Monday, May 01, 2006


by nyupstate

We pull up into the driveway.
It's a long driveway with snow covered trees on each side of us.
As we turn a small corner we can see our log home.
A big picture window in the front looking down at the white snow that covers our front yard.

A couple of bird house's sit in the yard with a few birds eating the food that we keep there.
I look over at you and see a smile cross your lips. it makes me me feel warm and very happy too see you smile like that.
You look towards me and I see the love and passion in your eyes. My heart skips a beat.
I pull the car to a stop and turn off the engine.
leaning over too you I kiss you deeply.
I feel my body begin too respond too your kiss and it takes a supreme effort for me not too make love too you right there, but I have other plans for this evening.
I open my door and move around too yours as you get out I take your hand in mine.
We move hand in hand to the front door.
I open the door and we walk into our home.
I go to the fireplace to start a fire as you go too the kitchen and bring back a bottle of wine.
We spread a blanket in front of the fire.
I turn to you and kiss you.
Our tongues together in passion and love.
I feel your body heat against me.

We undress each other slowly kissing everywhere.
I ask you too lay down onto the blanket.
I pick up the video camera and focus it on you.
I watch as your hands pinch and pull your nipples.
Your hand travels down and touches your clit and pussy.
You rub it and push a finger inside of you.
I zoom in on your fingers as they arouse you more and more.
I move the camera up to your nipples and capture them on film - hard and aroused.
Your body begins too quiver and shake.
Your moans become loud and you cum hard and long.
I lower the camera too a stand and make sure it's focused and running.
I move to you and lower myself next to you.
Our naked bodies together touching everywhere.
I lean down and suck your nipples hard.
I love the feel of your nipples hard inside of my mouth as my tongue flicks over them back and forth.
I kiss down your belly and capture your clit between my lips sucking it.
I bring my finger too your pussy and slowly enter your warmth.

Curling my finger I find your g-spot and begin rubbing it.
My mouth and tongue licking and sucking your clit at the same time.
Your hips begin too buck against me.
I keep my mouth on you while you begin thrashing, my finger still rubbing your spot.
You scream loudly as you cum splashing my finger and face with your cum.
God you taste so good sweetheart.
As you slow I slowly remove my finger and move my mouth too your lips kissing you deeply.
You begin kissing down my chest and lower to my very hard cock.
I look up at the camera and it's still running capturing all that we do.
I feel your tongue flick across the head of my cock and it sends shivers throughout my body.
I look down watching your lips encircle me taking me into your mouth.
I feel your hand massaging my balls lightly.
The pressure in my balls begin too swell.
I know that I'll cum soon.
I want to cum deep inside of you and tell you that.
You rise above me and slowly lower your pussy over my cock.
I enter you deeply.
You begin riding my cock hard and fast.
I reach down and rub your clit with my finger.
I feel your pussy clamp around my cock and feel your body begin too quiver.
I'm close to cumming.
You scream that your cumming as I feel the heat from your cum wash over my cock.
I explode shooting my cum deep within you.

We cum together hard and our juices mix filling you so much it flows over my cock and down my balls.
You fall down ontop of me exhausted.
We kiss Lovingly and gently.
We roll over too our sides and hold each other tightly.
I look into your eyes and see the woman whose soul I share and whose love I crave.

I look up at the camera and see it still running.
I know that I should turn it off, but I will not leave your arms.
Let it capture us holding and kissing naked in front of the fire.

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