Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Alone in the Forest


Two long-time friends decide to meet and go hiking in the woods.
They have always gotten along and always been attracted to each other.
It was exciting for both of them to finally be able to see each other and spend time together.
The woman packed a picnic for them and the man supplied the blankets and knowledge of a great spot where they could stop for lunch and talk.

It was a very crisp fall day, and the leaves crunching under their feet had a soothing, calming effect on the both of them.
The sun was shining brightly overhead and that added warmth to the day.
The leaves were brilliant colors, that seemed to be painted and not truly there.

They arrived at a clearing and the man stopped and began to set the blankets down.
Once that was done, the woman began the task of unloading the food she had brought along.
There was fresh fruits, cheese and breads and meats and desserts.
In a separate cooler, there were ice cold beers.

Both were nervous to be in the company of the other. They were unsure of what to say or what to do.
The woman's hands were moving rapidly, arranging the food on the blanket.
And she was trying to make small talk in order to collect herself.
She was amazed at how much she was still attracted to this man.
Her heart was racing and her voice would quiver every now and then.
Suddenly, the man placed a hand over hers and she stopped what she had been doing.
She became silent.
Slowly, her head turned towards him, and her eyes were locked with his.

She thought she would die, just from the sheer excitement his touch created inside of her.
She tried to smile, but there was no humor in this mans eyes.
Just heat and passion; a look that said he promised her she would not regret giving into what she had always felt for him.
She felt drawn to him...she leaned into him and he met her with a kiss so fierce and so passionate, it almost broke her in two.
She met his passion with her own, letting herself taste what she had hungered for, for so long.

She found herself laying beside him on the blanks.
Both were unaware at how cool the air was.
All they could feel was the heat burning inside them, created by the need for each other.
Quickly, he began to pack the food up and motioned her to gather the blankets.
She did so, without question, trusting that soon she would be touching him in the ways she had always dreamed of.
She followed him out of the clearing and back into the woods.
Soon they came to a cabin that she realized she could be able to see from the clearing, had she know it was there.

Once inside, he started a fire.
It was very rustic, and the woman looked all around in delight, so happy to be here with this man.
She spread the blankets close to the fire and held her hand out for him to come and join her.
Once seated, they held each other for a while without saying a word.
Soon enough, their lips found each other again, and both gave into the passion they were feeling.

She unzipped his jacket and felt her way through layers of warm clothes until her hands came upon his skin.
Her hands felt surprisingly warm to him, and he closed his eyes and let himself feel her touch.
It made all of his nerves come alive and jump with pleasure.
She leaned towards him and placed little kisses all over his face and neck, his lips, his eyes...all the while, her hands were caressing him.

He returned her kisses with his own as he undid her coat.
His hands found their way to her breasts, and he felt her nipples grow hard, beneath his touch.
Her head went back, leaving her neck exposed.
She arched her back, pushing herself deeper into his hands.
He tenderly kissed her neck, and had her top off without her realizing he was doing it.
He undid her bra and slid it down her arms.
One by one, he took her nipples into his mouth, slowly sucking them, making her moan with pleasure.
She felt the wetness between her legs, as the heat that gathered there became more intense with each and every touch.

"I want you," she whispered.
"I want you, too," was his reply.
Quickly, he had her pants off, and she shivered from the chill that still was in the cabin.
He placed blankets over them both, and held her and kissed her until she thought she would go insane with all that she was feeling.

Starting at her neck, he began kissing her.
He paid particular attention to her breasts, using his tongue and lips in such a way, that made her insane with wanting him.
He inhaled the scent of her perfume, wondering how it would be if she had always been in his life. Wondering if she would have always driven him this wild.
Slowly, with kisses marking a path, he went lower until he was between her legs.
She moaned softly, when he began to kiss the inside of her thighs, working his way up to taste the wetness he had created. His tongue found just the right spot and she thought she would die with the sheer pleasure he was giving her.
It did not take more than a few passes of his tongue over her before she felt the explosion of her climax take over her body.
She called out his name, urging him to come inside of her.

