Monday, May 22, 2006

The Adventures of Skue and the Lion

by Skua

It was cramped inside her quarters as Major Stout prepared for her up coming mission.
The hum of the submarine cutting through the water sent a slight vibration through all the furniture of her cabin, and if she sat just in the right position she could fade away into a sun drenched land with well oiled and muscled Islanders catering to her every sexual desire.
For a second her eyes became dreamy thinking of that but only for a moment.

Quickly her bright blue eyes narrowed as she slammed the large knife into its sheath on her right leg.
The rubber wet suit was tight leaving her no room for bulky clothing.
She was wearing just thong panties and a white tank T-shirt that stretched tightly against her ample breasts, her nipples poking through the thin cotton.
Pulling the wet suit over her breasts she sucked her chest in and zippered the wet suit.
The suit was tight in all the right places and the friction sent ripples of pleasure throughout her body.
Again she wished for fairer circumstances, but she knew she had a mission to fulfill.

Her mission was to infiltrate the secret underwater hideout of Dr. Skua, criminal mastermind and sexaholic.
It seemed he had obtained a tape of her having hot steamy sex in her back yard Atlanta home with a stranger and he had gotten her face on film.
Jeopardizing her ultra-secret identity and she was determined to get it back.
The mission was simple but dangerous she would scuba dive to a shaft on the ocean floor that led to his nefarious lair.
The only problem was that it was right on the edge of a deep ocean trench and the shaft was over eight minutes from the surface.
If something was to go wrong there would be no way she could get to the surface....alive!!!

Grabbing her scuba tank she strode out of her cabin heading for the torpedo tubes.
Her sexy legs toned from years of ballet and her shapely ass brought quiet murmurs from the horny seamen she passed.
Id fuck some of them she thought to her self looking over the toned seamen, if they weren't so easy to kill.
I like my men dangerous.

In moments she had reached the torpedo room.T
he captain was standing there waiting for her.
Tall, well muscled, he was just the kind of man she liked, too bad there wasn't more time she thought to herself.
I wouldn't mind getting to know this captain.
"OK Major Stout," he said, "we'll wait for only 1 hour then well have to leave and you'll be on your own.
This is Russian territory and I don't think they'll take kindly to an attack submarine so close to their shore."
"Understood," she growled in that sexy southern drawl that made men go weak in the knees when she wanted them too.
"It shouldn't take that long," "good" the captain said looking her up and down "because you only have enough air for a two hour mission."
" Well, enough talk," you say climbing into the torpedo tube.
"Lets get this show on the road"

Slowly the torpedo door closes and your left in inky darkness, brave as you are you feel a tightness in your chest as the lights go out.
You are so powerless to the elements.
With a slightly trembling hand you turn on your helmet light, and relax as the tube is filled with water.
Swimming out, you are still amazed by the inky blackness around you, only where your light shines is there any clarity.
Purposefully you begin to swim down to the shaft.

Your light just touches the entrance to the shaft when you are hit from behind.
Your hand instinctively reaches for the knife and cuts a slashing arc through the water, but to your horror you cut into nothing and at the same time feel your air mask being ripped away.
Turning around in panic your light falls on the last person you want to see.... Alive....Dr Skua!!!!
"So Lion, we meet again" he mouths through his air mask.
"Im honored."
Panic grips you, but other then a slight trembling at the corner of your mouth you don't show it.
You know you can hold your breath for a long time years of hiking, rafting, camping, and plenty of gym work has seen to that.
" I guess you'll be no good to me dead will you" Dr Skua muses as he extends his muscular arm toward you, air mask in hand
"but your gonna have to drop the knife."
You look down and realize your gripping your knife tightly.
Wanting to plunge it into his well muscled chest and watch him sink to the bottom.
Reluctantly you do it, as he pulls out a knife of his own, and placing it against the hose of your mask says,"No funny business or Ill leave you here to die."
Breathing deeply you feel the joy of air, nothing has ever felt so sweet to you, but its very short lived as you feel it yanked away from you.
You want to wrestle it back, pit your strength against your adversary, but you know its futile.
At 6'3" 250lbs all of it muscle you realize your no match for this enormous man.
At least without a weapon that is.
Glaring over at him you notice a devilish gleam in his eyes.
" You wanna live" he asks.
Reluctantly you nod yes. "well take off the wet suit"
Your eyes widen with shock but you have no choice.
Slowly your hand goes up to the zipper under your chin and begin to lower it.
Starting at the base of your neck and slowly curving outward over the swell of your breasts and then back towards your flat stomach stopping an inch below the band of your white thong panties, Dr Skua stares at you lustily as he watches your straining breasts push the suit away your large brown aureola showing through your thin white t- shirt your perky nipples standing at complete attention exhilarated by the bite of the cold water.

