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Turning 30

by Clayton Holiday

Chapter One

For my wife's recent 30th birthday celebration, I provided her a very special gift: an intimate evening with another man.
My only condition was I had to be present to watch her enjoy this exceptional occasion.

During our five years of marriage, I listened easily and attentively to Laurie's revelations of sexual "naughtiness," before we met.
Of course, these disclosures always occurred in the middle of a hot fuck. Rather than feeling jealous, the thought of Laurie acting like a common slut only made me want to satisfy her more than ever.

Perhaps one of my favorite stories was of a summer evening, several years after high school, with an old boyfriend from that period of her past.
Orlando and Laurie parked late one night near the beach of an area lake and made-out furiously in his car, like two delirious teenagers.
Yet Orlando, a handsome Latino, had a cock so thick Laurie was afraid to accommodate him with her cunt, so she gave him a long, lingering blow job instead.
She said it required both hands to grip his dark-skinned cock properly.
After he poured his hot sauce down her throat, they skinny-dipped in the temperate water of the lake and Orlando finger-fucked her enflamed pussy.
The incident remained a one-night affair.

Since Orlando still lived in our small town, every time I saw him all I could think of was how my wife once sucked his thick, dark cock.
The very idea made me feel lascivious.
Each time Laurie offered explicit details of her sexual past, always at my urging, I had the same reaction: "God, I wish I could see you in action." For a while, Laurie only laughed and reminded me that I was a thorough degenerate. "I'm your wife," she said. "Why would you possibly want to see me fucked by another man? The idea is preposterous. Most men couldn't handle it, why are you so different?" How could I possibly convince my wife that she was tremendously sexy, and the idea of her attaining physical pleasure with another man was particularly erotic. I also couldn't deny that I liked the idea of encouraging Laurie to accept a lover of my choice,therefore remaining in control. Rather than being a cuckold, I determined the form of her extramarital affair. Yet, there was no denying that I was also a masochist. It is true, we are just an average couple, nothing glamorous about us. Laurie's distant ancestors were from the British Isles. She has brown hair and brown eyes. Her face is attractive, though her best asset are her breasts. They are ample, yet not immense. She wears a 44c bra. Laurie is five-foot-four and weighs about 150 pounds. I think Laurie is voluptuous, though some people might describe her as full-figured or slightly Reubenesque. Without a doubt, Iⶥ always found her body to be very sensual. Her ass is enchanting, the way it sways in a dress, or the manner of its shape, when covered by snug-fitting blue jeans. As for me, I'm eight years older than my wife. My heritage is almost pure Irish. I haveblond hair, though with a noticeably receding hairline, and blue eyes. I'm five-foot-nine and weigh about 175 pounds. We both have undergraduate degrees and hold jobs which pay modest, yet comfortable salaries. We have no children. Our immediate families and neighbors have no clue about our sexual predilection. Especially my taste for a subject most people consider aberrant. Nonetheless, our familiar bedtime monologues continued for quite some, years actually. Laurie was committed to a monogamous marriage, and I knew she was completely trustworthy.
Yet, I never tired of telling Laurie that I wanted her to be my slut.
I described a variety of scenarios, which always resulted in her full submission to another man.
In most instances, I was Rene and she was O.
Laurie never failed to become fully incited by my imaginary description of her wanton behavior.
Gradually, Laurie suggested that if I really wanted to watch her, all I had to do was "find someone."
Now I had to locate our Sir Stephen.

Chapter Two

It happened quite by chance that I met a potential candidate at a chic downtown Wichita bookstore.
I was by myself that afternoon, out-of-town, browsing for a book not found in the sterile shopping malls of suburbia.
I was bored with Anais Nin's a-dollar-per-page erotica for the anonymous Oklahoma oil millionaire.
And I was already familiar with titles originally issued by Grove Press in the mid-1960s.
In high school, I read "My Secret Life," and "The Olympia Reader."
I even managed to read a good deal of DeSade's "120 Days of Sodom."
The book features exquisite passages, but the Marquis was one sick fucker.
I began my acquaintance with a young man in the adult literature section, a euphemism for erotic stories, high-class pornography.
Simultaneously, we both tried to reach for a new novel about threesomes, specifically wife sharing.
Rather than feign any embarrassment, we both instantly recognized a kindred spirit.
We were perverts.
Delaney Spenser had blond hair and blue eyes.
He was attractive and fit, like a weekend amateur soccer player.
He appeared to be in his late 20s and wore no marriage ring.
I didn't think he was married; my intuition told me Delaney was bi-sexual.
"This is a book my wife needs to read," I explained.
"She doesn't believe there are people who delight in this lifestyle."
"Tell her, it's absolutely true," Delaney said.
"I'm polyamorous, and a threesome is the best of all worlds."

