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April In Autumn

By MasterVinnie

It was a beautiful Fall day in Oregon.
I've been vacationing in the mountains here for the past three weeks, and I was getting ready to head back home to New England.
I loved Oregon, but I did miss my own "neck of the woods".
I had rented an R/V for my trip West.
It was a decent sized one, just big enough to not be a pain to drive around for sight -seeing.
I was staying at my recently deceased Uncle's cabin, a real cozy place tucked into a mountainside with a great view.
I was going to hate to leave it, but I was getting a little homesick for my own fall foliage color show, and I was getting a little bored anyway.

I saw another vehicle a few miles a head of me on that mountain road.
It was a not often that I saw any others on this road, seclusion was a great part of the reason I was the in there first place.
As I watched the other car, I saw something approach it from the woods and enter the road right in front of the vehicle.
I small deer had mistakenly enter the driving lane of the road, and it stopped in shock in the direct path of the black pick-up truck.
The driver of the truck saw it, and swerved out of the way onto the shoulder off the highway, and slid to a stop, while the deer darted back into the woods unharmed.
I sped up to get there to see if I could be of service.

When I parked behind the truck, I couldn't see any driver .
In jumped out of my vehicle and approached the driver side, and say a female slumped over in the seat.
I reached in and touched her arm, and she jumped in fright, she was fine, just a little dazed and frightened.
When she looked up and saw me, her eyes were wide in surprise, probably a little shook still.
From the event. Asked her..... "are you alright honey? You look a Little shook up".
She looked up at me with a child-like face, and asked with concern....
"Did I hit that little deer? I tried to avoid it so hard?"
I saw a tear in her eye, and my heart went out for her, she was very attractive, and her concern over the animal was the only thing on her mind.
I re-assured her that the deer ran away unharmed, and that was more than I can say for you..
" you look really shook!" I told her....

The woman said she was fine, and thanked me or stopping, but she had to go.
She smiled sweetly and said "I have to get home my Mas........"
she stopped dead in mid-word, then continued..
"my husband will be expecting lunch to be ready for him when he got home."
I said my good-byes, and backed off, wondering what she almost said before she corrected herself.
"Her Mas....."
I wonder...... I returned to my R/V as she started the car and put it into gear.
I was taken by her beauty, her concern over the helpless animal, and her loyalty to her husband.
But I was wondering what she didn't say.........

I returned to my vehicle just as I heard the grinding of the gears from her truck.
It wasn't a pretty sound.
Then. A loud crunching noise sounded, and her engine stalled and shut down.
I quickly returned to her door.

"That didn't sound too good honey, pop the hood and let me take a look will you?"
She did, and I peered under the hood, not being an expert, but more knowledgeable than not about trouble like this....
"Try to put it into gear again Honey, I think I see the problem...."
She tried, but that awful sound came again.
I quickly told her to stop, and shut it all down.
I went back to her window, and told her my findings ..
"it looks like you bent the hell out of your shift linkage, you won't get far on these mountain roads with that."
That's when I noticed the blood seeping from her forehead, and dripping across her face.

"Honey, you're hurt! Let me take a look at that for you."

I opened the door and pushed her hair back to look at her hairline, and found the laceration caused from her head hitting the steering wheel when she avoided that deer.
It was a minor contusion.
But she had to have a "doozy" of a headache by now.
I re-assured her that her injury was minor, and went for a cold drink and some aspirin for her.
I always traveled prepared.
While she took the pills, I watched her with great interest, not noticing just how gorgeous she really was until now.
Her body was incredible, almost flawlessly proportioned from what I could see in her jeans and tight tank top.
Her eyes met mine in an instant, and I looked away in embarrassment at being caught staring.
Her eyes had given me a certain twinkle, in that instant her eyes made contact with mine....

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare at you" I stammered.
I'm usually very cool with women, actually aloof to a certain point.
My lifestyle is that of a Dominant Master, something she wouldn't even understand.
So, why was she getting to me like this? She looked away in confusion.
She had to think.....
"I have to be home for my husband, he will expect lunch to be ready exactly at 12:15, I must go now."
I held onto her shoulder and softly said..
"Honey, You will never get up the next hill with that linkage busted, let me have you call your husband and tell him that you are at the garage getting the car fixed."
She thought for another moment, as I scanned her a bit more, taking in every luscious curve and wondering why I didn't notice all of this before.