You also notice a tightness in Dr. Skua's suit and though you hate him you feel a familiar warmth spreading through out your body.
Wriggling the rest of the way out of the suit you leave nothing to the imagination.
A dark spot shows through the white silk panties where your sex lies and Dr Skua stares fixedly at it.
Swimming towards you he hands you the air mask, his motions stiff and tense.
You breathe deeply, thinking to yourself stay calm he'll slip up and then you'll have him, but you must be careful he's a worthy adversary and a very dangerous man.
Again the mask is pulled from you,"All of it," he says thickly pointing to your remaining clothes, and again you reply, peeling off your T-shirt, the curve of your breast silhouetted against the dim light, the gentle swell of the lips of your pussy peeking through the lush blanket of hair at the intersection of your legs.
Looking up you gasp, for Dr. Skua is removing his wet suit and dropping his air tank also!!!
Lightly brown haired, Well muscled pecs dance as he struggles to slide the wet suit down over his muscular stomach and over his enormous cock, down his well defined legs and off... to fall to the bottom of the sea floor.
You want to be shocked and repulsed but you can feel the warmth and wetness in your pussy, and as much as you want to kill him you want to feel his stiffness sliding in and out of your tight snatch feeling it stretch your lips and rub against your stiff clit....but you must remember the mission!!!

Slowly he swims up to you and grabs you roughly by the arm and whirls you around a hand slides to your face and throat and mashes the air mask to your face the other starts to roam your body, knife in hand.
It grabs your tits roughly tweaking and pulling your nipples and then slowly travels lower.
You clench your legs together but this powerful man slowly pries them apart and you feel his fingers rub against your clit, your pussy begins to gush as you feel his fingers slide along your engorged pussy lips before he inserts one finger and begins to saw into you.
First one finger than two, your back arches in passion against him and you feel his prick pushing against you, rubbing up and down the crack in your ass.
Soon you feel the hand on your throat start to push you forward bending you over exposing your hot pussy to his stiff prick.

You try to resist and clench your pussy muscles trying to bar his entrance but your so wet that inch by inch he enters you, and begins to Fuck you roughly.

The pleasure is excruciatingly sinful and slowly you get mad.
Im letting this madman fuck me!!!
Screw that Im gonna fuck him and suddenly you wrench around tearing his prick from your steaming love tunnel the absence of its thickness is excruciating and your pussy spasms wildly, and though Dr. Skua is tense waiting for your trick his eyes are so full of passion, longing, and hatred he allows it.
Facing him you grab his prick roughly and stuff it back in your flaming pussy and begin fucking him.
Both of you crashing your pelvises together racing towards orgasm wanting to each come first and leave the other unsatisfied.
You glare with hatred at each other both letting your eyes flicker for the barest of moments relishing the pleasure.
And suddenly you both simultaneously fall off the brink in mind searing orgasm and for the briefest of moments you clutch at each other desperately.

You recover scant moments before the relaxed Dr. Skua and you know this is your moment.
Balling your knees to your chest you once again rip his shrinking cock from your well satisfied cunt and kick out hard, grabbing the air tank at the same time you quickly Swim towards the surface.
Turning around you see the helpless, airless Dr. Skua sinking towards the bottom to an inky icy death.

Minutes later you relax as you leisurely swim towards the surface your mind miles away.
Still in the after glow of a good fuck when Suddenly you see a light from beneath you coming towards you.
Bracing yourself for the worst you see Dr. Skua smiling and waving at you from a one man sub twirling your white panties and T-shirt on his big strong hands and with a wink and a nod he blows you a kiss and whispers," Till we meet again Lion."
And drives off.

As shocked as you are at seeing Dr. Skua alive your more shocked that you forgot you were naked.

Now how are you gonna explain that one to a ship full of horny seamen????

The End

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