Monday, May 15, 2006

Carlys First Time Continued (Part 3)

by Neil

As the women waited, Neil was busy soaping himself clean in the bathroom.
Despite his earlier orgasm, his thick cock had barely subsided.
The thought of the two naked girls waiting for him on the big bed kept him excited and semi hard.

He kept getting flashbacks of Carlys flushed face, mouth stretched tight around his formidable tool as he ejaculated into her virgin mouth.
He recalled the surprise her eyes registered as his sperm had jetted over her tongue.
He remembered too the wide stream of white creamy come which had run, slowly drying, down her cheek as she laid, panting with post orgasmic exhaustion, entwined languorously with his half naked wife.

But most of all he remembered that kiss, the slow, open mouthed, passionate kiss he had seen his wife and niece share before the real sex began.
Strangely, this had been the most erotic moment of all.
He thought of the blue movies he had watched in his life, the wooden acting, the unlikely scenarios and obviously feigned enjoyment on the part of the stars.
All paled into deserved oblivion against the scene he had just been lucky enough to enjoy watching unfold.

Washed and dried, he slipped a small, white towel around his waist and padded across the carpet to the bedroom.

Carly and Barbara were lying in each other arms, exchanging gentle kisses and slow caresses.
The front of Neil's towel began to tent outwards, as his penis, already half hard, began to stiffen.
He took in the sight of Carlys small breasts, now completely naked, with their tiny, pink nipples, and the soft, fluffy blonde covering of her pubic mound.
Although she had just demonstrated her willingness to eagerly participate in hot sex, she now looked what she was, a young girl experiencing her first adult encounter.

Carlys face tightened slightly, as she stared fixedly at the now fully erect organ, which poked brazenly through the opening in Neil's towel.
It looked even bigger than when she had felt it filling her mouth only half an hour ago.
Her determination to take that thick pole inside her small sex faded rapidly.
She was genuinely afraid he would split her in two.

But she had underestimated her aunt and uncles resolve to make this experience one she would want to repeat.
Slow, wet, burning kisses from Barbara distracted her as Neil parted her smooth slim thighs.
She vaguely felt him spread her legs wide as her aunt began again to tongue her nipples more urgently.
By the time the man was lapping his wide, insistent tongue expertly between her open, puffy pussy lips, she had given herself up to the sensations, which were now rocketing like fireworks through her slim, childish frame.
She moaned helplessly in small, desperate spasms

Soon she was giving herself up to the delicious shudders that now began to run like fire through her belly.
Neil's tongue was rougher and more demanding than Barbara's had been, and his hands gripped her open thighs with almost brute control.
But with Barbara's mouth covering hers, and insistent fingers squeezing and fondling her small breasts, she was well on the way to yet another orgasm before Neil had even begun to position her, legs wide, to receive his large and throbbing cock.
His movements were slow and deliberate.
The entry to her soft vulnerable sex, gentle and slow.
After the plum like, purple head had squeezed into her, he paused for a long minute, to allow her to feel the gorged sensation fully, before beginning a slow, inch by pulsing inch, in and out piston movement.
Before Carly was fully aware of his intent, his stiff cock had penetrated her to the hilt.
His fat balls rested heavily on her small buttocks, and she could feel the entire, amazing length of him deep and hot inside her.

She had time for one more coherent thought " Why does this not hurt?"

"I was told sex hurt the first time" It was too much to work out.

But then, all too soon, he began to thrust, in practised movements, deeply in and out of her.
She felt his balls slap gently against her as he did so, and his hard pubic bone ground against her eager, engorged clitoris.
Soon Barbara had to physically hold her down as she unthinkingly bucked crazily up at the determined pumping man above her.

She was being fucked, really fucked, exquisitely hard.
Breathlessly, she realised that she was enjoying it more than she thought she could endure.

She heard Barbara moan hot, almost incoherent words of lust into her ear, as the woman beside her fingered her own pussy frantically, watching the teenager's belly slap against her husbands demanding, dominating body.
But Carly was in her own world now, a new and exciting world where she was the centre of attention, making this big man groan and pant as he pleasured her.
Her orgasm was as shattering as the last glorious climax had been.
But this time she pulled pounding, driving hips deeper, so deep into her, and felt, as she spasmed explosively with lust, the first strong jet of come shoot deep inside her open sex.

The couple lay after, whispering gently to Carly as she drifted into exhausted sleep.
Neil's come a wet, long line of white down her smooth brown thigh

Then, at last, Neil led his wide eyed wife into the spare room, throwing her onto the single bed, he wordlessly slid his now stiffening penis into his willing wife's slippery, open sex, ready now to give her the relief she craved.

When morning came, they were back together again, all three entwined in an erotic tableau in the king-size bed.

Barbara was the first to wake, and as she thought dreamily of exciting times ahead, she smiled wistfully at the fair tousled head of her pubescent niece cradled in her arms.

Next time she would show her baby much more was possible than even Carly had dreamed of.

Her eyes moved to the cupboard over the wardrobe, where her collection of dildos lay, hidden from all but her own eyes this past five years.

End of Chapter 4

To be continued

Chapter 4 will contain Carlys next, amazing time with Barbara on a summer afternoon. Carlys seduction of her young cousin Nicola, and a very, very explicit scene in which Neil discovers that a willing, pretty young boy, can also give extreme pleasure, so long as the girls are there to finish the job.

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