Though it's troublesome to discuss such matters in the aisle of a retail setting, we managed to strike up a quick rapport.
I discovered Delaney was a 28-year-old graduate student at Wichita State University.
I explained that my wife and I had considered inviting a male into our relationship.
In fact, I told Delaney that I wanted this arrangement to be my wife's birthday present, but that I only had a week to make any plans.
Furthermore, we lived in a small-town, so discretion was of principal concern.
I told Delaney we only lived about an hour away from Wichita.
He responded exactly on cue and offered himself as Laurie's birthday gift.
Delaney assured me that his health was flawless, that he did not make use of drugs, nor was he interested in romantic attachments.
He also said a recently successful vasectomy now permitted him to "shoot blanks."
I made the drive home before remembering that I never did pick up the book I wanted.

Chapter Three

About week later, Laurie asked me if I had any surprises prepared for her birthday celebration.
She knew I usually procrastinated until the last moment. "What are you getting me?" she asked.
"Are you whisking me away to Las Vegas? Did you secure a special hotel room with a Jacuzzi, so we can fuck all night long?"
"This year will be very memorable," I said.
"Iⶥ arranged for a blond stud to treat you like a slut in front of me. I'm just going to let this stranger have his way with you."
Of course Laurie thought I was being droll.
She couldn't always tell if I was serious.
So I tried to downplay the qualifying factors. I told her, almost apologetically, that an old friend .... someone I had never really mentioned .... was passing through town the very evening of her birthday.
Would she mind terribly if there was just a slight postponement, so we could join my friend for drinks?
Surprisingly, Laurie seemed unfazed by the abrupt plans.
"I guess this means no wild nights in Las Vegas," she said.
"No, honey. But I promise a special celebration for your birthday.
As far as my old friend, we'll just have a quick drink, catch up on some old times, and that'll be that."
"It's okay, darling," she said. "I understand."

Chapter Four

Since we live in a relatively small town, population just right at 30,000, there's little choice for a decent social setting with drinks other than the Holiday Inn.
We walked into the lounge close to 6 p.m. Laurie wore a white blouse and blue jeans.
I was dressed casually, as well.
I recognized Delaney Spenser standing at the bar, introduced him to Laurie, and quickly found a small table in a dimly lit corner of the room.
It was the middle of the week, so the place was virtually empty. We all ordered inexpensive white wine.
Delaney and I faked our way through a conversation about our imaginary past. Immediate post-college days, set in the Dallas area, long before I met Laurie.
I must admit, Delaney was quite personable.
He had a natural flair for telling an interesting story.
Laurie found him charming enough that she offered no opposition to remaining in the lounge.
In fact, we had a second round of drinks.
When Laurie stepped out of the room momentarily, I told Delaney it was time for us to return home so the celebration could begin.
I asked him to invite himself with us.
"Once home we arrive home," I said, "I want you to seduce my wife. Tell her what to do, treat her as you wish. I won't interfere. You have my word."
After Laurie returned to the table, Delaney immediately spoke up.
"Listen, Laurie," he said, "I know it's your birthday, but while you stepped away Clayton told me about your talent for interior design.
Before I head out of town, I'd love to see your home. I promise not to intrude any further on your evening."
Laurie was actually flattered by the proposal and agreed immediately.
As we started to leave, Delaney suggested that Laurie ride with him in his car. There were no objections.
I followed in traffic, wondering if I was really crazy.
Laurie was in a car with a man I really knew little about.
I was just giving my wife away. Yet a certain perverted sense of exhilaration made it all seem worthwhile.

Chapter Five

Once home, I fixed another round of drinks for us.
A cheap bottle of white wine is all we maintain.
Delaney asked Laurie for a tour of our three bedroom house.
He stood very close to her as she accounted for each room.
I noticed Laurie was not put off by Delaney's attention. She did not usually drink much, so three glasses of wine left her with a weak resistance.
By the time they emerged from the hallway and stood in the living room by the couch, I had retreated to the kitchen, visibly out of sight.
Delaney thanked Laurie for the tour, yet in doing so, he leaned over and kissed her cheek delicately.
She made no effort to move away from him.
Delaney became a little bolder and kissed her lips.
Laurie didn't act troubled at all, instead she naturally yielded to him.
Delaney kept kissing, touching, and caressing my wife, as I watched.
This flagrant behavior aroused me immediately.
Knowing I was in the kitchen, really watching out of view, Delaney began to fondle Laurie's breasts.
He had no idea how huge they were. He let out an audible gasp.
Delaney simply unbuttoned her blouse and feasted his eyes on that treasure.
He quickly reached behind Laurie's back and, with both hands, released her bra, so he could really see what she had.
My wife just stood passively before this man, unashamed, with her breasts fully exposed.
Certainly, Laurie knew by now this was simply the beginning of fulfilling our long-running bedroom monologue.