"How can I call him anyway ? we're on a mountain top, And how much do you think this will all cost? "

I held her shoulder again, and pulled the cellular telephone from my jeans pocket.
"Here honey, use this,.... and this is what we'll do.. My cabin is right down that next hill. You can make it there without ever having to shift. You follow me there, and I will get my tools there, and get you back in shape, OK honey?"

Her tear-filled eyes went into "twinkle" mode again, as she thanked me for offering my assistance , and that's when I saw her first smile.... the one that made me suddenly realize that I had to be better friends with this woman.....very soon.
She made her call to her husband, and seemed to be very polite, and a little scared as she talked to him.
I stood away from her to give her privacy.
When she was finally done, she sighed with relief, and smiled at me brightly.
"Thank you so much, he didn't get too mad, in fact, he was heading out of town for a day or" two, and said that this would work out fine

The woman followed me to my Uncle's Cabin.
The trip wasn't a long one, but it did give me the chance to reflect a little on what was happening.
Uncle Frank was my closest relative.
We had spent a lot of time together before he moved up here and built this cabin.
He was a so the one responsible for introducing me to the D/s lifestyle.
When he became chastised by my family over his personal preferences, he pulled up stakes and moved as far away from New England as possible.
He had to leave me behind which was one of his hardest efforts.

He built the cabin In a secluded area of the forest and played to his hearts content until his death a year ago.
He willed me the cabin, but it will always be Uncle Franks place to me.
We shared many great times in that cabin, if the walls could talk, you would heart the tales that the moaning woman would have told.

We were approaching the dirt cutoff that would lead to the cabin. I slowed down and signaled my intention to turn .
She was only able to use second gear, and I'm sure that was not easy for her to get used to.
The back road that would have been too hard for anyone else to travel , wouldn't be a problem for our trucks to negotiate..
The terrain would be rough from here on, but it was only another ten minutes until ewe got there. Uncle Frank was good at hiding out.

We approached the cabin and I motioned for her to park her truck near the tool shed.
Uncle had a lot of tools.
The shed was almost as big as the cabin. I walked over as she maneuvered the vehicle with some difficulty, then she shut it down and we met on the porch.
When I unlocked the front door, she seemed as little nervous, but one step behind me all the time.
When I looked back, she hesitated, then smiled at me and came inside the cabin.
I gestured for her to sit on the large couch, but she decided tat the straight back chair was better.

The interior of the cabin was a surprise.
It was kept fantastically neat and organized.
No one had been here for a year after Uncle died, and I just dusted the place. It was too well organized to mess it up.
The whole wall was a fireplace, from floor to ceiling, and it was a beautiful piece of work.
The years of suburban life made Frank want to make this cabin as nice as any house, and he was successful.
The only rustic touch was the ceiling, The uncovered timbers and joists gave the place a look of wilderness, but also they gave it class. I remember seeing a few women tied to those rafters a few years ago.
I could still see that the hooks and attachments were there , ready for use.
She seemed to be loosening up a bit more, so I thought I better get her truck fixed for her.
I told her to make herself at home, and went to the task.

The linkage was a snap to fix with the proper tools.
I had it in and out in a few minutes, all the kinks were out and it slid right into gear.
I took the truck out to try it on road, and was satisfied with the job.
I returned to the cabin and was about to get out of the truck, when I made a startling discovery. Something had caught my eye.
There was a bag of leather goods on the floor of the truck, it had spilled over and dumped partially out.
With further investigation, I saw that they were bondage cuffs and strapping, with clips and buckles to make them more secure.
These were the things that a Submissive would wear in a D/s scene.
How could I have been so wrong about this girl.
She would have to be taken a little more seriously now..

I was about to go inside the cabin, when I heard the music from inside.
I peered in the window and received my second shock of the hour.
She was doing her exercises to a musical number.
Her jeans had been shed and she was wearing a thong exercise panty and her tank top just didn't seem to want to cooperate as she went through the routine.
I was going to walk in on her, but decided to let her finish, she was hot enough to see in her jeans, but without them, she was dynamite.
As she stretched her muscles, and bent side to side, her skin started to get that shiny look of an elegant statue

As I stood there watching.... her movements took me back to the days when Uncle and I would stretch out a couple of women in the area she was exercising.
We would play with them for endless hours.
They would writhe and struggle until we finally would let them loose the next morning.
Uncle had been a Dom for over twenty years.
Submissive women were constantly calling him and asking HIM to play.
He would always laugh and want to know where they all were when he was in his prime, but I used to laugh and tell him that he was in his prime now.

