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The seduction of Carly (Part 2)

by Neil

Chapter Two: Some ones else's fingers.

As the bus pulled into the terminus, Carly broke off from her daydreaming, and realised with a guilty start that she had to face the people that she had been thinking about in a couple of minutes.
She knew Barbara would be home, and at 6 p.m. Neil would be home from his job, managing a large shop in the next town.
She had thought often about the incredibly exciting episode she had witnessed, but although it had formed the major part of her masturbatory fantasies over the past two years, she had never again seen the two adults having sex, despite having stayed over on many occasions since.

Part of her had been horrified, especially at the climax, but mostly she had been filled with a sense of longing to feel someone else's hands on her.
She had experimented with her cousin last year, but his small, stiff penis had been a poor substitute for the huge tool she had witnessed disappearing into her aunt's mouth that night.
Several times she had studied Barbara whilst they were alone together, looking for some sign that she was different from the Barbara she had always known.
OK, she now felt that her aunts' breasts were more prominent now that she had seem them nude, with erect nipples, and she had caught herself sneaking more looks at Barbara's mouth, for any tell tale signs of. who knows what, but nothing had really changed.
She was just more aware that her aunt and uncle had a vigorous and exciting sex life, and to be truthful, she was just plain jealous that she had none but her own, now skilful fingers to make love with.

She had even experimented briefly with her best friend Donna, but their once only mutual masturbation, whilst exciting and ultimately climatic, had ended up making both of them embarrassed, because neither really knew how far to go, and as they both had little experience, what was possible.

That evening, things went pretty much as planned, she kissed her aunt, thinking again as her lips brushed her aunts, that those lips had held that thing, probably many times since.
Later she kissed Neil hello, and wondered vividly what he would taste like, down there.

They sat that evening, watching a video from the local store. It was called Wild Things and starred one of her favourite actresses, Denise Richards.
She was absolutely gorgeous, big breasted, stunningly attractive, and until now at least, cast as the little miss proper, never even kissing much on screen

As the plot developed, she realised that this film was going to prove very embarrassing for both her aunt and uncle and herself.
The plot had twist after twist, with the climax coming, when the male lead, Matt Dillon, proved not to be the alleged rapist, but a co conspirator with both Denise and Neve Campbell, another attractive young actress who also had until now, been in nothing raunchy whatsoever.
The three actors met up in a remote cabin to celebrate their sting on the local rich bitch.
With the cash in a brown leather Gladstone bag, first Matt Dillon kissed Denise deeply, then he turned and kissed Neve with equal passion.
Fair enough, Carly thought, the lucky guy is going to have both girls. But just when you thought, despite the 18 certificate, the scene would fade to black, the two girls began a long, lingering kiss of their own, whilst the male lead watched.

Even then, when she felt that would be shocking enough, they were not finished.
As her adult guardians watched in uncomfortable silence, the two girl actors stripped each other completely, lingering over bras and panties before getting onto the bed.
Matt Dillon pulled Denise Richards onto him, obviously simulating penetration, whilst Neve Campbell positioned herself over his face. The two girls kissed deeply and fondled each other breasts for what seemed forever, while the guy thrust into Denise with increasing vigour.
Finally the scene was faded out, and Carly dared sneak a look at Barbara.
Her face was a picture, flushed and with lips wet from the tongue which she had been passing over them nervously for the past five minutes.

Carly giggled quietly as her uncle looked at her with eyebrows raised.
'Sorry about that sweetheart' he said, 'Your mum would kill me if she knew I had let you see that'

'S'ok' Carly said quietly. 'I am 13 you know'.

The two adults smiled indulgently at this teenage bravado.
Carly decided to chance an even braver remark

' We do sex education at school, and I know what lesbians do to each other'

Barbara coughed nervously and spoke in a strained voice 'Lesbians, at school?'

'Yes, lesbians' Carly said firmly.
'Our teacher says any love between consenting adults is their business'

Neil spoke with a strange breathlessness

' You seem to know a lot about sex, sweetheart'

Carly noticed Barbara shoot him a black look, but he spoke again

' Presumably this experience is all book learnt'

'Not all of it' Carly replied, and she heard her aunt gasp, and shift in her chair.
Neil's face was flushed and his eyes bright as he spoke again

' So what exactly do you really know about sex?'