As I gradually emerged from the darkness of the other room, I saw my wife direct her attention toward me.
She told me, without words, that she understood what was going to happen this night.
Delaney, ignoring my increasing presence, slowly and deliberately reached for both of Laurie's already stiff and erect nipples.
He ran his warm hands over them, gently rolling each nipple in his fingers with a hard, yet playful squeeze.
She sighed in approval of the wonderful sensation this provoked.
Delaney used the fore finger of his right hand to create a teasing, circular pattern around her nipple.
With his left hand, he guided my wife's right hand to the outline of the large bulge between his legs.
Delaney guessed correctly that Laurie was easily aroused from "talking dirty."
"Unzip my pants," he requested firmly.
"You are going to suck my cock .... in front of your husband."
By this time I was in the living room, sitting in my favorite chair, contemplating the unusual exhibition taking place.
It all seemed unreal to me.
We had provoked each other so many times with lewd descriptions of forbidden sex, but now it was really happening.
Laurie did exactly as advised.
She unfastened Delaney's belt, hastily freed the button holding his Arizona brand blue jeans, then pulled the zipper downward in one swift gesture.
His pants fell straight to his ankles.
Delaney's cock was thick and inflexible.
As my wife worked swiftly to release his member from further concealment, it became evident that Delaney was uncirumsized. Once revealed, his cock seemed larger than mine.
Laurie glanced at me for just a brief moment, to make sure I was watching her.
"Clayton," she said, "your friend has an even bigger cock than Orlando's. It's positively enormous."
That's all my wife said, before she voluntarily dropped to her knees and carefully scrutinized Delaney's uncircumcised meat.
She pushed his legs apart and licked his balls too.
Laurie, at a leisurely pace, worked his cock into her mouth, inch by inch, until Delaney's thick pubic hair fairly covered her face and nostrils.

"Your mouth is so good," Delaney said, "and your throat is tight.
Suck it down in front of your husband. Take my cock and eat my cum. I'm going to coat your tonsils with cum, you slut."
I could see Delaney's cock pulse and knew my wife would gladly allow him to continue fucking her face.
Laurie wrapped her hand around Delaney's cock and slowly pulled the foreskin back to expose the head of his throbbing cock.
As his knobby cock head came into view, she moaned.
His balls were large and they were hanging low below his shaft.
Delaney continuously pushed against her lips. Laurie put her hands behind him and held him tight so she could control the depth of his cock with her head.
His rigid tool slid back and forth across her tongue and she could feel it hitting the back of her throat.
Hot pre-cum leaked into her mouth and with the aid of its lubrication, she pressed forward and allowed the head of his long hard cock to slide into her compliant throat.
My wife's lips were tight around his shaft and pressed hard against his crotch.
After several minutes, Delaney wasn't moving her head any more but just stood there blasting his cum down her throat and holding her head still.
When he pulled out of her mouth, I thought he was finished cumming, but no.
Delaney held his cock in two hands and sprayed her face and mouth with more cum.
She leaned forward to get every drop he had. Tilting her head up so he could cum anywhere he wanted, she also stuck her tongue out to taste what she could.
"Oh Jesus, Laurie, that looks so fucking hot!" I groaned.
It was unbelievable to watch.
Delaney was still cumming in long flowing spurts.
Each one had more force than the last.
Laurie's mouth remained open, as cum poured into it.
Her mouth was full of cum, but Delaney wasn't done yet.
He aimed for her face and hit her forehead, both eyes, and nose.
She leaned forward and with long slow licks of her tongue, she cleaned his cock.