Just then, she did a stretching number with her arms extended high above her head, and she stood on her tip toes.
A position that always made me get hard..
I went into a fantasy and saw her as I wanted to see her, tied to the ceiling hooks and helplessly bound .
I added a blindfold and gag to my dream to make it even hotter.
I went into the room while her back was turned.
My stare had to have been intense, because when see noticed me, her eyes opened wide with fear.
She ran to get her jeans, which always made me laugh.
I already saw her body, was I supposed to forget that I did now.?
I made no attempt toward her, I just stood there as she flitted about looking for her jeans..........

When she found the jeans she held them against herself, and slowly backed away.
She had a worried look in her eyes, but also a look of "wanting" something.
I think she wanted to be dominated right then and there.
I never would have thought of that, had I not seen her D/s gear in her truck.
That's when it all made sense, The words she didn't say completely......"Mas....".
She was talking about her Master.
She was petrified of getting him mad at her.
I decided to see what her reaction would be to my control.
I told her to relax, and to stand still while I approached her slowly.
When I was directly behind her, I put my arms on her shoulders and talked softly to her....

"I think I know what you are thinking about, and desiring from me.
I'm going to take control of you now........ drop the jeans and stand perfectly still........"

Her body was trembling as I felt her shoulders stiffen with my words.
She started to try to speak, but no sound came out.
I gently caressed her neck and shoulders until I felt her relax a little more.
Not enough to stop her trembling, but her neck wasn't knotted as tightly at least.
She stepped out of her jeans as ordered, and looked to the floor in a subservient way, then asked

"What would you have me do Sir? I await your instructions."

"You never told me your name, don't you think it's about time we were introduced properly?"
Her head nodded slightly in response, "Yes Sir, my name is April...."

"Very nice April. That's a perfect name for you. My name is Vinnie, but you will address me as "sir".
I'm going to ask you to do something for me.
I sense that you are a submissive, and you didn't realize, but I'm a Loving Dom.
I'll only ask this once, so think before you answer..... Will you submit totally to me?

The stillness and quiet in that cabin was deafening.
But her trembling was almost audible as she thought and tried to speak again.
Her muscles flexed, and relaxed several times as she thought.
Then the silence was broken ......

"Yes Sir...... I will submit to you .. totally and freely. You may do whatever you wish, Sir"

I kissed her neck tenderly with that answer and whispered into her ear ..
"Thank you April.. I accept your beautiful gift of submission.. It will be cherished."

I kissed her again softly, and positioned myself directly in front of her.
Her eyes were cast down, showing very good training in submission.
I cupped her chin in my thumb and forefinger, and lifted her face to make her eyes meet mine.
I lightly brushed my lips across hers, It was more like a non-touch the hint of caress. Her eyes were tightly closed. Her lips pursed in fear and anxiety.
As my beard tickled her face, her nostrils crinkled in an involuntary response.... she smiled. ....I kissed her again

"April You are about to enter my world, Welcome to it. and leave your inhibitions behind.."

I had found my uncles compartment earlier in the week..
The place he kept all of his bondage toys and equipment.
I retrieved a black leather blindfold and tied it around April's head, covering her eyes., closing her sensory range down to touch, sound, smell and feel.
Her body was a delight to me.
Her tender flesh still quivering as I brushed against her. It was time to start her on her submissive journey.

"April? You are to believe that your hands are bound tightly together, and attached to a hook in the ceiling.
No matter what you feel, or what I do, you are to remain motionless, immovable, and completely silent unless asked to respond.
This mental bondage will test your obedience and submissiveness toward me, and prove that you trust me enough to render you totally helpless. Do you understand me?"

She nodded her understanding, and I heard a frail sounding "Yes Sir" spill out if her lips.
Her face was contorted in a beseeching look, wondering, searching for which direction I may be coming from.
I purposely tried to distract her enough for me to come to her from the backside, Her body was trembling slightly.
I looked at here well turned bottom, her long shapely legs, her silky smooth skin. I was as ready as I will ever be....