'Enough to know what Barbara does to you with her mouth makes you feel good' Carly breathed nervously.
This time Barbara let out a yelp of surprise, and Neil's face flushed even darker.

'And what exactly does Barbara do?' Neil asked

Barbara's fingers were now digging into Neil's arm as if to restrain him, but his blood was up and he pushed on.

' Sucks you off' Carly said almost inaudibly, and blushed crimson at her nerve

This time Neil almost left the chair in surprise, and Carly knew that they now were at the point of no return.
She was now to see a side of Neil she had no idea existed.
He turned to Barbara and spoke thickly.
' Get on your knees in front of me'

Barbara's head shook silently, but his eyes held her obedience.
'Do it' he grated

Carly watched with almost detached curiosity as her aunt slid to her knees before her husband.
Carly noticed that bulge in his trousers was now an outline of a rigid pole she remembered with awe.
But he wasn't about to allow his niece the chance to be a detached observer this time.
He turned to Carly ' You too, come here'

Dumbly she obeyed, feeling the tremble in Barbara's body as they knelt, bodies touching before him.
'Look at me' he hissed.
Both females looked up as he stood and the sound of his zip was loud in the silent room.
The pulsing rod that she had seen so long ago in the bedroom, looked even more magnificent this close and she almost reached out and touched it without thinking.
But as she watched, she heard a moan escape Barbara's lips, and knew that her aunt was even more hungry for it than she.

But Neil was not ready to let them feed just yet.
First he wanted his wife so excited that she would do anything he wanted, and he knew exactly what to do.
This was the secret that Carly did not yet know, and it would exceed anything she had yet dreamed of 'Kiss her' Neil said, and with real surprise, Carly felt her aunts cool hands take her face and turn her towards her own.
She now saw what Neil had known for a long time, the lesbian scene in the film had wakened in Barbara a long buried longing that no cock would completely satisfy.
She wanted the cool softness of girl's lips first, and Carlys would be that girl.

At first the soft, wet covering of Barbara's lips was too shocking to enjoy, but when the warm, questing tongue parted Carlys lips, and began toying with her own, she started to respond.
She was dimly aware of the Neil's stiff pole swaying beside her head, but the cupping hands on her cheeks, and the knowing, deeply inquisitive tongue of her aunt soon swept her away to a place she had never been, and a pleasure she had never dreamed of.

Soon the kisses were not enough for either, and Carly felt her clothes being stripped from her and experienced hands cupping, squeezing and fondling her small breasts.
Her own hands were guided to Barbara's bigger, fuller breasts, with their hard and excited nipples.
Soon they were beside each other on the thick carpet, hands buried inside the others panties, both moaning, hips moving to the rhythm of the others fingers.
As her climax approached, Carly faintly recalled her uncles need, but her aunt's two straight fingers deep inside and the gentle circling thumb on her clitoris were not to be resisted.
The two came violently at the same time, Carlys orgasm a fierce, bucking, panting thing, which shook her small body for long minutes.
Barbara's was just as powerful, she cried out as she came, then moaning softly, sucked on Carlys stiff, exquisitely sensitive nipple as she rode the climax to its conclusion.

But it was not finished yet.
Carly became aware that her uncle was crouched over her.
His thick cock was rubbing urgently against her lips, and now Barbara was urging her to open her mouth to accept the prick inside.
She obeyed without thinking, and with one thrust, it filled her small mouth completely.
She sucked mutely, and without instruction, as Barbara milked the long pole with short, expert pumps of her fist, Carly felt at last for herself the flood of warm, thick liquid fill her mouth, as she had seen it fill her aunts.
She swallowed convulsively as another jet took its place. Finally the flood became a trickle, and she felt a thick line run down her cheek as his penis slowly subsided.

They laid on the carpet side by side, the woman and man either side of the half-stripped teenager, their gasps and sighs the only sounds in the room.

