Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Jackie Part II

By David

I could not wait for Friday to arrive.
All I could think about was Jackie - the feel of her soft breasts, erect nipples, the hot, slippery-wet grip of her flesh on my fingers.
It was hard for me to believe that what we had done in the movie theatre had actually occurred - remembering the touch of her hand on my penis and the way that she had made me come gave me instant erections and I had to fight against the urge to masturbate.
Now that I had actually had sex with a girl the thought of jerking off was definitely second best.

Eventually Friday arrived and in the afternoon I made my way to Jackie's house.
I was very nervous and half expected her not to be there but I shouldn't have worried.
When I rang the bell she opened the door, gave me a big kiss and invited me in.
We sat in the living room and talked for a while and Jackie played me a few of her records.
I could not keep my eyes off her, she seemed even more beautiful than before.
She wore a pair of white shorts and a yellow T-shirt that clung tightly to her breasts.
The shorts gave me my first good view of her legs and they looked fantastic.

We sat close together on the sofa and it wasn't long before we were holding hands, kissing and touching each other.
I was much bolder this time and took the initiative.
I fondled her breasts outside her clothing for a while and then tugged her T-shirt up out of her shorts and put my hand inside.
I slipped my fingers under her bra to touch her breasts and then reached around behind her and had my first go at undoing a bra.
I fumbled a little but before I embarrassed myself I succeeded.
Jackie responded rapidly when I caressed her nipples and moaned and sighed in obvious pleasure as I teased the peaks into hard points.
My penis was getting painfully constricted in my trousers and I had to reach down and adjust it.
Jackie took one look at the prominent bulge and said, 'Lets go in my room.'
I didn't need asking twice and we went up to her bedroom.
We sat on her bed and kissed and fondled a little before Jackie stood up and pulled the T-shirt off over her head.
Her loosened bra dropped to the floor and I stared in delight as I got my first good look at her breasts.
They were so beautiful I could scarcely breath.
To this day, small, pert breasts turn me on more than any others and Jackie's were perfect.

There was not a trace of sag on the jutting cones and the tips were ripe and swollen as only teenage breasts seem to be.
Surprisingly her areolae were pale brown, contrasting vividly against the flawless whiteness of her breasts.
She saw me staring. 'Like what you see?' she asked with a wicked smile on her lips.
I'm sure she knew just how beautiful she was.
I could only manage a nod - my mouth had gone very dry. Jackie started to undo her shorts and then stopped.
'Aren't you going to undress?' she asked.
I quickly whipped my shirt off and undid my trousers as I watched her stepping out of her shorts.
She had the briefest pair of panties on and the sight of her wearing nothing else was so erotic I thought I might come there and then.
She lay down on the bed and watched me undress.
I was filled with a curious mixture of embarrassment and delirious lust.
When I was stripped down to just my underpants my modesty got the better of me and I kept them on as I lay down beside her.
I bent over to kiss her and she pulled me towards her.
I felt the soft touch of her breasts against my chest as her hand slipped down and tugged at the back of my underpants.

'Take them off,' she whispered.
I reached down and pulled them down and Jackie slipped her panties off as well.
I wanted to get a good look look at her crotch but before I could she pulled me towards her again.
We lay on our sides, our bodies touching all the way down - the tip of my penis was pressing against her stomach and the sensation was wonderful.
We clung to each other, both breathing heavily until Jackie pulled away from me and reached down to touch my penis.
She held the shaft and gently rubbed the tip to and fro against her stomach.
I moved my hand down to her crotch and obligingly she parted her legs; she was soaking wet and my fingertips slid easily between her swollen lips.
I slipped one finger into her and then another and Jackie moaned, she let go of me and fell back on the bed.
I moved my fingers slowly in and out of her and she arched her back with pleasure.
After a few minutes she reached down and pulled my hand away and guided my fingertips up a little and onto her clitoris.
I knew about that part of a girl but I was glad that she was showing me exactly where it was.
'Touch me there,' she said and showed me how to touch the hard little bud.
Her hand hovered over mine, guiding and correcting my movements.
If sliding my fingers inside her had turned her on it was nothing compared to the effect my touch had on her clitoris.
Jackie writhed on the bed and whimpered as if she was in agony.
If her hand hadn't kept coming back to guide me I would have been sure I was hurting her.
I propped myself up on one elbow gazing in wonder at her.
Her lithe body twisted and turned in pleasure and her breasts were flushed - on an impulse I bent my head and softly kissed her right breast.
She gasped, 'Oh, yes!' as I sucked the puffy nipple into my mouth.
'Oh, God!' she groaned, 'don't stop!'
Her cries grew louder and more tortured and her hips started to jerk convulsively, making it very difficult for me to keep my fingers on her clitoris.
Jackie suddenly let out a high pitched squeal and her legs clamped shut, trapping my hand tightly between them.
I was perplexed - was she coming - was this really how girls had orgasms?
The way her body shook and the contorted look on her face was alarming but the insistent way her thighs squeezed rhythmically on my hand was evidence enough that she was in the throes of ecstasy.
I was stunned by how long she kept coming; it was much longer than any orgasm I had ever had.