She reached for him, pulling him up next to her.
She held on to him tightly, and he wrapped himself around her, knowing there was no one he wanted more, than her.
Knowing that they belonged together.
She felt the hardness of him through his jeans, and she rubbed herself against him.
He sighed deeply in her ear, and his arms held her tighter to him.
She moved her arm so that she could reach out for him with her hand.
Slowly she began rubbing him through his jeans, kissing him deeply.

She moved out of his arms, and placed more wood onto the fire, before turning back to him.
Their eyes met and this time they both smiled at each other.
He held his arms open for her to come into his embrace.
She did so eagerly, wanting their time together to never end.
She began kissing him again, eyeing him every so often to make sure he was enjoying himself.
She worked her way down the same way he had done with her, inhaling the fragrance of him, making it burn into her mind so that she could imagine him clearly when she was alone again.

Her mouth found it's mark and she took him eagerly, tasting him, enjoying him, pleasing him.
She moved up and down on him, aware of the pleasure she was creating for him, wishing she could always please him.
She felt his hands in her hair and heard him moan.
She knew he was close to climaxing, but she didn't want this moment to end.
He called out her name as he exploded, and she began to taste him.
She stayed there, until he was done, still licking, and sucking and caressing him.

He pulled her up into his arms, and kissed her, whispering her name, telling her how much she has always meant to him, and how much she meant to him still.
They fell asleep for a while, wrapped around each other, for warmth and for comfort.

They both began to stir at the same time, slowly waking up and feeling the luxury of being in each others arms.
They realized how hungry they were when their stomachs grumbled simultaneously.
Quickly throwing on some of their clothes, the Man began to build up the fire again, while the woman set about emptying the basket for the second time that day.

Together they shared a meal and easy conversation, both at ease with the other.
It is going to be difficult to leave here, you know, the woman said.
A frown pulled the corners of her mouth down, her eyes became shiny with tears.
I warned you about this happening, he said.
But his heart felt just as heavy.
She looked up at him and wondered if he knew how incredible he looked to her, how much she desired him.
She squared her shoulders and lifted her chin.
OK, she said, no time for sadness now.
We have such little time together and I want it to be special.

She began cleaning up the mess from their meal, but his voice calling her name immediately brought her attention back to him.
"I Want you. Now. Right Now."

How could she not go to him?
She felt that she may die if she didn't have him inside her soon.
He opened his arms and she went eagerly into his embrace.
He kissed her deeply and she arched her body needing to feel the closeness of him, the heat of him.
His hardness.

She began to move against him and together they fell back onto the blankets.
She was on top of him and quickly removed her pants and helped him remove his.
But she couldn't help taking him in her mouth once more.
After a while he urged her to come up on top of him.
He wanted to be inside of her.
To feel her heat, her warmth, so tight, so perfect.

She positioned herself over him and began to slide down, letting him go into her slowly.
She watched his face the whole time, enjoying the pleasure she was giving him and herself.
His hands found her breasts and he used his thumbs to graze her nipples, knowing how much that drove her crazy.
She threw her head back and began to move up and down quickly, her eyes closed, intent on making herself cum.
She fell forward and kissed him deeply, and he used this chance to roll her onto her back.

She moved her legs over his shoulders so that she could let him go as deeply as he could get.
He moaned when he went back into her, going slowly so that she could enjoy it and he could prolong climaxing.
He reached down and found her clit and while he went in and out of her, he used his thumb to please her.
Instantly she came, feeling that there were more to come.

She cried out his name, urging him to go faster to give her everything he had, to fuck her.
Her hips rose to meet him with each thrust and she came again.
He moved her so that she lay on her belly and lifted up the bottom half of her and began to take her from behind.
She moaned and wondered if she could die of such pleasure.

He moved in and out of her quickly and felt that he would cum soon.
He moved her around again and this time held her arms above her head.
She put her legs around his waist and came again.
Finally he was coming and he pulled out, and came all over her breasts, letting go of her hands so that she could keep the motion going on his throbbing member and so that she could rub his cum into her.

He kissed her and told her finally what she yearned to hear. "I love you.
I have always loved you. I will always love you."
She knew that she could not be with him right now, but she never knew such happiness.

She was whole, she was complete, for she loved him just the same.

The End

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