Chapter Six

Delaney helped my wife stand up and started to lead her toward our bedroom, the sanctuary of our most intimate moments.
But Laurie stopped and looked at me flirtatiously.
"Aren't you going to help fuck me, too?" she asked.
It was time for the threeway I had always dreamed about, so I didn't argue.
Promptly, I took off my shoes and socks.
Next I unbuttoned my shirt and took it off.
Then I dropped my pants and stepped out of them.
I was now clad only in my briefs, which outlined my prominent hard-on.
Just as I left my underwear on the floor of the hallway and stepped into the bedroom, Laurie and Delaney rolled out my office chair and ordered me to sit.
Now the tables had turned, and I realized Laurie was in complete control.
Delaney was at least 6'1" and his white polo shirt stretched across his chest, revealing taut muscles.
Though I worked out at the gym occasionally, I was certainly no match for him.
I knew this blond stud could easily overpower me.
They tied my wrists and feet to the chair, left positioned by the foot of the bed, with some of my favorite leather belts.
This conspiracy transpired earlier when Laurie and Delaney drove home together from the lounge of the Holiday Inn.
My wife made this all very clear to me.
"Clayton," she explained, "I'll be a slut for you. But it's going to be on my terms. I guessed immediately that you had picked Delaney to be birthday present. You sure made an excellent choice. Delaney told me about your plans on the way home. Now, I have some plans of my own for you. I'm going to make you watch everything. Tonight I'm going to be the perfect slut youⶥ always wanted."
God forbid, but I knew I would get excited at what was going to happen to my beautiful wife, right in front of me.

Chapter Seven

Delaney removed her jeans and panties and she squirmed a bit, wanting to get out of them as quickly as possible.
Of course her cunt was already wet.
He ran his hands softly over her creamy, plump body. She gasped more and more.
Delaney moved his hands down over her plump belly and hips to her inner thighs, deliberately avoiding her wet cunt.
Laurie let out another cry and gyrated her hips, apparently trying to push her cunt onto his hand.
Delaney tormented her a bit more, running his fingers up and down the crack of her ass, still avoiding her slippery cunt.
She writhed around even more.
"Please, fuck me," she cried desperately.
Delaney acquiesced , finally allowing his fingers to move effortlessly over her cunt lips.
My wife cried out again as he gently massaged her pink clit.
He carefully inserted a finger into her hot, wet vagina.
He slid first one, then two, then three fingers in and out of Laurie, listening to the wet sounds her pussy made.
Delaney placed his head between her thighs and began licking and kissing her sumptuous cunt.
He ran his tongue up and down her slit, swirling it firmly around her clit.
Laurie raised her hips and ass off the bed and ground her cunt into his face.
He thrust his tongue as deeply as possible into her tight hole.
Delaney slowly lapped from her cunt to her asshole.
Soon Laurie was bucking her hips and gasping wildly in the throes of an intense orgasm.
When she was done, Delaney kissed his way back up her luscious body, stopping to gently bite each swollen nipple.
He gracefully lifted her higher up his body.
Her legs surrounded his waist.
I saw her come down hard on his lips as she pushed her tongue into his mouth.
Her hands raked through his hair as she drove all of her tongue in his mouth.
Delaney looked at me and winked.

"Please," Laurie appealed. "I need to be fucked. I'll do anything you want. Please, just fuck me."
"Do you really want me to fuck you?" Delaney asked.
"Oh, yes," Laurie answered.
"I want to suck and fuck you. I want your cum in my cunt, in my mouth, down my throat, on my tits, and in my face."
"But your husband is watching," Delaney teased. "I can't do this in front of him. It's just not right."
"I'm desperately hungry for pure hot fucking," Laurie replied.
"I'll beg you over and over, if you want me to. My husband deserves to watch. He wants me to be a slut."
"But I have a little problem," Delaney confessed, almost laughing. "I need a little help getting it up."
From where I sat, that was not true.

Chapter Eight

"Clayton, why don't you begin sucking Delaney's cock, so I can have it prepared for my cunt?"
"No way," I protested. "I'm no sissy cocksucker."
"Well, if you ever want to fuck me again, you'll do as I say."
I sat in awe at what my wife said.
She was definitely in complete control.
Laurie recognized that I would never pass the chance to fuck her. I was addicted to her cunt.
Besides, my wife knew exactly how to motivate me.
Laurie left our bed and approached me.
Before I could say anything further, Laurie kissed me and began to fondle my nipples.
She placed her warm fingers on my stiff cock and began jerking me off slowly.
She squeezed my cock as she slid her fingers back and forth, tugging on the loose skin of my cock as she masturbated me.
Then I felt her hot lips sliding over the crown of my cock, taking me inside her mouth.
She resumed masturbating again, as she sucked me, and I moaned softly as her lips slid back and forth over my cock.
When I was totally hard, Laurie pulled away.
"Your turn, Clayton," she said. It's blow job time. Now get ready to suck a real man's cock."
"Delaney," instructed Laurie, "straddle my husband's face and fuck his mouth. But don't block my view. I want Clayton to know what's it like to give a blow job."
Delaney stood in front of me.
His cock was big, and he wasn't even hard yet.
He pumped his hips at my face.
Three or four strokes later, his cock was hard and at its full length, 8"x3".
As amazing as his cock looked, it could not defy the laws of gravity and slapped noisily against my cheeks, when he flicked his hips at me.
Delaney put both of his hands on each side of my head and hauled my mouth onto his dick.
I closed my eyes and sucked on the cockhead.
The taste of pre-cum invaded my mouth and I felt like throwing up.
"That's it you little cocksucker," Delaney said. "Get ready for the best there is."
I couldn't open wide enough, but that didn't stop him.
Delaney moaned as he pushed his cock in and out of my mouth.
The sight of Delaney fucking my face truly excited Laurie.
"God, yes, put more in," she said.
Soon my mouth was over stuffed with Delaney's cock and his pubic hairs tickled my face.
After a few minutes, I had to confess that his cock felt good.
He was so thick and long, so smooth and sensual. But how could this possibly happen to me? I wasn't a queer.
I had no interest in men.
Why did my wife encourage this degenerate, humiliating behavior?
And how could this man be so hard after Laurie had just sucked him off? I never had such stamina.
Finally, the blond stud pulled his cock out of my mouth.
He left me tied in the chair and returned to both my bed and my wife.