I stood perfectly quiet for several minutes, watching her tremble as she stretched her arms straight up to the ceiling.
Her face showed her strain as she held her arms as closely together as she could.
Her tank top was riding up a lot higher now, up to her midriff at least.
I was enjoying the show as her flat tummy shimmered from her trembling, There wasn't an ounce of extra flesh anywhere on April's body and she even had a sexy looking navel....
I wanted to possess her as a starving man would attack a rare steak..

I walked around her again, stopping right behind her.
My hot breath was making her neck hairs stiffen.
I gently touched her waist , one hand on either side, and caressed her warm curved upper tummy and navel until I felt her start to react warmly to my gentleness.
She loosened up her stance for a second, then remembered her orders and reached up again, even harder than before.
My hands slid around her belly and tickled there way up to her midriff, stopping just short of the edge of her tank top.
Her breasts were jiggling inside her top, bursting to get out, Her nipples were sticking out far enough to be seen thought the heavy material of the top, I sensed her breathing faster in anticipation of something....
I should make her stop waiting, but I was enjoying my teasing far too much to stop.
I succumbed to my curiosity at last.
And slid my hand under her tank top.
As they each slid over a full breast, the hot nipple seared them like a poker.

Her breath caught in her throat as my palms brushed her hard nipples.
I heard a moan from deep within her body, growing and growing into the sound of building passion.
I cupped her breasts and lifted them with my hands, marveling at the weight and feel of the lovely pear-shaped beauties.
Her eyes stayed closed, but her moans told the truth of her arousal.
I tugged at the edge of her top, and pulled it up and off her breasts, then up over her head and 'mentally tied' arms, to be thrown to the floor in a heap.
Her breasts bobbed freely in the cool air, they almost seemed to be growing more from the attention now than before.
My hands returned to her chest, to fondle her as her trembling flesh seemed to be pushing back against my hands.

April began to react with heaving breathing and a flushed look came over her face.
I pulled on her nipples .. one .. than the other, gradually increasing the intensity of the pull until her face contorted from the pain.
Her mouth opened to cry out, but never a sound was heard, she was a good sub, one of the best I've ever been with. I told her that I was proud of her so far, but there was much more to find out.
Another strong pull brought as sudden gasp to her lips, one that I had fully expected.

"April ? You made an outburst.... that was not called for.
You will have to be silenced now.
It was your own doing.

I took out the roll of wide tape from Uncle's supplies, and wrapped it tightly several times around April's mouth.
Her stiffened stature made it clear that this scared her, but also excited her beyond words.
After I cut the roll away, I asked her if she could breath alright....she nodded.
Then I told her to try to talk..... only a muffled "MMffttt" sound was audible.
Perfect. I took out a pair of strong wrist cuffs, ands attached then to each wrist, without saying a word.
Then I attached the cuffs to the ceiling hook, with an added piece of chain.

I pulled the chain as tightly as I could get it, asking April to stand on her tip-toes as I made the final securing, I wanted her to be as taut as possible.
As I finished, I stood back to check the "look" of her position.
Her marvelous body was breathtaking in her bound and semi-nude condition.
The white boots giving the sexiest edge to her helpless form, and her matching white thong contrasting against her well tanned body.
But that was a contrast that was unacceptable.

"April? There is a rule that you must always follow. From this moment forward......
You must never have anything blocking me from access to your womanhood.... No matter what we are doing, you will be open for my affection.
Panties, pantyhose, nothing will be acceptable EVER!! "

She mumbled an answer, incomprehensible , but still an answer.
I returned my answer, with force.
I took the tiny waist band of her thong in my two hands, and ripped them off of her hips in one violent tug, pulling her off balance from the force.
She recovered fast, now cowering slightly from the change of direction the scene was taking.
I sensed that, and re-assured her again, that nothing will harm her in any way, if she always obeyed me completely.

Seeing her naked pussy for the first time was indeed as treat.
I had expected it to be shaven, but to look so smooth, it had have been meticulously attended to on a daily basis .
Her trembling made her thighs shimmer, and her pussy flesh quiver with every breath that she took.
Even stretched out in that way she looked supple and womanly beyond any sense of the word.
My manhood was aflame from the sight. I had to get control of myself before I continued to control her.....