Gradually Jackie's orgasm eased off and she opened her eyes.
She looked a little sheepish. 'Did I make a lot of noise?' she asked.
I decide a white lie was in order and shook my head, 'Oh, no, not really.'
I think she knew I was being diplomatic and pulled me to her and kissed me.
She looked down at my penis.
I was tremendously excited and the stiff shaft was drawn tight up against my stomach.
The head was hugely swollen; juice trickled copiously from the gaping slit.
Jackie reached for my penis, caressed the wet glans for a moment and then held the shaft and began to tug rhythmically.
I assumed that she intended to jerk me off but I was desperate to make love to her properly.
I moved over her and tried to push my right knee between her legs.
She kept her legs firmly together. 'Don't,' she urged, 'you haven't got a condom have you?'
I shook my head, cursing the fact that all week I had been too frightened to go to the chemist and get some, after all, I was only fifteen and what was more the local chemist was a friend of my parents.

'Please, Jackie, let me?' I pleaded.
She held my penis in her hand; the size of the grossly distended knob was evidence enough of how desperate I was.
I could sense that her resolve was weakening - she was just as turned on as I was.

'If I let you, promise that you won't come when you're inside me!' she pleaded.
I was quick to reassure her, 'I promise!'
I was getting into unknown territory here and I had no real idea of what was going to happen; all I knew was that my hormones were in overdrive and I ached to get inside her.
Jackie slowly parted her legs and I hurriedly moved between them.
I stabbed blindly and inaccurately until Jackie reached between us, took my penis and guided the head.
I felt a wonderfully slippery softness against the glans as Jackie rubbed it slowly up and down between her lips; I pressed insistently against her.
'There, that's it' she said as the head nuzzled against her opening and I pushed harder.
'God, you're so big!' she said.
That did wonders for my ego.
She was so tight that at first I could make no headway but Jackie spread her legs wider, tilted her pelvis forward and suddenly she seemed to open and the tip slipped in.
Jackie moaned with pleasure and took her hand away from my penis.
I could feel an orgasm getting very close and kept absolutely still.
I lowered myself onto her breasts and clung to her; she wrapped her arms around me and held me tight.
I lay motionless, revelling in the exquisite sensation of her body pressed close to mine and the feel of her tight grip on the head of my penis.
I knew that if I pushed or tried to move inside her I would come so I kept still and kissed her, reaching down to caress her breasts.
'Oh, that's lovely,' she sighed and her hands held my hips and pulled me gently towards her.
Gradually as we kissed and caressed each other my penis sank deeper and deeper into her, aided by the occasional cautious thrust on my part.
Jackie kept holding my hips, guiding me, slowly gyrating her pelvis, working me slowly into her.
The sensation was unbelievable, I was amazed at how hot she was inside; the urge to thrust wildly was almost overpowering.
I rested on my elbows, looking down at her lovely face.
Her head was thrown back, her eyes tightly closed, and she panted and gasped with every slight movement of our bodies.
I pushed a little harder and at last I was into her up to the hilt.
Jackie whimpered with pleasure, her fingers digging into my buttocks.
I could not hold back any longer and started to thrust; Jackie moaned and instinctively her pelvis responded and rose to meet my thrusts.
I abandoned myself to the wonderful sensations but Jackie stayed in command - she pushed her hands urgently against my chest, 'Stop, you promised!'
I could feel myself soaring rapidly towards orgasm - I allowed myself a few more exquisitely deep thrusts and quickly withdrew.
I could see the relief on Jackie's face! I lifted up from her, kneeling between her outstretched legs.
We both looked at my penis.
The glans was angry red and enormously swollen, glistening with her juices.
I knew I was past the point of no return - I was definitely going to come - what should I do?
Once again Jackie came to my rescue, she grabbed my penis, wrapped her fingers tightly around the shaft and jerked rapidly.
I heard myself groaning in ecstasy and then I ejaculated - Jackie flinched as semen spurted wildly, arcing high over her head to splash the headboard behind her.
Thick drops rained down, spattering her hair and her face.
She hurriedly pulled my penis downwards; spurt after spurt laced across her breasts and torso - I thought she would be horrified but she seemed fascinated by the sight of my spurting semen and her hand moved even more vigorously.
I kept ejaculating and it seemed as if the spurts would never stop - not masturbating during the week had stored up a huge volume.
I watched in disbelief as Jackie deliberately played the streams to and fro across her breasts like a hose, arching her back and gasping as the warm liquid splashed against her.
When at last the spurts died down to a trickle she gently squeezed the last drops from me before she let go of my penis.