Chapter Nine

Laurie opened her legs and Delaney guided his cock against her small tight cunt lips and, as he pushed the head in, my wife gasped with pleasure.
The huge cock head would barely fit between her stretched cunt lips and he had to rock his hips back and forth while pushing his shaft into her.
Slowly, his cock slid into her cunt and as his pre-cum leaked from his cock, more and more of that massive appendage entered my wife.
Once Delaney had half of it in Laurie, he began stroking in and out of her cunt, his shaft dragging against her swollen clit causing her to shiver with passion.
The friction on her clit caused her cunt to gush its slick lubricating fluids and his huge dick slid further into her cavity.
Delaney's balls slapped against her ass as he continuously rammed his dick into her.
My wife was totally filled by cock.
Moans and grunts filled my ears, and my eyes wandered around the room.
I watched helplessly as Delaney fucked my wife like she was the whore of Babylon.
As much as it tormented me to see her being fucked by this man, I half-hoped it would go on forever.
Yet I hated what she had made me become - and enduring the mocking look on the face of her young lover.
As their climaxes built up, Delaney began thrusting in and out, gently at first, then with more intensity.
Delaney continued to fuck her with a much quicker pace and she timed her thrusts for greater penetration.
Soon she was at her peak.
My wife grabbed his ass with her hands and legs, trying to urge him inside her even further.
Her cunt devoured his cock all the way to the base.
When Laurie reached the pinnacle, there was no hope of keeping her still.
She screamed loudly, her legs locked around Delaney, her stomach muscles visibly tightened, and she threw her ass in the air.
I watched as Delaney's cock pumped cum inside of her.
When he did pull out, his cock was glistening and wet.
My wife's pussy lips were red and swollen from the hard fucking she had just received.
Her cunt opened and closed as if Delaney was still buried deep inside.
Laurie was panting and moaning and still grinding herself on a cock no longer there.
His cum drooled out of her cunt and poured down to her asshole.
Done for the time being, Delaney got off my wife.
His cock was saturated with cum, a strand dropping to the floor gradually.
Laurie placed a hand down to her cunt and filled it with his cum, then put it to her mouth and licked it like her favorite dessert.

Chapter Ten

I thought the evening was finally over now.
But instead, my wife emerged from bed and stood in front of me.
The leather belts still restrained my movements.
It was truly unbearable. "Please, Laurie," I begged, "untie me so I can fuck you, too. Enough is enough."
My cock felt like a heavy lead pipe, it was so hard and stiff.
"Do you really want to fuck your slut-wife?" she asked.
"God, more than anything."
"Did you get to see everything you wanted?"
"Yes, yes. Beyond my wildest dreams."
"Did you like the way I gave myself to my lover?"
"Yes, of course. Now untie me. I must have you."
"Don't be so impatient. Youⶥ waited years to see me fuck another man. There's just one more fantasy to fulfill for you. Remember what it is?"
"Please, Iⶥ seen enough tonight. I'm quite satisfied. Please, just let me fuck you."
"Remember how you've always wanted to eat my cum-filled pussy, after I've been fucked by another man?"
"No, Laurie. I was only kidding about that. I was never serious. Please, don't make me do that."
"Clayton, you should never say anything you don't mean. It's not nice to tease."

At that moment, my wife pressed her moist, used cunt to my face. There was cum everywhere and she smelled bitter, sour and salty.
Both Laurie and Delaney laughed at the sight of me still powerless in the chair.
I tried to hold my breath.
Then my wife buried my face in her gooey pubic hair forest.
I was shocked and disgusted, but she forced me to eat her cum-filled twat and lick her asshole.


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