterosexual, and her thoughts nowadays were of stiff young purple cocks and tight asses.
She was much more turned on by the vivid description of Carlys cock sucking of Neil.
Secretly, she was very envious, and she forced Carly to repeat over and over again each delicious detail of the size, shape, feel and taste of the big spurting organ.

Carly had become bored with this vicarious mental masturbation, and finally turned to her cousin Nicola for secret giggling whispers about the encounters with Barbara.
They had been friends as well as cousins for all their lives, and although Nicola was slightly younger that Carly, at 12, she was well developed, if slim, with shoulder length fair hair and a tiny frame, which accentuated her budding breasts and hips.
She too had shared a mutual fumble with Carly several times in the past, but this was way beyond their curious investigations of each other's tight little pussy last summer.

This time, when Nicola had persuaded Carlys mother to let her stay over during the school week, she could hardly wait for bedtime, so that Carly could explain, in intimate detail, the orgy her cousin had taken part in last weekend.

The two girls showered and cleaned their teeth hurriedly in the large family bathroom, before slipping on short white night-dresses and tumbling at last into Carlys own double bed.

After they heard Carlys parents close their own bedroom door, and saw the lights go out in the house, they cuddled up close and Carly began her tale.

Nicola became hotter and hotter as the story unfolded. Unconsciously she rubbed her slim thighs together as Carly described Barbara's skilful kissing, hot tongue and smooth, knowing caresses.
When Carly got to the part where Barbara's hand had slid under the waistband of the girl's panties, Nicola felt a hot glow roll through her belly, and her small nipples ached as they stiffened.
When Carly reached the part where she was fingering her aunts open wet sex and starting to climb towards her orgasm, Nicola could stand it no more.

'Show me' she hissed urgently, 'Please just show me'

Carly was hot herself by now, and she motioned Nicola to take off her nightie.
Both girls sat and pulled the cotton material over their heads and threw them on the bedroom floor.
When they were both laying side by side, Nicola felt Carlys breath on her neck, then her small tongue circling towards her ear.
Carly knew now how to seduce, she had been taught by an expert, and she intended that Nicola would not only come, but come and come and come tonight.
She teased her friend slowly with her fingernails, feeling the small nipples harden and erect, before squeezing the perfect small mound in her palm gently.

Moving round in the bed, Carly held Nicola's chin in her hand and pulled their mouths together in a kiss.
Nicola felt Carlys tongue part her lips and begin to tease her own.
Soon they were kissing with naked abandon, exploring each other's body with trembling, curious hands.
Nipple to stiff nipple, thigh to burning thigh, the two teenagers swapped open-mouthed French kisses and feverish caresses.

All too soon, even that was not nearly enough, and Nicola felt Carlys small hand insistently part her thighs wide and begin to probe inside her wet sex.
Straight-fingered eagerness plunged into her again and again.
Nicolas clitoris was now almost unbearably sensitive, and the knowing finger was rapidly moving her towards a gasping climax.

She started to pant and groan, as her orgasm approached, so Carly smothered Nicolas moans with her own open mouth.
The two girls humped against each other in frantic desire, both now too near to coming to care about anything outside this desperate search for release.
As they came wildly, almost together, their eyes opened and locked, seeing the desire and abandonment reflected in the other.
It made the climax even longer, as they fed on each other's excitement for long, racking moments.

The rest of the night was a kaleidoscopic blur of warm, wet kisses, exploring tongues and totally new experiences for Nicola.
She was shocked when Carlys head had moved between her open thighs, but when the pleasure produced by the girls warm wet tongue made her bite her lip in pleasure, she eagerly reciprocated, and in seconds the girls were 69'ing as if they had always done it.
Their mutual orgasm was a muffled scream, each with a questing tongue buried deep inside her partners' pussy

A lucky spectator, seeing these two pubescent bodies locked in wild abandon, would have been excused if he or she had found their own fingers moving instinctively between open thighs, and masturbating without shame at the tableau before them.
It was erotic beyond belief

This night was not only to prove Nicolas awakening, but the beginning of a sexual journey with Carly, Barbara and Neil which would lead to both girls exploring sex with several partners of both sexes.
Both girls would share a mans erect and throbbing penis before long, and Carlys first swallowing of her uncles semen would become a regular pastime for the cousins.

To be continued in Part 5, when young Ben comes to stay, and another woman decides she wants what Barbara has been having to herself for weeks, and she is prepared to use anything to get Carlys naked body underneath her.

If anyone has any suggestions for plot lines and/or scenarios for this ongoing series, I would welcome e mail messages or contributions for this fictional tale of innocence lost

The End

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