Then surprisingly, it was Barbara who spoke

' Let's go to bed Carly, I have some more things to teach you'

Chapter three

Penetration and the taste of a woman

If Carly had believed the episode downstairs was the limit of sexual experience, the next few hours were to prove her very wrong.
Barbara had walked up with her to the large bathroom in the house, and Carly had allowed herself to be soaped and sponged clean.
She was towelled and wrapped in a large, soft white robe.
Then Barbara, naked herself by now, had led Carly to the king-size bed in the main bedroom.
She stripped Carly of the robe, then laid her gently on the crisp, white sheet.
Lying beside her, Barbara began to slowly caress the girls' slim body.
Carly was vaguely aware that Neil was missing, but the sensations produced by Barbara's expert fondling, soon began to rebuild the excitement she had experienced just a few minutes before, in the lounge.

Barbara kissed her deeply, using her tongue to explore Carlys mouth.
Her smooth hands cupped and squeezed Carlys small breasts until the child's nipples stood tingling under the slow stroking. Barbara's smooth thigh parted Carlys legs, and the girl let the sensations wash over her as the older woman's insistent fingers parted the lips of her sex.
Soon Barbara's fingers were exploring her wet and open pussy.
Her legs spread obscenely wide, Carly was beyond caring as her aunt thrust and probed deeper inside her.

Carly began the slow climb to orgasm, and as the fingers circled and slid over her clitoris, she rotated her hips faster as her excitement built. But Barbara had other things in mind, and her fingers slid out of Carlys sex.
The girl moaned in disappointment as the prospect of her orgasm faded.
But soon she was glad of the interruption, as she felt the older woman slide down her body, tongue flicking over her breasts, belly, until her head was between Carlys thighs.
Parting her thighs even wider, Barbara began to lick in slow, wet strokes Carlys sex. Her tongue delved, circled and stabbed around the young girl's open labia and clitoris.

Carly was transported to another level of pleasure.
Just the thought of someone licking her there was beyond fantastic and the reality that it was a woman doing it was unbelievable.
She grabbed Barbara's head tightly with both hands and humped her hips frantically against the questing mouth.
Her orgasm was now inevitable, and she gave herself up to the sensations. Her cries filled the room, and she thrashed her head from side to side as she came.

After she had stopped shuddering in pleasure, she pulled her aunt up to face her.
They kissed again deeply, and Carly almost purred in post coital pleasure.
Barbara spoke quietly

' I feel ashamed'

'Why should you feel like that?' Carly asked at once

'Seducing you was Neil's idea, but I was so turned on, I didn't take much persuading' Barbara almost whispered.

' I loved it, and I guess I have always known I wanted to make love to both of you' Carly said firmly.
' I may be young, but I am old enough to know that what we just did, and what Neil did to me was the most exciting thing I have ever dreamed of, and I don't want this to be the only time'

Barbara smiled weakly, as they snuggled together ' I love you' she said.
'And I want us to be lovers as well as friends' she whispered slyly 'You have a sensational body for your age'

As she said this, she cupped one of Carlys breasts and gave it a squeeze, flicking the small nipple idly with her thumb Carly basked in the adulation, and moved her mouth close to Barbara's ear
' Barbara" she said shyly, "Can I do that licking thing to you now?'

She felt her aunt begin to tremble with excitement at the lewd suggestion

'Yes please! 'Barbara moaned, and Carly began to slide slowly down her body, pausing just to fondle Barbara's full breasts with hands and tongue before burying her blonde head between her aunts spread thighs

Carly was clumsy at first, but soon, after she had become used to the taste of her aunts wet sex, she began to experiment.

She licked around the puffy lips, circling the wet stiff bud of her aunt's prominent clitoris, and then started lapping more confidently, when she found the tempo that produced a series of moans from Barbara.

Soon she was giving the older woman a spectacular and prolonged orgasm, grasping the smooth buttocks in her palms, and stabbing her tongue deep inside the hot sex As Barbara's climax faded, Carly gave the pink sex one last long lingering lick with her flat tongue.
Her face wet with Barbara's juices, she slid upwards to kiss her deeply as the woman's breathing returned to normal.

The two waited for Neil's tread on the stairs. Now Carly wanted that fat prick inside her.

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