Friday, May 26, 2006

Miya's First Time

by User

I had sex last weekend with a man I had just met.
I have always lived in a very protective family.
My father never let me go out with boys until I was 16 and then only in groups.
He also insisted that I only go out with Japanese boys.
Since I live in a Japanese community in Los Angeles, this was not a problem.

Last weekend I turned 18 and my father allowed me to go out with a group of friends to several night clubs to celebrate.
We met a tall black American man who seemed attracted to me.
We danced a few times and we talked.

One of my friends asked him to join us when we took a cab to another club.
George got in next to me.
We talked a lot and he teased me about looking like a little girl.
He thought I looked like I was 13. I showed him my drivers license.

He smiled and put his hand on my thigh.
I was embarrassed and wanted him to take his hand away.
He shushed me and said no one in the cab noticed.
It did feel nice, so I let his hand stay there.

We danced at the next club and he got a little bolder.
On a slow dance, he wrapped his arms around me and put his hands very low on my back.
Kiyoko giggled and said he was trying to feel my goodies.
I blushed.
Afterwards, he offered to drive me back home and I accepted.
We got in a cab to go back to where we met him.
When we got in the back seat, he pulled me to him and kissed me.
I admit I was a little high from the evening since it was my first time to have a drink and I enjoyed his kiss.

We got in his car and he pulled me to him again.
This time when he kissed me, he started to touch my breasts.
I pulled back and he angrily turned me over his lap.
Holding my hands over my head, he flipped up my dress and exposed my panties.
He called me a cock tease and said was going to teach me that teasing a man was wrong.
He spanked me three times very hard then began to caress my butt through my panties.
I found the spanking to be very exciting.
I held very still, afraid that he would keep going and frightened that he might stop.

I gasped when he slid his hand under my panties and his fingers traced along my crack with his until he reached a part of me that was getting very wet.
At this time, we both knew that I would allow him to do anything he wanted.

I felt a chill at the small of my back and I was limp with excitement.
He was controlling my body with his fingertips. I whimpered and spread my legs wider so he could touch me everywhere.

He whispered in my ear, "I'm going to finger fuck your little virgin pussy til you come,"
He found my clitoris and made me have an orgasm.
I felt ashamed and excited at the same time.
He rolled me over and opened my blouse and pushed my bra up to expose my tiny breasts.
He told me they were small like a little girls then he kissed my nipples and made them very hard as he pushed my panties off.
I was so ashamed.

I had just met this man a few hours ago and now he had me almost naked in the front seat of his car.
I felt like a cheap slut and I loved it.
He pulled me up and made me straddle his lap.
I heard him unzip his pants and pull out his penis.
I looked down and it was huge, very black and wet at the tip.
Or maybe it was average?

I only weigh 90 pounds and it was the first one I had seen.
He put both my hands around it and the top of it was still sticking out.
He had me play with him for a while then he grabbed my butt from behind and lifted me over his penis.
I knew what he wanted and I wanted it, too.
Slowly I settled down on him until I felt a sharp pain.
I stopped for a minute and he lifted himself up quickly.
He was all the way in me and I had another orgasm.
He came inside me.
I hope I don't get pregnant.

After he had his way with me he drove me home and let me out at the curb.
I was afraid to go in my house and my best friend said I had dishonored my family.
I hope I can find him this weekend.
I want him to have intercourse with me again.

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Missy said...

Well, what I like about this one is the simple style it's written in, it doesn't go down a flowery path of innuendos.

I have never been aroused by the underage thing though, ah, I don't know. I know the character is not underage, but the imagery definitly projects it.