"April? You look lovely, and I will enjoy you very much.
Your presence will please me, as your submission was intended to.
But as you know, D/s isn't all love and roses, we do need the thorns to remember our places "

"Yes Sir...... Whatever you say Sir, I am no stranger to the thorns Sir"

I found the adjustable spreader bar in the closet, and attached one of April's ankles to it using a cuff and link.
I attached a cuff to her other ankle, and moved the bar closer to where it would be attached.
The hook was clearly a foot away from where her ankle was.
There would be some widening to do to her stance.
As I spread her legs, of course, her body seemed to become more elevated.
Where she was almost on her tip toes, she was now practically off the ground.
I heard her let out another gasp, as well as a mummer of sorts, like the "mew" of a cat.
I asked her "Are you ok with this?".....
Her nods were enough for me.
I stretched her another few inches and attached the clip.
Her ankles were almost four feet apart now, and she wavered a little from the effect of being almost suspended that way.
Her taut body was breathtaking....

"Just one more attachment April, and I'll be ready to see where your limits might be."
With that said, I attached the blindfold securely to create the desired effect of total sensory depravation.
"You are now in my total control April.
Nothing, and nobody can stop me now, except you.... you know thew safe words, and you can mumble them to me if you feel it necessary, is that understood?"
Something that resembled "yes Sir" escaped her gagged mouth..
I patted her on her firm ass in reply.

I was ready to begin......

I stripped off my shirt and shoes and laid out the tools that I was to use on her.
A small paddle, a larger one, two sizes of floggers.
A wire brush, a mink glove, a feather......and a few different pointed sticks.
Every one of these things were to give her a different "feel".
She wouldn't be able to see what was being used, only the sensations that they would cause.
But first, my lips had to "map" out my victim.

I spent 30 minutes or so, just caressing and loving the flesh that I now possessed, crushing her breasts against my naked chest, feeling her hot pointed nipples harden against me, digging deeper into me with every motion.
Her breath was erratic and rough as her passion increased.
The tempo was increasing as I massaged her breasts and then lowered my focus to her widely spread thighs.
I slipped my hand between her legs, and was greeted by the wettest pussy I have ever felt.
Her thighs were dripping with her nectar.
Her moaning increased as I slid my fingers into her slit to rub her clitoris.
She swayed from the ceiling and tried to impale herself onto my fingers, no.... that can wait..

Now that she was warmed up a little (and so was I).. I went for the awaiting toys.
I started slowly with a small paddle, smacking the sweet spot on her ass several times smartly, reveling in the fantastic reactions it was causing April to have.
After every three smacks, I would rub the same area with my hand, covered with the mink glove.
My kisses would also cool her burning flesh..
I rotated between ass cheeks until they we both nicely pink, then went for the flogger to see what she could take.
Up to now, she hadn't let out much more than a whimper, and a lot of deep moans.

I tested the floggers bite on my arm, it had a nice thud to it.
It was always customary to give some warning to a change in equipment.
So I lightly waggled the flogger across her flesh to set her up for it.
The first blow still startled her.
Her yelped through her gag as it bit into her sensitized ass.
I continued to slowly crisscross her butt with the deer skin weapon.
Watching her body arch with each wonderful attack .
As the speed and intensity increased, her arching became more erotic.
Her moans were so deep and sensuous, they were getting me hard, just hearing them.
Her breasts were heaving and sweat was dripping off her nipples from her intensely turned on condition.
I sped up the blows and increased the force..

Her "Zone" was reached.
She lost all feelings except pleasure, and her body was on fire with eroticism as the Endorphins ran amuck throughout her body..
Every muscle was trembling with excitement.
I backed off to bring her down again.
At this point, she wasn't aware of anything except her arousal. She wouldn't be able to "safe word" out if she wanted to, and I still needed to explore with her more to know her true limits.
I released her from the spreader bar, then took her down from the ceiling hook.
As I held her as hard as I could, She came down to reality again.
Her breasts were crushed against my chest.
Her face upturned toward me, I removed her gag and kissed her passionately for a long time....still blindfolded, she responded with her passion.

"Thank You Master.......... Thank You very much"

"It was my pleasure April, and only the beginning for us...... You are mine now...."

We stayed in that embrace for an hour.
April came down soft, as she should have, in the arms of her Master.
This was to be only the first session of many to come.
This story may never end.

To be continued in the next chapter

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