It showed no sign of softening and jerked up and down with the aftershocks of my orgasm.
We both looked at her body; she was drenched!
Her breasts had caught most of it and were almost completely coated with thick white sperm - there was scarcely a dry patch to be seen.
Jackie reached up and wiped a drop of semen from her cheek.
I was embarrassed at what I had done but also incredibly turned on; the sight of this beautiful girl covered in my sperm was intoxicating and knowing that she had participated so willingly was enough to make me her slave for life.

'Wow!' she exclaimed, 'I've never seen anything like it - that was amazing!' I flopped down on the bed beside her.

'I'm sorry,' I started to apologise,'I didn't mean to...'
'Don't be silly' she said, 'it was fantastic!'
I was still confused - girls weren't supposed to like the things that boys fantasise about.
As if to put my mind at ease she ran a fingertip in a small circle round her right nipple, wistfully playing with the blobs of sperm before she cupped her breasts in her hands and gently squeezed.
I could only imagine how wonderfully slippery her breasts must have felt.
'You're embarrassed, aren't you?' she said, grinning wickedly at me.

'Well, yes,' I replied, 'I've never done anything like that before, I thought you would be disgusted.'

'You've got a lot to learn about girls' she teased me, 'we can be just as randy as you.'
'Of course we can. Mind you, the way you came would turn any girl on!'
'What do you mean?'
'There was so much, and it shot so far! You were fantastic.
Other boys I've been with have never been like that.'
I was suddenly very jealous - thinking about 'my' Jackie with other boys was suddenly hard to bear.
I knew that I was just one in a long line but if she had done that with me, what might she have done with them?
I think she read my mind because she quickly changed the subject.

'Can you get that box of tissues for me?' she asked, pointing to a box on her dressing table.
I got up and walked across the room to get them.
My penis was still almost fully erect and it bobbed about uncomfortably as I walked.
I returned and sat on the bed by her side and helped wipe her dry.
There was also quite a lot of semen on the bed and it took us some time to get things back to normal.
She joked about having to make sure that her mother didn't notice any wet patches when she got home.
I was still very turned on and wanted to do more but Jackie was insistent - her mother would be getting back home fairly soon.
I was curious that she had not been at all concerned that her mother could have come back earlier than expected and walked in on us.
I assumed that her mother had a very definite routine.
I later found out that her mother was a nurse, and fortunately for us kept to a strict schedule.
I had no intention of meeting her mother that day; I was sure that she would be able to tell from my face what we had been up to so I reluctantly tucked my erection into my underpants and got dressed.
I asked when I could see her again and Jackie suggested that the next day we could meet in town and maybe go to the movies or think of something else to do.
I agreed to meet her at the cafe where most of us used to hang out, gave her a fond farewell kiss and made my way home with the day's events running round and round in my head.

I wondered how long this could last - would I wake up and find it had all been a dream?

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